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Metal Lizardon

Name: Metal Lizardon (real name unknown)

Nicknames: The Beast

Height: 5' 10" or 177cm

Age: Unknown

Family: Unknown

Species: Charizard

Hobbies: Unknown

Hair Colour: None

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Wandering the werehouse it was stored in

Most known for: being a prototype cyborg pokemon

Favourite Food: None

Favourite Colour: None

Weight: 359 pounds or 163 Kilograms

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: Very little is know about this creature, few dare to go near it and those who do are usualy to frightend to talk. What is known is that it wanders the wherehouse it;s kept in but rarly shows itself. It keeps to itself and does not seem to want to make any friends. 

History: This creature was part of early cybernetic tests. They used a feral Charizard body that had been killed in battle and enhanced it with robotic parts using the brain of a solder who had also died in battle. This model was designed to go into the battle field as a living weapn they could controll, It would obey orders and follow it;s programig and never disobey.White it's to heavy to fly in it's own, there is a jet pack attachment for it as well but with all the testing and programing needed to get it battle ready the war ended before it could be deplayed. It was then shipped off to a werehouse to be in storage. Somehow it reactivated and wanders the werehouse seeminly guarding it but few ever see it,

Quirks/Fun Facts:
The body they used  for this was make but the  soldier they used was female, this was a very off thing to awaken to. Despite being in a feral body it is very aware and concise of everything. Having all the memories of the soldier but unable to talk or diobey it's programing.  

Metal Lizardon's Quote: Rawr

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