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Vanessa Foxfang

Name: Vanessa Foxfang

Nicknames: Chicken

Height: 6' 3" (190cm) 

Age: 32

Family: Viktoria Foxfang (Step Sister)

Species: Chicken Foxcoon

Hobbies: Shopping, hangingout in bars, drinking,

Hair Colour: none

Eye Colour: Green

Often Seen: Flirting, Partying, working

Most known for: Being the only chicken with breasts

Favourite Food: Meat, corn, grains

Favourite Colour: Lavander & Pink

Weight: 215 pounds or 98 Kilograms

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

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Personality: Vanessa is kind and happy to help whenever she can, she loves being around people and talking to everyone. She seems very trusting and is always happy to take someone’s word on it but if you cross her or hurt someone she knows, watch out. She has a very sharp beak and sharp talons and knows very well how to use them.

History: Vanessa was Madam originally but after she got pregnant with the dragon egg she lost her job at the modeling agency so she became a waitress at a bar. It wasn't too long when a pair of fox’s thought they had a easy target with Mada and asked her if she would like to have some nice big chicken breasts and thick drumsticks. Of course she said yes and went out to get them with the fox’s but the food had a potion in it and it was supposed to make her a big plump chicken they would make an easy meal out of but between the stuff Mada had taken to be a dragon and her own unusual genetic code it didn't quite work out well. Instead of a full chicken it made her only partially and it did make her fully female. Another side effect was instead of a small hens waddle and comb she ended up with a roosters since she was originally male. With a new gender and new body she asked Vikie what she should be called instead of Madam. Vikie thought about it and came up with Vanessa and she liked it so she got it changed to that.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Vanessa may have some decent sized breasts but they are just a side effect of mixing mammal and avian together. They serve no real purpose and she doesn't have any reason to cover them up but she prefers to do so, mostly so she doesn't get all the glares for going topless. The shock and change of the transformation has unlocked the foxfang genes for slower ageing and accelerated learning as well as enhanced strength. She isn't nearly as strong as Vikie but she can lift a max of 500 (227kg) if absolutely necessary. She has been studying martial arts and self-defense since does work as a waitress and needs to take care of herself just in case. Vanessa can and does tend to lay eggs like a normal chicken can. She can't do anything about it since its part of her avian biology. She can't fly.

Madam's Quote: "Yes I have chicken breasts"

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