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Kara Foxfang

Name: Kara Foxfang

Nicknames: Kara, Prototype 01

Height: 4' 6" (137cm) 

Age: Unknown

Family: None

Species: Protype Foxcoon

Hobbies: Mercenarie

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Gold

Often Seen: hanging out in bars and visiting fun shops.

Most known for: Not talking, able to use any weapon

Favourite Food: Large rodent's raw, fresh kills, meat

Favourite Colour: Red

Weight: 250 pounds or 113 Kilograms

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: Kara doesn't say anything so no one really knows what she's like but they know she is not to be messed with. She doesn't like to wear much clothes usualy so if she's fully dressed she's in a job and not to be bothered.  

History: Kara was the first  of the foxfang series to be created. She was made more reptilian instead of mamel so she has no way to speak only hiss. She was trained to kill as soon as the ok was given. She was made with no voice as a soldier should never be able to tlak back or question orders. She was made small to be able to get into more tight places. She enjoys killing and was the head dragon hunter that started the 2nd dragon wars. During the confusion of the attack she slipped into the portal to earth and has been living as a mecenary.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Being part reptile she rarely blinks so it seems to apper she's almost always staring at something but she's fully aware of whatever is going on. She has enhanmsed strength and learning like Vikie so she has mastered every weapon and matial arts. She has a forked touge that can be seen flicking in and out tasting the air.She has never had any contack with Vikie, Mada or Draconya. None of them know about the other. Kara is definitly not Female, a herm was chosed to have the small size of a female and all the power and strength of a male.

Kara's Quote: *Hiss*

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