MediaMonkey Track List

# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Genre Rating Bitrate Media
1A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)5:311983 Listen12004New Romantic 201FATASSRADIO
2A Flock Of SeagullsNightmares4:371983 Listen22004New Romantic 178FATASSRADIO
3A Flock Of SeagullsTransfer Affection5:211983 Listen32004New Romantic 184FATASSRADIO
4A Flock Of SeagullsWhat Am I Supposed To Do4:131983 Listen42004New Romantic 195FATASSRADIO
5A Flock Of SeagullsElectrics3:331983 Listen52004New Romantic 202FATASSRADIO
6A Flock Of SeagullsThe Traveller3:261983 Listen62004New Romantic 206FATASSRADIO
7A Flock Of Seagulls2:301:001983 Listen72004New Romantic 194FATASSRADIO
8A Flock Of SeagullsOver The Border5:041983 Listen82004New Romantic 196FATASSRADIO
9A Flock Of SeagullsThe Fall4:301983 Listen92004New Romantic 179FATASSRADIO
10A Flock Of Seagulls(It's Not Me) Talking5:011983 Listen102004New Romantic 181FATASSRADIO
11A Flock Of SeagullsCommitted (extended version)*5:381983 Listen112004New Romantic 213FATASSRADIO
12A Flock Of SeagullsQuicksand*4:441983 Listen122004New Romantic 214FATASSRADIO
13A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran (Live)*5:141983 Listen132004New Romantic 183FATASSRADIO
14A Flock Of SeagullsModern Love Is Automatic3:48A Flock Of Seagulls11982New Romantic 180FATASSRADIO
15A Flock Of SeagullsMessages2:51A Flock Of Seagulls21982New Romantic 167FATASSRADIO
16A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran3:39A Flock Of Seagulls31982New Romantic 181FATASSRADIO
17A Flock Of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song3:47A Flock Of Seagulls41982New Romantic 170FATASSRADIO
18A Flock Of SeagullsYou Can Run4:24A Flock Of Seagulls51982New Romantic 181FATASSRADIO
19A Flock Of SeagullsTelecommunication2:32A Flock Of Seagulls61982New Romantic 152FATASSRADIO
20A Flock Of SeagullsStanding In The Doorway4:38A Flock Of Seagulls71982New Romantic 169FATASSRADIO
21A Flock Of SeagullsDon't Ask Me2:45A Flock Of Seagulls81982New Romantic 173FATASSRADIO
22A Flock Of SeagullsD.N.A.2:29A Flock Of Seagulls91982New Romantic 181FATASSRADIO
23A Flock Of SeagullsTokyo2:52A Flock Of Seagulls101982New Romantic 173FATASSRADIO
24A Flock Of SeagullsMan Made5:29A Flock Of Seagulls111982New Romantic 187FATASSRADIO
25A Flock Of SeagullsBetter & Better5:21Dream Come True12004New Romantic 196FATASSRADIO
26A Flock Of SeagullsHeartbeat Like A Drum5:33Dream Come True22004New Romantic 197FATASSRADIO
27A Flock Of SeagullsWho's That Girl (She's Got It)4:16Dream Come True32004New Romantic 208FATASSRADIO
28A Flock Of SeagullsHot Tonight5:56Dream Come True42004New Romantic 184FATASSRADIO
29A Flock Of SeagullsCry Like A Baby6:28Dream Come True52004New Romantic 194FATASSRADIO
30A Flock Of SeagullsSay So Much3:37Dream Come True62004New Romantic 193FATASSRADIO
31A Flock Of SeagullsLove On Your Knees3:57Dream Come True72004New Romantic 185FATASSRADIO
32A Flock Of SeagullsHow Could You Ever Leave Me3:24Dream Come True82004New Romantic 195FATASSRADIO
33A Flock Of SeagullsWhole Lot Of Loving6:02Dream Come True92004New Romantic 199FATASSRADIO
34A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran (So Far Away)3:39Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vol. 2: Wave 10362002Soundtrack 181FATASSRADIO
35A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)5:34Telecommunications11992New Romantic 197FATASSRADIO
36A Flock Of SeagullsModern Love Is Automatic3:52Telecommunications21992New Romantic 193FATASSRADIO
37A Flock Of Seagulls(It's Not Me) Talking5:03Telecommunications31992New Romantic 196FATASSRADIO
38A Flock Of SeagullsD.N.A.2:33Telecommunications41992New Romantic 200FATASSRADIO
39A Flock Of SeagullsNightmares4:38Telecommunications51992New Romantic 182FATASSRADIO
40A Flock Of SeagullsHeartbeat Like A Drum4:02Telecommunications61992New Romantic 206FATASSRADIO
41A Flock Of SeagullsCommitted2:54Telecommunications71992New Romantic 205FATASSRADIO
42A Flock Of SeagullsTransfer Affection5:19Telecommunications81992New Romantic 184FATASSRADIO
43A Flock Of SeagullsThe More You Live, The More You Love4:09Telecommunications91992New Romantic 172FATASSRADIO
44A Flock Of SeagullsNever Again (The Dancer)5:07Telecommunications101992New Romantic 192FATASSRADIO
45A Flock Of SeagullsWho's That Girl (She's Got It)4:17Telecommunications111992New Romantic 219FATASSRADIO
46A Flock Of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song3:48Telecommunications121992New Romantic 191FATASSRADIO
47A Flock Of SeagullsLiving In Heaven5:30Telecommunications131992New Romantic 204FATASSRADIO
48A Flock Of SeagullsWindows3:32Telecommunications141992New Romantic 201FATASSRADIO
49A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran5:06Telecommunications151992New Romantic 197FATASSRADIO
50A Flock Of SeagullsTelecommunication2:32Telecommunications161992New Romantic 173FATASSRADIO
51A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran5:08The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls11986New Romantic 192FATASSRADIO
52A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)5:34The Best of A Flock of Seagulls11993New Romantic 191FATASSRADIO
53A Flock Of SeagullsNightmares4:38The Best of A Flock of Seagulls21993New Romantic 175FATASSRADIO
54A Flock Of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song3:48The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls21986New Romantic 188FATASSRADIO
55A Flock Of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song3:49The Best of A Flock of Seagulls31993New Romantic 179FATASSRADIO
56A Flock Of SeagullsTelecommunication2:31The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls31986New Romantic 172FATASSRADIO
57A Flock Of SeagullsNever Again5:06The Best of A Flock of Seagulls41993New Romantic 186FATASSRADIO
58A Flock Of SeagullsThe More You Live, The More You Love4:06The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls41986New Romantic 172FATASSRADIO
59A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran5:04The Best of A Flock of Seagulls51993New Romantic 191FATASSRADIO
60A Flock Of SeagullsNightMares4:39The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls51986New Romantic 179FATASSRADIO
61A Flock Of SeagullsHeartbeat Like A Drum4:00The Best of A Flock of Seagulls61993New Romantic 197FATASSRADIO
62A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)5:30The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls61986New Romantic 201FATASSRADIO
63A Flock Of Seagulls(It's Not For Me) Talking5:00The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls71986New Romantic 192FATASSRADIO
64A Flock Of SeagullsTransfer Affection5:13The Best of A Flock of Seagulls71993New Romantic 179FATASSRADIO
65A Flock Of SeagullsD.N.A.2:31The Best of A Flock of Seagulls81993New Romantic 192FATASSRADIO
66A Flock Of SeagullsTransfer Affection5:22The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls81986New Romantic 184FATASSRADIO
67A Flock Of SeagullsThe More You Live, The More You Love4:07The Best of A Flock of Seagulls91993New Romantic 170FATASSRADIO
68A Flock Of SeagullsWho's That Girl (She's Got It)4:15The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls91986New Romantic 221FATASSRADIO
69A Flock Of SeagullsD.N.A.2:29The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls101986New Romantic 201FATASSRADIO
70A Flock Of SeagullsWindows3:31The Best of A Flock of Seagulls101993New Romantic 199FATASSRADIO
71A Flock Of SeagullsWho's That Girl (She's Got It)4:17The Best of A Flock of Seagulls111993New Romantic 215FATASSRADIO
72A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (Extended Version)9:36The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls111986New Romantic 203FATASSRADIO
73A Flock Of SeagullsCommitted2:52The Best of A Flock of Seagulls121993New Romantic 203FATASSRADIO
74A Flock Of SeagullsThe Story Of A Young Heart6:13The Best Of A Flock Of Seagulls121986New Romantic 193FATASSRADIO
75A Flock Of SeagullsLiving In Heaven5:26The Best of A Flock of Seagulls131993New Romantic 191FATASSRADIO
76A Flock Of SeagullsIt's Not Me Talking4:57The Best of A Flock of Seagulls141993New Romantic 188FATASSRADIO
77A Flock Of SeagullsTelecommunication2:31The Best of A Flock of Seagulls151993New Romantic 167FATASSRADIO
78A Flock Of SeagullsModern Love Is Automatic3:49The Best of A Flock of Seagulls161993New Romantic 194FATASSRADIO
79A Flock Of SeagullsBurnin' Up5:05The Light At The End Of The World11995New Romantic 175FATASSRADIO
80A Flock Of SeagullsMagic5:13The Light At The End Of The World21995New Romantic 184FATASSRADIO
81A Flock Of SeagullsSetting Sun6:15The Light At The End Of The World31995New Romantic 187FATASSRADIO
82A Flock Of SeagullsRainfall5:02The Light At The End Of The World41995New Romantic 173FATASSRADIO
83A Flock Of SeagullsOrdinary Man4:58The Light At The End Of The World51995New Romantic 183FATASSRADIO
84A Flock Of SeagullsYou're Mine5:12The Light At The End Of The World61995New Romantic 182FATASSRADIO
85A Flock Of SeagullsWalking In The Garden5:02The Light At The End Of The World71995New Romantic 178FATASSRADIO
86A Flock Of SeagullsHearts On Fire4:33The Light At The End Of The World81995New Romantic 189FATASSRADIO
87A Flock Of SeagullsLife Is Easy5:01The Light At The End Of The World91995New Romantic 181FATASSRADIO
88A Flock Of SeagullsSay You Love Me5:10The Light At The End Of The World101995New Romantic 181FATASSRADIO
89A Flock Of SeagullsThe Light At The End Of The World5:21The Light At The End Of The World111995New Romantic 176FATASSRADIO
90A Flock Of SeagullsSeven Seas1:47The Light At The End Of The World121995New Romantic 152FATASSRADIO
91A Flock of SeagullsThe Story of a Young Heart6:05The Story of a Young Heart11984Rock/Pop 186FATASSRADIO
92A Flock of SeagullsNever Again (The Dancer)5:03The Story of a Young Heart21984Rock/Pop 193FATASSRADIO
93A Flock of SeagullsThe More You Live, the More You Love4:04The Story of a Young Heart31984Rock/Pop 195FATASSRADIO
94A Flock of SeagullsEuropean (I Wish I Was)4:23The Story of a Young Heart41984Rock/Pop 195FATASSRADIO
95A Flock of SeagullsRemember David4:04The Story of a Young Heart51984Rock/Pop 190FATASSRADIO
96A Flock of SeagullsOver My Head4:18The Story of a Young Heart61984Rock/Pop 184FATASSRADIO
97A Flock of SeagullsHeart of Steel5:07The Story of a Young Heart71984Rock/Pop 197FATASSRADIO
98A Flock of SeagullsThe End3:32The Story of a Young Heart81984Rock/Pop 189FATASSRADIO
99A Flock of SeagullsSuicide Day5:12The Story of a Young Heart91984Rock/Pop 188FATASSRADIO
100A GounodAlfred Hitchcock Presents0:59Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1361985Other 158FATASSRADIO
101A Motown Christmas (Jackson 5)Frosty The Snowman2:41 5 Other 171FATASSRADIO
102A Sunny ThoughtA Funshine Kind of Day1:56     102FATASSRADIO
103A+ Feat. Boyz II Men, Mr. Cheeks & CanibusHip Hop Medley4:04   Other 143FATASSRADIO
104A04 The Eve of the WarSakin & Firends Remix3:18     177FATASSRADIO
105A2Chosen One4:46Shadow The Hedgehog12005Game Music 167FATASSRADIO
106Aaron Carter(Have Some) Fun With the Funk3:34Pokemon: The First Movie141999Soundtrack 142FATASSRADIO
107Aaron WatersCross My Line3:09Mighty Morphin Power Rangers T121995Soundtrack 150FATASSRADIO
108Aaron WatersGo Go Power Rangers (Long Version)4:33MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure11994Rock 162FATASSRADIO
109Aaron WatersFight4:12MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure21994Rock 163FATASSRADIO
110Aaron WatersLord Zedd2:38MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure31994Rock 169FATASSRADIO
111Aaron WatersHey Rita1:57MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure41994Rock 158FATASSRADIO
112Aaron WatersWe Need a Hero5:51MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure51994Rock 165FATASSRADIO
113Aaron WatersCombat3:13MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure61994Rock 163FATASSRADIO
114Aaron WatersGo Green Ranger Go3:19MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure71994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
115Aaron Waters5-4-12:29MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure81994Rock 164FATASSRADIO
116Aaron WatersZords3:28MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure91994Rock 162FATASSRADIO
117Aaron WatersI Will Win5:19MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure101994Rock 161FATASSRADIO
118Aaron WatersGo Go Power Rangers (TV Version)1:17MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure111994Rock 172FATASSRADIO
119Aaron WatersWhite Ranger Tiger Power1:13MMPR The Album: A Rock Adventure121994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
120AbbaMamma Mia3:30Abba11975Disco 159FATASSRADIO
121AbbaHey, Hey Helen3:13Abba21975Disco 156FATASSRADIO
122AbbaTropical Loveland3:02Abba31975Disco 150FATASSRADIO
123AbbaSOS3:18Abba41975Disco 155FATASSRADIO
124AbbaMan In The Middle2:56Abba51975Disco 142FATASSRADIO
125AbbaBang-A-Boomerang3:00Abba61975Disco 118FATASSRADIO
126AbbaI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:13Abba71975Disco 135FATASSRADIO
127AbbaRock Me3:02Abba81975Disco 137FATASSRADIO
128AbbaIntermezzo No.13:43Abba91975Disco 168FATASSRADIO
129AbbaI’ve Been Waiting For You3:36Abba101975Disco 165FATASSRADIO
130AbbaSo Long3:03Abba111975Disco 157FATASSRADIO
131AbbaDancing Queen3:51Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)11992Disco 167FATASSRADIO
132AbbaKnowing Me, Knowing You4:02Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)21992Disco 172FATASSRADIO
133AbbaTake A Chance On Me4:04Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)31992Disco 160FATASSRADIO
134AbbaMamma Mia3:33Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)41992Disco 178FATASSRADIO
135AbbaLay All Your Love On Me4:34Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)51992Disco 171FATASSRADIO
136AbbaSuper Trouper4:14Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)61992Disco 173FATASSRADIO
137AbbaI Have A Dream4:44Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)71992Disco 169FATASSRADIO
138AbbaThe Winner Takes It All4:55Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)81992Disco 155FATASSRADIO
139AbbaMoney, Money, Money3:08Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)91992Disco 177FATASSRADIO
140AbbaS.o.s.3:21Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)101992Disco 165FATASSRADIO
141AbbaChiquitita5:26Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)111992Disco 164FATASSRADIO
142AbbaFernando4:13Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)121992Disco 161FATASSRADIO
143AbbaVoulez-vous4:22Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)131992Disco 153FATASSRADIO
144AbbaGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man AF4:48Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)141992Disco 171FATASSRADIO
145AbbaDoes Your Mother Know3:15Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)151992Disco 147FATASSRADIO
146AbbaOne Of Us3:58Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)161992Disco 167FATASSRADIO
147AbbaThe Name Of The Game4:00Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)171992Disco 170FATASSRADIO
148AbbaThank You For The Music3:51Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)181992Disco 175FATASSRADIO
149AbbaWaterloo2:43Abba Gold (Greatest Hits)191992Disco 152FATASSRADIO
150AbbaDancing Queen3:42Abba Live11986Disco 176FATASSRADIO
151AbbaTake a Chance on Me4:21Abba Live21986Disco 177FATASSRADIO
152AbbaI Have a Dream4:23Abba Live31986Disco 165FATASSRADIO
153AbbaDoes Your Mother Know4:09Abba Live41986Disco 171FATASSRADIO
154AbbaChiquitita5:21Abba Live51986Disco 174FATASSRADIO
155AbbaThank You for the Music3:39Abba Live61986Disco 174FATASSRADIO
156AbbaTwo for the Price of One3:31Abba Live71986Disco 172FATASSRADIO
157AbbaFernando5:24Abba Live81986Disco 166FATASSRADIO
158AbbaGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)3:16Abba Live91986Disco 168FATASSRADIO
159AbbaSuper Trouper4:23Abba Live101986Disco 165FATASSRADIO
160AbbaWaterloo3:34Abba Live111986Disco 176FATASSRADIO
161AbbaMorningside of the Mountain3:19Abba Live121986Disco 174FATASSRADIO
162AbbaName of the Game (Eagle)9:36Abba Live131986Disco 176FATASSRADIO
163AbbaOn and on and On4:01Abba Live141986Disco 171FATASSRADIO
164AbbaWhen I Kissed the Teacher3:00Arrival11976Disco 164FATASSRADIO
165AbbaDancing Queen3:49Arrival21976Disco 162FATASSRADIO
166AbbaMy Love, my Life3:49Arrival31976Disco 163FATASSRADIO
167AbbaDum Dum Diddle2:51Arrival41976Disco 164FATASSRADIO
168AbbaKnowing Me, Knowing You3:59Arrival51976Disco 164FATASSRADIO
169AbbaMoney, Money, Money3:04Arrival61976Disco 168FATASSRADIO
170AbbaThat's Me3:13Arrival71976Disco 161FATASSRADIO
171AbbaWhy Did It Have To Be Me3:19Arrival81976Disco 171FATASSRADIO
172AbbaTiger2:52Arrival91976Disco 154FATASSRADIO
173AbbaArrival3:00Arrival101976Disco 178FATASSRADIO
174ABBAWaterloo2:48La Nostra Storia12005Other Pop 187FATASSRADIO
175ABBAMamma Mia3:33La Nostra Storia22005Other Pop 202FATASSRADIO
176ABBADancing Queen3:53La Nostra Storia32005Other Pop 208FATASSRADIO
177ABBAS.O.S.3:22La Nostra Storia42005Other Pop 211FATASSRADIO
178ABBAFernando4:15La Nostra Storia52005Other Pop 193FATASSRADIO
179ABBASuper Trouper4:13La Nostra Storia62005Other Pop 198FATASSRADIO
180ABBAGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:52La Nostra Storia72005Other Pop 194FATASSRADIO
181ABBATake A Chance On Me4:06La Nostra Storia82005Other Pop 181FATASSRADIO
182ABBAKnowing Me, Knowing You4:03La Nostra Storia92005Other Pop 189FATASSRADIO
183ABBAMoney, Money, Money3:07La Nostra Storia102005Other Pop 176FATASSRADIO
184ABBAWhen All Is Said And Done3:19La Nostra Storia112005Other Pop 192FATASSRADIO
185ABBAVoulez-Vous5:10La Nostra Storia122005Other Pop 192FATASSRADIO
186ABBAOn And On And On3:42La Nostra Storia132005Other Pop 202FATASSRADIO
187ABBALay All Your Love On Me4:35La Nostra Storia142005Other Pop 200FATASSRADIO
188ABBAThe Winner Takes It All4:57La Nostra Storia152005Other Pop 188FATASSRADIO
189ABBAChiquitita5:26La Nostra Storia162005Other Pop 194FATASSRADIO
190ABBAHoney Honey2:56La Nostra Storia172005Other Pop 223FATASSRADIO
191ABBAPeople Need Love2:46La Nostra Storia182005Other Pop 211FATASSRADIO
192ABBARing Ring3:04La Nostra Storia192005Other Pop 217FATASSRADIO
193ABBAI Have A Dream4:43La Nostra Storia202005Other Pop 216FATASSRADIO
194AbbaSummer Night City3:30More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)11993Disco 174FATASSRADIO
195AbbaAngeleyes4:18More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)21993Disco 165FATASSRADIO
196AbbaThe Day Before You Came5:47More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)31993Disco 169FATASSRADIO
197AbbaEagle4:24More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)41993Disco 175FATASSRADIO
198AbbaI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:16More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)51993Disco 150FATASSRADIO
199AbbaSo Long3:05More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)61993Disco 167FATASSRADIO
200AbbaHoney, Honey2:56More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)71993Disco 175FATASSRADIO
201AbbaThe Visitors4:28More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)81993Disco 166FATASSRADIO
202AbbaOur Last Summer4:20More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)91993Disco 156FATASSRADIO
203AbbaOn and on and On3:39More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)101993Disco 164FATASSRADIO
204AbbaRing Ring3:02More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)111993Disco 173FATASSRADIO
205AbbaI Wonder (Departure)4:33More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)121993Disco 171FATASSRADIO
206AbbaLovelight3:20More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)131993Disco 166FATASSRADIO
207AbbaHead over Heels3:47More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)141993Disco 164FATASSRADIO
208AbbaWhen I Kissed the Teacher3:03More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)151993Disco 166FATASSRADIO
209AbbaI Am the City4:02More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)161993Disco 162FATASSRADIO
210AbbaCassandra4:50More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)171993Disco 172FATASSRADIO
211AbbaUnder Attack3:44More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)181993Disco 171FATASSRADIO
212AbbaWhen All Is Said and Done3:16More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)191993Disco 172FATASSRADIO
213AbbaThe Way Old Friends Do2:54More Abba Gold (More Abba Hits)201993Disco 161FATASSRADIO
214AbbaRing Ring3:06Ring Ring11973Other 178FATASSRADIO
215AbbaAnother Town, Another Train3:13Ring Ring21973Other 184FATASSRADIO
216AbbaDisillusion3:07Ring Ring31973Other 175FATASSRADIO
217AbbaPeople Need Love2:46Ring Ring41973Other 180FATASSRADIO
218AbbaI Saw It in the Mirror2:34Ring Ring51973Other 173FATASSRADIO
219AbbaNina Pretty Ballerina2:53Ring Ring61973Other 178FATASSRADIO
220AbbaLove Isn't Easy (But It Sure I2:55Ring Ring71973Other 173FATASSRADIO
221AbbaMe and Bobby and Bobby's Broth2:52Ring Ring81973Other 179FATASSRADIO
222AbbaHe Is Your Brother3:19Ring Ring91973Other 169FATASSRADIO
223AbbaShe's My Kind of Girl2:45Ring Ring101973Other 103FATASSRADIO
224AbbaI Am Just a Girl3:03Ring Ring111973Other 186FATASSRADIO
225AbbaRock & Roll Band3:10Ring Ring121973Other 177FATASSRADIO
226AbbaSuper Trouper4:11Super Trouper11980Disco 181FATASSRADIO
227AbbaThe Winner Takes It All4:54Super Trouper21980Disco 170FATASSRADIO
228AbbaOn And On And On3:40Super Trouper31980Disco 179FATASSRADIO
229AbbaAndante, Andante4:38Super Trouper41980Disco 172FATASSRADIO
230AbbaMe And I4:54Super Trouper51980Disco 181FATASSRADIO
231AbbaHappy New Year4:23Super Trouper61980Disco 161FATASSRADIO
232AbbaOur Last Summer4:19Super Trouper71980Disco 167FATASSRADIO
233AbbaThe Piper3:27Super Trouper81980Disco 178FATASSRADIO
234AbbaLay All Your Love On Me4:34Super Trouper91980Disco 184FATASSRADIO
235AbbaThe Way Old Friends Do2:54Super Trouper101980Disco 165FATASSRADIO
236AbbaGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:50Super Trouper111980Disco 181FATASSRADIO
237AbbaElaine3:44Super Trouper121980Disco 183FATASSRADIO
238AbbaPut On Your White Sombrero4:30Super Trouper131980Disco 186FATASSRADIO
239AbbaPeople Need Love2:46Thank You For The Music (CD 1)11994Disco 182FATASSRADIO
240AbbaAnother Town, Another Train3:13Thank You For The Music (CD 1)21994Disco 179FATASSRADIO
241AbbaHe Is Your Brother3:19Thank You For The Music (CD 1)31994Disco 169FATASSRADIO
242AbbaLove Isn't Easy2:55Thank You For The Music (CD 1)41994Disco 165FATASSRADIO
243AbbaRing Ring3:02Thank You For The Music (CD 1)51994Disco 178FATASSRADIO
244AbbaWaterloo2:44Thank You For The Music (CD 1)61994Disco 160FATASSRADIO
245AbbaHasta Manana3:09Thank You For The Music (CD 1)71994Disco 159FATASSRADIO
246AbbaHoney Honey2:56Thank You For The Music (CD 1)81994Disco 185FATASSRADIO
247AbbaDance (While The Music Still Goes On)3:12Thank You For The Music (CD 1)91994Disco 157FATASSRADIO
248AbbaSo Long3:05Thank You For The Music (CD 1)101994Disco 182FATASSRADIO
249AbbaI've Been Waiting For U3:38Thank You For The Music (CD 1)111994Disco 181FATASSRADIO
250AbbaI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:17Thank You For The Music (CD 1)121994Disco 169FATASSRADIO
251AbbaS.O.S3:21Thank You For The Music (CD 1)131994Disco 179FATASSRADIO
252AbbaMamma Mia3:32Thank You For The Music (CD 1)141994Disco 189FATASSRADIO
253AbbaFernado4:11Thank You For The Music (CD 1)151994Disco 163FATASSRADIO
254AbbaDancing Queen3:50Thank You For The Music (CD 1)161994Disco 174FATASSRADIO
255AbbaThat's Me3:16Thank You For The Music (CD 1)171994Disco 177FATASSRADIO
256AbbaWhen I Kissed The Teacher3:03Thank You For The Music (CD 1)181994Disco 173FATASSRADIO
257AbbaMoney, Money, Money3:08Thank You For The Music (CD 1)191994Disco 173FATASSRADIO
258AbbaCrazy World3:49Thank You For The Music (CD 1)201994Disco 169FATASSRADIO
259AbbaMy Love, My Life3:53Thank You For The Music (CD 1)211994Disco 171FATASSRADIO
260AbbaKnowing Me, Knowing You4:02Thank You For The Music (CD 2)11994Disco 172FATASSRADIO
261AbbaHappy Hawaii4:24Thank You For The Music (CD 2)21994Disco 181FATASSRADIO
262AbbaThe Name of The Game3:58Thank You For The Music (CD 2)31994Disco 172FATASSRADIO
263AbbaI Wonder (Departure) (Live)4:30Thank You For The Music (CD 2)41994Disco 187FATASSRADIO
264AbbaEagle5:49Thank You For The Music (CD 2)51994Disco 181FATASSRADIO
265AbbaTake A Chance On Me4:03Thank You For The Music (CD 2)61994Disco 157FATASSRADIO
266AbbaThank You For The Music3:49Thank You For The Music (CD 2)71994Disco 177FATASSRADIO
267AbbaSummer Night City4:14Thank You For The Music (CD 2)81994Disco 177FATASSRADIO
268AbbaChiquitita5:26Thank You For The Music (CD 2)91994Disco 180FATASSRADIO
269AbbaLovelight3:20Thank You For The Music (CD 2)101994Disco 177FATASSRADIO
270AbbaDoes Your Mother Know3:15Thank You For The Music (CD 2)111994Disco 182FATASSRADIO
271AbbaVoulez-Vous4:21Thank You For The Music (CD 2)121994Disco 176FATASSRADIO
272AbbaAngel Eyes4:18Thank You For The Music (CD 2)131994Disco 179FATASSRADIO
273AbbaGimme! Gimme! Gimme!4:48Thank You For The Music (CD 2)141994Disco 186FATASSRADIO
274AbbaI Have A Dream4:44Thank You For The Music (CD 2)151994Disco 187FATASSRADIO
275AbbaThe Winner Takes It All4:54Thank You For The Music (CD 3)11994Disco 172FATASSRADIO
276AbbaElaine3:46Thank You For The Music (CD 3)21994Disco 188FATASSRADIO
277AbbaSuper Trouper4:13Thank You For The Music (CD 3)31994Disco 184FATASSRADIO
278AbbaLay All Your Love On Me4:33Thank You For The Music (CD 3)41994Disco 191FATASSRADIO
279AbbaOn And On And On3:39Thank You For The Music (CD 3)51994Disco 178FATASSRADIO
280AbbaOur Last Summer4:18Thank You For The Music (CD 3)61994Disco 163FATASSRADIO
281AbbaThe Way Old Friends Do2:53Thank You For The Music (CD 3)71994Disco 167FATASSRADIO
282AbbaThe Visitors5:48Thank You For The Music (CD 3)81994Disco 174FATASSRADIO
283AbbaOne Of Us3:57Thank You For The Music (CD 3)91994Disco 181FATASSRADIO
284AbbaShould I Laugh Or Cry4:27Thank You For The Music (CD 3)101994Disco 188FATASSRADIO
285AbbaHead Over Heels3:46Thank You For The Music (CD 3)111994Disco 177FATASSRADIO
286AbbaWhen All Is Said And Done3:15Thank You For The Music (CD 3)121994Disco 181FATASSRADIO
287AbbaLike an Angel Passing Through My Room3:36Thank You For The Music (CD 3)131994Disco 155FATASSRADIO
288AbbaThe Day Before You Came5:49Thank You For The Music (CD 3)141994Disco 166FATASSRADIO
289AbbaCassandra4:50Thank You For The Music (CD 3)151994Disco 181FATASSRADIO
290AbbaUnder Attack3:44Thank You For The Music (CD 3)161994Disco 174FATASSRADIO
291AbbaPut On Your White Sombrero4:27Thank You For The Music (CD 4)11994Disco 188FATASSRADIO
292AbbaDream World3:36Thank You For The Music (CD 4)21994Disco 175FATASSRADIO
293AbbaThank You For The Music4:03Thank You For The Music (CD 4)31994Disco 150FATASSRADIO
294AbbaHej Gamle Man3:21Thank You For The Music (CD 4)41994Disco 184FATASSRADIO
295AbbaMerry-Go-Round3:20Thank You For The Music (CD 4)51994Disco 172FATASSRADIO
296AbbaSanta Rosa3:01Thank You For The Music (CD 4)61994Disco 177FATASSRADIO
297AbbaShe's My Kind Of Girl2:44Thank You For The Music (CD 4)71994Disco 145FATASSRADIO
298AbbaPick A Bale Of Cotton-On Top Of Old Smokey-Midnight Special (Medley)4:21Thank You For The Music (CD 4)81994Disco 185FATASSRADIO
299AbbaYou Owe Me One3:25Thank You For The Music (CD 4)91994Disco 166FATASSRADIO
300AbbaSlipping Through My Fingers-Me And I8:37Thank You For The Music (CD 4)101994Disco 138FATASSRADIO
301AbbaAbba Undeleted23:30Thank You For The Music (CD 4)111994Disco 183FATASSRADIO
302AbbaWaterloo (French-Swedish)2:40Thank You For The Music (CD 4)121994Disco 172FATASSRADIO
303AbbaRing Ring (Swedish-Spanish-German)4:21Thank You For The Music (CD 4)131994Disco 180FATASSRADIO
304AbbaHoney Honey (Swedish)2:57Thank You For The Music (CD 4)141994Disco 185FATASSRADIO
305ABBAEagle5:53The Album11977Other Pop 182FATASSRADIO
306ABBATake A Chance On Me4:03The Album21977Other Pop 164FATASSRADIO
307ABBAOne Man, One Woman4:37The Album31977Other Pop 177FATASSRADIO
308ABBAThe Name Of The Game4:54The Album41977Other Pop 173FATASSRADIO
309ABBAMove On4:45The Album51977Other Pop 182FATASSRADIO
310ABBAHole In Your Soul3:43The Album61977Other Pop 181FATASSRADIO
311ABBAThank You For The Music3:51The Album71977Other Pop 178FATASSRADIO
312ABBAI Wonder (Departure)4:34The Album81977Other Pop 175FATASSRADIO
313ABBAI'm A Marionette4:04The Album91977Other Pop 194FATASSRADIO
314ABBAI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:16The Best Of ABBA12005Other Pop 172FATASSRADIO
315ABBAAndante, Andante4:38The Best Of ABBA22005Other Pop 188FATASSRADIO
316ABBAMove On4:43The Best Of ABBA32005Other Pop 204FATASSRADIO
317ABBAI Have A Dream4:41The Best Of ABBA42005Other Pop 219FATASSRADIO
318ABBAS.O.S.3:20The Best Of ABBA52005Other Pop 205FATASSRADIO
319ABBATake A Chance On Me4:05The Best Of ABBA62005Other Pop 194FATASSRADIO
320ABBADancing Queen3:51The Best Of ABBA72005Other Pop 200FATASSRADIO
321ABBAWaterloo2:46The Best Of ABBA82005Other Pop 173FATASSRADIO
322ABBAI Am Just A Girl3:02The Best Of ABBA92005Other Pop 205FATASSRADIO
323ABBAMy Love, My Life3:51The Best Of ABBA102005Other Pop 177FATASSRADIO
324ABBASuper Trouper4:13The Best Of ABBA112005Other Pop 200FATASSRADIO
325ABBAThe Winner Takes It All4:56The Best Of ABBA122005Other Pop 200FATASSRADIO
326ABBAMamma Mia3:32The Best Of ABBA132005Other Pop 194FATASSRADIO
327ABBAI Wonder (Departure)4:30The Best Of ABBA142005Other Pop 191FATASSRADIO
328ABBAAnother Town, Another Train3:12The Best Of ABBA152005Other Pop 220FATASSRADIO
329ABBAOne Man, One Woman4:35The Best Of ABBA162005Other Pop 195FATASSRADIO
330ABBAHoney Honey2:55The Best Of ABBA172005Other Pop 208FATASSRADIO
331ABBAHead Over Heels3:47The Best Of ABBA182005Other Pop 197FATASSRADIO
332ABBAAngeleyes4:21The Best Of ABBA192005Other Pop 216FATASSRADIO
333ABBAPeople Need Love2:45The Best Of ABBA202005Other Pop 208FATASSRADIO
334AbbaPeople Need Love2:43The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)11999Disco 184FATASSRADIO
335AbbaRing Ring3:04The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)21999Disco 182FATASSRADIO
336AbbaWaterloo2:47The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)31999Disco 156FATASSRADIO
337AbbaWaterloo (German Version)2:42The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)41999Disco 167FATASSRADIO
338AbbaHoney Honey2:55The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)51999Disco 186FATASSRADIO
339AbbaSo Long3:05The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)61999Disco 188FATASSRADIO
340AbbaI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:16The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)71999Disco 174FATASSRADIO
341AbbaS.O.S3:21The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)81999Disco 183FATASSRADIO
342AbbaMamma Mia3:33The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)91999Disco 183FATASSRADIO
343AbbaFernando4:14The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)101999Disco 180FATASSRADIO
344AbbaDancing Queen3:51The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)111999Disco 173FATASSRADIO
345AbbaMoney, Money, Money3:06The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)121999Disco 176FATASSRADIO
346AbbaKnowing Me, Knowing You4:02The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)131999Disco 174FATASSRADIO
347AbbaThe Name Of The Game3:59The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)141999Disco 153FATASSRADIO
348AbbaTake A Chance On Me4:05The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)151999Disco 170FATASSRADIO
349AbbaEagle5:50The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)161999Disco 167FATASSRADIO
350AbbaThank You For The Music3:50The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)171999Disco 179FATASSRADIO
351AbbaSummer Night City3:33The Complete Singles Collection (CD 1)181999Disco 176FATASSRADIO
352AbbaChiquitita5:25The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)11999Disco 175FATASSRADIO
353AbbaDoes Your Mother Know3:14The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)21999Disco 177FATASSRADIO
354AbbaVoulez-Vous5:10The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)31999Disco 173FATASSRADIO
355AbbaGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:50The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)41999Disco 186FATASSRADIO
356AbbaI Have A Dream4:43The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)51999Disco 187FATASSRADIO
357AbbaThe Winner Takes It All4:55The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)61999Disco 170FATASSRADIO
358AbbaSuper Trouper4:12The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)71999Disco 183FATASSRADIO
359AbbaLay All Your Love On Me4:35The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)81999Disco 189FATASSRADIO
360AbbaOne Of Us3:56The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)91999Disco 173FATASSRADIO
361AbbaHead Over Heels3:47The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)101999Disco 177FATASSRADIO
362AbbaThe Day Before You Came5:51The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)111999Disco 170FATASSRADIO
363AbbaUnder Attack3:47The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)121999Disco 175FATASSRADIO
364AbbaRing Ring (German Version)3:11The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)131999Disco 179FATASSRADIO
365AbbaHappy New Year4:24The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)141999Disco 165FATASSRADIO
366AbbaWer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht3:19The Complete Singles Collection (CD 2)151999Disco 182FATASSRADIO
367AbbaPeople Need Love2:45The Definitive Collection (CD 1)12001Disco 184FATASSRADIO
368AbbaHe Is Your Brother3:18The Definitive Collection (CD 1)22001Disco 171FATASSRADIO
369AbbaRing Ring3:04The Definitive Collection (CD 1)32001Disco 179FATASSRADIO
370AbbaLove Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)2:53The Definitive Collection (CD 1)42001Disco 174FATASSRADIO
371AbbaWaterloo2:46The Definitive Collection (CD 1)52001Disco 153FATASSRADIO
372AbbaHoney, Honey2:55The Definitive Collection (CD 1)62001Disco 180FATASSRADIO
373AbbaSo Long3:05The Definitive Collection (CD 1)72001Disco 182FATASSRADIO
374AbbaI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:16The Definitive Collection (CD 1)82001Disco 168FATASSRADIO
375AbbaSOS3:20The Definitive Collection (CD 1)92001Disco 179FATASSRADIO
376AbbaMamma Mia3:32The Definitive Collection (CD 1)102001Disco 188FATASSRADIO
377AbbaFernando4:13The Definitive Collection (CD 1)112001Disco 169FATASSRADIO
378AbbaDancing Queen3:51The Definitive Collection (CD 1)122001Disco 171FATASSRADIO
379AbbaMoney, Money, Money3:05The Definitive Collection (CD 1)132001Disco 180FATASSRADIO
380AbbaKnowing Me, Knowing You4:01The Definitive Collection (CD 1)142001Disco 170FATASSRADIO
381AbbaThe Name of the Game4:52The Definitive Collection (CD 1)152001Disco 174FATASSRADIO
382AbbaTake a Chance on Me4:05The Definitive Collection (CD 1)162001Disco 161FATASSRADIO
383AbbaEagle4:27The Definitive Collection (CD 1)172001Disco 186FATASSRADIO
384AbbaSummer Night City3:35The Definitive Collection (CD 1)182001Disco 173FATASSRADIO
385AbbaChiquitita5:24The Definitive Collection (CD 1)192001Disco 173FATASSRADIO
386AbbaDoes Your Mother Know3:15The Definitive Collection (CD 1)202001Disco 168FATASSRADIO
387AbbaVoulez-Vous5:09The Definitive Collection (CD 2)12001Disco 169FATASSRADIO
388AbbaAngeleyes4:19The Definitive Collection (CD 2)22001Disco 170FATASSRADIO
389AbbaGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)4:50The Definitive Collection (CD 2)32001Disco 180FATASSRADIO
390AbbaI Have a Dream4:42The Definitive Collection (CD 2)42001Disco 181FATASSRADIO
391AbbaThe Winner Takes It All4:56The Definitive Collection (CD 2)52001Disco 167FATASSRADIO
392AbbaSuper Trouper4:13The Definitive Collection (CD 2)62001Disco 181FATASSRADIO
393AbbaOn and on and On3:42The Definitive Collection (CD 2)72001Disco 172FATASSRADIO
394AbbaLay All Your Love on Me4:34The Definitive Collection (CD 2)82001Disco 182FATASSRADIO
395AbbaOne of Us3:56The Definitive Collection (CD 2)92001Disco 170FATASSRADIO
396AbbaWhen All Is Said and Done3:17The Definitive Collection (CD 2)102001Disco 178FATASSRADIO
397AbbaHead Over Heels3:47The Definitive Collection (CD 2)112001Disco 175FATASSRADIO
398AbbaThe Visitors (Crackin' Up)5:46The Definitive Collection (CD 2)122001Disco 173FATASSRADIO
399AbbaThe Day Before You Came5:51The Definitive Collection (CD 2)132001Disco 168FATASSRADIO
400AbbaUnder Attack3:47The Definitive Collection (CD 2)142001Disco 175FATASSRADIO
401AbbaThank You for the Music3:51The Definitive Collection (CD 2)152001Disco 178FATASSRADIO
402AbbaRing Ring [1974 Remix, Single Version]3:10The Definitive Collection (CD 2)162001Disco 183FATASSRADIO
403AbbaVoulez-Vous [Extended Remix, 1979 US Promo]6:09The Definitive Collection (CD 2)172001Disco 176FATASSRADIO
404AbbaThe Visitors5:45The Visitors11981Other 167FATASSRADIO
405AbbaHead Over Heels3:47The Visitors21981Other 168FATASSRADIO
406AbbaWhen All Is Said and Done3:19The Visitors31981Other 173FATASSRADIO
407AbbaSoldiers4:40The Visitors41981Other 177FATASSRADIO
408AbbaI Let the Music Speak5:23The Visitors51981Other 160FATASSRADIO
409AbbaOne of Us3:57The Visitors61981Other 167FATASSRADIO
410AbbaTwo for the Price of One3:38The Visitors71981Other 167FATASSRADIO
411AbbaSlipping Through My Fingers3:53The Visitors81981Other 168FATASSRADIO
412AbbaLike an Angel Passing Through3:34The Visitors91981Other 150FATASSRADIO
413ABBAWaterloo2:46Todo ABBA12004Other Pop 174FATASSRADIO
414ABBATake A Chance On Me4:05Todo ABBA22004Other Pop 190FATASSRADIO
415ABBAMamma Mia3:32Todo ABBA32004Other Pop 196FATASSRADIO
416ABBADancing Queen3:51Todo ABBA42004Other Pop 192FATASSRADIO
417ABBAS.O.S.3:20Todo ABBA52004Other Pop 207FATASSRADIO
418ABBASuper Trouper4:13Todo ABBA62004Other Pop 197FATASSRADIO
419ABBAChiquitita (Español)5:26Todo ABBA72004Other Pop 190FATASSRADIO
420ABBAConociendome, Conociendote4:02Todo ABBA82004Other Pop 187FATASSRADIO
421ABBAI Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do3:16Todo ABBA92004Other Pop 192FATASSRADIO
422ABBAVoulez-Vous5:09Todo ABBA102004Other Pop 197FATASSRADIO
423ABBADoes Your Mother Know3:13Todo ABBA112004Other Pop 195FATASSRADIO
424ABBAEstoy Soñando4:37Todo ABBA122004Other Pop 218FATASSRADIO
425ABBAGimme! Gimme! Gimme!4:49Todo ABBA132004Other Pop 204FATASSRADIO
426ABBAThe Winner Takes It All4:54Todo ABBA142004Other Pop 192FATASSRADIO
427ABBANo Hay A Quien Culpar3:13Todo ABBA152004Other Pop 202FATASSRADIO
428ABBAOne Of Us3:55Todo ABBA162004Other Pop 189FATASSRADIO
429ABBAFernando4:13Todo ABBA172004Other Pop 199FATASSRADIO
430ABBAFelicidad4:24Todo ABBA182004Other Pop 185FATASSRADIO
431ABBAThank You For The Music3:48Todo ABBA192004Other Pop 196FATASSRADIO
432AbbaAs Good As New3:20Voulez Vous11979Disco 139FATASSRADIO
433AbbaVoulez-Vous5:03Voulez Vous21979Disco 145FATASSRADIO
434AbbaI Have A Dream4:40Voulez Vous31979Disco 157FATASSRADIO
435AbbaAngeleyes4:18Voulez Vous41979Disco 140FATASSRADIO
436AbbaThe King Has Lost His Crown3:29Voulez Vous51979Disco 162FATASSRADIO
437AbbaDoes Your Mother Know3:10Voulez Vous61979Disco 140FATASSRADIO
438AbbaIf It Wasn’t For The Nights5:06Voulez Vous71979Disco 138FATASSRADIO
439AbbaChiquitita5:22Voulez Vous81979Disco 149FATASSRADIO
440AbbaLovers (Live A Little Longer)3:27Voulez Vous91979Disco 149FATASSRADIO
441AbbaKisses Of Fire3:14Voulez Vous101979Disco 153FATASSRADIO
442AbbaWaterloo2:48Waterloo11974Other 152FATASSRADIO
443AbbaSitting in the Palmtree3:38Waterloo21974Other 185FATASSRADIO
444AbbaKing Kong Song3:14Waterloo31974Other 186FATASSRADIO
445AbbaHasta Mañana3:10Waterloo41974Other 156FATASSRADIO
446AbbaMy Mama Said3:14Waterloo51974Other 179FATASSRADIO
447AbbaDance (While the Music Still Goes On)3:12Waterloo61974Other 162FATASSRADIO
448AbbaHoney, Honey2:56Waterloo71974Other 182FATASSRADIO
449AbbaWhat About Livingstone2:56Waterloo81974Other 180FATASSRADIO
450AbbaWatch Out3:46Waterloo91974Other 184FATASSRADIO
451AbbaGonna Sing You My Love Song3:38Waterloo101974Other 173FATASSRADIO
452AbbaSuzy Hang Around3:11Waterloo111974Other 177FATASSRADIO
453ABBAWaterloo2:49Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition12004Other Pop 164FATASSRADIO
454ABBASitting In The Palmtree3:40Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition22004Other Pop 197FATASSRADIO
455ABBAKing Kong Song3:15Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition32004Other Pop 201FATASSRADIO
456ABBAHasta Manana3:10Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition42004Other Pop 190FATASSRADIO
457ABBAMy Mama Said3:16Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition52004Other Pop 195FATASSRADIO
458ABBADance (While The Music Still Goes On)3:14Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition62004Other Pop 191FATASSRADIO
459ABBAHoney Honey2:56Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition72004Other Pop 206FATASSRADIO
460ABBAWatch Out3:47Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition82004Other Pop 201FATASSRADIO
461ABBAWhat About Livingstone2:56Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition92004Other Pop 197FATASSRADIO
462ABBAGonna Sing You My Lovesong3:40Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition102004Other Pop 193FATASSRADIO
463ABBASuzy-Hang-Around3:12Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition112004Other Pop 201FATASSRADIO
464ABBARing, Ring (US Remix 1974)3:07Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition122004Other Pop 187FATASSRADIO
465ABBAWaterloo (Swedish Version)2:47Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition132004Other Pop 185FATASSRADIO
466ABBAHoney, Honey (Swedish Version)3:00Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition142004Other Pop 203FATASSRADIO
467ABBAWaterloo (German Version)2:45Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition152004Other Pop 180FATASSRADIO
468ABBAWaterloo (French Version)2:42Waterloo - 30th Anniversary Edition162004Other Pop 193FATASSRADIO
469Abbot And CostelloWhos On First4:26   Comedy 86FATASSRADIO
470AC/DCJailbreak4:38'74 Jailbreak11984Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
471AC/DCYou Ain't Got A Hold On Me3:28'74 Jailbreak21984Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
472AC/DCShow Business4:47'74 Jailbreak31984Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
473AC/DCSoul Stripper6:25'74 Jailbreak41984Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
474AC/DCBaby, Please Don't Go4:50'74 Jailbreak51984Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
475AC/DCHells Bells5:12Back In Black11980Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
476AC/DCShoot To Thrill5:18Back In Black21980Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
477AC/DCWhat Do You Do For Money Honey3:35Back In Black31980Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
478AC/DCGivin' The Dog A Bone3:32Back In Black41980Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
479AC/DCLet Me Put My Love Into You4:15Back In Black51980Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
480AC/DCBack In Black4:16Back In Black61980Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
481AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:30Back In Black71980Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
482AC/DCHave A Drink On Me3:59Back In Black81980Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
483AC/DCShake A Leg4:06Back In Black91980Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
484AC/DCRock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution4:15Back In Black101980Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
485AC/DCHard As A Rock4:31Ballbreaker11995Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
486AC/DCCover You In Oil4:33Ballbreaker21995Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
487AC/DCThe Furor4:10Ballbreaker31995Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
488AC/DCBoogie Man4:07Ballbreaker41995Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
489AC/DCHoney Roll5:34Ballbreaker51995Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
490AC/DCBurnin' Alive5:05Ballbreaker61995Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
491AC/DCHail Caesar5:14Ballbreaker71995Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
492AC/DCLove Bomb3:14Ballbreaker81995Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
493AC/DCCaught With Your Pants Down4:14Ballbreaker91995Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
494AC/DCWhiskey On The Rocks4:35Ballbreaker101995Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
495AC/DCBall Breaker4:31Ballbreaker111995Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
496AC/DCHeatseeker3:50Blow Up Your Video11988Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
497AC/DCThat's The Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll3:45Blow Up Your Video21988Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
498AC/DCMeanstreak4:09Blow Up Your Video31988Classic Hard Rock 177FATASSRADIO
499AC/DCGo Zone4:27Blow Up Your Video41988Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
500AC/DCKissin' Dynamite3:59Blow Up Your Video51988Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
501AC/DCNick Of Time4:18Blow Up Your Video61988Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
502AC/DCSome Sin For Nuthin'4:11Blow Up Your Video71988Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
503AC/DCRuff Stuff4:30Blow Up Your Video81988Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
504AC/DCTwo's Up5:21Blow Up Your Video91988Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
505AC/DCThis Means War4:23Blow Up Your Video101988Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
506AC/DCLive Wire6:16Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]11997Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
507AC/DCProblem Child4:39Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]21997Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
508AC/DCHigh Voltage5:57Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]31997Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
509AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be4:13Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]41997Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
510AC/DCDog Eat Dog4:42Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]51997Classic Hard Rock 178FATASSRADIO
511AC/DCThe Jack8:36Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]61997Classic Hard Rock 176FATASSRADIO
512AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie5:10Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]71997Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
513AC/DCRocker5:33Bonfire: Live From The Atlantic Studios [Disc 1]81997Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
514AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap4:11dirty cheeps australia11976Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
515AC/DCAin't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire7:29dirty cheeps australia21976Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
516AC/DCThere's Gonna Be Some Rockin3:17dirty cheeps australia31976Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
517AC/DCProblem Child5:44dirty cheeps australia41976Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
518AC/DCSquealer5:14dirty cheeps australia51976Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
519AC/DCBig Balls2:38dirty cheeps australia61976Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
520AC/DCR.I.P. (Rock In Peace)3:35dirty cheeps australia71976Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
521AC/DCRock In Peace (New)3:23dirty cheeps australia81976Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
522AC/DCRide On5:49dirty cheeps australia91976Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
523AC/DCJailbreak4:38dirty cheeps australia101976Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
524AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap4:11Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap11976Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
525AC/DCLove At First Feel3:10Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap21976Classic Hard Rock 183FATASSRADIO
526AC/DCBig Balls2:38Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap31976Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
527AC/DCRocker2:49Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap41976Classic Hard Rock 176FATASSRADIO
528AC/DCProblem Child5:44Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap51976Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
529AC/DCThere's Gonna Be Some Rockin'3:17Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap61976Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
530AC/DCAin't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)7:29Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap71976Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
531AC/DCRide On5:49Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap81976Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
532AC/DCSquealer5:14Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap91976Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
533AC/DCRising Power3:43Flick Of The Switch11983Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
534AC/DCThis House Is On Fire3:23Flick Of The Switch21983Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
535AC/DCFlick Of The Switch3:13Flick Of The Switch31983Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
536AC/DCNervous Shakedown4:27Flick Of The Switch41983Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
537AC/DCLandslide3:58Flick Of The Switch51983Classic Hard Rock 150FATASSRADIO
538AC/DCGuns For Hire3:24Flick Of The Switch61983Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
539AC/DCDeep In The Hole3:19Flick Of The Switch71983Classic Hard Rock 151FATASSRADIO
540AC/DCBedlam In Belgium3:52Flick Of The Switch81983Classic Hard Rock 147FATASSRADIO
541AC/DCBadlands3:38Flick Of The Switch91983Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
542AC/DCBrain Shake4:00Flick Of The Switch101983Classic Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
543AC/DCFly On The Wall3:43Fly On The Wall11985Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
544AC/DCShake Your Foundations4:10Fly On The Wall21985Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
545AC/DCFirst Blood3:46Fly On The Wall31985Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
546AC/DCDanger4:22Fly On The Wall41985Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
547AC/DCSink The Pink4:15Fly On The Wall51985Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
548AC/DCPlaying With Girls3:45Fly On The Wall61985Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
549AC/DCStand Up3:53Fly On The Wall71985Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
550AC/DCHell Or High Water4:32Fly On The Wall81985Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
551AC/DCBack In Business4:24Fly On The Wall91985Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
552AC/DCSend For The Man3:26Fly On The Wall101985Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
553AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)5:43For Those About To Rock We Salute You11981Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
554AC/DCPut The Finger On You3:25For Those About To Rock We Salute You21981Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
555AC/DCLet's Get It Up3:53For Those About To Rock We Salute You31981Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
556AC/DCInject The Venom3:30For Those About To Rock We Salute You41981Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
557AC/DCSnowballed3:23For Those About To Rock We Salute You51981Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
558AC/DCEvil Walks4:23For Those About To Rock We Salute You61981Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
559AC/DCC.O.D.3:19For Those About To Rock We Salute You71981Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
560AC/DCBreaking The Rules4:23For Those About To Rock We Salute You81981Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
561AC/DCNight Of The Long Knives3:25For Those About To Rock We Salute You91981Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
562AC/DCSpellbound4:30For Those About To Rock We Salute You101981Classic Hard Rock 177FATASSRADIO
563AC/DCStiff Upper Lip3:36Gold (Disc 2)12000Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
564AC/DCHells Bells5:14Gold (Disc 2)21980Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
565AC/DCTNT3:35Gold (Disc 2)32000Classic Hard Rock 147FATASSRADIO
566AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)5:45Gold (Disc 2)42000Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
567AC/DCJailbreak4:43Gold (Disc 2)52000Classic Hard Rock 140FATASSRADIO
568AC/DCBallbreaker4:33Gold (Disc 2)62000Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
569AC/DCBig Balls2:40Gold (Disc 2)72000Classic Hard Rock 145FATASSRADIO
570AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long [Live]3:54Gold (Disc 2)82000Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
571AC/DCHighway To Hell3:29Gold (Disc 2)91979Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
572AC/DCFlick Of The Switch3:15Gold (Disc 2)102000Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
573AC/DCThe Razors Edge4:24Gold (Disc 2)112000Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
574AC/DCWhat Do You Do For Money Honey3:38Gold (Disc 2)122000Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
575AC/DCShake Your Foundations4:12Gold (Disc 2)132000Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
576AC/DCSome Sin For Nothing4:13Gold (Disc 2)142000Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
577AC/DCIt's A Lont Way To The Top5:15Gold (Disc 2)152000Classic Hard Rock 146FATASSRADIO
578AC/DCWalk All Over You5:11Gold (Disc 2)162000Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
579AC/DCProblem Child5:26Gold (Disc 2)172000Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
580AC/DCMoney Talks3:45Gold (Disc 2)182000Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
581AC/DCDamned3:53Gold 200012000Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
582AC/DCBack In Black3:56Gold 200022000Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
583AC/DCThe Jack5:52Gold 200032000Classic Hard Rock 135FATASSRADIO
584AC/DCEvil Walks4:25Gold 200042000Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
585AC/DCHard As A Rock4:32Gold 200052000Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
586AC/DCDirty Deads Done Dirt Cheap4:13Gold 200062000Classic Hard Rock 146FATASSRADIO
587AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Pace To Be (Live)4:10Gold 200072000Classic Hard Rock 143FATASSRADIO
588AC/DCWho Made Who3:29Gold 200081986Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
589AC/DCTouch Too Much4:28Gold 200092000Classic Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
590AC/DCRising Power3:45Gold 2000102000Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
591AC/DCLet There Be Rock6:05Gold 2000112000Classic Hard Rock 149FATASSRADIO
592AC/DCSpellbound4:32Gold 2000122000Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
593AC/DCHeatseeker3:52Gold 2000132000Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
594AC/DCBig Gun4:25Gold 2000141993Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
595AC/DCThunderstruck4:54Gold 2000152000Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
596AC/DCHigh Voltage3:49Gold 2000162000Classic Hard Rock 148FATASSRADIO
597AC/DCHail Caesar5:16Gold 2000171995Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
598AC/DCRock 'n' Roll Damnation3:36Gold 2000182000Classic Hard Rock 132FATASSRADIO
599AC/DCBaby Please Don't Go4:50High Voltage11975Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
600AC/DCIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)5:15High Voltage11976Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
601AC/DCRock 'n' Roll Singer5:03High Voltage21976Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
602AC/DCShe's Got Balls4:50High Voltage21975Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
603AC/DCLittle Lover5:39High Voltage31975Classic Hard Rock 178FATASSRADIO
604AC/DCThe Jack5:51High Voltage31976Classic Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
605AC/DCLive Wire5:49High Voltage41976Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
606AC/DCStick Around4:44High Voltage41975Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
607AC/DCSoul Stripper6:25High Voltage51975Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
608AC/DCT.N.T.3:34High Voltage51976Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
609AC/DCCan I Sit Next To You Girl4:11High Voltage61976Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
610AC/DCYou Ain't Got A Hold On Me3:28High Voltage61975Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
611AC/DCLittle Lover5:39High Voltage71976Classic Hard Rock 178FATASSRADIO
612AC/DCLove Song5:14High Voltage71975Classic Hard Rock 180FATASSRADIO
613AC/DCShe's Got Balls4:50High Voltage81976Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
614AC/DCShow Business4:47High Voltage81975Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
615AC/DCHigh Voltage4:02High Voltage91976Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
616AC/DCHighway To Hell3:27Highway To Hell11979Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
617AC/DCGirls Got Rhythm3:23Highway To Hell21979Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
618AC/DCWalk All Over You5:09Highway To Hell31979Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
619AC/DCTouch Too Much4:26Highway To Hell41979Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
620AC/DCBeating Around The Bush3:56Highway To Hell51979Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
621AC/DCShot Down In Flames3:22Highway To Hell61979Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
622AC/DCGet It Hot2:34Highway To Hell71979Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
623AC/DCIf You Want Blood (You've Got It)4:36Highway To Hell81979Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
624AC/DCLove Hungry Man4:16Highway To Hell91979Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
625AC/DCNight Prowler6:16Highway To Hell101979Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
626AC/DCRiff Raff5:59If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]11978Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
627AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be4:10If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]21978Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
628AC/DCBad Boy Boogie7:26If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]31978Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
629AC/DCThe Jack5:49If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]41978Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
630AC/DCProblem Child4:36If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]51978Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
631AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie4:08If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]61978Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
632AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Damnation3:40If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]71978Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
633AC/DCHigh Voltage5:04If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]81978Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
634AC/DCLet There Be Rock8:32If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]91978Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
635AC/DCRocker3:13If You Want Blood You've Got It [Live]101978Classic Hard Rock 119FATASSRADIO
636AC/DCGo Down5:31Let There Be Rock11977Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
637AC/DCGo Down5:31Let There Be Rock11997Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
638AC/DCDog Eat Dog3:35Let There Be Rock21977Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
639AC/DCDog Eat Dog3:35Let There Be Rock21997Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
640AC/DCLet There Be Rock6:06Let There Be Rock31977Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
641AC/DCLet There Be Rock6:06Let There Be Rock31997Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
642AC/DCBad Boy Boogie4:27Let There Be Rock41977Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
643AC/DCBad Boy Boogie4:27Let There Be Rock41997Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
644AC/DCProblem Child5:25Let There Be Rock51997Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
645AC/DCOverdose6:09Let There Be Rock61977Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
646AC/DCOverdose6:09Let There Be Rock61997Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
647AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be4:14Let There Be Rock71977Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
648AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be4:14Let There Be Rock71997Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
649AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie5:22Let There Be Rock81977Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
650AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie5:22Let There Be Rock81997Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
651AC/DCThunderstruck6:34Live11992Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
652AC/DCShoot To Thrill5:20Live21992Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
653AC/DCBack In Black4:26Live31992Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
654AC/DCWho Made Who5:14Live41992Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
655AC/DCHeatseeker3:35Live51992Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
656AC/DCThe Jack6:56Live61992Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
657AC/DCMoneytalks4:18Live71992Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
658AC/DCHells Bells6:01Live81992Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
659AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [Live]5:02Live91992Classic Hard Rock 175FATASSRADIO
660AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie4:30Live101992Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
661AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:54Live111992Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
662AC/DCHighway To Hell3:53Live121992Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
663AC/DCT.N.T.3:47Live131992Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
664AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)7:07Live141992Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
665AC/DCBack In Black4:28Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)11998Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
666AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap5:02Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)21998Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
667AC/DCFire Your Guns3:41Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)31998Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
668AC/DCHeatseeker3:37Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)41998Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
669AC/DCJailbreak14:42Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)51998Classic Hard Rock 178FATASSRADIO
670AC/DCMoneytalks4:19Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)61998Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
671AC/DCShoot To Thrill5:23Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)71998Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
672AC/DCSin City5:40Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)81998Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
673AC/DCThe Jack6:57Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)91998Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
674AC/DCThunderstruck6:35Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)111998Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
675AC/DCWho Made Who5:16Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)121998Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
676AC/DCAre You Ready4:33Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)11992Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
677AC/DCBonny1:03Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)21992Classic Hard Rock 185FATASSRADIO
678AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)7:08Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)31992Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
679AC/DCHells Bells6:02Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)41992Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
680AC/DCHigh Voltage10:33Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)51992Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
681AC/DCHighway To Hell3:53Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)61992Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
682AC/DCLet There Be Rock12:17Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)71992Classic Hard Rock 177FATASSRADIO
683AC/DCT.N.T.3:47Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)81992Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
684AC/DCThat's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll3:57Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)91992Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
685AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie4:30Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)101992Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
686AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:55Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 2)111992Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
687AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Damnation3:37Powerage11978Classic Hard Rock 148FATASSRADIO
688AC/DCDown Payment Blues6:03Powerage21978Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
689AC/DCGimme A Bullet3:21Powerage31978Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
690AC/DCRiff Raff5:12Powerage41978Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
691AC/DCSin City4:45Powerage51978Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
692AC/DCWhat's Next To The Moon3:31Powerage61978Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
693AC/DCGone Shootin'5:05Powerage71978Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
694AC/DCUp To My Neck In You4:13Powerage81978Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
695AC/DCKicked In The Teeth3:53Powerage91978Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
696AC/DCStiff Upper Lip3:34Stiff Upper Lip12000Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
697AC/DCMeltdown3:41Stiff Upper Lip22000Classic Hard Rock 143FATASSRADIO
698AC/DCHouse Of Jazz3:56Stiff Upper Lip32000Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
699AC/DCHold Me Back3:59Stiff Upper Lip42000Classic Hard Rock 146FATASSRADIO
700AC/DCSafe In New York City3:59Stiff Upper Lip52000Classic Hard Rock 136FATASSRADIO
701AC/DCCan't Stand Still3:41Stiff Upper Lip62000Classic Hard Rock 151FATASSRADIO
702AC/DCCan't Stop Rock 'N' Roll4:02Stiff Upper Lip72000Classic Hard Rock 149FATASSRADIO
703AC/DCSatellite Blues3:46Stiff Upper Lip82000Classic Hard Rock 138FATASSRADIO
704AC/DCDamned3:52Stiff Upper Lip92000Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
705AC/DCCome And Get It4:02Stiff Upper Lip102000Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
706AC/DCAll Screwed Up4:36Stiff Upper Lip112000Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
707AC/DCGive It Up3:53Stiff Upper Lip122000Classic Hard Rock 149FATASSRADIO
708AC/DCIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)5:15T.N.T.11976Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
709AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Singer5:03T.N.T.21976Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
710AC/DCThe Jack5:51T.N.T.31976Classic Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
711AC/DCLive Wire5:49T.N.T.41976Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
712AC/DCT.N.T.3:34T.N.T.51976Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
713AC/DCRocker2:49T.N.T.61976Classic Hard Rock 176FATASSRADIO
714AC/DCCan I Sit Next To You Girl?4:11T.N.T.71976Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
715AC/DCHigh Voltage4:02T.N.T.81976Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
716AC/DCSchool Days5:23T.N.T.91976Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
717AC/DCThunderstruck4:52The Razor's Edge11990Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
718AC/DCFire Your Guns2:54The Razor's Edge21990Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
719AC/DCMoney Talks3:46The Razor's Edge31990Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
720AC/DCThe Razor's Edge4:22The Razor's Edge41990Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
721AC/DCMistress For Christmas3:59The Razor's Edge51990Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
722AC/DCRock Your Heart Out4:06The Razor's Edge61990Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
723AC/DCAre You Ready4:10The Razor's Edge71990Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
724AC/DCGot You By The Balls4:30The Razor's Edge81990Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
725AC/DCShot Of Love3:56The Razor's Edge91990Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
726AC/DCLets Make It3:32The Razor's Edge101990Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
727AC/DCGoodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck3:13The Razor's Edge111990Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
728AC/DCIf You Dare3:08The Razor's Edge121990Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
729AC/DCWho Made Who3:27Who Made Who11986Classic Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
730AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:31Who Made Who21986Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
731AC/DCD.T.2:57Who Made Who31986Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
732AC/DCSink The Pink4:15Who Made Who41986Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
733AC/DCRide On5:50Who Made Who51986Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
734AC/DCShake Your Foundations4:10Who Made Who71986Classic Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
735AC/DCChase the Ace3:01Who Made Who81986Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
736AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)5:43Who Made Who91986Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
737AC-DCIntro Cartoon2:402008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL12008Rock 185FATASSRADIO
738AC-DCRock N' Roll Train4:162008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL22008Rock 178FATASSRADIO
739AC-DCHell Ain't No Bad Place To Be4:402008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL32008Rock 184FATASSRADIO
740AC-DCBack In Black4:302008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL42008Rock 182FATASSRADIO
741AC-DCBig Jack4:022008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL52008Rock 183FATASSRADIO
742AC-DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap5:062008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL62008Rock 194FATASSRADIO
743AC-DCThunderstruck5:482008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL72008Rock 192FATASSRADIO
744AC-DCBlack Ice3:502008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL82008Rock 186FATASSRADIO
745AC-DCThe Jack9:072008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL92008Rock 187FATASSRADIO
746AC-DCHells Bells5:592008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL102008Rock 187FATASSRADIO
747AC-DCShoot To Thrill5:592008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL112008Rock 186FATASSRADIO
748AC-DCWar Machine3:352008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL122008Rock 182FATASSRADIO
749AC-DCAnything Goes3:422008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL132008Rock 181FATASSRADIO
750AC-DCYou Shook Me All Night Long4:002008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL142008Rock 184FATASSRADIO
751AC-DCT.N.T.4:022008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL152008Rock 186FATASSRADIO
752AC-DCWhole Lotta Rosie5:402008-11-01 - Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL162008Rock 179FATASSRADIO
753AC-DCHells Bells5:12Bonfire: Back In Black11997Rock 171FATASSRADIO
754AC-DCShoot To Thrill5:18Bonfire: Back In Black21997Rock 172FATASSRADIO
755AC-DCWhat Do You Do For Money Honey3:35Bonfire: Back In Black31997Rock 172FATASSRADIO
756AC-DCGiven The Dog A Bone3:32Bonfire: Back In Black41997Rock 167FATASSRADIO
757AC-DCLet Me Put My Love Into You4:15Bonfire: Back In Black51997Rock 170FATASSRADIO
758AC-DCBack In Black4:16Bonfire: Back In Black61997Rock 172FATASSRADIO
759AC-DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:30Bonfire: Back In Black71997Rock 172FATASSRADIO
760AC-DCHave A Drink On Me3:59Bonfire: Back In Black81997Rock 168FATASSRADIO
761AC-DCShake A Leg4:06Bonfire: Back In Black91997Rock 165FATASSRADIO
762AC-DCRock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution4:15Bonfire: Back In Black101997Rock 170FATASSRADIO
763AC-DCLive Wire8:04Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris11997Rock 151FATASSRADIO
764AC-DCThe Jack6:05Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris11997Rock 143FATASSRADIO
765AC-DCHighway To Hell3:30Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris21997Rock 144FATASSRADIO
766AC-DCShot Down In Flames3:39Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris21997Rock 129FATASSRADIO
767AC-DCGirls Got Rhythm3:20Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris31997Rock 127FATASSRADIO
768AC-DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be4:31Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris31997Rock 130FATASSRADIO
769AC-DCHigh Voltage6:32Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris41997Rock 142FATASSRADIO
770AC-DCSin City5:25Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris41997Rock 135FATASSRADIO
771AC-DCWalk All Over You5:06Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris51997Rock 132FATASSRADIO
772AC-DCWhole Lotta Rosie4:55Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris51997Rock 141FATASSRADIO
773AC-DCBad Boy Boogie13:20Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris61997Rock 166FATASSRADIO
774AC-DCRocker10:45Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris61997Rock 151FATASSRADIO
775AC-DCT.N.T.4:13Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris71997Rock 157FATASSRADIO
776AC-DCLet There Be Rock7:34Bonfire: Let There Be Rock-The Movie-Live In Paris81997Rock 149FATASSRADIO
777AC-DCDirty Eyes3:21Bonfire: Volts11997Rock 161FATASSRADIO
778AC-DCTouch Too Much6:34Bonfire: Volts21997Rock 156FATASSRADIO
779AC-DCIf You Want Blood You Got It4:28Bonfire: Volts31997Rock 156FATASSRADIO
780AC-DCBack Seat Confidential5:23Bonfire: Volts41997Rock 152FATASSRADIO
781AC-DCGet It Hot4:18Bonfire: Volts51997Rock 153FATASSRADIO
782AC-DCSin City4:56Bonfire: Volts61997Rock 105FATASSRADIO
783AC-DCShe's Got Balls7:57Bonfire: Volts71997Rock 149FATASSRADIO
784AC-DCSchool Days5:23Bonfire: Volts81997Rock 148FATASSRADIO
785AC-DCIt's A Long Way To The Top5:15Bonfire: Volts91997Rock 154FATASSRADIO
786AC-DCRide On10:02Bonfire: Volts101997Rock 153FATASSRADIO
787AC-DCCrabsody In Blue4:41Let There Be Rock (AU)61977Rock 165FATASSRADIO
788Ace FrehleyCatch Me When I Fall3:58   Other 150FATASSRADIO
789Ace FrehleyCherokee Boogie3:59   Other 175FATASSRADIO
790Ace FrehleyReloaded Guns7:40   Other 167FATASSRADIO
791Ace FrehleyInto The Night4:1112 Picks11997Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
792Ace FrehleyWords Are Not Enough3:2412 Picks21997Hard Rock 143FATASSRADIO
793Ace FrehleyInsane3:4712 Picks31997Hard Rock 151FATASSRADIO
794Ace FrehleyHide Your Heart4:3512 Picks41997Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
795Ace FrehleyTrouble Walkin'3:0812 Picks51997Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
796Ace FrehleyRock Soldiers5:0212 Picks61997Hard Rock 147FATASSRADIO
797Ace FrehleyRip It Out (Live)3:4212 Picks71997Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
798Ace FrehleyBreakout (Live)3:2912 Picks81997Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
799Ace FrehleyCold Gin (Live)6:4812 Picks91997Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
800Ace FrehleyShock Me (Live)9:4312 Picks101997Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
801Ace FrehleyRocket Ride (Live)4:5512 Picks111997Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
802Ace FrehleyDeuce (Live)4:4812 Picks121997Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
803Ace FrehleyRock Or Be Rocked3:25Demo11985Rock 177FATASSRADIO
804Ace FrehleyRock Soldiers5:06Frehley's Comet11987Hard Rock 148FATASSRADIO
805Ace FrehleyBreakout3:39Frehley's Comet21987Hard Rock 144FATASSRADIO
806Ace FrehleyInto The Night4:13Frehley's Comet31987Hard Rock 150FATASSRADIO
807Ace FrehleySomething Moved4:07Frehley's Comet41987Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
808Ace FrehleyWe Got Your Rock4:16Frehley's Comet51987Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
809Ace FrehleyLove Me Right3:56Frehley's Comet61987Hard Rock 143FATASSRADIO
810Ace FrehleyCalling To You4:24Frehley's Comet71987Hard Rock 141FATASSRADIO
811Ace FrehleyDolls3:32Frehley's Comet81987Hard Rock 148FATASSRADIO
812Ace FrehleyStranger In A Strange Land4:02Frehley's Comet91987Hard Rock 141FATASSRADIO
813Ace FrehleyFractured Too [Instrumental]4:14Frehley's Comet101987Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
814Ace FrehleySister4:23The Other Side of the Coin11997Hard Rock 148FATASSRADIO
815Ace FrehleyDon't Wanna Loose You3:25The Other Side of the Coin21997Hard Rock 149FATASSRADIO
816Ace FrehleyTake Me To The City3:19The Other Side of the Coin31997Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
817Ace FrehleyDancin' With Danger3:44The Other Side of the Coin41997Hard Rock 146FATASSRADIO
818Ace FrehleyInto The Night4:03The Other Side of the Coin51997Hard Rock 180FATASSRADIO
819Ace FrehleyHeard An Angel3:10The Other Side of the Coin61997Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
820Ace FrehleyBack On The Streets5:37The Other Side of the Coin71997Hard Rock 175FATASSRADIO
821Ace FrehleyStranger In A Strange Land3:55The Other Side of the Coin81997Hard Rock 173FATASSRADIO
822Ace FrehleyDolls2:54The Other Side of the Coin91997Hard Rock 171FATASSRADIO
823Ace FrehleyBack Into My Arms4:49The Other Side of the Coin101997Hard Rock 180FATASSRADIO
824Ace FrehleyWe Got Your Rock3:40The Other Side of the Coin111997Hard Rock 178FATASSRADIO
825Ace FrehleyI'm So Wired3:36The Other Side of the Coin121997Hard Rock 188FATASSRADIO
826Ace FrehleyCatch Me When I Fall3:52The Other Side of the Coin131997Hard Rock 193FATASSRADIO
827Ace FrehleyThe Girl Can't Dance3:11The Other Side of the Coin141997Hard Rock 193FATASSRADIO
828Ace FrehleyRemember Me3:21The Other Side of the Coin151997Hard Rock 181FATASSRADIO
829Ace FrehleyWords Are Not Enough3:49The Other Side of the Coin161997Hard Rock 188FATASSRADIO
830Ace FrehleyShot Full Of Rock4:51Trouble Walkin'11989Hard Rock 193FATASSRADIO
831Ace FrehleyDo Ya3:49Trouble Walkin'21989Hard Rock 194FATASSRADIO
832Ace FrehleyFive Card Stud4:03Trouble Walkin'31989Hard Rock 193FATASSRADIO
833Ace FrehleyHide Your Heart4:35Trouble Walkin'41989Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
834Ace FrehleyLost In Limbo4:11Trouble Walkin'51989Hard Rock 191FATASSRADIO
835Ace FrehleyTrouble Walkin'3:07Trouble Walkin'61989Hard Rock 196FATASSRADIO
836Ace Frehley2 Young 2 Die4:29Trouble Walkin'71989Hard Rock 189FATASSRADIO
837Ace FrehleyBack To School3:42Trouble Walkin'81989Hard Rock 191FATASSRADIO
838Ace FrehleyRemember Me5:02Trouble Walkin'91989Hard Rock 190FATASSRADIO
839Ace FrehleyFractured lll6:50Trouble Walkin'101989Hard Rock 193FATASSRADIO
840Ace Frehley; ESPFoxy Lady4:29   Other 167FATASSRADIO
841Ace Frehley; Peter CrissRip It Out (live)3:35Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour1 Rock 147FATASSRADIO
842Ace Frehley; Peter CrissShock Me (live)4:36Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour2 Rock 148FATASSRADIO
843Ace Frehley; Peter CrissBreakout4:34Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour3 Rock 153FATASSRADIO
844Ace Frehley; Peter CrissMedley (live)8:46Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour4 Rock 153FATASSRADIO
845Ace Frehley; Peter CrissStrange Ways (live - Peter Cri3:37Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour5 Rock 155FATASSRADIO
846Ace Frehley; Peter CrissNothin' To Lose (live)4:47Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour6 Rock 155FATASSRADIO
847Ace Frehley; Peter CrissRock 'n' Roll All Nite (live)4:09Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour7 Rock 156FATASSRADIO
848Ace Frehley; Peter CrissCold Gin (live)6:33Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour8 Rock 158FATASSRADIO
849Ace Frehley; Peter CrissLove Her All I Can (live)2:59Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour9 Rock 162FATASSRADIO
850Ace Frehley; Peter CrissNew York Groove (live)5:22Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour10 Rock 145FATASSRADIO
851Ace Frehley; Peter CrissSister (live)4:06Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour11 Rock 133FATASSRADIO
852Ace Frehley; Peter CrissWatchin' You (live)4:24Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour12 Rock 137FATASSRADIO
853Ace Frehley; Peter CrissRocket Ride2:34Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour13 Other 137FATASSRADIO
854Ace Frehley; Peter CrissDetroit Rock City (live)5:17Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour14 Rock 141FATASSRADIO
855Ace Frehley; Peter CrissParasite (live)8:12Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour15 Rock 188FATASSRADIO
856ACedeceThe Razor's Edge4:35Live - Collectors Edition (Disc 1)101998Classic Hard Rock 172FATASSRADIO
857The Ace-TonesThe Ceilidh: Louis' Favourite Billy's Tune3:49Local Hero91983Rock Singer-Songwriter 167FATASSRADIO
858Adam AntGoody Two Shoes3:31Friend Or Foe71982New Wave 179FATASSRADIO
859AerosmithBuried Alive [Pump Outtake]5:02   Rock 177FATASSRADIO
860AerosmithFlesh (Live)5:59   Rock 155FATASSRADIO
861AerosmithGirls Of Summer3:15   Rock 133FATASSRADIO
862AerosmithHollywood [Permanent Vacation Demo]4:48   Rock 182FATASSRADIO
863AerosmithMama Kin [Live feat. Guns N Roses]4:25   Rock 129FATASSRADIO
864AerosmithOnce Is Enough [Permanent Vacation Demo]2:44   Rock 184FATASSRADIO
865AerosmithRight Key, Wrong Key Hole [Permanent Vacation Demo]4:38   Rock 210FATASSRADIO
866AerosmithSamurai [Permanent Vacation Demo]3:57   Rock 176FATASSRADIO
867AerosmithSedona Sunrise [Pump Demo]4:10   Rock 173FATASSRADIO
868AerosmithWalk this Way [Live feat. Jimmy Page]4:27   Rock 171FATASSRADIO
869AerosmithWayne's World Theme1:29   Rock 166FATASSRADIO
870AerosmithWon't Let You Down3:36   Rock 168FATASSRADIO
871AerosmithGuilty Kilt4:53 8 Rock 196FATASSRADIO
872AerosmithWalk THis Way5:09   Rock 132FATASSRADIO
873AerosmithWalk This Way(w/Bon Jovi, Milton Keynes 1989)5:08A Bunch Of Rarities161995Classic Hard Rock 205FATASSRADIO
874AerosmithEat The Rich5:14A Little South Of Sanity11998Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
875AerosmithLove In An Elevator5:55A Little South Of Sanity21998Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
876AerosmithFalling In Love Is Hard On The Knees3:34A Little South Of Sanity31998Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
877AerosmithSame Old Song And Dance5:57A Little South Of Sanity41998Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
878AerosmithHole In My Soul5:40A Little South Of Sanity51998Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
879AerosmithMonkey On My Back4:08A Little South Of Sanity61998Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
880AerosmithLivin' On The Edge5:24A Little South Of Sanity71998Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
881AerosmithCryin'5:10A Little South Of Sanity81998Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
882AerosmithRag Doll4:13A Little South Of Sanity91998Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
883AerosmithAngel5:35A Little South Of Sanity101998Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
884AerosmithJanie's Got A Gun5:14A Little South Of Sanity111998Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
885AerosmithAmazing5:23A Little South Of Sanity121998Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
886AerosmithBack In The Saddle6:10A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)11998Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
887AerosmithLast Child5:04A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)21998Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
888AerosmithThe Other Side4:40A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)31998Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
889AerosmithWalk On Down3:40A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)41998Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
890AerosmithDream On4:50A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)51998Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
891AerosmithCrazy5:44A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)61998Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
892AerosmithMama Kin4:12A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)71998Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
893AerosmithWalk This Way4:12A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)81998Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
894AerosmithDude (Looks Like A Lady)4:21A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)91998Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
895AerosmithWhat It Takes5:15A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)101998Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
896AerosmithSweet Emotion5:57A Little South Of Sanity (Disc 2)111998Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
897AerosmithMake It3:40Aerosmith11973Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
898AerosmithSomebody3:45Aerosmith21973Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
899AerosmithDream On4:27Aerosmith31973Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
900AerosmithOne Way Street7:02Aerosmith41973Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
901AerosmithMama Kin4:28Aerosmith51973Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
902AerosmithWrite Me A Letter4:12Aerosmith61973Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
903AerosmithMovin' Out5:02Aerosmith71973Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
904AerosmithWalkin' The Dog3:12Aerosmith81973Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
905AerosmithI Don't Want To Miss A Thing4:59Armageddon11998Original Film/TV Music 151FATASSRADIO
906AerosmithWhat Kind Of Love Are You On3:15Armageddon31998Original Film/TV Music 157FATASSRADIO
907AerosmithCome Together3:44Armageddon91998Original Film/TV Music 147FATASSRADIO
908AerosmithWalk On Water4:56Big Ones11994Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
909AerosmithBlind Man4:00Big Ones91994Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
910AerosmithDeuces Are Wild3:36Big Ones101992Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
911AerosmithDude (Looks Like A Lady) (Live)5:12Big Ones161994Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
912AerosmithAngel's Eye3:22Charlie's Angels72000Original Film/TV Music 158FATASSRADIO
913AerosmithTrain Kept A Rollin'3:20Classics Live!11986Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
914AerosmithKings And Queens4:46Classics Live!21986Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
915AerosmithSweet Emotion5:13Classics Live!31986Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
916AerosmithDream On4:47Classics Live!41986Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
917AerosmithMama Kin3:43Classics Live!51986Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
918AerosmithThree Mile Smile/Reefer Head Woman4:54Classics Live!61986Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
919AerosmithLord Of The Thighs7:05Classics Live!71986Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
920AerosmithMajor Barbra4:04Classics Live!81986Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
921AerosmithBack In The Saddle4:38Classics Live!91986Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
922AerosmithWalk This Way4:21Classics Live!101986Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
923AerosmithMovin' Out5:44Classics Live!111986Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
924AerosmithDraw The Line4:46Classics Live!121986Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
925AerosmithSame Old Song And Dance5:45Classics Live!131986Classic Hard Rock 174FATASSRADIO
926AerosmithLast Child3:42Classics Live!141986Classic Hard Rock 169FATASSRADIO
927AerosmithLet The Music Do The Talking5:44Classics Live!151986Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
928AerosmithToys In The Attic4:03Classics Live!161986Classic Hard Rock 168FATASSRADIO
929AerosmithLet The Music Do The Talking3:49Done With Mirrors11985Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
930AerosmithMy Fist Your Face4:23Done With Mirrors21985Classic Hard Rock 148FATASSRADIO
931AerosmithShame On You3:22Done With Mirrors31985Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
932AerosmithThe Reason A Dog4:13Done With Mirrors41985Classic Hard Rock 147FATASSRADIO
933AerosmithShela4:25Done With Mirrors51985Classic Hard Rock 150FATASSRADIO
934AerosmithGypsy Boots4:16Done With Mirrors61985Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
935AerosmithShe's On Fire3:47Done With Mirrors71985Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
936AerosmithThe Hop3:45Done With Mirrors81985Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
937AerosmithDarkness3:43Done With Mirrors91985Classic Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
938AerosmithDraw The Line3:24Draw The Line11977Classic Hard Rock 129FATASSRADIO
939AerosmithI Wanna Know Why3:09Draw The Line21977Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
940AerosmithCritical Mass4:52Draw The Line31977Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
941AerosmithGet It Up4:02Draw The Line41977Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
942AerosmithBright Light Fright2:20Draw The Line51977Classic Hard Rock 143FATASSRADIO
943AerosmithKings And Queens4:55Draw The Line61977Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
944AerosmithThe Hand That Feeds4:23Draw The Line71977Classic Hard Rock 151FATASSRADIO
945AerosmithSight For Sore Eyes3:56Draw The Line81977Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
946AerosmithMilk Cow Blues4:14Draw The Line91977Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
947AerosmithIntro0:23Get A Grip11993Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
948AerosmithEat The Rich4:10Get A Grip21993Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
949AerosmithGet A Grip3:57Get A Grip31993Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
950AerosmithFever4:15Get A Grip41993Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
951AerosmithLivin' On The Edge6:07Get A Grip51993Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
952AerosmithFlesh5:56Get A Grip61993Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
953AerosmithWalk On Down3:39Get A Grip71993Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
954AerosmithShut Up And Dance4:55Get A Grip81993Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
955AerosmithCryin'5:08Get A Grip91993Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
956AerosmithGotta Love It5:58Get A Grip101993Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
957AerosmithCrazy5:16Get A Grip111993Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
958AerosmithLine Up4:02Get A Grip121993Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
959AerosmithCan't Stop Messin'3:30Get A Grip131993Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
960AerosmithAmazing5:56Get A Grip141993Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
961AerosmithBoogie Man2:16Get A Grip151993Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
962AerosmithSame Old Song And Dance3:53Get Your Wings11974Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
963AerosmithLord Of The Thighs4:14Get Your Wings21974Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
964AerosmithSpaced4:21Get Your Wings31974Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
965AerosmithWoman Of The World5:50Get Your Wings41974Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
966AerosmithS.O.S. (Too Bad)2:51Get Your Wings51974Classic Hard Rock 147FATASSRADIO
967AerosmithTrain Kept A Rollin'5:33Get Your Wings61974Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
968AerosmithSeasons Of Wither5:38Get Your Wings71974Classic Hard Rock 147FATASSRADIO
969AerosmithPandora's Box5:44Get Your Wings81974Classic Hard Rock 146FATASSRADIO
970AerosmithUnwired]2:27Is Anybody Out There [Demo  Rock 191FATASSRADIO
971AerosmithBeyond Beautiful4:45Just Push Play12001Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
972AerosmithJust Push Play3:51Just Push Play22001Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
973AerosmithJaded3:35Just Push Play32001Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
974AerosmithFly Away From Here5:01Just Push Play42001Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
975AerosmithTrip Hoppin'4:27Just Push Play52001Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
976AerosmithSunshine3:37Just Push Play62001Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
977AerosmithUnder My Skin3:47Just Push Play72001Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
978AerosmithLuv Lies4:26Just Push Play82001Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
979AerosmithOutta Your Head3:22Just Push Play92001Classic Hard Rock 165FATASSRADIO
980AerosmithDrop Dead Gorgeous3:42Just Push Play102001Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
981AerosmithLight Inside3:34Just Push Play112001Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
982AerosmithAvant Garden4:52Just Push Play122001Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
983AerosmithFace4:40Just Push Play132001Classic Hard Rock 144FATASSRADIO
984AerosmithBack In The Saddle4:25Live Bootleg11978Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
985AerosmithSweet Emotion4:43Live Bootleg21978Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
986AerosmithLord Of The Thighs7:17Live Bootleg31978Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
987AerosmithToys In The Attic3:45Live Bootleg41978Classic Hard Rock 150FATASSRADIO
988AerosmithLast Child3:14Live Bootleg51978Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
989AerosmithCome Together4:51Live Bootleg61978Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
990AerosmithWalk This Way3:45Live Bootleg71978Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
991AerosmithSick As A Dog4:42Live Bootleg81978Classic Hard Rock 151FATASSRADIO
992AerosmithDream On4:31Live Bootleg91978Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
993AerosmithChip Away The Stone4:12Live Bootleg101978Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
994AerosmithSight For Sore Eyes3:17Live Bootleg111978Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
995AerosmithMama Kin3:43Live Bootleg121978Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
996AerosmithS.O.S. (Too Bad)2:45Live Bootleg131978Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
997AerosmithI Ain't Got You3:57Live Bootleg141978Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
998AerosmithMother Popcorn11:35Live Bootleg151978Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
999AerosmithTrain Kept A Rollin'/Strangers In The Night4:50Live Bootleg161978Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1000AerosmithNo Surprise4:26Night In The Ruts11979Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1001AerosmithChiquita4:26Night In The Ruts21979Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
1002AerosmithRemember (Walking In The Sand)4:05Night In The Ruts31979Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1003AerosmithCheese Cake4:15Night In The Ruts41979Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1004AerosmithThree Mile Smile3:43Night In The Ruts51979Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
1005AerosmithReefer Head Woman4:02Night In The Ruts61979Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1006AerosmithBone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)2:59Night In The Ruts71979Classic Hard Rock 170FATASSRADIO
1007AerosmithThink About It3:35Night In The Ruts81979Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
1008AerosmithMia4:13Night In The Ruts91979Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
1009AerosmithNine Lives4:01Nine Lives11997Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
1010AerosmithFalling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)3:25Nine Lives21997Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1011AerosmithHole In My Soul6:09Nine Lives31997Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
1012AerosmithTaste Of India5:53Nine Lives41997Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1013AerosmithFull Circle5:00Nine Lives51997Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
1014AerosmithSomething's Gotta Give3:36Nine Lives61997Classic Hard Rock 167FATASSRADIO
1015AerosmithAin't That A Bitch5:25Nine Lives71997Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
1016AerosmithThe Farm4:27Nine Lives81997Classic Hard Rock 164FATASSRADIO
1017AerosmithCrash4:25Nine Lives91997Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1018AerosmithKiss Your Past Good-Bye4:31Nine Lives101997Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
1019AerosmithPink3:55Nine Lives111997Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
1020AerosmithFalling Off3:02Nine Lives121997Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
1021AerosmithAttitude ADJustment3:44Nine Lives131997Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1022AerosmithFallen Angels8:16Nine Lives141997Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
1023AerosmithHeart's Done Time4:42Permanent Vacation11987Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
1024AerosmithMagic Touch4:37Permanent Vacation21987Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
1025AerosmithRag Doll4:24Permanent Vacation31987Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
1026AerosmithSimoriah3:21Permanent Vacation41987Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
1027AerosmithDude (Looks Like A Lady)4:25Permanent Vacation51987Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1028AerosmithSt. John4:10Permanent Vacation61987Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
1029AerosmithHangman Jury5:31Permanent Vacation71987Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1030AerosmithGirl Keeps Coming Apart4:13Permanent Vacation81987Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
1031AerosmithAngel5:09Permanent Vacation91987Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1032AerosmithPermanent Vacation4:48Permanent Vacation101987Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
1033AerosmithI'm Down2:19Permanent Vacation111987Classic Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
1034AerosmithThe Movie4:00Permanent Vacation121987Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
1035AerosmithYoung Lust4:19Pump11989Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1036AerosmithF.I.N.E.4:09Pump21989Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
1037AerosmithGoing Down/Love In An Elevator5:39Pump31989Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1038AerosmithMonkey On My Back3:57Pump41989Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
1039AerosmithWater Song/Janie's Got A Gun5:33Pump51989Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1040AerosmithDulcimer Stomp/The Other Side4:56Pump61989Classic Hard Rock 153FATASSRADIO
1041AerosmithMy Girl3:10Pump71989Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
1042AerosmithDon't Get Mad, Get Even4:49Pump81989Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1043AerosmithHoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man4:39Pump91989Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1044AerosmithWhat It Takes6:29Pump101989Classic Hard Rock 154FATASSRADIO
1045AerosmithJailbait4:38Rock In A Hard Place11982Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1046AerosmithLightning Strikes4:26Rock In A Hard Place21982Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1047AerosmithBitch's Brew4:13Rock In A Hard Place31982Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
1048AerosmithBolivian Ragamuffin3:32Rock In A Hard Place41982Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
1049AerosmithCry Me A River4:06Rock In A Hard Place51982Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1050AerosmithPrelude To Joanie1:20Rock In A Hard Place61982Classic Hard Rock 143FATASSRADIO
1051AerosmithJoanie's Butterfly5:35Rock In A Hard Place71982Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1052AerosmithRock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)4:45Rock In A Hard Place81982Classic Hard Rock 163FATASSRADIO
1053AerosmithJig Is Up3:10Rock In A Hard Place91982Classic Hard Rock 162FATASSRADIO
1054AerosmithPush Comes To Shove4:28Rock In A Hard Place101982Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
1055AerosmithBack In The Saddle4:39Rocks11976Classic Hard Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1056AerosmithLast Child3:25Rocks21976Classic Hard Rock 161FATASSRADIO
1057AerosmithRats In The Cellar4:05Rocks31976Classic Hard Rock 151FATASSRADIO
1058AerosmithCombination3:38Rocks41976Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1059AerosmithSick As A Dog4:16Rocks51976Classic Hard Rock 152FATASSRADIO
1060AerosmithNobody's Fault4:20Rocks61976Classic Hard Rock 140FATASSRADIO
1061AerosmithGet The Lead Out3:41Rocks71976Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
1062AerosmithLick And A Promise3:04Rocks81976Classic Hard Rock 145FATASSRADIO
1063AerosmithHome Tonight3:14Rocks91976Classic Hard Rock 149FATASSRADIO
1064AerosmithDude (Looks Like A Lady)5:05Soundtrack21993Rock 165FATASSRADIO
1065AerosmithShut Up And Dance4:48Soundtrack131993Rock 163FATASSRADIO
1066AerosmithToys In The Attic3:06Toys In The Attic11975Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
1067AerosmithUncle Salty4:10Toys In The Attic21975Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1068AerosmithAdam's Apple4:33Toys In The Attic31975Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1069AerosmithWalk This Way3:41Toys In The Attic41975Classic Hard Rock 158FATASSRADIO
1070AerosmithBig Ten Inch Record2:16Toys In The Attic51975Classic Hard Rock 150FATASSRADIO
1071AerosmithSweet Emotion4:34Toys In The Attic61975Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1072AerosmithNo More No More4:34Toys In The Attic71975Classic Hard Rock 157FATASSRADIO
1073AerosmithRound And Round5:03Toys In The Attic81975Classic Hard Rock 159FATASSRADIO
1074AerosmithYou See Me Crying5:12Toys In The Attic91975Classic Hard Rock 156FATASSRADIO
1075AerosmithPink (live on Z100)4:30Z100 Christmas CD 1998Rock 124FATASSRADIO
1076Aerosmith; Ningún artistaCrazy (orquestal)5:39Ningún título2 Rock 130FATASSRADIO
1077Aerosmith; Ningún artistaCrazy (acustico)5:39Ningún título3 Rock 126FATASSRADIO
1078Aerosmith; Ningún artistaAmazing (orquestal)6:00Ningún título4 Rock 129FATASSRADIO
1079Aerosmith; Ningún artistaI Don't Want to Miss a Thing (live) 5:18Ningún título7 Rock 118FATASSRADIO
1080Aerosmith; Ningún artistaLine Up (Smokey bar mix)4:17Ningún título10 Rock 121FATASSRADIO
1081Aerosmith; Ningún artistaHead First5:07Ningún título13 Rock 129FATASSRADIO
1082Aerosmith; Ningún artistaLivin' on the Edge (demo)5:09Ningún título14 Rock 129FATASSRADIO
1083Afro Celt Sound System & Peter GabrielWhen You're Falling3:59Vol.3: Further In Time32001Pop 124FATASSRADIO
1084Agent OrangeSeek & Destroy4:26A Punk Tribute To Metallica22001Punk 191FATASSRADIO
1085AHACry Wolf4:07     162FATASSRADIO
1086AhaTake On Me (Bg)3:48     92FATASSRADIO
1087a-HaTake On Me3:48Hunting High And Low11985Other Pop 158FATASSRADIO
1088a-HaTake On Me3:50Hunting High And Low11985Other Pop 158FATASSRADIO
1089Aikawa RikakoHarahara Relay (Part 4)1:22Harahara Relay 2000Showtunes 143FATASSRADIO
1090Aikawa RikakoHowaito Dansu3:49Pikachuu no Fuyuyasumi12000Soundtrack 177FATASSRADIO
1091Aikawa RikakoPokemon Hara Hara Relay2:43Pokemon Hara Hara Relay 2000Showtunes 146FATASSRADIO
1092Aikawa RikakoPokemon Harahara Relay23:06Pokemon Harahara Relay  Showtunes 149FATASSRADIO
1093Aikawa RikakoPokémon Harahara Relay (Part1)1:24Pokémon Harahara Relay 2000Showtunes 189FATASSRADIO
1094Air SupplyI Can Wait Forever5:08Ghostbusters: Original Soundtrack Album51984Original Film/TV Music 186FATASSRADIO
1095Akemi KimuraMegaman X3 Opening Theme2:22Rockman X3 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)26 Game 279FATASSRADIO
1096Akemi KimuraMegaman X3 Ending Theme4:34Rockman X3 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)27 Game 258FATASSRADIO
1097Akemi KimuraMegaman X4 Opening1:31Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)28 Game 266FATASSRADIO
1098Akemi KimuraMegaman X4 Staff Roll2:54Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)29 Game 199FATASSRADIO
1099Akemi KimuraMegaman X5 Opening Theme1:06Rockman X5 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)30 Game 250FATASSRADIO
1100Akemi KimuraMegaman X5 Ending Theme3:21Rockman X5 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)31 Game 235FATASSRADIO
1101Akemi KimuraOpening Stage2:45Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)1 Game 190FATASSRADIO
1102Akemi KimuraD-10001:08Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)2 Game 289FATASSRADIO
1103Akemi KimuraStage Select1:41Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)3 Game 262FATASSRADIO
1104Akemi KimuraStage Start0:11Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)4 Game 220FATASSRADIO
1105Akemi KimuraCommander Yammark Stage2:47Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)5 Game 237FATASSRADIO
1106Akemi KimuraRainy Turtloid Stage2:36Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)6 Game 239FATASSRADIO
1107Akemi KimuraShieldner Sheldon Stage2:36Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)7 Game 237FATASSRADIO
1108Akemi KimuraBlizzard Wolfang Stage2:25Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)8 Game 259FATASSRADIO
1109Akemi KimuraBlaze Heatnix Stage2:12Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)9 Game 293FATASSRADIO
1110Akemi KimuraInfinity Mijinion Stage2:22Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)10 Game 246FATASSRADIO
1111Akemi KimuraMetal Shark Player Stage2:19Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)11 Game 243FATASSRADIO
1112Akemi KimuraGround Scaravich Stage1:59Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)12 Game 268FATASSRADIO
1113Akemi KimuraBoss1:40Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)13 Game 250FATASSRADIO
1114Akemi KimuraStage Clear X0:07Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)14 Game 194FATASSRADIO
1115Akemi KimuraMission Report0:46Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)15 Game 216FATASSRADIO
1116Akemi KimuraGate's Laboratory Stage2:04Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)16 Game 278FATASSRADIO
1117Akemi KimuraHi-Max1:14Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)17 Game 285FATASSRADIO
1118Akemi KimuraGate1:35Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)18 Game 237FATASSRADIO
1119Akemi KimuraStage Clear Zero0:08Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)19 Game 188FATASSRADIO
1120Akemi KimuraSigma 1st2:22Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)20 Game 230FATASSRADIO
1121Akemi KimuraSigma 2nd1:48Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)21 Game 284FATASSRADIO
1122Akemi KimuraDr. Light0:50Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)22 Game 183FATASSRADIO
1123Akemi KimuraAlia and Gate1:39Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)23 Game 167FATASSRADIO
1124Akemi KimuraZero1:33Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)24 Game 196FATASSRADIO
1125Akemi KimuraEnding Theme2:31Rockman X6 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)25 Game 204FATASSRADIO
1126Akiko KanazawaPokemon Kazoe Uta (Eiga Version)1:23Pocket Monsters - Mew to Hadou no Yuusha Lucario - Music Collection12005Soundtrack 174FATASSRADIO
1127Akina TakayaBattle Frontier (Eiga Version)2:18Pocket Monsters - Mew to Hadou no Yuusha Lucario - Music Collection82005Soundtrack 178FATASSRADIO
1128Akira IfukubeGojira March3:18  1954Other 146FATASSRADIO
1129Akira MiyagawaKirby! (Karaoke)4:09Kirby! Kirby*Step (Kirby Anime)32003  141FATASSRADIO
1130Akira MiyagawaKirby*Step (Karaoke)2:47Kirby!, Kirby*Step (Kirby Anime)42003  141FATASSRADIO
1131Akira MiyagawaPopstar1:45TV Anime Kirby of the Stars202001  159FATASSRADIO
1132Akira MiyagawaSleepy Kirby0:54TV Anime Kirby of the Stars382001  152FATASSRADIO
1133Akira MiyagawaSamba Kirby1:09TV Anime Kirby of the Stars 2001362001  158FATASSRADIO
1134Akira MiyagawaKirby March3:02TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST12001  159FATASSRADIO
1135Akira MiyagawaKirby is the Greatest2:05TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST22001  156FATASSRADIO
1136Akira MiyagawaWarpstar1:48TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST32001  156FATASSRADIO
1137Akira MiyagawaStrong Star Warrior2:11TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST42001  159FATASSRADIO
1138Akira MiyagawaSpecial Ability is Inhaled!2:20TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST52001  158FATASSRADIO
1139Akira MiyagawaIt's here! Super-Heavy Demon Beast1:13TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST62001  161FATASSRADIO
1140Akira MiyagawaDemon Beast Delivery2:11TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST72001  165FATASSRADIO
1141Akira MiyagawaExceeding Space-Time1:24TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST82001  151FATASSRADIO
1142Akira MiyagawaIt's Coming, It's Coming!1:09TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST92001  158FATASSRADIO
1143Akira MiyagawaIt's Here! Run Away!1:15TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST102001  156FATASSRADIO
1144Akira MiyagawaWhispy Woods0:57TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST112001  159FATASSRADIO
1145Akira MiyagawaBetrayal0:46TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST122001  145FATASSRADIO
1146Akira MiyagawaTears of the Forest0:52TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST132001  152FATASSRADIO
1147Akira MiyagawaDedede Passes By0:34TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST142001  153FATASSRADIO
1148Akira MiyagawaDedede Bustle0:39TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST152001  166FATASSRADIO
1149Akira MiyagawaPlaying Alone1:39TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST162001  150FATASSRADIO
1150Akira MiyagawaPupu Village Main Street1:26TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST172001  153FATASSRADIO
1151Akira MiyagawaClear the Way, Clear the Way!0:57TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST182001  156FATASSRADIO
1152Akira MiyagawaDictator1:18TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST192001  156FATASSRADIO
1153Akira MiyagawaKirby's Hill1:06TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST212001  157FATASSRADIO
1154Akira MiyagawaPink Visitor1:22TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST222001  160FATASSRADIO
1155Akira MiyagawaWarrior's Secret1:41TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST232001  164FATASSRADIO
1156Akira MiyagawaWatch Out! Kirby1:07TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST242001  159FATASSRADIO
1157Akira MiyagawaHighest Star1:23TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST252001  156FATASSRADIO
1158Akira MiyagawaCradle1:00TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST262001  144FATASSRADIO
1159Akira MiyagawaCongradulations1:35TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST272001  163FATASSRADIO
1160Akira MiyagawaKirby Panics0:55TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST282001  157FATASSRADIO
1161Akira MiyagawaGlutton1:06TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST292001  154FATASSRADIO
1162Akira MiyagawaEvil Scheme0:53TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST302001  144FATASSRADIO
1163Akira MiyagawaHoly Nightmare Co.1:17TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST312001  169FATASSRADIO
1164Akira MiyagawaValley of Kabu1:36TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST322001  156FATASSRADIO
1165Akira MiyagawaSmiling Kirby0:39TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST332001  162FATASSRADIO
1166Akira MiyagawaTired Hooray0:46TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST342001  132FATASSRADIO
1167Akira MiyagawaSwing Kirby1:04TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST352001  157FATASSRADIO
1168Akira Miyagawa50's Kirby1:04TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST372001  154FATASSRADIO
1169Akira MiyagawaSleepy Kirby 20:55TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST392001  147FATASSRADIO
1170Akira MiyagawaStart with a Circle2:15TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST402001  158FATASSRADIO
1171Akira MiyagawaKirby March - Karaoke3:02TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST412001  158FATASSRADIO
1172Akira MiyagawaStart with a Circle - Karaoke2:16TV Anime Kirby of the Stars OST422001  165FATASSRADIO
1173Akira Miyagawa, Asakawa HirokoKirby!4:09Kirby! Kirby*Step (Kirby Anime)12003  151FATASSRADIO
1174Akira Miyagawa, KonishikiKirby*Step2:47Kirby!, Kirby*Step (Kirby Anime)22003  149FATASSRADIO
1175Akiyoshi FumieTogether3:58TV Anime Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl OP & ED Single - Together x Kimi no Soba de -Hikari no Theme-12006Anime 155FATASSRADIO
1176Akiyoshi FumieTogether ( TV size )1:29TV Anime Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl OP & ED Single - Together x Kimi no Soba de -Hikari no Theme-42006Anime 145FATASSRADIO
1177Akiyoshi FumieTogether ( Original Karaoke )3:59TV Anime Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl OP & ED Single - Together x Kimi no Soba de -Hikari no Theme-72006Anime 164FATASSRADIO
1178Al CaiolaBonanza0:39Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1421985Other 167FATASSRADIO
1179Al D.; Alvin & the ChipmunksGet Munk'd3:01Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]142007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 152FATASSRADIO
1180Al JarreauBones2:50A T. Rex Named Sue42005Children's Music 157FATASSRADIO
1181Al Jarreau; Lee HoldridgeMoonlighting1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6221996Soundtrack 157FATASSRADIO
1182Alan AlchBranded0:56Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1431985Other 162FATASSRADIO
1183Alan ClarkThe Rocks and the Thunder0:50Local Hero61983Rock Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1184Alan ClarkStargazer1:35Local Hero121983Rock Singer-Songwriter 180FATASSRADIO
1185Alan ClarkThe Rocks and the Thunder0:38Local Hero131983Rock Singer-Songwriter 177FATASSRADIO
1186Alan Clark, Eddie Gomez over The AcetonesThe Mist Covered Mountains4:48Local Hero81983Rock Singer-Songwriter 200FATASSRADIO
1187Alan Clarke over The AcetonesThe Ceildh and the Northern Lights3:34Local Hero71983Rock Singer-Songwriter 199FATASSRADIO
1188Alan Clarke, Mike Brecker, Mike Mainieri, Neil Jason and Steve JordonBoomtown [Variation Louis' Favourite]4:12Local Hero41983Rock Singer-Songwriter 193FATASSRADIO
1189Alan JacksonSummertime Blues3:12     161FATASSRADIO
1190Alan JacksonSummertime Blues3:14Alan Jackson    139FATASSRADIO
1191Alan JacksonSummertime Blues3:12Alan Jackson  Country 161FATASSRADIO
1192Alan JacksonSummertime blues (karaoke)3:12allen jackson  Other 138FATASSRADIO
1193Alan JacksonSummertime Blues (karaoke)3:14Karaoke  Karaoke 139FATASSRADIO
1194Alan JacksonSummertime Blues3:13Who I Am11994Country 153FATASSRADIO
1195Alan TewThe People's Court ("Big One")0:44Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6271996Soundtrack 169FATASSRADIO
1196Alan Zweibel; Garry Shandling; Joe CarboneIt's Garry Shandling's Show0:42TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)251996Sound Track 165FATASSRADIO
1197Albert LeeHave You Heard The News1:43The Legend of Jesse James41980Country 164FATASSRADIO
1198Albert LeeHunt Them Down3:27The Legend of Jesse James91980Country 173FATASSRADIO
1199AlbumWrap - Bob DylanAlbumWrap Album59:54AlbumWrap - Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash - Complete Nashville Sessions -1969    172FATASSRADIO
1200AlbumWrap - Elvis PresleyAlbumWrap Album1:02:06AlbumWrap - Elvis Presley - The Complete On Tour Sessions Disc 2    138FATASSRADIO
1201AlbumWrap - Elvis PresleyAlbumWrap Album1:02:33AlbumWrap - Elvis Presley - The Complete On Tour Sessions Disc 2  Other 137FATASSRADIO
1202AlbumWrap - Elvis PresleyAlbumWrap Album35:52AlbumWrap - Elvis Presley - The Complete On Tour Sessions Vol 3  Other 148FATASSRADIO
1203AlbumWrap - Elvis PresleyAlbumWrap Album52:18AlbumWrap - Elvis Presley - The Complete On Tour Sessions Vol 314 Other 124FATASSRADIO
1204AlbumWrap - Johnny Cash & Jerry Lee Lewis Sing Hank WilliamsAlbumWrap Album23:11AlbumWrap - Johnny Cash & Jerry Lee Lewis Sing Hank Williams10 Country 184FATASSRADIO
1205AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:14AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1206AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:39AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1207AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album2:46AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1208AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:36AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1209AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album4:01AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1210AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:20AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1211AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:49AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1212AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:16AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1213AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:16AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1214AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album4:16AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1215AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album5:00AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1216AlbumWrap - Neil DiamondAlbumWrap Album3:48AlbumWrap - Neil Diamond - 12121982Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1217Alessi BrothersSavin' the Day3:23Ghostbusters31984Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1218Alex Natale remixFalling In And Out Of Love 4:28Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Electronic 160FATASSRADIO
1219Alex Natale remixWhat Goes Around Comes Around 3:47Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Electronic 135FATASSRADIO
1220Alexander CourageJudd For The Defense0:50Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5461996Soundtrack 119FATASSRADIO
1221Alexander CourageStar Trek1:24Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1331985Other 159FATASSRADIO
1222Alexander Courage; Gene Roddenberry; Jerry GoldsmithStar Trek- The Next Generation1:45TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)551996Sound Track 162FATASSRADIO
1223Alexander LaszloMy Little Margie1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV161996Soundtrack 149FATASSRADIO
1224Alf ClausenAlf1:10Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6181996Soundtrack 159FATASSRADIO
1225Alice CooperHey Stoopid4:34Hey Stoopid11991Classic Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1226Alice CooperSchool's Out3:33The Definitive Alice Cooper51972Classic Hard Rock 166FATASSRADIO
1227Alice CooperFeed My Frankenstein4:46Waynes World101992Soundtrack 165FATASSRADIO
1228AllChristine 162:51Hard To Believe52000rock 161FATASSRADIO
1229all i want for christmas is my two front teethspike jones3:10     118FATASSRADIO
1230Allan Shernan; Boston Pops; Arthur FiedlerPeter & the Commissar23:54Peter & the Commissar11964Comedy 176FATASSRADIO
1231Allan Shernan; Boston Pops; Arthur FiedlerVariations on How Dry I Am12:26Peter & the Commissar21964Comedy 164FATASSRADIO
1232Allan Shernan; Boston Pops; Arthur FiedlerThe End of the Symphony7:56Peter & the Commissar31964Comedy 162FATASSRADIO
1233Allyn Ferguson; Jack ElliottFish1:04Television's Greatest Hits Volume 611996Soundtrack 150FATASSRADIO
1234Alvin & The ChipmunksUptown Girl2:43   Other 104FATASSRADIO
1235Alvin & The ChipmunksMy Sharona4:09Album11980Punk Rock 142FATASSRADIO
1236Alvin & The ChipmunksMy Sharona4:09Album11980Punk Rock 142FATASSRADIO
1237Alvin & the ChipmunksAlvin and the CHipmunks - Bad Day (Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie Soundtrack) (2007)3:34Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]12007Soudtracks 161FATASSRADIO
1238Alvin & the ChipmunksThe Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) [DeeTown OG Mix]2:33Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]22007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 155FATASSRADIO
1239Alvin & the ChipmunksHow We Roll3:53Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]42007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 149FATASSRADIO
1240Alvin & the ChipmunksThe Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) [DeeTown Rock Mix]2:15Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]72007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 169FATASSRADIO
1241Alvin & the ChipmunksFunkytown3:34Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]82007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 169FATASSRADIO
1242Alvin & the ChipmunksGet You Goin'3:16Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]92007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 160FATASSRADIO
1243Alvin & the ChipmunksAlvin and the CHipmunks - Coast 2 Coast (Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie Soundtrack) (2007)2:47Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]102007Soudtracks 158FATASSRADIO
1244Alvin & the ChipmunksMess Around3:20Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]112007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 146FATASSRADIO
1245Alvin & the ChipmunksOnly You (And You Alone)2:50Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]122007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 159FATASSRADIO
1246Alvin & The ChipmunksCall Me3:14Chipmunk Punk  Other 152FATASSRADIO
1247Alvin & The Chipmunks; Alvin and the ChipmunksHula Hoop2:22   Other 138FATASSRADIO
1248Alvin & The Chipmunks; Alvin and the ChipmunksApologize (ft.Blaze & Lil Wayne)2:25Alvin and the Chipmunks  R&B 162FATASSRADIO
1249Alvin & The Chipmunks; Chipmunks & ChipettesYour The One I Want - (Grease)2:47Comedy1 genre 94FATASSRADIO
1250Alvin & the Chipmunks; Chris ClassicWitch Doctor3:02Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]52007Soundtrack 140FATASSRADIO
1251Alvin & the Chipmunks; Chris ClassicWitch Doctor3:02Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]52007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 143FATASSRADIO
1252Alvin & the Chipmunks; Chris Classic; Rebecca JonesAin't No Party2:43Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]132007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 154FATASSRADIO
1253Alvin & the Chipmunks; Jason GleedFollow Me Now3:08Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]32007Soudtracks; Soundtrack 153FATASSRADIO
1254Alvin & the Chipmunks; Rebecca JonesAlvin and the CHipmunks - Come Get It (Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie Soundtrack) (2007)3:33Alvin and the Chipmunks [Original Soundtrack]62007Soudtracks 154FATASSRADIO
1255Alvin and The ChipmunksVogue4:09Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes21996Children's Music 126FATASSRADIO
1256Alvin and The ChipmunksStayin' Alive3:34Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes31996Children's Music 177FATASSRADIO
1257Alvin and The ChipmunksI'm Too Sexy2:53Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes51996Children's Music 133FATASSRADIO
1258Alvin and The ChipmunksLove Shack1:49Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes91996Children's Music 162FATASSRADIO
1259AlyshaDreams4:04Pokemon 2000: The Power of One22000Soundtrack 156FATASSRADIO
1260Amber PacificFall Back Into My Life3:37 7   166FATASSRADIO
1261The Amboy Dukesjourney to the center of the mind3:3460's collecion18 60's Hits 163FATASSRADIO
1262The Amboy DukesMarriage (Pt 1-Man, Pt 2-Woman, Pt 3-Music)8:51Marriage On The Rocks1197060's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1263The Amboy DukesBreast Fed Gator (Bait)2:48Marriage On The Rocks2197060's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1264The Amboy DukesGet Yer Guns4:16Marriage On The Rocks3197060's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1265The Amboy DukesNon-Conformist Wildebeast Man-Today's Lesson6:52Marriage On The Rocks4197060's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1266The Amboy DukesChildren Of The Woods8:26Marriage On The Rocks5197060's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1267The Amboy DukesBrain Games Of Yesteryear3:38Marriage On The Rocks6197060's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1268The Amboy DukesThe Inexhaustible Quest For The Cosmic Cabbage10:07Marriage On The Rocks7196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1269The Amboy DukesMigration6:05Migration1196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1270The Amboy DukesProdigal Man5:48Migration2196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1271The Amboy DukesFor His Namesake4:26Migration3196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1272The Amboy DukesI'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent1:54Migration4196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1273The Amboy DukesGood Natured Emma4:37Migration5196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1274The Amboy DukesInside The Outside3:23Migration6196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1275The Amboy DukesShades Of Green And Grey3:05Migration7196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1276The Amboy DukesCurb Your Elephant3:49Migration8196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1277The Amboy DukesLoaded For Bear3:09Migration9196960's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1278The Amboy DukesSurvival Of The Fittest6:16Survival Of The Fittest1197160's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1279The Amboy DukesRattle My Snake3:04Survival Of The Fittest2197160's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1280The Amboy DukesMr. Jones' Hanging Party4:48Survival Of The Fittest3197160's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1281The Amboy DukesPapa's Will9:13Survival Of The Fittest4197160's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1282The Amboy DukesSlidin' On3:04Survival Of The Fittest5197160's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1283The Amboy DukesProdigal Man21:38Survival Of The Fittest6197160's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1284The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentBaby Please Don't Go5:36The Amboy Dukes11967Mainstream Rock 185FATASSRADIO
1285The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentI Feel Free3:42The Amboy Dukes21967Mainstream Rock 188FATASSRADIO
1286The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentYoung Love2:46The Amboy Dukes31967Mainstream Rock 187FATASSRADIO
1287The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentPsalms Of Aftermath3:21The Amboy Dukes41967Mainstream Rock 184FATASSRADIO
1288The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentColors3:24The Amboy Dukes51967Mainstream Rock 182FATASSRADIO
1289The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentLet's Go Get Stoned4:26The Amboy Dukes61967Mainstream Rock 188FATASSRADIO
1290The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentDown On Philips Escalator3:03The Amboy Dukes71967Mainstream Rock 180FATASSRADIO
1291The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentThe Lovely Lady3:01The Amboy Dukes81967Mainstream Rock 188FATASSRADIO
1292The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentNight Time3:14The Amboy Dukes91967Mainstream Rock 182FATASSRADIO
1293The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentIt's Not True2:42The Amboy Dukes101967Mainstream Rock 186FATASSRADIO
1294The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentGimme Love2:48The Amboy Dukes111967Mainstream Rock 176FATASSRADIO
1295The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentJ. B. Special2:21The Amboy Dukes121967Mainstream Rock 195FATASSRADIO
1296The Amboy Dukes Feat. Ted NugentSobbin' In My Mug Of Beer2:21The Amboy Dukes131967Mainstream Rock 176FATASSRADIO
1297American Hi-FiFlavor Of The Weak3:11American Hi-Fi [Bonus Track]22001Alternative Rock 139FATASSRADIO
1298Ametria Feat. Wanya MorrisWait5:07Wait feat Wanya Morris (CD Single)322000R&B 143FATASSRADIO
1299Amuro NamieToi Et Moi4:17Pocket Monsters Movie    184FATASSRADIO
1300Amy GrantFat Baby2:13Age To Age51982Adult Alternative Pop 163FATASSRADIO
1301Angela ViaWonderland3:52Pokemon 2000: The Power of One42000Soundtrack 153FATASSRADIO
1302Angela ViaCatch Me If You Can3:28Pokemon: The First Movie131999Soundtrack 160FATASSRADIO
1303Angelo BadalamentiTwin Peaks2:44TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)541996Sound Track 187FATASSRADIO
1304Ani DiFranco; Jackie ChanUnforgettable3:54When Pigs Fly1 Rock 175FATASSRADIO
1305AnimaniacsA Quake! A Quake!2:14Yakko's World21994Animation 149FATASSRADIO
1306AnimaniacsWakko's America1:54Yakko's World81994Animation 189FATASSRADIO
1307Anita CarterI'll Be All Smiles Tonight3:42Live Wembley Arena (Wembley Country Festival)241986Country 179FATASSRADIO
1308Ann Hampton CallawayThe Nanny ("Nanny Named Fran")0:47TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)311996Sound Track 111FATASSRADIO
1309Anoushka ShankaYour Eyes (Sitar Solo)8:22Concert for George (1 of 2)22003Other 140FATASSRADIO
1310Anoushka ShankarArpan23:01Concert for George (1 of 2)42003Other 189FATASSRADIO
1311AnthraxPhantom Lord4:29A Tribute To the Four Horsemen42002Heavy Metal 162FATASSRADIO
1312AnthraxShe 4:50Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved31994Rock 181FATASSRADIO
1313AnthraxDestroyer4:34Twisted Forever Album Tributo6   170FATASSRADIO
1314Anti-GovernmentI Disappear3:46A Punk Tribute To Metallica102001Punk 196FATASSRADIO
1315Antonio BanderasAnd The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)3:47Evita (Music from the Motion Picture)141996Other Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1316Antony CookeWings0:57TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)341996Sound Track 181FATASSRADIO
1317ApocalypticaHarvester of Sorrow6:14A Tribute To the Four Horsemen112002Heavy Metal 157FATASSRADIO
1318ApocalypticaEnter Sandman3:41Plays Metallica By Four Cellos11996Progressive Metal 181FATASSRADIO
1319ApocalypticaMaster Of Puppets7:16Plays Metallica By Four Cellos21996Progressive Metal 171FATASSRADIO
1320ApocalypticaHarvester Of Sorrow6:14Plays Metallica By Four Cellos31996Progressive Metal 183FATASSRADIO
1321ApocalypticaThe Unforgiven5:23Plays Metallica By Four Cellos41996Progressive Metal 167FATASSRADIO
1322ApocalypticaSad But True4:48Plays Metallica By Four Cellos51996Progressive Metal 160FATASSRADIO
1323ApocalypticaCreeping Death5:08Plays Metallica By Four Cellos61996Progressive Metal 180FATASSRADIO
1324ApocalypticaWherever I May Roam6:09Plays Metallica By Four Cellos71996Progressive Metal 168FATASSRADIO
1325ApocalypticaWelcome Home (Sanitarium)5:50Plays Metallica By Four Cellos81996Progressive Metal 160FATASSRADIO
1326Apple JamSnow Dream3:27Pump It Up NX OST (    182FATASSRADIO
1327AquaBarbie Girl3:14Aquarium31997Dance Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1328ArcadiaElection Day5:29So Red the Rose11985Rock 195FATASSRADIO
1329ArcadiaKeep Me in the Dark4:31So Red the Rose21985Rock 195FATASSRADIO
1330ArcadiaGoodbye is Forever3:49So Red the Rose31985Rock 183FATASSRADIO
1331ArcadiaThe Flame4:23So Red the Rose41985Rock 187FATASSRADIO
1332ArcadiaMissing3:40So Red the Rose51985Rock 181FATASSRADIO
1333ArcadiaRose Arcana0:51So Red the Rose61985Rock 184FATASSRADIO
1334ArcadiaThe Promise7:30So Red the Rose71985Rock 172FATASSRADIO
1335ArcadiaEl Diablo6:05So Red the Rose81985Rock 170FATASSRADIO
1336ArcadiaLady Ice7:31So Red the Rose91985Rock 178FATASSRADIO
1337Archie GatesSound of Needler3:43Needler Songs 2005Folk 126FATASSRADIO
1339Aretha Franklinthe weight4:3560's collecion2 60's hits 177FATASSRADIO
1340Aretha FranklinThink 3:16Blues Brothers7 Sound Track 152FATASSRADIO
1341Aretha FranklinThink3:16The Blues Brothers Soundtrack71980Contemporary Blues 256FATASSRADIO
1342Aretha Franklin and George MichaelI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)3:58Ladies And Gentlemen [Disc 2] [UK]131998Other Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1343Aretha Franklin Feat. Boyz II MenI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me), It Hurts Like Hell And Freeway Of Love (Live Medley On Aista Records 25' Anniversary Celebration At 2001)7:46   Other 144FATASSRADIO
1344Armin van BuurenBlue Fear 2004 [Solid Globe Remix]6:21Ultra Trance 04 Disc 242004Electronica & Dance 151FATASSRADIO
1345armor for sleepend of the world4:10transformers the album92007Alternative 172FATASSRADIO
1346Armored SaintReign Of Fire3:57Symbol Of Salvation11991Heavy Metal 183FATASSRADIO
1347Arona N Diaye, Rossy, Jah WobbleJijy4:01Big Blue Ball102008World 166FATASSRADIO
1348Art of Noise; Jan HobsonRaccoon Legs1:32Single  Mashup 143FATASSRADIO
1349ArtistTrack 14:10Album1 Genre 161FATASSRADIO
1350ArtistTrack 13:45Album1 Genre 159FATASSRADIO
1351Artistvince neil-lets get rockin'3:30Album1 genre 129FATASSRADIO
1352ArtistTrack 25:24Album2 Genre 159FATASSRADIO
1353ArtistTrack 23:35Album2 Genre 153FATASSRADIO
1354ArtistTrack 35:25Album3 Genre 164FATASSRADIO
1355ArtistKaraoke - KT#1018 - Elvis Presley - 04 - Little Darlin' ('76 Concert)1:45Album6 genre 162FATASSRADIO
1356ArtistTrack 082:06Album8 Other 133FATASSRADIO
1357ArtistTrack 131:59Album13 Other 142FATASSRADIO
1358ArtistTrack 140:29Album14 Other 138FATASSRADIO
1359ArtistTrack 152:54Album15 Other 160FATASSRADIO
1360ArtistTrack 160:52Album16 Other 121FATASSRADIO
1361ArtistTrack 171:10Album17 Other 158FATASSRADIO
1362ArtistTrack 182:23Album18 Other 160FATASSRADIO
1363ArtistTrack 194:15Album19 Other 156FATASSRADIO
1364artistTrack 024:52title2 genre 156FATASSRADIO
1365The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceP Control6:00The Gold Experience11995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1366The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceNPG Operator0:11The Gold Experience21995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1367The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceEndorphinmachine4:06The Gold Experience31995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1368The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceShhh7:17The Gold Experience41995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1369The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceWe March4:49The Gold Experience51995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1370The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceNPG Operator0:17The Gold Experience61995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1371The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World4:25The Gold Experience71995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1372The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceDolphin4:59The Gold Experience81995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1373The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceNPG Operator0:19The Gold Experience91995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1374The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceNow4:30The Gold Experience101995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1375The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceNPG Operator0:31The Gold Experience111995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1376The Artist Formerly Know As Prince3193:05The Gold Experience121995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1377The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceNPG Operator0:09The Gold Experience131995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1378The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceShy5:03The Gold Experience141995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1379The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceBilly Jack Bitch5:31The Gold Experience151995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1380The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceI Hate U5:53The Gold Experience161995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1381The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceNPG Operator0:44The Gold Experience171995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1382The Artist Formerly Know As PrinceGold7:22The Gold Experience181995Funk 160FATASSRADIO
1383Artiste inconnuPiste 13:44Album inconnu (13/12/2005 21:15 Youcef)1 Inconnu 139FATASSRADIO
1384Artiste inconnuPiste 45:53Album inconnu (13/12/2005 21:15 Youcef)4 Inconnu 153FATASSRADIO
1385As MeninasXibom Bombom3:47   Other 174FATASSRADIO
1386Ashley BallardIt Was You [With So Plush]4:18Pokemon: The First Movie31999Soundtrack 169FATASSRADIO
1387Asian RapAsian Rap - Korean Rap - Drunken Tiger - Street Fighter3:18Korean Rap    90FATASSRADIO
1388Asoto UnionWe Don't Stop4:32Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection142004Other 196FATASSRADIO
1389Astronomy DomineLive4:46 6   198FATASSRADIO
1390ATCAround The World (La La La La)3:36  2000Other 176FATASSRADIO
1391the attery squashdevo was right about everything - the devo mix3:04watch us work it - 12" single52008Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1392AttilaWonder Woman3:38Attila11970Rock 218FATASSRADIO
1393AttilaCalifornia Flash3:34Attila21970Rock 210FATASSRADIO
1394AttilaRevenge Is Sweet4:03Attila31970Rock 204FATASSRADIO
1395AttilaRollin' Home4:57Attila51970Rock 218FATASSRADIO
1396AttilaTear This Castle Down5:50Attila61970Rock 207FATASSRADIO
1397AttilaHoly Moses4:31Attila71970Rock 204FATASSRADIO
1398AttilaBrain Invasion5:41Attila81970Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1399AttilaAmplifier Fire3:06My Lives Disc 152005Rock 186FATASSRADIO
1400Auscultate(Everything I Do) I Do It For You4:46Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads12000Meditative 191FATASSRADIO
1401AuscultateWinds Of Change4:50Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads22000Meditative 192FATASSRADIO
1402AuscultateTo Be With You3:56Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads32000Meditative 189FATASSRADIO
1403AuscultateLove Hurts3:56Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads42000Meditative 180FATASSRADIO
1404AuscultateI Want To Know What Love Is5:44Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads52000Meditative 192FATASSRADIO
1405AuscultateStorm Warning3:46Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads62000Meditative 177FATASSRADIO
1406AuscultateBeth2:54Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads72000Meditative 184FATASSRADIO
1407AuscultateIs This Love4:59Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads82000Meditative 182FATASSRADIO
1408AuscultateTears In Heaven4:52Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads92000Meditative 170FATASSRADIO
1409AuscultateNothing Else Matters5:52Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads102000Meditative 184FATASSRADIO
1410AuscultateI Won't Hold You Back5:07Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads112000Meditative 189FATASSRADIO
1411AuscultateI'm Not In Love5:02Gregorian Chants - Rock Ballads122000Meditative 192FATASSRADIO
1412The AvalanchesSince I Left You (Cornelius Remix)5:34At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]12001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 157FATASSRADIO
1413The AvalanchesA Different Feeling (Ernest St. Laurent Remix)6:06At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]22001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 140FATASSRADIO
1414The AvalanchesElectricity (Dr Rockit's Dirty Kiss)6:50At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]32001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 155FATASSRADIO
1415The AvalanchesElectricity (Harvey's Night Club Re-Edit)6:25At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]42001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 115FATASSRADIO
1416The AvalanchesThank You Caroline (Andy Votel Remix)4:06At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]52001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 150FATASSRADIO
1417The AvalanchesEveryday6:59At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]62001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 169FATASSRADIO
1418The AvalanchesSlow Walking3:43At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]72001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 155FATASSRADIO
1419The AvalanchesUndersea Community2:17At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]82001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 155FATASSRADIO
1420The AvalanchesYamaha Superstar1:52At Last Alone[EP] [Japan]92001Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 165FATASSRADIO
1421The AvalanchesUntitled (Intro)0:27El Producto [EP]11997Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 160FATASSRADIO
1422The AvalanchesRolling High2:58El Producto [EP]21997Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 159FATASSRADIO
1423The AvalanchesRap Fever4:13El Producto [EP]31997Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 163FATASSRADIO
1424The AvalanchesRock City3:43El Producto [EP]41997Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 154FATASSRADIO
1425The AvalanchesUnder Inspection3:44El Producto [EP]51997Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 142FATASSRADIO
1426The AvalanchesRun DNA3:06El Producto [EP]61997Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 165FATASSRADIO
1427The AvalanchesUntitled (Outro)1:25El Producto [EP]71997Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 143FATASSRADIO
1428The AvalanchesSince I Left You4:22Since I Left You12000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 210FATASSRADIO
1429The AvalanchesStay Another Season2:15Since I Left You22000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 209FATASSRADIO
1430The AvalanchesRadio4:52Since I Left You32000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 172FATASSRADIO
1431The AvalanchesTwo Hearts In 3/4 Time3:22Since I Left You42000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 183FATASSRADIO
1432The AvalanchesAvalanche Rock0:23Since I Left You52000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 204FATASSRADIO
1433The AvalanchesFlight Tonight3:52Since I Left You62000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 183FATASSRADIO
1434The AvalanchesClose To You3:55Since I Left You72000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 196FATASSRADIO
1435The AvalanchesDiners Only1:43Since I Left You82000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 186FATASSRADIO
1436The AvalanchesA Different Feeling4:23Since I Left You92000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 205FATASSRADIO
1437The AvalanchesElectricity3:29Since I Left You102000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1438The AvalanchesTonight May Have To Last Me All My Life2:20Since I Left You112000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 183FATASSRADIO
1439The AvalanchesPablo's Cruise0:53Since I Left You122000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 180FATASSRADIO
1440The AvalanchesFrontier Psychiatrist4:46Since I Left You132000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 190FATASSRADIO
1441The AvalanchesEtoh5:03Since I Left You142000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 212FATASSRADIO
1442The AvalanchesSummer Crane4:39Since I Left You152000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 200FATASSRADIO
1443The AvalanchesLittle Journey1:53Since I Left You162000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 202FATASSRADIO
1444The AvalanchesLive At Dominoes5:51Since I Left You172000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 207FATASSRADIO
1445The AvalanchesExtra Kings3:43Since I Left You182000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 168FATASSRADIO
1446AvscvlitateWho Wants To Live Forever5:05Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen12001Pop 156FATASSRADIO
1447AvscvlitateThe Show Must Go On4:26Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen22001Pop 193FATASSRADIO
1448AvscvlitateBicycle Race3:28Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen32001Pop 161FATASSRADIO
1449AvscvlitateKiller Queen3:25Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen42001Pop 136FATASSRADIO
1450AvscvlitateYou're My Best Friend2:55Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen52001Pop 152FATASSRADIO
1451AvscvlitateSomebody To Love5:36Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen62001Pop 164FATASSRADIO
1452AvscvlitateWe Are The Champions3:57Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen72001Pop 162FATASSRADIO
1453AvscvlitateUnder Pressure3:48Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen8 Pop 166FATASSRADIO
1454AvscvlitateI Want It All6:13Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen92001Pop 153FATASSRADIO
1455AvscvlitateInnuendo6:20Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen102001Pop 147FATASSRADIO
1456AvscvlitateI'm Going Slightly Mad4:25Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen112001Pop 165FATASSRADIO
1457AvscvlitateFriends Will Be Friends5:08Gregorian Chants: Songs Of Queen122001Pop 178FATASSRADIO
1458AvscvltateImagine3:32Gregorian Chants - Love Songs12001Medieval & Chant 187FATASSRADIO
1459AvscvltateLady In Red4:58Gregorian Chants - Love Songs22001Medieval & Chant 181FATASSRADIO
1460AvscvltateWhen You Say Nothing At All5:50Gregorian Chants - Love Songs32001Medieval & Chant 180FATASSRADIO
1461AvscvltateAgainst All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)3:57Gregorian Chants - Love Songs42001Medieval & Chant 178FATASSRADIO
1462AvscvltateNights In White Satin5:09Gregorian Chants - Love Songs52001Medieval & Chant 179FATASSRADIO
1463AvscvltateBeauty And The Beast4:00Gregorian Chants - Love Songs62001Medieval & Chant 174FATASSRADIO
1464AvscvltateCan You Feel The Love Tonight4:06Gregorian Chants - Love Songs72001Medieval & Chant 180FATASSRADIO
1465AvscvltateAngels4:51Gregorian Chants - Love Songs82001Medieval & Chant 182FATASSRADIO
1466AvscvltateHow Deep Is Your Love5:03Gregorian Chants - Love Songs92001Medieval & Chant 182FATASSRADIO
1467AvscvltateWhen I Need You5:19Gregorian Chants - Love Songs102001Medieval & Chant 181FATASSRADIO
1468AvscvltatePerhaps Love4:23Gregorian Chants - Love Songs112001Medieval & Chant 181FATASSRADIO
1469AvscvltateHard To Say I'm Sorry4:00Gregorian Chants - Love Songs122001Medieval & Chant 176FATASSRADIO
1470Axel StordahlMcHale's Navy0:30Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1291985Other 162FATASSRADIO
1471Axl Rose & Tom PettyHeartbreak Hotel2:47MTV Awards 89171989genre 166FATASSRADIO
1472Ayako SasoCharacter select0:33Street Fighter EX21996Game 194FATASSRADIO
1473Ayako SasoProtective God of Light2:12Street Fighter EX41996Game 203FATASSRADIO
1474Ayako SasoCold pipe2:29Street Fighter EX61996Game 185FATASSRADIO
1475Ayako SasoStrange sunset2:51Street Fighter EX71996Game 198FATASSRADIO
1476Ayako SasoGarnet sky2:44Street Fighter EX111996Game 187FATASSRADIO
1477Ayako SasoNew challenger0:05Street Fighter EX161996Game 145FATASSRADIO
1478Ayako SasoStaffroll1:06Street Fighter EX181996Game 199FATASSRADIO

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