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Inflate A. Dragon

Name: Inflate A. Dragon

Nicknames: Rex

Height: 4' 6" (140cm) 

Age: 23

Family: None

Species: Pool Toy Dragon

Hobbies: Inflating

Spike Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Red

Often Seen: Waddling around town or floating on the water, rarely seen inflating publicly.

Most known for: Being bright coloured pool toy dragon

Favourite Food: None, does not eat

Favourite Colour: Black and Red

Weight: Unknown, he won't let himself be weighed when deflated.

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: He is rather quiet and not very out going. He is nice but isn't quite sure how to act as a pool toy. He doesn't like to admit it but he rather likes being inflated like a balloon or being used like a normal pool toy. Resting on the water is almost as relaxing as being inflated and swollen.

History: Originally a large muscular dragon, Rex was not to fond of these inflatable creatures, he thought they where just weird to him and not being flesh and hollow on the inside he didn't consider them real creatures. One day he saw a balloon dragon making balloon animals for kids and thought it would be fun to mess with him and popped the balloons and threated to pop the dragon with his claws but the dragon made a special balloon dragon for Rex and it blew up in his face. He was stunned and on his way home he started to transform into the pool toy he is now. Much to his dismay at first he was trapped for good as a pool toy and very brightly coloured compared to his original red and back look. He grows to accept and like it though.

Quirks/Fun Facts:  His tail does not bend or swish, it stays straight all the time, it does however sway side to side whenever he walks. The claws on his paws are just for show they are not actual fingers and don't have any movement at all. his hand is the paw below it but no actual fingers. His wings are just for show, he long the ability to fly when he became a pool toy. They are modeled after feathered wings but puffed up and cartoony like the rest of his looks.

Luna's Quote: "The A stands for Another"

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