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Name: Keystar

Nicknames: Origin

Height: 6' 6" or 198cm

Age: Physicly around 20's, She's actualy less then 15

Family: Jess (Adopted mother), Authal (Big brother), Lavandu (big sister)

Species: Orgin Gem creature

Hobbies: Experamenting on ponies and diceting creaturs to study how they work and what does what.

Frill Colour: Sea Green

Eye Colour:  Red Dragon Eyes

Often Seen: In her lab or out gathering more test subjects

Most known for: Capturing and experamenting on any creature she captures.

Favourite Food: Fresh Meat

Favourite Colour: Black

Weight: 250 lbs or 113kg

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: She is rather series all the time. She is uncaring and unfeeling especially when it comes to exterminating rebels. She enjoys dissecting and experimenting on ponies and other creatures but believes any sort of pain medicine will interfere with the results so the subjects are always wide awake and alive when they are cut open. She is curious about things and enjoys trying out new things and getting new results. She has no sympathy for those she experiments on.

History: Keystar had finally managed to kill her mistress Jess after she failed to invade the main world’s tree. She was severely beaten and weekend, and when Keystar came to take her home she ran her tail spike right through her chest killing her. Finally free of her she moved to a new lab and began experimenting with gems and live creatures to make hybrids. She found a piece of a gem from the strongest and darkest of all the gems and used it on herself but it didn’t seem to work until she was experimenting with another gem and not only did the change kick in from the dark gem but it manages to cause her to fuse to the other gem that replaced her blind eye. Keystar chose to lose any and all pony features as she changed and gave herself a beak instead of a muzzle to distance herself from her former self.

Quirks/Fun Facts:
She prefers to stay naked when she is in her lab, she does not understand why others hide themselves in clothes so the only time she gets dressed is when she goes to the outside world. She is still blind in one eye even after the change. She has 4 arms all of watch have 3 webbed and clawed fingers and no thumb. She uses her tail as a scalpel to cut open test subjects. She has her own servant, a pearl who she found and took in, the pearl is very loyal to her and Keystar does enjoy having her around though she won’t ever say anything or let on. There is an uneasy truce between her world and Keystars. She won’t invade or bother them so long as Keystar never returns to Origins world. Those who do survive her experiments will become her servants, if they refuse she either kills them or locks them away once again.

Origin's Quote: Let's see what this does to you.

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