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Samantha "Candy" Shatterwing

Name: Samantha Shaterwing

Nicknames: Candy

Height: 5' 6" \ 170cm

Age: 32

Family: Parents: Father, Mother, Sister

Species: Dragon \ Bovine mix

Hobbies: Enjoying the world around her 

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Sitting on a bench at the park observing the world go by

Most known for: Her torn wings and always wearing buisness suits

Favourite Food: A large salad

Favourite Colour: Red

Weight: 384 pounds or 175 Kilograms

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

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Personality: Candy is quiet and never in a hurry so she takes in everything around her. She mostly keeps to herself most of the time. She rarely ventures out unless she has to go to work or shopping. She spends her time on the computer when at home. Although she cannot get around well she is very sweet and nice and always makes sure to be polite.

History: Candy was born in Kansas City Kansas and she was not the large padded dragon she is now. back when she was younger she could fly and regularly went flying with her older sister but when she started to grow older her bovine half started to catch up with her and she put on more and more weight but she was very stubborn and would not give up flying even though it put a large strain on her wings. It finally caught up with her one day when she was flying and her wings finally gave out and she fell. Thankfully for her she had just enough control to aim for a nearby building but she crashed right through the window and tumbled through several desks before stopping. She ended up badly scared and shredding her wings but the worst part is she ended up in a coma for a few years before she finally woke up but the doctors told her she was badly hurt and her legs had been broken badly in the fall so she may never walk again. Through allot of painful physical therapy she was able to gain back the use of her legs though they were very week and she could no longer stand without the aid of her cane. Her legs also can't stand the strain of her large body for too long before they collapse and if she pushes it too much she may lose the use of her legs for good. They may also give out on their own one way or another eventually to.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Candy's hair was originally much darker but after the accident it became permanently grey. Candy doesn't have any other clothes other than her business suits because she has so many scars all over her body she is self-conscious about them and doesn't want to show any of her scales than she has to. At home she gets around her apartment using a wheelchair so she doesn't stress her legs any more. She works at Vikie's studio as an assistant, receptionist, secretary and web designer because she's great at keeping schedule’s as well as a wonder at making websites. Despite looking like a dragon on the outside in the inside she’s full bovine. That includes her teeth which is why her diet is always of salads and greens never meat.

Candy's Quote:  There's always time to stop and smell the roses.

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