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Inflate A. Dragon

Name: Nightcoon

Nicknames: n/a

Height: 6" (15cm) 

Age: 236

Family: None

Species: Chubby Fairy Raccoon

Hobbies: Inflating

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Solid Aqua Blue Green

Often Seen: Flying around in the forest

Most known for: Being a tiny chubby raccoon fairy

Favorite Food: Stawberrys

Favorite Colour: Midnight Blue

Weight: 101 Grams (3.5oz)

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: She is one of only a few  fairies left. She is very cautious when new people are about and rarely come out into the open to greet anyone. she mostly stays in the forest with all the wild creatures. Only those who are very nice and trustworthy are ever graced by her presence and know of it. Though if you are luck enough to ever meet her she is quite polite and will treat you with respect. 

History: Originally born as a stallion to a herd of horses, he was not very big and would have been a weakling, but he made a deal when he was a cold with someone that in return for letting him grow up big and strong so he could take over the herd and have foals, he would have to return to them someday and then pay the price for the gift. All that he wanted came to pass, he grew out of being a runt and got big and took over the herd and even had several foals. But one day he felt the need to leave, he could not stop but as he ventured deeper into the forest he began to change into a female raccoon and grew smaller and fatter until he was a female fairy raccoon. she couldn't figure out what happened and then a dress appeared around her. from that day on she always wore the dress though it changed it's looks often and always showed quite allot of her cleavage for some reason. There was no way to remove the dress either but it never got dirty for more than a day or so until it changes it's looks again. She has been around for over 200 years and has watched her herd suffer the same fate that happened to her only she was never able to be with them. something about what changed her also kept her from ever getting close enough to them to be seen. She has lived alone in the forest watching her herd dwindle little by little as they are turned into fairy raccoons themselves and quickly forgotten by the herd until there was none left.

Quirks/Fun Facts:  Ever since she became a fairy she has had a southern accent and mannerisms like she was born and raised in the deep south. This greatly annoyed her for the longest time but after so long she has mostly forgotten what she used to be like when she was a stallion so it's not a problem for her anymore.

Luna's Quote: "Howdy y'all"

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