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Werewolf Keystar

Name: Alpha. Leader

Nicknames: Keystar

Height: 5' 10"  or 177cm at shoulder

Age: Physicly around 20's, She's actualy less then 15

Family: Darkness/Jess (Beta)

Species: Werewolf Dragonic Hedgefox

Hobbies: Leading her pack, hunting for food

Quill Colour: Blue

Eye Colour:  Red Dragon Eyes

Often Seen: Howling at the moon, hunting down food

Most known for: Being a vicious pack leader

Favourite Food: Fresh Kill

Favourite Colour: Blood Red

Weight: 250 lbs or 113kg

Height: 5' 3"  or  152.4  cm

Moo   moo 2

Personality: She is not a wolf you want to get near if you value your life. She is very mean and quite vicious as a wolf. She is the leader of her pack and doesn't take no for an answer. (Not that the wolfs can talk)

History: When Jess was fused with Darkness's soul they also got the problem of becoming a werewolf. Usually she chains him up before the change so he won’t go and get lost and stuff but the one time she forgot and tried to chain up the wolf she got bit on her arm and thus soon after she also ended up as a werewolf. But for so reason instead of being a happy wolf she became a mean vicious one who sees anything that’s not a part of the pack as potential food.

Quirks/Fun Facts:
She is very feral like this and won’t hesitate to maul at attack anything that’s not part of the pack. The only piece of clothing she ends up with is her collar but good luck trying to put tags on it. Her wings are just for show, she can't fly or even use magic as a wolf. The "Hair" is actually hedgehog quills. She is much bigger then Darkness\Jess's werewolf

Werewolf Keystar's Quote: Grrr!

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