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Madam Foxfang

Name: Madam Rua Foxfang

Nicknames: Madam

Height: 6' 3" (190cm) 

Age: 28

Family: Viktoria Foxfang (Sister)

Species: Foxcoon

Hobbies: Shopping, hangingout in bars, drinking,

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Green

Often Seen: Flirting with Men, sometimes flirting with woman, Partying

Most known for: Being one of the best cross dressers around town.

Favourite Food: Cheeseburgers, steaks, anything with allot of meat,

Favourite Colour: Lavander & Pink

Weight: 160 pounds or 73 Kilograms

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

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Personality: Madam is very kind and gentle, she's always happy to lend a paw or listen if someone needs to talk. She won't say a cross word about anyone will if someone is being picked on she will be the first to stand up for them.She likes to go shopping for clothes and accseseries as well as work as a model for clothing and dance and hang out in bars having a good time. She is well liked and treats everyone fairly.

History: Madam is actualy the other personalty that takes over when Mada-Rua blacks out. They share the same body but bot the same memories. Madam is most definitly a female personality much to Mada's annoyence. While she doesnt have any breasts, aloth with the feminmine body shape she still has other things a woman has even without the chest size. She loves to dress up and unlike Mada she prefures to keep her hair unbraided and show off it's length. She never claims to be a woman but she never says she's actualy male either since her voice sounds quine like a female as well. Eventualy when Mada got pregnant she was the one who had to carry the egg and eventualy lay it. After that the body was all hers with Mada still in the dragons egg. 

Quirks/Fun Facts: Madam loves to paint her claws and hooves much to Mada's annoyence. Sometimes she will do things just to annoy him or even let Mada wake up somewhere unknown still dressed like Madam where everyone knows her and not him. She has had her ears pierced so she can wear ear rings and removed Mada's other piercings. Vikie and Mada get along great, Vikie knows it's still her brothers body but she much prefers to hang out and have fun with Mada since they are like sisters.

Madam's Quote: "Hello dear, care to dance?"

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