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Stallion Keystar

Name: Keystar

Nicknames: Keeper of the yellow key

Height: Average Mare height

Age: Physicly around 20's, He's actualy less then 10

Family: Jess (Adopted dad), Authal (Big Sister), Lavandu (Big Brother)

Species: Dragon Pony

Hobbies: Giving out cupcakes, making friends and hangign out at the tree

Mane Colour: Blue

Eye Colour: Right blue, Left Red Dragon Eye

Often Seen: standing in places that would defy phics, smiling, wandering aroumd the tree

Most known for: Giving cupcaks, being rather clueless and always being cheerful

Favourite Food: Pretty Cupcakes or anything sweet

Favourite Colour: All of them

Weight: Average for a pony his size

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: He is rather shy and doesn’t stray too far from the tree. He is still friendly and enjoys giving out sweets. He only recently discovered how to make portals thanks to the original Keystar ending up in his world and visiting. Despite being shy he is still very curious about wants around him and wants to go explore.

History: Keystar was not born the normal way, in fact he was created by the magic of the yellow key. He appeared suddenly one day after they key had erased another pony from time to give itself a new body. But this new pony has a dark side, an evil dragon left over from the original pony who wants to corrupt things and has already partially corrupted Keystar, trying to make him into a dragon thus giving him some scales and the dragon eye. She was a mare alicorn a long time ago but was killed and reborn thanks to the key but it took a while to get all his old memories back.

Quirks/Fun Facts:
Despite having found the new reborn versions of her old sibling they are not actually related, even though he still calls them her sister and brother. He is actually mated to his "Sister" Aethul who normally looks like a small earth pony but is actually a changeling queen. He keeps his mane short and doesn't hide his dragon side because his sister told him he was cute with a short mane. The dragon eye always looks angry and doesn’t have any other expressions unlike his normal pony eye. He can change back into a key whenever he feels like it. 

Stallion Keystar's Quote: Hello! I am Keystar, I am  a key but I am also a pony. I'm both!

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