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Name: Sigurd

Nicknames: Keeper of the yellow key, hot hunk of an alicorn

Height: Somewhat bigger then Celestia

Age: 26

Family: Kalein Mushra (Mother), Etaina  (Oldest Sister), Shamira (2nd oldest sister) Key Beast (Dad)

Species: Alicorn

Hobbies: Working out in the fields plowing.

Mane Colour: Pink

Eye Colour: Purplish Pink

Often Seen: Working out in the fields plowing and hanging out with all the mares who flock around him.

Most known for: Being kind and careing to all. Working hard, physicly and magicly

Favourite Food: Sweets

Favourite Colour: Pink

Weight: Average for a pony his size

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: He is quite friendly and enjoys showing off while working in the fields. He loves the attention of all the mares who flack to watch him work out. He enjoys manual labor instead of using his magic do or fix things. He is always happy to help any pony who needs it and is always kinds to others.

History: Sigurd was born the youngest of 3 siblings and ended up with the mark of a key like his sisters. His mother disappeared after he was born so he never go to see her. He and his sisters where tasked with guarding the vault that held the key beast, a monster so nasty and evil that it takes 3 keys to keep him locked away. Despite living peacefully in the forgotten village, his oldest sister eventually betrays them and frees the beast and is killed with the rest of his family and most of the village.

Quirks/Fun Facts:
He very much is in love his big sister Shamira and she loves him back, but they both know it's not right to go all the way since they are brother and sister so they usually just cuddle and stay together whenever posable. Despite all the attention from the mares he doesn’t have any interest in selecting any as a girlfriend or getting to know any of them too much. He just loves the attention.

Sigurd's Quote: Hello there, how can I help?

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