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Name: Draca Shaterwing

Nicknames: Draca, Draconya

Height: 5' (137cm) 

Age: Unknown

Family: None

Species: Demon Dragon

Hobbies: Learning dark magic, ruling over her kingdom witrh her mate

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Red with dark blue iris

Often Seen: Walking around the castle and often playing pranks.

Most known for: looking like a demon but being quite polite and nice

Favourite Food: Meat, raw or cooked

Favourite Colour: Red and black

Weight: 666 pounds or 302 Kilograms

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: Draca looks like a demon, and even used dark magic but looks are quite deciving. this is a very nice and polite dragon. She prefurs to put others needs ahead of herself and is rather playfull, liking to pull pranks now and then to keep everyone alert. She enjoys using her free time to learn more about her dark magic abilities and learning to use them better.  

History: Draca is actualy Draconya but reborn somehow into the body of a demon. After she was split she awke in the far past. She remembers some of her past and her sister but not everything. She has no way to get home so she must live in the past. She does drool often do to the way her demon body is, also she can't really talk. She can maknage to say Draca with some effort but other than that her form wa not ment to be a speaking demon. She doesn't know why she ended up becoming a demon but she's adjusted to the fact that's what she looks like now. Draca made her own clothes out of differn't animal hides they have hunted.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Draca is not female. she is shemale and is not shy about showing it off when she feels like it. She has befrended a dark kitsune lord named Kiotsu Nekura and they have been mated for quite some time now. They share the castle and kindom but since she is not equiped to bear young so she must have other dark kitsune females to mate with if they are ever to have heirs. She can't fly, her wings are way to small and nothing seems to make them want to get any bigger, no magic works.

Kara's Quote: "Dra...Ca

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