MediaMonkey Track List

# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Genre Rating Bitrate Media
1D. Williams; J. Roland; Hoyt CurtinJosie and the Pussycats1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume III121988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2D.C. Brown; Chuck LorreTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [1987 Opening Theme]1:02Toon Tunes: Action-Packed Anthems232001Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
3D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceThen She Bit Me3:36And In This Corner...11989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
4D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceI Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson4:49And In This Corner...21989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
5D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceJazzy'S Groove3:45And In This Corner...31989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
6D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceEverything That Glitters (Ain'T Always G4:20And In This Corner...41989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
7D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceYou Got It (Donut)4:55And In This Corner...51989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
8D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceThe Girlie Had A Moustache4:32And In This Corner...61989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
9D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceThe Reverend4:33And In This Corner...71989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
10D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceWho Stole My Car?4:57And In This Corner...81989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
11D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceThe Men Of Your Dreams4:55And In This Corner...91989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
12D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceNumero Uno4:11And In This Corner...101989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
13D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceToo Damn Hype5:49And In This Corner...111989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
14D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceJeff Waz On The Beat Box5:44And In This Corner...121989Rap / Hip-Hop 129FATASSRADIO
15D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceFresh Prince Of Bel-Air1:12TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)201996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
16D.O.A.Motorbreath2:59A Punk Tribute To Metallica32001Punk 192FATASSRADIO
17Da Vinci's NotebookAnother Irish Drinking Song3:57Brontosaurus92002Contemporary Folk 160FATASSRADIO
18Daft PunkAround The World (Kid Dub Remix)7:00  2007Electro 320FATASSRADIO
19Daft PunkAlive 199745:33Alive 1997 [Live]12001House 320FATASSRADIO
20Daft PunkRobot Rock / Oh Yeah6:27Alive 200712007House 320FATASSRADIO
21Daft PunkTouch It / Technologic5:29Alive 200722007House 320FATASSRADIO
22Daft PunkTelevision Rules The Nation / Crescendolls4:50Alive 200732007House 320FATASSRADIO
23Daft PunkToo Long / Steam Machine7:01Alive 200742007House 320FATASSRADIO
24Daft PunkAround The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger5:42Alive 200752007House 320FATASSRADIO
25Daft PunkBurnin' / Too Long7:11Alive 200762007House 320FATASSRADIO
26Daft PunkFace To Face / Short Circuit4:55Alive 200772007House 320FATASSRADIO
27Daft PunkOne More Time / Aerodynamic6:10Alive 200782007House 320FATASSRADIO
28Daft PunkAerodynamic Beats / Forget About The World3:31Alive 200792007House 320FATASSRADIO
29Daft PunkPrime Time Of Your Life / Brainwasher / Rollin' And Scratchin' / Alive10:22Alive 2007102007House 320FATASSRADIO
30Daft PunkDa Funk / Daftendirekt6:37Alive 2007112007House 320FATASSRADIO
31Daft PunkSuperheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll5:41Alive 2007122007House 320FATASSRADIO
32Daft PunkOuverture2:40Daft Club12003House 320FATASSRADIO
33Daft PunkAerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix)6:11Daft Club22003House 320FATASSRADIO
34Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger (The Neptunes Remix)5:11Daft Club32003House 320FATASSRADIO
35Daft PunkFace To Face (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)4:55Daft Club42003House 320FATASSRADIO
36Daft PunkPhoenix (Basement Jaxx Remix)7:53Daft Club52003House 320FATASSRADIO
37Daft PunkDigital Love (Boris Dlugosh Remix)7:30Daft Club62003House 320FATASSRADIO
38Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Jess & Crabbe Remix)6:01Daft Club72003House 320FATASSRADIO
39Daft PunkFace To Face (Demon Remix)6:59Daft Club82003House 320FATASSRADIO
40Daft PunkCrescendolls (Laidback Luke Remix)5:26Daft Club92003House 320FATASSRADIO
41Daft PunkAerodynamic (Slum Village Remix)3:37Daft Club102003House 320FATASSRADIO
42Daft PunkToo Long (Gonzales Version)3:13Daft Club112003House 320FATASSRADIO
43Daft PunkAerodynamite7:48Daft Club122003House 320FATASSRADIO
44Daft PunkOne More Time (Romanthony's Unplugged)3:40Daft Club132003House 320FATASSRADIO
45Daft PunkSomething About Us (Radio Edit)2:15Daft Club142003House 320FATASSRADIO
46Daft PunkOne More Time5:20Discovery12001House 320FATASSRADIO
47Daft PunkAerodynamic3:27Discovery22001House 320FATASSRADIO
48Daft PunkDigital Love4:58Discovery32001House 320FATASSRADIO
49Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger3:44Discovery42001House 320FATASSRADIO
50Daft PunkCrescendolls3:31Discovery52001House 320FATASSRADIO
51Daft PunkNightvision1:44Discovery62001House 320FATASSRADIO
52Daft PunkSuperheroes3:57Discovery72001House 320FATASSRADIO
53Daft PunkHigh Life3:21Discovery82001House 320FATASSRADIO
54Daft PunkSomething About Us3:51Discovery92001House 320FATASSRADIO
55Daft PunkVoyager3:47Discovery102001House 320FATASSRADIO
56Daft PunkVeridis Quo5:44Discovery112001House 320FATASSRADIO
57Daft PunkShort Circuit3:26Discovery122001House 320FATASSRADIO
58Daft PunkFace To Face4:00Discovery132001House 320FATASSRADIO
59Daft PunkToo Long10:00Discovery142001House 320FATASSRADIO
60Daft PunkDaftendirekt2:44Homework11996House 320FATASSRADIO
61Daft PunkWDPK 83.7 FM0:28Homework21996House 320FATASSRADIO
62Daft PunkRevolution 9095:26Homework31996House 320FATASSRADIO
63Daft PunkDa Funk5:29Homework41996House 320FATASSRADIO
64Daft PunkPhoenix4:57Homework51996House 320FATASSRADIO
65Daft PunkFresh4:04Homework61996House 320FATASSRADIO
66Daft PunkAround The World7:09Homework71996House 320FATASSRADIO
67Daft PunkRollin' & Scratchin'7:27Homework81996House 320FATASSRADIO
68Daft PunkTeachers2:53Homework91996House 320FATASSRADIO
69Daft PunkHigh Fidelity6:02Homework101996House 320FATASSRADIO
70Daft PunkRock 'n Roll7:33Homework111996House 320FATASSRADIO
71Daft PunkOh Yeah2:01Homework121996House 320FATASSRADIO
72Daft PunkBurnin'6:53Homework131996House 320FATASSRADIO
73Daft PunkIndo Silver Club4:34Homework141996House 320FATASSRADIO
74Daft PunkAlive5:15Homework151996House 320FATASSRADIO
75Daft PunkFunk Ad0:51Homework161996House 320FATASSRADIO
76Daft PunkHuman After All5:19Human After All12005House 320FATASSRADIO
77Daft PunkThe Prime Time Of Your Life4:23Human After All22005House 320FATASSRADIO
78Daft PunkRobot Rock4:47Human After All32005House 320FATASSRADIO
79Daft PunkSteam Machine5:20Human After All42005House 320FATASSRADIO
80Daft PunkMake Love4:50Human After All52005House 320FATASSRADIO
81Daft PunkThe Brainwasher4:08Human After All62005House 320FATASSRADIO
82Daft PunkOn/Off0:19Human After All72005House 320FATASSRADIO
83Daft PunkTelevision Rules The Nation4:47Human After All82005House 320FATASSRADIO
84Daft PunkTechnologic4:44Human After All92005House 320FATASSRADIO
85Daft PunkEmotion6:58Human After All102005House 320FATASSRADIO
86Daft PunkRobot Rock (Soulwax Remix)5:56Human After All Remixes12006House 320FATASSRADIO
87Daft PunkHuman After All (Sebastian Remix)4:47Human After All Remixes22006House 192FATASSRADIO
88Daft PunkTechnologic (Peaches No Logic Remix)4:37Human After All Remixes32006House 192FATASSRADIO
89Daft PunkThe Brainwasher (Erol Alkan's Horrorhouse Dub)6:05Human After All Remixes42006House 192FATASSRADIO
90Daft PunkThe Prime Time Of Your Life (Para One Remix)3:51Human After All Remixes52006House 192FATASSRADIO
91Daft PunkHuman After All ("Guy-Man After All" Justice Remix)4:00Human After All Remixes62006House 234FATASSRADIO
92Daft PunkTechnologic (Digitalism's Highway To Paris Remix)5:57Human After All Remixes72005House 192FATASSRADIO
93Daft PunkHuman After All (Alter Ego Remix)9:25Human After All Remixes82006House 192FATASSRADIO
94Daft PunkTechnologic (Vitalic Remix)5:26Human After All Remixes92006House 192FATASSRADIO
95Daft PunkRobot Rock (Daft Punk Maximum Overdrive Mix)6:30Human After All Remixes102006House 320FATASSRADIO
96Daft PunkMusique6:53Musique Vol.1 1993-200511996Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
97Daft PunkDa Funk5:28Musique Vol.1 1993-200521996Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
98Daft PunkAround The World (Radio Edit)3:59Musique Vol.1 1993-200531996Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
99Daft PunkRevolution 9095:28Musique Vol.1 1993-200541996Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
100Daft PunkAlive5:16Musique Vol.1 1993-200551996Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
101Daft PunkRollin' & Scratchin'7:28Musique Vol.1 1993-200561996Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
102Daft PunkOne More Time (Short Radio Edit)3:56Musique Vol.1 1993-200572000Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
103Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger3:45Musique Vol.1 1993-200582001Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
104Daft PunkSomething About Us3:51Musique Vol.1 1993-200592001Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
105Daft PunkRobot Rock4:47Musique Vol.1 1993-2005102005Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
106Daft PunkTechnologic (Radio Edit)2:46Musique Vol.1 1993-2005112005Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
107Daft PunkHuman After All5:19Musique Vol.1 1993-2005122005Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
108Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[01] Mighty Gazelle2:33F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)12003Game 192FATASSRADIO
109Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[02] Jody Summers2:30F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)22003Game 192FATASSRADIO
110Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[03] Dr. Robert Stuart3:25F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)32003Game 192FATASSRADIO
111Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[04] BABA3:28F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)42003Game 192FATASSRADIO
112Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[05] Samurai Goroh2:50F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)52003Game 192FATASSRADIO
113Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[06] Pico3:55F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)62003Game 192FATASSRADIO
114Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[07] Captain Falcon3:20F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)72003Game 192FATASSRADIO
115Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[08] Octoman2:50F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)82003Game 192FATASSRADIO
116Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[09] Mr. EAD4:12F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)92003Game 192FATASSRADIO
117Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[10] James McCloud2:12F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)102003Game 192FATASSRADIO
118Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[11] Billy2:00F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)112003Game 192FATASSRADIO
119Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[12] Kate Alen2:36F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)122003Game 192FATASSRADIO
120Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[13] Zoda2:31F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)132003Game 192FATASSRADIO
121Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[14] Jack Levin3:33F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)142003Game 192FATASSRADIO
122Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[15] Bio Rex3:22F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)152003Game 192FATASSRADIO
123Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[17] Antonio Guster2:43F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)172003Game 192FATASSRADIO
124Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[18] Beastman2:09F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)182003Game 192FATASSRADIO
125Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[19] Leon2:24F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)192003Game 192FATASSRADIO
126Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[20] Super Arrow3:39F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)202003Game 192FATASSRADIO
127Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[21] Mrs. Arrow3:46F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)212003Game 192FATASSRADIO
128Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[22] Gomar & Shioh2:58F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)222003Game 192FATASSRADIO
129Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[23] Silver Neelsen2:17F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)232003Game 192FATASSRADIO
130Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[24] Michael Chain2:11F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)242003Game 192FATASSRADIO
131Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[25] Blood Falcon3:57F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)252003Game 192FATASSRADIO
132Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[26] John Tanaka2:45F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)262003Game 192FATASSRADIO
133Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[27] Draq2:01F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)272003Game 192FATASSRADIO
134Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[28] Roger Buster4:18F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)282003Game 192FATASSRADIO
135Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[29] Dr. Clash2:33F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)292003Game 192FATASSRADIO
136Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[30] Black Shadow3:44F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)302003Game 192FATASSRADIO
137Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[31] Don Genie2:10F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)312003Game 192FATASSRADIO
138Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[32] Digi-Boy2:11F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)322003Game 192FATASSRADIO
139Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[33] Dai San Gen2:05F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)332003Game 192FATASSRADIO
140Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[34] Spade2:32F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)342003Game 192FATASSRADIO
141Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[35] Daigoroh3:08F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)352003Game 192FATASSRADIO
142Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[36] Princia2:48F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)362003Game 192FATASSRADIO
143Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[37] Lily2:13F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)372003Game 192FATASSRADIO
144Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[38] PJ2:11F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)382003Game 192FATASSRADIO
145Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[39] QQQ1:51F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)392003Game 192FATASSRADIO
146Daiki Kasho, Alan Bray[40] Phoenix2:25F-Zero GX Soundtrack (rip)402003Game 192FATASSRADIO
147Dale EvansHappy Trails0:58Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1491985Other 192FATASSRADIO
148Dale WatsonGuess Things Happen That Way3:01Dear Johnny, a Tribute12004Country 192FATASSRADIO
149DaliMoonlight Densetsu2:55Sailor Moon: Lunarock51999Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
150Damn YankeesBad Reputation (Live)6:00Combined Forces21992Mainstream Rock 166FATASSRADIO
151Damn YankeesCome Again (Live)6:02Combined Forces31992Mainstream Rock 168FATASSRADIO
152Damn YankeesMystified (Live)4:58Combined Forces41992Mainstream Rock 168FATASSRADIO
153Damn YankeesPiledriver (Live)4:49Combined Forces51992Mainstream Rock 167FATASSRADIO
154Damn YankeesRenegade (Live)5:17Combined Forces61992Mainstream Rock 167FATASSRADIO
155Damn YankeesDon't Tell Me You Love Me (Live)4:39Combined Forces71992Mainstream Rock 166FATASSRADIO
156Damn YankeesCat Scratch Fever (Live)4:03Combined Forces81992Mainstream Rock 166FATASSRADIO
157Damn YankeesComing Of Age (Live)5:21Combined Forces91992Mainstream Rock 165FATASSRADIO
158Damn YankeesComing Of Age4:20Damn Yankees11990Mainstream Rock 198FATASSRADIO
159Damn YankeesBad Reputation4:30Damn Yankees21990Mainstream Rock 197FATASSRADIO
160Damn YankeesRunaway4:04Damn Yankees31990Mainstream Rock 196FATASSRADIO
161Damn YankeesHigh Enough4:45Damn Yankees41990Mainstream Rock 194FATASSRADIO
162Damn YankeesDamn Yankees4:40Damn Yankees51990Mainstream Rock 196FATASSRADIO
163Damn YankeesCome Again5:40Damn Yankees61990Mainstream Rock 195FATASSRADIO
164Damn YankeesMystified4:15Damn Yankees71990Mainstream Rock 195FATASSRADIO
165Damn YankeesRock City4:27Damn Yankees81990Mainstream Rock 198FATASSRADIO
166Damn YankeesTell Me How You Want It4:35Damn Yankees91990Mainstream Rock 197FATASSRADIO
167Damn YankeesPiledriver4:27Damn Yankees101990Mainstream Rock 196FATASSRADIO
168Damn YankeesDon't Tread On Me5:08Don't Tread11992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
169Damn YankeesFifteen Minutes Of Fame4:50Don't Tread21992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
170Damn YankeesWhere You Goin' Now4:40Don't Tread31992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
171Damn YankeesDirty Dog4:53Don't Tread41992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
172Damn YankeesMister Please4:19Don't Tread51992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
173Damn YankeesSilence Is Broken5:03Don't Tread61992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
174Damn YankeesFirefly4:57Don't Tread71992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
175Damn YankeesSomeone To Believe4:57Don't Tread81992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
176Damn YankeesThis Side Of Hell4:01Don't Tread91992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
177Damn YankeesDouble Coyote4:44Don't Tread101992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
178Damn YankeesUprising5:32Don't Tread111992Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
179damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 01 - Don't Tread On Me7:07Live1 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
180damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 02 - Damn Yankees4:21Live2 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
181damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 03 - Fifteen Minutes Of Fame5:06Live3 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
182Damn YankeesWhere You Goin' Now3:36Live32002Rock 160FATASSRADIO
183damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 04 - Don't Tell Me You Love Me5:27Live4 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
184damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 05 - Come Again7:43Live5 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
185damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 07 - Silence Is Broken1:58Live7 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
186damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 08 - High Enough4:49Live8 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
187damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 09 - Renegade4:35Live9 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
188damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 10 - Cat Scratch Fever4:14Live10 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
189damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 11 - Coming Of Age5:44Live11 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
190damn yankeesDamn Yankees - 12 - Bonestripper (not Live)4:33Live12 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
191damn yankeesdamn yankees4:45live in denver1 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
192damn yankeesuprising5:35live in denver2 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
193damn yankeeshigh enough4:37live in denver3 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
194damn yankeesdon't tread on me5:30live in denver4 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
195damn yankeeswhere you going now4:45live in denver5 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
196damn yankeesfifteen minutes of fame5:21live in denver6 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
197damn yankeescome again4:25live in denver7 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
198damn yankeescoming of age6:36live in denver8 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
199damn yankeesrenegade6:57live in denver9 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
200damn yankeescat scratch fever5:18live in denver10 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
201damn yankees(still) rock in america6:10live in denver11 Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
202Dan FoliartHome Improvement ("Iron John's World")1:09TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)211996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
203Dan Foliart; Howard PearlRoseanne1:12TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)221996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
204Dan FordenPrologue: The Battlefield2:29Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack1 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
205Dan FordenThe Dead Pool1:44Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack2 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
206Dan FordenThe Screaming Forest2:00Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack3 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
207Dan FordenThe Armory1:50Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack4 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
208Dan FordenThe Portal1:39Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack5 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
209Dan FordenAir Kombat1:33Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack6 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
210Dan FordenWDYLMA1:46Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack7 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
211Dan FordenEpilogue: Shao Kahn's Last Stand2:37Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack8 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
212Dan FordenMK 2: Death Jam5:07Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack9 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
213Dan FordenMK 2: Audio Tour7:25Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack10 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
214Dan FordenIn the Beginning...0:41Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack11 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
215Dan FordenThe Courtyard1:31Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack12 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
216Dan FordenThe Temple Gate1:03Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack13 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
217Dan FordenThe Cavern1:00Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack14 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
218Dan FordenThe Bridge1:04Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack15 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
219Dan FordenGoro and the Emperor4:32Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack16 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
220Dan FordenVictory1:15Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack17 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
221Dan FordenSCRLAHTS0:09Mortal Kombat 2: Music from the Arcade Game Soundtrack18 Video Game Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
222Dan HartnanFree Ride7:02Mighty Morphin Power Rangers T81978Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
223Dan Seals; John Ford ColeyJames at 15 ("It's All Up to You")0:54Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6431996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
224Dance Dance RevolutionBoys1:35  1999Dance 128FATASSRADIO
225Dance Dance RevolutionButterfly [full run]2:57BEST99 -03 1999Pop 128FATASSRADIO
226Danity KaneShow Stopper3:38Danity Kane12006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
227Danity KaneWant it form Me3:53Danity Kane22006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
228Danity KaneTell Me (Interlude)0:38Danity Kane32006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
229Danity KaneHold Me Down3:57Danity Kane42006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
230Danity KaneOne Shot3:44Danity Kane52006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
231Danity KaneWant it3:28Danity Kane62006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
232Danity KaneRide 4 You (Interlude)1:23Danity Kane72006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
233Danity KaneI Wish3:32Danity Kane82006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
234Danity KaneTouching My Body2:33Danity Kane92006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
235Danity KaneForever (Interlude)1:07Danity Kane102006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
236Danity KaneSo What4:03Danity Kane112006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
237Danity KaneShow Stopper (Remix)3:53Danity Kane122006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
238Danity KaneLet's Go3:29Danity Kane132006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
239Danity KaneSleep on it (Outro)0:59Danity Kane142006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
240Danity KaneRight Now3:34Danity Kane152006R&B 192FATASSRADIO
241Danity KaneDamaged4:04Welcome To The Dollhouse32008Teen Pop 198FATASSRADIO
242Danity KanePretty Boy4:00Welcome To The Dollhouse42008Teen Pop 211FATASSRADIO
243Danity KaneStrip Tease3:15Welcome To The Dollhouse52008Teen Pop 213FATASSRADIO
244Danity KaneSucka For Love2:56Welcome To The Dollhouse62008Teen Pop 177FATASSRADIO
245Danity KaneSecret Place (Interlude)1:16Welcome To The Dollhouse72008Teen Pop 200FATASSRADIO
246Danity Kane2 Of You3:53Welcome To The Dollhouse92008Teen Pop 202FATASSRADIO
247Danity KaneLights Out3:25Welcome To The Dollhouse102008Teen Pop 209FATASSRADIO
248Danity KanePicture This (Interlude)1:14Welcome To The Dollhouse112008Teen Pop 192FATASSRADIO
249Danity KanePoetry4:42Welcome To The Dollhouse122008Teen Pop 209FATASSRADIO
250Danity KaneKey To My Heart2:29Welcome To The Dollhouse132008Teen Pop 199FATASSRADIO
251Danity KaneFlashback (Interlude)1:13Welcome To The Dollhouse142008Teen Pop 178FATASSRADIO
252Danity KaneIs Anybody Listening?3:27Welcome To The Dollhouse152008Teen Pop 213FATASSRADIO
253Danity Kane Feat. Day26 and Donnie KlangAin't Going3:12Welcome To The Dollhouse162008Teen Pop 209FATASSRADIO
254Danity Kane Feat. Missy ElliotBad Girl4:01Welcome To The Dollhouse22008Teen Pop 190FATASSRADIO
255Danity Kane Feat. Rick RossEcstasy4:36Welcome To The Dollhouse82008Teen Pop 204FATASSRADIO
256Danny ElfmanBreakfast Machine2:36     192FATASSRADIO
257Danny ElfmanWonka's Welcome Song (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)1:01Charlie and the Chocolate Factory12005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
258Danny ElfmanViolet Beauregarde (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)2:08Charlie and the Chocolate Factory32005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
259Danny ElfmanVeruca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)2:13Charlie and the Chocolate Factory42005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
260Danny ElfmanMike Teavee (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:32Charlie and the Chocolate Factory52005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
261Danny ElfmanMain Titles (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)5:00Charlie and the Chocolate Factory62005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
262Danny ElfmanWonka's First Shop (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:42Charlie and the Chocolate Factory72005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
263Danny ElfmanThe Indian Palace (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)3:16Charlie and the Chocolate Factory82005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
264Danny ElfmanThe Golden Ticket/Factory (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)3:03Charlie and the Chocolate Factory112005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
265Danny ElfmanLoompa Land (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:42Charlie and the Chocolate Factory132005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
266Danny ElfmanThe Boat Arrives (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:15Charlie and the Chocolate Factory142005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
267Danny ElfmanThe River Cruise (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:54Charlie and the Chocolate Factory152005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
268Danny ElfmanFirst Candy (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:21Charlie and the Chocolate Factory162005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
269Danny ElfmanUp and Out (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)3:11Charlie and the Chocolate Factory172005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
270Danny ElfmanThe River Cruise, Pt. 2 (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:57Charlie and the Chocolate Factory182005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
271Danny Elfman(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)1:32Charlie and the Chocolate Factory192005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
272Danny ElfmanFinale (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)3:46Charlie and the Chocolate Factory202005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
273Danny ElfmanEnd Credit Suite (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack)7:01Charlie and the Chocolate Factory212005Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
274Danny ElfmanWorms Lounge #1 (Worms in Black)5:20Men In Black 212002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
275Danny ElfmanLogo0:22Men In Black 222002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
276Danny ElfmanTitles5:01Men In Black 232002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
277Danny ElfmanBig Jeff2:25Men In Black 242002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
278Danny ElfmanHeadquaters1:52Men In Black 252002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
279Danny ElfmanChop-Chop2:00Men In Black 262002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
280Danny ElfmanHeart Thump1:51Men In Black 272002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
281Danny ElfmanCostums0:51Men In Black 282002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
282Danny ElfmanHunting For K1:40Men In Black 292002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
283Danny ElfmanJ Nabbed/K's Back2:20Men In Black 2102002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
284Danny ElfmanThe Real Story1:41Men In Black 2112002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
285Danny ElfmanSleuthing2:20Men In Black 2122002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
286Danny ElfmanThe Defense Begins2:47Men In Black 2132002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
287Danny ElfmanThe Chase3:22Men In Black 2142002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
288Danny ElfmanThe Light5:43Men In Black 2152002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
289Danny ElfmanThe Finale0:18Men In Black 2162002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
290Danny ElfmanWorm Lounge #23:08Men In Black 2172002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
291Danny ElfmanTitles Revisited2:56Men In Black 2182002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
292Danny ElfmanSimpsons1:22TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)11996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
293Danny ElfmanSledge Hammer0:49TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)501996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
294Danny ElfmanTales From The Crypt1:26TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)581996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
295Danny JanssenSigmund And The Sea Monsters1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume 515 Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
296Danny KayeTubby the Tuba2:35The ManhattanTransfer meets Tubby the Tuba1 Other 56FATASSRADIO
297Dark TranquilityMy Friend of Misery5:25A Tribute To the Four Horsemen72002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
298DarkMateriaThe Picard Song4:40  2001Synthpop 128FATASSRADIO
299DarudeSand Storm7:28 32 (152) 112FATASSRADIO
300Daryl Hall & John OatesOut Of Touch (1984)4:10Retro's 80's  Other 128FATASSRADIO
301Daryl Hall & John OatesPhiladelphia Freedom5:10Two Rooms: Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin101991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
302Dash Crofts; Jim Seals; Charlie Fox; Norman GimbelPaper Chase1:15Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6341996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
303Dave Baby CortezThe Happy Organ2:00     128FATASSRADIO
304Dave BrubeckMr. Broadway ("Blues for Mr. Broadway")1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV511996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
305Dave Brubeck w; Peter, Paul and MaryBecause All Men Are Brothers3:19Carry It On - [Disc 3]182004Traditional Folk 192FATASSRADIO
306Dave Clark FiveCant You See That Shes Mine2:40   Other 128FATASSRADIO
307Dave Clark FiveCatch Us If You Can1:56   Rock & Roll 128FATASSRADIO
308The Dave Clark FiveGlad all over2:43Glad All Over Again11993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
309The Dave Clark FiveDo you love me2:44Glad All Over Again21993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
310The Dave Clark FiveBits and pieces2:00Glad All Over Again31993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
311The Dave Clark FiveCan't you see that she's mine2:23Glad All Over Again41993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
312The Dave Clark FiveDon't let me down1:41Glad All Over Again51993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
313The Dave Clark FiveEverybody knows (I still love you)1:42Glad All Over Again61993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
314The Dave Clark FiveAny way you want it2:30Glad All Over Again71993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
315The Dave Clark FiveCatch us if you can1:55Glad All Over Again81993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
316The Dave Clark FiveHaving a wild weekend1:52Glad All Over Again91993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
317The Dave Clark FiveBecause2:24Glad All Over Again101993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
318The Dave Clark FiveI like it like that1:38Glad All Over Again111993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
319The Dave Clark FiveOver and over2:01Glad All Over Again121993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
320The Dave Clark FiveReelin' and rockin'2:48Glad All Over Again131993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
321The Dave Clark FiveCome home2:51Glad All Over Again141993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
322The Dave Clark FiveYou got what it takes3:00Glad All Over Again151993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
323The Dave Clark FiveEverybody knows2:23Glad All Over Again161993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
324The Dave Clark FiveTry too hard2:10Glad All Over Again171993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
325The Dave Clark FiveI'll be yours my love2:42Glad All Over Again181993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
326The Dave Clark FiveGood old rock'n'roll3:28Glad All Over Again191993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
327The Dave Clark FiveHere comes summer2:48Glad All Over Again201993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
328The Dave Clark FiveLive in the sky2:42Glad All Over Again211993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
329The Dave Clark FiveThe red balloon3:02Glad All Over Again221993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
330The Dave Clark FiveSha-na-na hey hey kiss him goodbye3:19Glad All Over Again231993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
331The Dave Clark FiveMore good old rock'n'roll2:59Glad All Over Again241993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
332The Dave Clark FivePut a little love in your heart2:59Glad All Over Again251993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
333The Dave Clark FiveEverybody get together3:18Glad All Over Again261993Rock & Roll 256FATASSRADIO
334The Dave Clark FiveGlad All Over2:44The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour11994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
335The Dave Clark FiveAll Of The Time2:16The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour21994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
336The Dave Clark FiveStay2:09The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour31994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
337The Dave Clark FiveChaquita (2nd Version)2:13The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour41994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
338The Dave Clark FiveDo You Love Me2:22The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour51994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
339The Dave Clark FiveBits And Pieces2:00The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour61994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
340The Dave Clark FiveI Know You1:58The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour71994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
341The Dave Clark FiveNo Time To Lose2:01The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour81994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
342The Dave Clark FiveDoo Dah2:23The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour91994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
343The Dave Clark FiveTime2:20The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour101994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
344The Dave Clark FiveShe's All Mine2:12The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour111994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
345The Dave Clark FiveCan't You See That She's Mine2:23The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour121994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
346The Dave Clark FiveI Need You, I Love You2:33The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour131994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
347The Dave Clark FiveI Love You No More2:19The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour141994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
348The Dave Clark FiveRumble2:39The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour151994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
349The Dave Clark FiveFunny1:54The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour161994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
350The Dave Clark FiveZip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah2:32The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour171994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
351The Dave Clark FiveCan I Trust You2:07The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour181994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
352The Dave Clark FiveForever And A Day2:12The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour191994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
353The Dave Clark FiveTheme Without A Name2:04The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour201994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
354The Dave Clark FiveOn Broadway2:43The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour211994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
355The Dave Clark FiveBecause2:23The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour221994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
356The Dave Clark FiveWho Does He Think He Is (Live)1:56The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour231994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
357The Dave Clark FiveMove On (Live)2:10The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour241994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
358The Dave Clark FiveWhenever You're Around (Live)2:56The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour251994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
359The Dave Clark FiveI Want You Still (Live)1:37The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour261994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
360The Dave Clark FiveLong Ago (Live)2:13The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour271994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
361The Dave Clark FiveCome On Over (Live)2:12The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour281994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
362The Dave Clark FiveBlue Monday (Live)2:59The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour291994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
363The Dave Clark FiveSometimes (Live)2:50The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour301994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
364The Dave Clark FiveAny Time You Want Love (Live)2:13The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour311994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
365The Dave Clark FiveI Cried Over You (Live)2:27The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour321994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
366The Dave Clark FiveOl' Sol (Live)2:00The Complete History (Vol. 1): Glad All Over/Return!/American Tour331994British Invasion 192FATASSRADIO
367Dave Clark FiveCan't You See That She's Mine (Single)2:21The Complete History (Volume 1)341994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
368Dave Clark FiveAny Way You Want It2:31The Complete History (Volume 2)11994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
369Dave Clark FiveGive Me Love1:58The Complete History (Volume 2)21994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
370Dave Clark FiveI Can't Stand It1:34The Complete History (Volume 2)31994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
371Dave Clark FiveI'm Left Without You1:49The Complete History (Volume 2)41994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
372Dave Clark FiveEverybody Knows (I Still Love You)1:42The Complete History (Volume 2)51994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
373Dave Clark FiveCrying Over You2:09The Complete History (Volume 2)61994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
374Dave Clark FiveSay You Want Me1:46The Complete History (Volume 2)71994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
375Dave Clark FiveWhen2:30The Complete History (Volume 2)81994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
376Dave Clark FiveDon't You Know1:35The Complete History (Volume 2)91994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
377Dave Clark FiveTo Me1:44The Complete History (Volume 2)101994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
378Dave Clark FiveIt's Not True2:03The Complete History (Volume 2)111994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
379Dave Clark FiveCome Home2:49The Complete History (Volume 2)121994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
380Dave Clark FiveWe'll Be Running1:34The Complete History (Volume 2)131994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
381Dave Clark FiveBlue Suede Shoes1:46The Complete History (Volume 2)141994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
382Dave Clark FiveHurting Inside2:38The Complete History (Volume 2)151994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
383Dave Clark FiveI'll Never Know1:47The Complete History (Volume 2)161994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
384Dave Clark FiveTill The Right One Comes Along1:55The Complete History (Volume 2)171994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
385Dave Clark FiveI'm Thinking1:29The Complete History (Volume 2)181994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
386Dave Clark FiveYour Turn To Cry3:12The Complete History (Volume 2)191994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
387Dave Clark FiveLittle Bitty Pretty One1:31The Complete History (Volume 2)201994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
388Dave Clark FiveRemember It's Me (Stereo)2:19The Complete History (Volume 2)211994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
389Dave Clark FiveMighty Good Loving2:40The Complete History (Volume 2)221994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
390Dave Clark FiveHaving A Wild Weekend1:51The Complete History (Volume 2)231994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
391Dave Clark FiveNew Kind Of Love2:26The Complete History (Volume 2)241994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
392Dave Clark FiveDum-Dee-Dee-Dum1:50The Complete History (Volume 2)251994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
393Dave Clark FiveI Said I Was Sorry (Stereo)2:59The Complete History (Volume 2)261994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
394Dave Clark FiveNo Stopping2:02The Complete History (Volume 2)271994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
395Dave Clark FiveDon't Be Taken In2:24The Complete History (Volume 2)281994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
396Dave Clark FiveCatch Us If You Can1:56The Complete History (Volume 2)291994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
397Dave Clark FiveWhen I'm Alone (Stereo)2:30The Complete History (Volume 2)301994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
398Dave Clark FiveIf You Come Back2:51The Complete History (Volume 2)311994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
399Dave Clark FiveSweet Memories2:42The Complete History (Volume 2)321994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
400Dave Clark FiveDon't You Realize3:36The Complete History (Volume 2)331994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
401Dave Clark FiveOn The Move2:22The Complete History (Volume 2)341994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
402Dave Clark FiveReelin' And Rockin'2:47The Complete History (Volume 2)351994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
403Dave Clark FiveI Like It Like That1:38The Complete History (Volume 3)11994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
404Dave Clark FivePumping1:47The Complete History (Volume 3)21994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
405Dave Clark FiveI Need Love (Stereo)3:40The Complete History (Volume 3)31994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
406Dave Clark FiveMaybe It's You2:20The Complete History (Volume 3)41994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
407Dave Clark FiveThat's How Long Our Love Will Last2:50The Complete History (Volume 3)51994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
408Dave Clark FiveA Little Bit Of Love2:42The Complete History (Volume 3)61994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
409Dave Clark FiveI'll Be Yours My Love (Stereo)2:43The Complete History (Volume 3)71994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
410Dave Clark FivePlease Love Me2:06The Complete History (Volume 3)81994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
411Dave Clark FiveGoodbye My Friends3:04The Complete History (Volume 3)91994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
412Dave Clark FiveI Am On My Own2:33The Complete History (Volume 3)101994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
413Dave Clark FiveShe's A Loving Girl2:02The Complete History (Volume 3)111994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
414Dave Clark FiveYou Know You're Lying2:02The Complete History (Volume 3)121994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
415Dave Clark FiveTry Too Hard (Stereo)2:10The Complete History (Volume 3)131994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
416Dave Clark FiveToday2:11The Complete History (Volume 3)141994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
417Dave Clark FiveI Never Will1:55The Complete History (Volume 3)151994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
418Dave Clark FiveLooking In2:05The Complete History (Volume 3)161994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
419Dave Clark FiveEver Since You've Been Away1:35The Complete History (Volume 3)171994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
420Dave Clark FiveSomebody Find A New Love2:01The Complete History (Volume 3)181994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
421Dave Clark FiveI Really Love You1:55The Complete History (Volume 3)191994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
422Dave Clark FiveIt Don't Feel Good1:42The Complete History (Volume 3)201994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
423Dave Clark FiveScared Of Falling In Love1:57The Complete History (Volume 3)211994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
424Dave Clark FiveI Know2:39The Complete History (Volume 3)221994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
425Dave Clark FiveSatisfied With You1:58The Complete History (Volume 3)231994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
426Dave Clark FiveGo On2:28The Complete History (Volume 3)241994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
427Dave Clark FiveDo You Still Love Me2:02The Complete History (Volume 3)251994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
428Dave Clark FiveI Meant You2:01The Complete History (Volume 3)261994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
429Dave Clark FiveLook Before You Leep2:20The Complete History (Volume 3)271994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
430Dave Clark FivePlease Tell Me Why (Stereo)1:33The Complete History (Volume 3)281994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
431Dave Clark FiveYou Never Listen2:16The Complete History (Volume 3)291994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
432Dave Clark FiveI Still Need You2:20The Complete History (Volume 3)301994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
433Dave Clark FiveIt'll Only Hurt For A Little While1:45The Complete History (Volume 3)311994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
434Dave Clark FiveGood Lovin'2:30The Complete History (Volume 3)321994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
435Dave Clark FiveTry Too Hard (Rechanneled)2:11The Complete History (Volume 3)331994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
436Dave Clark FiveReelin' And Rockin' (Rechanneled)2:48The Complete History (Volume 3)341994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
437Dave Clark FiveNineteen Days1:51The Complete History (Volume 4)11994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
438Dave Clark FiveSomething I've Always Wanted2:04The Complete History (Volume 4)21994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
439Dave Clark FiveLittle Bit Strong1:24The Complete History (Volume 4)31994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
440Dave Clark FiveBernedette2:18The Complete History (Volume 4)41994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
441Dave Clark FiveSitting Here Baby2:58The Complete History (Volume 4)51994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
442Dave Clark FiveYou Don't Want My Loving2:49The Complete History (Volume 4)61994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
443Dave Clark FiveHow Can I Tell You2:11The Complete History (Volume 4)71994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
444Dave Clark FivePicture Of You1:54The Complete History (Volume 4)81994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
445Dave Clark FiveSmall Talk2:22The Complete History (Volume 4)91994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
446Dave Clark FivePick Up Your Phone2:05The Complete History (Volume 4)101994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
447Dave Clark FiveYou Got What It Takes2:59The Complete History (Volume 4)111994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
448Dave Clark FiveI've Got To Have A Reason1:54The Complete History (Volume 4)121994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
449Dave Clark FiveYou Don't Play Me Around2:21The Complete History (Volume 4)131994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
450Dave Clark FiveThinking Of You Baby2:33The Complete History (Volume 4)141994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
451Dave Clark FiveLovin' So Good1:46The Complete History (Volume 4)151994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
452Dave Clark FiveDoctor Rhythm2:48The Complete History (Volume 4)161994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
453Dave Clark FivePlay With Me1:41The Complete History (Volume 4)171994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
454Dave Clark FiveLet Me Be1:45The Complete History (Volume 4)181994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
455Dave Clark FiveBlueberry Hill2:19The Complete History (Volume 4)191994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
456Dave Clark FiveTabatha Twitchit2:27The Complete History (Volume 4)201994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
457Dave Clark FiveEverybody Knows2:21The Complete History (Volume 4)211994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
458Dave Clark FiveA Little Bit Now2:47The Complete History (Volume 4)221994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
459Dave Clark FiveAt The Place2:25The Complete History (Volume 4)231994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
460Dave Clark FiveInside And Out2:55The Complete History (Volume 4)241994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
461Dave Clark FiveRed And Blue2:34The Complete History (Volume 4)251994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
462Dave Clark FiveYou Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby2:19The Complete History (Volume 4)261994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
463Dave Clark FiveGood Love Is Hard To Find2:08The Complete History (Volume 4)271994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
464Dave Clark FiveLost In His Dreams2:01The Complete History (Volume 4)281994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
465Dave Clark FiveConcentration Baby2:32The Complete History (Volume 4)291994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
466Dave Clark FiveHold On Tight2:10The Complete History (Volume 4)301994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
467Dave Clark FiveI'll Do The Best I Can2:38The Complete History (Volume 4)311994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
468Dave Clark FiveJust A Little Bit Now2:47The Complete History (Volume 5)11994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
469Dave Clark FiveMaze Of Love2:38The Complete History (Volume 5)21994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
470Dave Clark FiveReturn My Love2:57The Complete History (Volume 5)31994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
471Dave Clark FiveBest Day's Work2:38The Complete History (Volume 5)41994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
472Dave Clark FiveWho Do You Think You're Talking To2:08The Complete History (Volume 5)51994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
473Dave Clark FiveGot Love If You Want It2:10The Complete History (Volume 5)61994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
474Dave Clark FiveThe Red Balloon3:02The Complete History (Volume 5)71994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
475Dave Clark FivePlease Stay3:19The Complete History (Volume 5)81994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
476Dave Clark FiveDevoted To Me2:54The Complete History (Volume 5)91994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
477Dave Clark Five34-062:07The Complete History (Volume 5)101994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
478Dave Clark FiveAway From The Noises (Mono)2:51The Complete History (Volume 5)111994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
479Dave Clark FiveWhen I Am Alone2:31The Complete History (Volume 5)121994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
480Dave Clark FiveI Still Need You2:20The Complete History (Volume 5)131994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
481Dave Clark FiveNo One Can Break A Heart Like You2:35The Complete History (Volume 5)141994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
482Dave Clark FiveIf Somebody Loves You2:50The Complete History (Volume 5)151994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
483Dave Clark FiveIt Aint' What You Do3:12The Complete History (Volume 5)161994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
484Dave Clark FiveLive In The Sky2:43The Complete History (Volume 5)171994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
485Dave Clark FiveFive By Five2:50The Complete History (Volume 5)181994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
486Dave Clark FiveHere Comes Summer2:48The Complete History (Volume 5)191994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
487Dave Clark FiveHow Do You Get To Heaven3:18The Complete History (Volume 5)201994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
488Dave Clark FiveEverybody Get Together3:18The Complete History (Volume 5)211994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
489Dave Clark FiveJulia2:27The Complete History (Volume 5)221994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
490Dave Clark FiveBreak Down And Cry3:04The Complete History (Volume 5)231994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
491Dave Clark FiveI'm On My Own2:34The Complete History (Volume 5)241994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
492Dave Clark FiveRed And Blue2:34The Complete History (Volume 5)251994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
493Dave Clark FiveIf You Wanna See Me Cry2:43The Complete History (Volume 5)261994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
494Dave Clark FiveWorried Times (Stereo)2:24The Complete History (Volume 5)271994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
495Dave Clark FiveDarling I Love You2:32The Complete History (Volume 5)281994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
496Dave Clark FiveGood Old Rock 'N Roll3:38The Complete History (Volume 6)11994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
497Dave Clark FiveRaining In My Heart2:49The Complete History (Volume 6)21994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
498Dave Clark FiveLucille2:49The Complete History (Volume 6)31994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
499Dave Clark FiveReelin' And Rockin'2:50The Complete History (Volume 6)41994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
500Dave Clark FiveMore Good Old Rock 'N Roll3:01The Complete History (Volume 6)51994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
501Dave Clark FiveLoving You2:31The Complete History (Volume 6)61994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
502Dave Clark FiveMemphis Tennessee2:47The Complete History (Volume 6)71994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
503Dave Clark FiveOne Night2:38The Complete History (Volume 6)81994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
504Dave Clark FiveLawdy Miss Clawdy1:58The Complete History (Volume 6)91994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
505Dave Clark FiveSouthern Man3:58The Complete History (Volume 6)101994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
506Dave Clark FiveBring It On Home To Me3:01The Complete History (Volume 6)111994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
507Dave Clark FiveSigns2:53The Complete History (Volume 6)121994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
508Dave Clark FiveWon't You Be My Lady2:26The Complete History (Volume 6)131994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
509Dave Clark FiveThe Time Has Come2:35The Complete History (Volume 6)141994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
510Dave Clark FiveIf You've Got A Little Love To Give3:49The Complete History (Volume 6)151994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
511Dave Clark FiveOfficer McKirk5:50The Complete History (Volume 6)161994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
512Dave Clark FiveParadise Is Half As Nice2:56The Complete History (Volume 6)171994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
513Dave Clark FiveDraggin' The Line2:48The Complete History (Volume 6)181994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
514Dave Clark FiveThink Of Me2:53The Complete History (Volume 6)191994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
515Dave Clark FiveOne-Eyed, Blue-Suited, Gun-Totin' Man2:51The Complete History (Volume 6)201994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
516Dave Clark FiveRight Or Wrong2:26The Complete History (Volume 6)211994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
517Dave Clark FiveI Don't Know3:12The Complete History (Volume 6)221994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
518Dave Clark FivePut A Little Love In Your Heart2:56The Complete History (Volume 6)231994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
519Dave Clark FiveChaquita (First Version)2:07The Complete History (Volume 7)11994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
520Dave Clark FiveIn Your Heart1:47The Complete History (Volume 7)21994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
521Dave Clark FiveFirst Love2:39The Complete History (Volume 7)31994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
522Dave Clark FiveI Walk The Line2:48The Complete History (Volume 7)41994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
523Dave Clark FiveThat's What I Said2:19The Complete History (Volume 7)51994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
524Dave Clark FiveI Knew It All The Time2:25The Complete History (Volume 7)61994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
525Dave Clark FiveThe Mulberry Bush2:11The Complete History (Volume 7)71994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
526Dave Clark FivePoison Ivy1:56The Complete History (Volume 7)81994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
527Dave Clark FiveOver And Over2:01The Complete History (Volume 7)91994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
528Dave Clark FiveAt The Scene1:54The Complete History (Volume 7)101994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
529Dave Clark FiveI Miss You2:15The Complete History (Volume 7)111994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
530Dave Clark FiveAll Night Long3:11The Complete History (Volume 7)121994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
531Dave Clark FiveDon't Let Me Down1:43The Complete History (Volume 7)131994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
532Dave Clark FiveMan In A Pin-Striped Suit1:56The Complete History (Volume 7)141994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
533Dave Clark FiveGood Time Woman1:58The Complete History (Volume 7)151994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
534Dave Clark FiveForget1:51The Complete History (Volume 7)161994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
535Dave Clark FiveChildren2:59The Complete History (Volume 7)171994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
536Dave Clark FiveThe Mulberry Tree3:12The Complete History (Volume 7)181994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
537Dave Clark FiveInto Your Life2:28The Complete History (Volume 7)191994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
538Dave Clark FiveAlways Me2:25The Complete History (Volume 7)201994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
539Dave Clark FiveRub It In3:17The Complete History (Volume 7)211994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
540Dave Clark FiveI'm Sorry Baby2:10The Complete History (Volume 7)221994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
541Dave Clark FiveSweet City Woman (Stereo)3:25The Complete History (Volume 7)231994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
542Dave Clark FiveLove Comes But Once3:23The Complete History (Volume 7)241994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
543Dave Clark FiveSha-Na-Na-Na (Stereo)3:37The Complete History (Volume 7)251994Rock 160FATASSRADIO
544The Dave Clark FiveGlad All Over2:44The History Of The Dave Clark Five [Disc 1]11964British Invasion 128FATASSRADIO
545The Dave Clark FiveGlad All Over2:44The History Of The Dave Clark Five [Disc 1]11964British Invasion 128FATASSRADIO
546Dave GrusinSt. Elsewhere1:28Television's Greatest Hits Volume III381988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
547Dave GrusinThe Name Of The Game1:13Television's Greatest Hits Volume III591988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
548Dave Grusin; A. Bergman; M. BergmanGood Times0:49Television's Greatest Hits Volume III271988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
549Dave RodgersBeat of the Rising Sun4:04Initial D D Selection 371998Anime 128FATASSRADIO
550David ArnoldDoctor Who - Extended Theme1:46Doctor Who12000Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
551David ArnoldDoctor Who - Mini-Opening Theme (Season One)0:11Doctor Who22000Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
552David ArnoldDoctor Who - Opening Theme (Season One)0:30Doctor Who32000Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
553David ArnoldDoctor Who - Mini-Closing Theme (Season One)0:12Doctor Who42000Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
554David ArnoldDoctor Who - Closing Theme (Season One)0:45Doctor Who52000Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
555David ArnoldDoctor Who - Opening Theme (Season Two)0:30Doctor Who62000Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
556David ArnoldDoctor Who - Mini-Closing Theme (Season Two)0:23Doctor Who72000Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
557David ArnoldDoctor Who - Closing Theme (Season Two)0:56Doctor Who82000Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
558David BowieSuffragette City3:25Best Of Bowie [UK]82002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
559David BowieRebel Rebel4:25Detroit Rock City Soundtrack111999Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
560David CassidyI Think I Love You2:54     128FATASSRADIO
561David CassidyThe John Larroquette Show0:47TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)261996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
562David Coverdale1 Into The Light1:16Into The Light12000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
563David CoverdaleRiver Song7:19Into the Light1 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
564David CoverdaleShe Give Me4:12Into the Light2 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
565David Coverdale4 Don't You Cry5:47Into The Light42000Rock 134FATASSRADIO
566David CoverdaleLove Is Blind5:44Into the Light4 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
567David CoverdaleSlave4:52Into the Light5 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
568David Coverdale7 Cry For Love4:53Into The Light72000Rock 136FATASSRADIO
569David CoverdaleLiving on Love6:31Into the Light7 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
570David CoverdaleMidnight Blue4:58Into the Light8 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
571David CoverdaleToo Many Tears5:59Into the Light9 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
572David Coverdale11 Don't Lie To Me4:43Into The Light112000Rock 134FATASSRADIO
573David CoverdaleWherever You May Go3:59Into the Light11 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
574David CoverdaleLady3:47Whitesnake / Northwinds11988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
575David CoverdaleBlindman6:00Whitesnake / Northwinds21988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
576David CoverdaleGoldies Place5:02Whitesnake / Northwinds31988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
577David CoverdaleWhitesnake4:19Whitesnake / Northwinds41988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
578David CoverdaleTime On My Side4:25Whitesnake / Northwinds51988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
579David CoverdalePeace Lovin' Man4:52Whitesnake / Northwinds61988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
580David CoverdaleSunny Days3:29Whitesnake / Northwinds71988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
581David CoverdaleHole In The Sky3:20Whitesnake / Northwinds81988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
582David CoverdaleCelebration4:05Whitesnake / Northwinds91988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
583David CoverdaleKeep On Giving Me Love5:15Whitesnake / Northwinds101988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
584David CoverdaleNorthwinds6:13Whitesnake / Northwinds111988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
585David CoverdaleGive Me Kindness4:34Whitesnake / Northwinds121988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
586David CoverdaleTime And Again4:01Whitesnake / Northwinds131988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
587David CoverdaleQueen Of Hearts5:16Whitesnake / Northwinds141988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
588David CoverdaleOnly My Soul4:36Whitesnake / Northwinds151988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
589David CoverdaleSay You Love Me4:21Whitesnake / Northwinds161988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
590David CoverdaleBreakdown5:12Whitesnake / Northwinds171988Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
591David Coverdale; White SnakeLady4:34White Snake12000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
592David Coverdale; White SnakeBlindman6:57White Snake22000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
593David Coverdale; White SnakeGoldies Place9:12White Snake32000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
594David Coverdale; White SnakeWhitesnake5:04White Snake42000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
595David Coverdale; White SnakeTime on My Side13:47White Snake52000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
596David Coverdale; White SnakePeace Lovin' Man6:01White Snake62000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
597David Coverdale; White SnakeSunny Days5:30White Snake72000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
598David D. RoseThe High Chaparral0:43Television's Greatest Hits Volume 534 Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
599David FeldsteinSiskel And Ebert At The Movies0:38Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6301996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
600David GrusinThe Ghost And Mrs. Muir1:00Television's Greatest Hits Volume 519 Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
601David Kurtz; Kenneth JohnsonAlien Nation1:42TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)561996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
602David Lee RothA Lil' Ain't Enough4:41A Little Ain't Enough11991Mainstream Rock 171FATASSRADIO
603David Lee RothShoot It4:13A Little Ain't Enough21991Mainstream Rock 166FATASSRADIO
604David Lee RothLady Luck4:40A Little Ain't Enough31991Mainstream Rock 181FATASSRADIO
605David Lee RothHammerhead Shark3:34A Little Ain't Enough41991Mainstream Rock 175FATASSRADIO
606David Lee RothTell The Truth5:18A Little Ain't Enough51991Mainstream Rock 169FATASSRADIO
607David Lee RothBaby's On Fire3:22A Little Ain't Enough61991Mainstream Rock 183FATASSRADIO
608David Lee Roth40 Below4:54A Little Ain't Enough71991Mainstream Rock 186FATASSRADIO
609David Lee RothSensible Shoes5:09A Little Ain't Enough81991Mainstream Rock 173FATASSRADIO
610David Lee RothLast Call3:22A Little Ain't Enough91991Mainstream Rock 175FATASSRADIO
611David Lee RothThe Dogtown Shuffle4:58A Little Ain't Enough101991Mainstream Rock 168FATASSRADIO
612David Lee RothIt's Showtime!3:46A Little Ain't Enough111991Mainstream Rock 176FATASSRADIO
613David Lee RothDrop In The Bucket5:06A Little Ain't Enough121991Mainstream Rock 180FATASSRADIO
614David Lee RothCalifornia Girls2:49Crazy From The Heat [EP]31985Hard Rock 238FATASSRADIO
615David Lee RothYou Got The Blues, Not Me3:17Diamond Dave12003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
616David Lee RothMade Up My Mind3:00Diamond Dave22003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
617David Lee RothStay While the Night Is Young3:43Diamond Dave32003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
618David Lee RothShoo Bop5:11Diamond Dave42003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
619David Lee RothShe's Looking Good2:50Diamond Dave52003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
620David Lee RothSoul Kitchen4:32Diamond Dave62003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
621David Lee RothIf 6 Was 93:33Diamond Dave72003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
622David Lee RothThat Beatles Tune3:49Diamond Dave82003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
623David Lee RothMedicine Man1:12Diamond Dave92003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
624David Lee RothLet It All Hang Out2:25Diamond Dave102003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
625David Lee RothThug Pop3:35Diamond Dave112003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
626David Lee RothAct One1:34Diamond Dave122003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
627David Lee RothIce Cream Man3:23Diamond Dave132003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
628David Lee RothBad Habits3:44Diamond Dave142003Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
629David Lee RothSlam Dunk!2:37DLR Band11998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
630David Lee RothBlacklight3:41DLR Band21998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
631David Lee RothCounter-Blast3:14DLR Band31998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
632David Lee RothLose The Dress (Keep The Shoes)3:13DLR Band41998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
633David Lee RothLittle Texas3:20DLR Band51998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
634David Lee RothKing Of The Hill3:52DLR Band61998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
635David Lee RothGoing Places...5:19DLR Band71998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
636David Lee RothWa Wa Zat!!2:54DLR Band81998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
637David Lee RothRelentless3:30DLR Band91998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
638David Lee RothIndeedido3:11DLR Band101998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
639David Lee RothRight Tool For The Job3:24DLR Band111998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
640David Lee RothTight4:08DLR Band121998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
641David Lee RothWeekend With The Babysitter3:36DLR Band131998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
642David Lee RothBlack Sand5:20DLR Band141998Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
643David Lee RothYankee Rose3:54Eat 'Em And Smile11986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
644David Lee RothShyboy3:24Eat 'Em And Smile21986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
645David Lee RothI'm Easy2:10Eat 'Em And Smile31986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
646David Lee RothLadies' Nite In Buffalo?4:08Eat 'Em And Smile41986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
647David Lee RothGoin' Crazy!3:10Eat 'Em And Smile51986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
648David Lee RothTobacco Road2:28Eat 'Em And Smile61986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
649David Lee RothElephant Gun2:26Eat 'Em And Smile71986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
650David Lee RothBig Trouble3:58Eat 'Em And Smile81986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
651David Lee RothBump And Grind2:32Eat 'Em And Smile91986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
652David Lee RothThat's Life2:44Eat 'Em And Smile101986Mainstream Rock 256FATASSRADIO
653David Lee RothCalifornia Girls2:50Skyscraper11988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
654David Lee RothJust A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody4:43Skyscraper21988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
655David Lee RothKnucklebones3:18Skyscraper31988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
656David Lee RothJust Like Paradise4:03Skyscraper41988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
657David Lee RothThe Bottom Line3:39Skyscraper51988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
658David Lee RothSkyscraper3:41Skyscraper61988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
659David Lee RothDamn Good5:46Skyscraper71988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
660David Lee RothHot Dog And A Shake3:19Skyscraper81988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
661David Lee RothStand Up4:42Skyscraper91988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
662David Lee RothHina4:41Skyscraper101988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
663David Lee RothPerfect Timing3:41Skyscraper111988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
664David Lee RothTwo Fools A Minute4:27Skyscraper121988Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
665David Lee RothDon't Piss Me Off4:28The Best11997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
666David Lee RothYankee Rose3:51The Best21986Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
667David Lee RothA Lil' Ain't Enough4:43The Best31997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
668David Lee RothJust Like Paradise4:06The Best41997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
669David Lee RothBig Train4:17The Best51997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
670David Lee RothBig Trouble3:58The Best61997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
671David Lee RothIt's Showtime!3:48The Best71997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
672David Lee RothHot Dog And A Shake3:21The Best81997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
673David Lee RothSkyscraper3:40The Best91997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
674David Lee RothShyboy3:25The Best101997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
675David Lee RothShe's My Machine3:54The Best111997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
676David Lee RothStand Up4:42The Best121997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
677David Lee RothTobacco Road2:30The Best131997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
678David Lee RothEasy Street3:49The Best141997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
679David Lee RothCalifornia Girls2:51The Best151985Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
680David Lee RothJust A Gigolo (I Ain't Got Nobody)4:43The Best161997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
681David Lee RothSensible Shoes5:09The Best171997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
682David Lee RothGoin' Crazy!3:10The Best181997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
683David Lee RothLadies' Nite In Buffalo?4:00The Best191997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
684David Lee RothLand's Edge3:13The Best201997Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
685David Lee RothShe's My Machine3:54Your Filthy Little Mouth11996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
686David Lee RothEverybody's Got The Monkey3:02Your Filthy Little Mouth21996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
687David Lee RothBig Train4:15Your Filthy Little Mouth31996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
688David Lee RothExperience5:54Your Filthy Little Mouth41996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
689David Lee RothA Little Luck4:40Your Filthy Little Mouth51996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
690David Lee RothCheatin' Heart Cafe4:07Your Filthy Little Mouth61996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
691David Lee RothHey, You Never Know2:46Your Filthy Little Mouth71996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
692David Lee RothNo Big 'Ting4:53Your Filthy Little Mouth81996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
693David Lee RothYou're Breathin' It3:46Your Filthy Little Mouth91996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
694David Lee RothYour Filthy Little Mouth3:02Your Filthy Little Mouth101996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
695David Lee RothLand's Edge3:12Your Filthy Little Mouth111996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
696David Lee RothNight Life3:35Your Filthy Little Mouth121996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
697David Lee RothSunburn4:43Your Filthy Little Mouth131996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
698David Lee RothYou're Breathin' It (Urban NYC Mix)4:14Your Filthy Little Mouth141996Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
699David Morgan; Mike Post; Pete CarpenterHardcastle and McCormick ("Drive")1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6521996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
700David NaughtonMakin' It3:08Billboard Top 100 of 1979141979Pop 160FATASSRADIO
701David NewmanLas Vegas3:01Rover Dangerfield1 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
702David NewmanConnie Leaves2:43Rover Dangerfield3 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
703David NewmanDog Napping0:51Rover Dangerfield4 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
704David NewmanContry3:27Rover Dangerfield5 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
705David NewmanMeal Time1:11Rover Dangerfield6 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
706David NewmanIn The Chicken Coop0:50Rover Dangerfield8 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
707David NewmanThe Sheep0:44Rover Dangerfield10 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
708David NewmanPep-Talk1:21Rover Dangerfield11 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
709David NewmanDoing Well1:09Rover Dangerfield12 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
710David NewmanBack To Connie1:50Rover Dangerfield15 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
711David NewmanRocky's Out1:39Rover Dangerfield16 Soundtracks 320FATASSRADIO
712David Pomeranz; Jesse Frederick; Bennett SalvayPerfect Strangers ("Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now")1:15Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6121996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
713David RaksinBen Casey1:29Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2591986Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
714David RoseHighway To Heaven ("Heaven")1:39Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6381996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
715David RoseThe Red Skelton Show ("Holiday for strings")0:55Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV641996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
716David RoseLittle House On The Prairie0:57TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (70's & 80's)421988Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
717David ShireNight On Disco Mountain (Based On "Night On Balad Mountain")5:12'Saturday Night Fever' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack101977Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
718David WiseCongo Jungle Stage2:48Nintendo All-Star! Daibunto Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)32000Game 161FATASSRADIO
719DAVIL IN DISGUISE (Bill GiantFlorence K2:23Bernie Baum9   128FATASSRADIO
720Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz and The MonkeesDo It In The Name Of Love (Single/Deluxe reissue album Version)2:08Changes14197160's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
721DDRParanoia1:40     128FATASSRADIO
722DDRKung Fu Fighting3:47     128FATASSRADIO
723DDRDrop The Bomb1:34   Other 128FATASSRADIO
724DDRShooting Star4:13Dance Dance Revolution 2000Dance 128FATASSRADIO
725DDRDDR - Miss Papaya - Sugarboy3:37Miss Papaya    128FATASSRADIO
726DDR [3rd Mix] - JogaDam Dariram3:14Dance Dance Revolution 1999Dance 128FATASSRADIO
727De FallaMelô da Popozuda2:43 32 Other 128FATASSRADIO
728De Isa Soul, Double, Masaya MatsuuraSay "I Gotta Believe!" (Funkyboard Mix) - Bonus Track4:29Parappa The Rapper 2 Original Soundtrack332001Game 187FATASSRADIO
729The Dead AlewivesDungeons and Dragons3:28Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 05131996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
730Dead or AliveYou Spin Me Rond (Like A Record) [Murder Mix]7:59single  Techno 320FATASSRADIO
731Dead Or AliveYou Spin Me Right Round4:27The Wedding Singer Volume 2 1998Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
732DeadboltOrange Blossom Special3:57Dear Johnny, a Tribute52004Country 192FATASSRADIO
733Deadmau5 & Glenn Morrison RemixHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger6:16     320FATASSRADIO
734Dean Ditchford; M. MillerSolid Gold1:24Television's Greatest Hits Volume III481988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
735Dean MartinRudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindee2:13     40FATASSRADIO
736Dean MartinBlue Moon3:06The Very Best of Dean Martin  Oldies 142FATASSRADIO
737Debbie ScottKiss Me3:27Pump Haven Collection62000Dance 160FATASSRADIO
738deceptibottransformers theme    192FATASSRADIO
739Dee Carstensen, John FrizzelTo Dance Again4:01VR.551995Original Film/TV Music 320FATASSRADIO
740Dee Dee RamoneJump In The Fire3:14A Punk Tribute To Metallica52001Punk 192FATASSRADIO
741Dee SniderHard Core4:07Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down12000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
742Dee SniderCall My Name2:59Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down22000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
743Dee SniderOur Voice Will Be Heard2:59Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down32000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
744Dee SniderIsn't It Time4:33Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down42000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
745Dee SniderCry You A Rainbow5:02Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down52000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
746Dee SniderThe Wanderer4:56Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down62000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
747Dee SniderUh Huh Huh3:53Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down72000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
748Dee SniderDesperado3:56Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down82000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
749Dee SniderSometimes You Win3:57Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down92000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
750Dee SniderRide Through The Storm4:22Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down102000Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
751Dee SniderDetroit Rock City4:31Spin The Bottle12004Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
752Deee-LiteI.F.O. (Identified Flying Object)2:54Infinity Within11992House 128FATASSRADIO
753Deee-LiteRunaway3:53Infinity Within21992House 128FATASSRADIO
754Deee-LiteHeart Be Still4:10Infinity Within31992House 128FATASSRADIO
755Deee-LiteI Won't Give Up4:24Infinity Within41992House 128FATASSRADIO
756Deee-LiteVote, Baby, Vote0:32Infinity Within51992House 128FATASSRADIO
757Deee-LiteTwo Clouds Above Nine5:08Infinity Within61992House 128FATASSRADIO
758Deee-LiteElectric Shock4:49Infinity Within71992House 128FATASSRADIO
759Deee-LiteI Had a Dream I Was Falling through a Hole in the Ozone Layer5:37Infinity Within81992House 128FATASSRADIO
760Deee-LiteFuddy Duddy Judge4:36Infinity Within91992House 128FATASSRADIO
761Deee-LitePussycat Meow3:50Infinity Within101992House 128FATASSRADIO
762Deee-LiteThank You Everyday6:21Infinity Within111992House 128FATASSRADIO
763Deee-LiteRubber Lover3:58Infinity Within121992House 128FATASSRADIO
764Deee-LiteCome On In, The Dreams Are Fine5:09Infinity Within131992House 128FATASSRADIO
765Deee-LiteLove Is Everything5:27Infinity Within141992House 128FATASSRADIO
766Deee-LiteFrenchapella0:35Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities11996House 260FATASSRADIO
767Deee-LiteCall Me6:26Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities61996House 313FATASSRADIO
768Deee-LiteI Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer4:49Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities71996House 294FATASSRADIO
769Deee-LiteGoodbeatapella0:56Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities81996House 273FATASSRADIO
770Deee-LiteGood Beat4:03Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities91996House 277FATASSRADIO
771Deee-LiteSay Ahh...4:49Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities101996House 274FATASSRADIO
772Deee-LiteLovapella0:28Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities151996House 281FATASSRADIO
773Deee-LitePower Of Love4:20Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities161996House 291FATASSRADIO
774Deee-LiteRunaway5:18Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities171996House 301FATASSRADIO
775Deee-LiteBittersweet Loving3:54Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities181996House 316FATASSRADIO
776Deee-LitePussycat Meow4:36Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities191996House 307FATASSRADIO
777Deee-LiteDeee-Lite Theme2:09The Very Best Of Deee-Lite12001House 192FATASSRADIO
778Deee-LiteGood Beat4:38The Very Best Of Deee-Lite22001House 192FATASSRADIO
779Deee-LiteGroove Is In The Heart3:52The Very Best Of Deee-Lite32001House 192FATASSRADIO
780Deee-LiteWhat Is Love?3:40The Very Best Of Deee-Lite42001House 192FATASSRADIO
781Deee-LiteE.S.P.3:44The Very Best Of Deee-Lite52001House 192FATASSRADIO
782Deee-LitePower Of Love4:40The Very Best Of Deee-Lite62001House 192FATASSRADIO
783Deee-LiteWho Was That?4:34The Very Best Of Deee-Lite72001House 192FATASSRADIO
784Deee-LiteI Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer5:38The Very Best Of Deee-Lite82001House 192FATASSRADIO
785Deee-LiteHeart Be Still4:10The Very Best Of Deee-Lite92001House 192FATASSRADIO
786Deee-LitePussycat Meow3:49The Very Best Of Deee-Lite102001House 192FATASSRADIO
787Deee-LiteLove Is Everything5:27The Very Best Of Deee-Lite112001House 192FATASSRADIO
788Deee-LiteSay Ahhh...4:10The Very Best Of Deee-Lite122001House 192FATASSRADIO
789Deee-LiteSomebody3:29The Very Best Of Deee-Lite132001House 192FATASSRADIO
790Deee-LiteBring Me Your Love3:37The Very Best Of Deee-Lite142001House 192FATASSRADIO
791Deee-LiteMind Melt0:33The Very Best Of Deee-Lite152001House 192FATASSRADIO
792Deee-LiteApple Juice Kissing3:13The Very Best Of Deee-Lite162001House 192FATASSRADIO
793Deee-LitePicnic In The Summertime3:32The Very Best Of Deee-Lite172001House 192FATASSRADIO
794Deee-LiteStay In Bed, Forget The Rest3:09The Very Best Of Deee-Lite182001House 192FATASSRADIO
795Deee-LiteBittersweet Loving3:42The Very Best Of Deee-Lite192001House 192FATASSRADIO
796Deee-LiteParty Happening People3:59The Very Best Of Deee-Lite202001House 192FATASSRADIO
797Deee-LiteDeee-Lite Theme2:10World Clique11990House 128FATASSRADIO
798Deee-LiteGood Beat4:38World Clique21990House 128FATASSRADIO
799Deee-LitePower Of Love4:41World Clique31990House 128FATASSRADIO
800Deee-LiteTry Me On...I'm Very You5:17World Clique41990House 128FATASSRADIO
801Deee-LiteSmile On3:57World Clique51990House 128FATASSRADIO
802Deee-LiteWhat Is Love?3:40World Clique61990House 128FATASSRADIO
803Deee-LiteWorld Clique3:22World Clique71990House 128FATASSRADIO
804Deee-LiteE.S.P.3:44World Clique81990House 128FATASSRADIO
805Deee-LiteGroove Is In The Heart3:51World Clique91990House 128FATASSRADIO
806Deee-LiteWho Was That?4:36World Clique101990House 128FATASSRADIO
807Deee-LiteDeep Ending3:49World Clique111990House 128FATASSRADIO
808Deee-LiteBuild The Bridge4:31World Clique121990House 128FATASSRADIO
809Def LeppardLet's Get Rocked4:57Adrenalize11992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
810Def LeppardHeaven Is3:33Adrenalize21992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
811Def LeppardMake Love Like A Man4:15Adrenalize31992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
812Def LeppardTonight4:03Adrenalize41992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
813Def LeppardWhite Lightning7:03Adrenalize51992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
814Def LeppardStand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)4:32Adrenalize61992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
815Def LeppardPersonal Property4:21Adrenalize71992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
816Def LeppardHAve You Ever Needed Someone So Bad5:24Adrenalize81992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
817Def LeppardI Wanna Touch U3:37Adrenalize91992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
818Def LeppardTear It Down3:37Adrenalize101992Rock 320FATASSRADIO
819Def LeppardDemolition Man3:24Euphoria11999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
820Def LeppardPromises3:59Euphoria21999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
821Def LeppardBack In Your Face3:20Euphoria31999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
822Def LeppardGoodbye3:35Euphoria41999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
823Def LeppardAll Night 3:37Euphoria51999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
824Def LeppardPaper Sun5:27Euphoria61999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
825Def LeppardIt's Only Love4:06Euphoria71999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
826Def Leppard21st Century Sha la la La Girl4:06Euphoria81999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
827Def LeppardTo Be Alive3:52Euphoria91999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
828Def LeppardDisintegrate2:50Euphoria101999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
829Def LeppardGuilty3:46Euphoria111999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
830Def LeppardDay After Day4:36Euphoria121999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
831Def LeppardKings Of Oblivion4:18Euphoria131999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
832Def LeppardLet It Go4:43High N' Dry11981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
833Def LeppardAnother Hit and Run4:58High N' Dry21981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
834Def LeppardHigh 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)3:26High N' Dry31981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
835Def LeppardBringin' on the Heartbreak4:33High N' Dry41981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
836Def LeppardSwitch 6253:03High N' Dry51981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
837Def LeppardYou Got Me Runnin'4:22High N' Dry61981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
838Def LeppardLady Strange4:38High N' Dry71981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
839Def LeppardOn Through the Night5:06High N' Dry81981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
840Def LeppardMirror, Mirror (Look into My Eyes)4:07High N' Dry91981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
841Def LeppardNo No No3:12High N' Dry101981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
842Def LeppardWomen5:42Hysteria11987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
843Def LeppardRocket6:37Hysteria21987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
844Def LeppardAnimal4:04Hysteria31987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
845Def LeppardLove Bites5:46Hysteria41987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
846Def LeppardPour Some Sugar on Me4:27Hysteria51987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
847Def LeppardArmageddon It5:24Hysteria61987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
848Def LeppardGods of War6:37Hysteria71987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
849Def LeppardDon't Shoot Shotgun4:26Hysteria81987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
850Def LeppardRun Riot4:39Hysteria91987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
851Def LeppardHysteria5:54Hysteria101987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
852Def LeppardExciteable4:19Hysteria111987Rock 320FATASSRADIO
853Def LeppardLove and Affection4:36Hysteria121987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
854Def LeppardRock Brigade3:09On Through The Night11980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
855Def LeppardHello America3:28On Through The Night21980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
856Def LeppardSorrow Is A Woman3:55On Through The Night31980Rock 128FATASSRADIO
857Def LeppardIt Could Be You2:33On Through The Night41980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
858Def LeppardSatellite4:28On Through The Night51980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
859Def LeppardWhen The Walls Came Tumbling Down4:44On Through The Night61980Rock 128FATASSRADIO
860Def LeppardWasted3:45On Through The Night71980Rock 128FATASSRADIO
861Def LeppardRocks Off3:44On Through The Night81980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
862Def LeppardIt Don't Matter3:21On Through The Night91980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
863Def LeppardAnswer To The Master3:13On Through The Night101980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
864Def LeppardOverture7:44On Through The Night111980Rock 320FATASSRADIO
865Def LeppardRock Rock (Till You Drop)3:54Pyromania11983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
866Def LeppardPhotograph4:08Pyromania21983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
867Def LeppardStage Fright3:44Pyromania31983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
868Def LeppardToo Late for Love4:27Pyromania41983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
869Def LeppardDie Hard the Hunter6:15Pyromania51983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
870Def LeppardFoolin'4:33Pyromania61983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
871Def LeppardRock of Ages4:07Pyromania71983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
872Def LeppardComin' Under Fire4:14Pyromania81983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
873Def LeppardAction! Not Words3:48Pyromania91983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
874Def LeppardBilly's Got a Gun5:56Pyromania101983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
875Def LeppardDesert Song5:14Retro Active11993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
876Def LeppardFractured Love5:12Retro Active21993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
877Def LeppardAction3:40Retro Active31993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
878Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind (accoustic Version)4:16Retro Active41993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
879Def LeppardShe's Too Tough3:40Retro Active51993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
880Def LeppardMiss You In A Heartbeat4:04Retro Active61993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
881Def LeppardOnly After After Dark3:52Retro Active71993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
882Def LeppardRide Into The Sun3:11Retro Active81993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
883Def LeppardFrom The Inside4:15Retro Active91993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
884Def LeppardRing Of Fire4:41Retro Active101993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
885Def LeppardI wanna Be Your Hero4:30Retro Active111993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
886Def LeppardMiss You In A Heartbeat (electric Version)4:55Retro Active121993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
887Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind (Electric Version)4:30Retro Active131993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
888Def LeppardMiss You in A Heartbeat (Piano Version)4:09Retro Active141993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
889Def LeppardTruth?3:00Slang11996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
890Def LeppardTurn To Dust4:21Slang21996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
891Def LeppardSlang2:37Slang31996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
892Def LeppardAll I Want Is Everything5:20Slang41996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
893Def LeppardWork It Out 4:49Slang51996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
894Def LeppardBreathe A Sigh4:06Slang61996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
895Def LeppardDeliver Me3:04Slang71996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
896Def LeppardGift Of Flesh 3:48Slang81996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
897Def LeppardBlood Runs Cold4:26Slang91996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
898Def LeppardWhere Does Love Go When It Dies4:05Slang101996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
899Def LeppardPearl Of Euphoria6:19Slang111996Rock 320FATASSRADIO
900Def LeppardToo Late For Love4:26The Ballad Album12006Heavy Metal 154FATASSRADIO
901Def LeppardLove Bite5:46The Ballad Album22006Heavy Metal 134FATASSRADIO
902Def LeppardMiss You In A Heartbeat4:04The Ballad Album32006Heavy Metal 151FATASSRADIO
903Def LeppardTonight4:03The Ballad Album42006Heavy Metal 159FATASSRADIO
904Def LeppardLong Long Way To Go4:38The Ballad Album52006Heavy Metal 183FATASSRADIO
905Def LeppardLet Me Be The One3:29The Ballad Album62006Heavy Metal 170FATASSRADIO
906Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind4:19The Ballad Album72006Heavy Metal 130FATASSRADIO
907Def LeppardBringin' On The Heartbreak4:33The Ballad Album82006Heavy Metal 149FATASSRADIO
908Def LeppardWhen Love And Hate Collide (Piano Version)4:17The Ballad Album92006Heavy Metal 122FATASSRADIO
909Def LeppardWhere Does Love Go When It Dies4:04The Ballad Album102006Heavy Metal 164FATASSRADIO
910Def LeppardUnbelievable3:58The Ballad Album112006Heavy Metal 195FATASSRADIO
911Def LeppardBlood Runs Cold4:26The Ballad Album122006Heavy Metal 147FATASSRADIO
912Def LeppardNever Say Goodbye3:36The Ballad Album132006Heavy Metal 147FATASSRADIO
913Def LeppardBreathe A Sigh4:06The Ballad Album142006Heavy Metal 148FATASSRADIO
914Def LeppardHave You Ever Needed Someone So Bad5:24The Ballad Album152006Heavy Metal 170FATASSRADIO
915Def LeppardYou Can't Always Get What You Want (Bonus Track)7:33The Ballad Album162006Heavy Metal 142FATASSRADIO
916Def LeppardPour Some Sugar on Me4:27Vault11995Rock 160FATASSRADIO
917Def LeppardPhotograph4:08Vault21995Rock 128FATASSRADIO
918Def LeppardLove Bites5:46Vault31995Rock 160FATASSRADIO
919Def LeppardLet's Get Rocked4:57Vault41995Rock 320FATASSRADIO
920Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind (accoustic Version)4:16Vault51995Rock 320FATASSRADIO
921Def LeppardAnimal4:04Vault61995Rock 160FATASSRADIO
922Def LeppardFoolin'4:33Vault71995Rock 128FATASSRADIO
923Def LeppardRocket6:37Vault81995Rock 160FATASSRADIO
924Def LeppardWhen Love And hate Collide4:17Vault91995Rock 320FATASSRADIO
925Def LeppardArmageddon It5:24Vault101995Rock 160FATASSRADIO
926Def LeppardHAve You Ever Needed Someone So Bad5:24Vault111995Rock 320FATASSRADIO
927Def LeppardRock of Ages4:07Vault121995Rock 128FATASSRADIO
928Def LeppardHysteria5:54Vault131995Rock 160FATASSRADIO
929Def LeppardMiss You In A Heartbeat4:04Vault141995Rock 320FATASSRADIO
930Def LeppardBringin' on the Heartbreak4:33Vault151995Rock 128FATASSRADIO
931Def LeppardNow4:00X12002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
932Def LeppardUnbelievable4:01X22002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
933Def LeppardYou're So Beautiful3:33X32002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
934Def LeppardEveryday3:10X42002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
935Def LeppardLong Long Way To Go 4:40X52002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
936Def LeppardFour Letter Word3:09X62002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
937Def LeppardTorn To Shreds2:58X72002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
938Def LeppardLove Don't Lie4:48X82002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
939Def LeppardGravity2:35X92002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
940Def LeppardCry3:20X102002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
941Def LeppardGirl Like You2:51X112002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
942Def LeppardLet Me Be The One3:31X122002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
943Def LeppardScar5:01X132002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
944Def LeppardKiss The Day4:27X142002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
945Def LeppardLong Long Way To Go (accoustic)4:43X152002Rock 320FATASSRADIO
946Definition Of SoundFighter5:42Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III OST61993Soundtrack 177FATASSRADIO
947DejaVu4:56 7   192FATASSRADIO
948Del AmitriScared To Live4:50B-Sides Lousy With Love11998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
949Del AmitriReturn Of Maggie Brown3:45B-Sides Lousy With Love21998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
950Del AmitriIn The Frame3:48B-Sides Lousy With Love31998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
951Del AmitriSleep Instead Of Teardrops4:31B-Sides Lousy With Love41998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
952Del AmitriLong Journey Home4:11B-Sides Lousy With Love51998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
953Del AmitriPaper Thin3:30B-Sides Lousy With Love61998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
954Del AmitriLast Love Song3:42B-Sides Lousy With Love71998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
955Del AmitriVerb To Do2:40B-Sides Lousy With Love81998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
956Del AmitriIn The Meantime5:48B-Sides Lousy With Love91998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
957Del AmitriLong Way Down3:29B-Sides Lousy With Love101998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
958Del AmitriWhiskey Remorse3:13B-Sides Lousy With Love111998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
959Del AmitriBefore The Evening Steals The Afternoon2:43B-Sides Lousy With Love121998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
960Del AmitriSo Many Souls To Change3:53B-Sides Lousy With Love131998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
961Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love141998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
962Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love151998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
963Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love161998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
964Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love171998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
965Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love181998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
966Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love191998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
967Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love201998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
968Del Amitri 0:13B-Sides Lousy With Love211998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
969Del Amitri 2:36B-Sides Lousy With Love221998Alternative Rock 192FATASSRADIO
970Del AmitriCry To Be Found4:06Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri11998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
971Del AmitriRoll To Me2:12Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri21998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
972Del AmitriKiss This Thing Goodbye4:28Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri31998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
973Del AmitriNot Where It's At3:41Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri41998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
974Del AmitriNothing Ever Happens3:51Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri51998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
975Del AmitriAlways The Last To Know4:17Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri61998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
976Del AmitriHere And Now5:18Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri71998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
977Del AmitriJust Like A Man5:03Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri81998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
978Del AmitriSpit In The Rain3:41Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri91998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
979Del AmitriWhen You Were Young4:03Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri101998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
980Del AmitriDriving With The Brakes On4:34Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri111998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
981Del AmitriStone Cold Sober4:59Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri121998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
982Del AmitriTell Her This3:13Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri131998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
983Del AmitriMove Away Jimmy Blue3:39Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri141998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
984Del AmitriBe My Downfall3:30Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri151998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
985Del AmitriSome Other Sucker's Parade3:12Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri161998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
986Del AmitriDon't Come Home Too Soon3:24Hatful Of Rain: The Best Of Del Amitri171998Adult Alternative Rock 224FATASSRADIO
987Del AmitriKiss This Thing Goodbye4:30Waking Hours11989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
988Del AmitriOpposite View4:52Waking Hours21989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
989Del AmitriMove Away Jimmy Blue3:39Waking Hours31989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
990Del AmitriStone Cold Sober4:59Waking Hours41989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
991Del AmitriYou're Gone5:06Waking Hours51989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
992Del AmitriWhen I Want You4:32Waking Hours61989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
993Del AmitriThis Side Of The Morning4:24Waking Hours71989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
994Del AmitriEmpty4:34Waking Hours81989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
995Del AmitriHatful Of Rain5:01Waking Hours91989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
996Del AmitriNothing Ever Happens3:51Waking Hours101989Adult Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
997DeleriumIncantation8:52     128FATASSRADIO
998Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Delaware Theme (Extended)2:11Doctor Who11972Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
999Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Extended Theme (1967)2:20Doctor Who11967Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1000Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Extended Theme (Radiophonic Workshop Version)2:22Doctor Who11963Electronic 192FATASSRADIO
1001Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Delaware Theme (Opening)0:27Doctor Who21972Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1002Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Extended Theme (T2:09Doctor Who21963Electronic 192FATASSRADIO
1003Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Opening Theme (with Stutter)0:43Doctor Who21970Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1004Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Delaware Theme (Closing)0:53Doctor Who31972Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1005Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Extended Theme (Stereo Version)2:21Doctor Who32002Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
1006Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Opening Theme0:44Doctor Who31970Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1007Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Closing Theme0:53Doctor Who41970Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1008Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Closing Theme (with Middle Eight)1:13Doctor Who51970Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1009Delia DerbyshireDoctor Who - Opening Theme (New Series Version)0:40Doctor Who62005Electronic 192FATASSRADIO
1010DeNiece WilliamsLet's Hear It For The Boy (1984)4:24Retro's 80's71984Other 128FATASSRADIO
1011Deniece Williams; Johnny Mathis; Tom Scott; Jeff BarryFamily Ties ("Without Us")1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6211996Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
1012Denisse LaraOne4:13Pokemon 2000: The Power of One132000Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
1013Deniz HughesThree on Three4:40Pokemon: The First Movie [Score]92000Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
1014Dennis McCarthyV: The Series1:04Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6581996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1015DestructionWhiplash3:33A Tribute To the Four Horsemen32002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
1016DeuxGo! Go! Go!4:08     128FATASSRADIO
1017DeuxOut OF The Ring3:25???  Pop 239FATASSRADIO
1018DeuxWe Are3:33Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection112000PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
1019DevoTheme from Adventures of the Smart Patrol2:29Adventures of the Smart Patrol11996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1020DevoThat's What He Said3:15Adventures of the Smart Patrol21996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1021DevoMechanical Man4:20Adventures of the Smart Patrol31996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1022DevoU Got Me Bugged2:49Adventures of the Smart Patrol41996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1023Devo34C3:34Adventures of the Smart Patrol51996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1024DevoPeekaboo!3:03Adventures of the Smart Patrol71996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1025DevoBeautiful World3:33Adventures of the Smart Patrol81996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1026DevoWhip It2:40Adventures of the Smart Patrol91996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1027DevoFreedom of Choice3:28Adventures of the Smart Patrol101996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1028DevoJocko Homo3:06Adventures of the Smart Patrol111996Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1029DevoJocko Homo3:39B Stiff EP11979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1030DevoBe Stiff2:34B Stiff EP31979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1031DevoMongoloid3:44B Stiff EP41979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1032DevoSloppy (I Saw my Baby Gettin')2:40B Stiff EP51979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1033DevoSocial Fools3:41B Stiff EP61979Other 96FATASSRADIO
1034Devo(I Can't Get Me No) Satisfaction3:00B Stiff EP21979Other 128FATASSRADIO
1035Devofreedom of choice theme song2:45dev-o live11980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1036Devowhip it2:52dev-o live21980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1037Devogirl u want2:56dev-o live31980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1038Devogates of steel3:27dev-o live41980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1039Devobe stiff2:56dev-o live51980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1040Devoplanet earth2:46dev-o live61980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1041Devofreedom of choice theme song2:52dev-o live71980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1042Devowhip it2:46dev-o live81980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1043Devosnowball2:50dev-o live91980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1044Devoit's not right2:25dev-o live101980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1045Devogirl u want3:01dev-o live111980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1046Devoplanet earth2:36dev-o live121980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1047Devos.i.b. (swelling itching brain)4:06dev-o live131980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1048Devosecret agent man3:25dev-o live141980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1049Devoblockhead3:26dev-o live151980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1050Devouncontrollable urge3:17dev-o live161980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1051Devomongoloid3:29dev-o live171980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1052Devobe stiff3:00dev-o live181980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1053Devogates of steel3:28dev-o live191980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1054Devosmart patrol/mr. dna7:20dev-o live201980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1055Devosmart patrol/mr. dna7:20dev-o live201980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1056Devogut feeling (slap your mammy)4:31dev-o live211980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1057Devocome back jonee3:40dev-o live221980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
1058DevoDevo Corporate Anthem1:16Duty Now For The Future11979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1059DevoClockout2:45Duty Now For The Future21979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1060DevoTiming X1:11Duty Now For The Future31979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1061DevoWiggly World2:44Duty Now For The Future41979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1062DevoBlockhead3:00Duty Now For The Future51979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1063DevoStrange Pursuit2:46Duty Now For The Future61979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1064DevoS.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)4:29Duty Now For The Future71979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1065DevoTriumph of the Will2:18Duty Now For The Future81979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1066DevoThe Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize2:41Duty Now For The Future91979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1067DevoPink Pussycat3:12Duty Now For The Future101979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1068DevoSecret Agent Man3:37Duty Now For The Future111979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1069DevoSmart Patrol/Mr. DNA6:06Duty Now For The Future121979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1070DevoRed Eye2:50Duty Now For The Future131979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1071DevoSoo Bawlz (bonus track)2:23Duty Now For The Future141979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1072DevoPenetration In The Centrefold (bonus track)2:27Duty Now For The Future151979Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1073DevoGates Of Steel2:57E-Z Listening Disc11987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1074DevoGirl U Want5:01E-Z Listening Disc21987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1075DevoCome Back Jonee3:13E-Z Listening Disc31987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1076DevoWhip It3:01E-Z Listening Disc41987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1077DevoThat's Good3:40E-Z Listening Disc51987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1078DevoJerkin' Back And Forth3:12E-Z Listening Disc61987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1079Devo4th Dimension3:52E-Z Listening Disc71987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1080DevoShout (Hello Kitty)4:13E-Z Listening Disc81987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1081DevoMongoloid5:10E-Z Listening Disc91987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1082DevoPity You3:27E-Z Listening Disc101987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1083DevoGoin' Under3:09E-Z Listening Disc111987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1084DevoSwelling, Itching Brain4:15E-Z Listening Disc121987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1085DevoJurisdiction Of Love3:44E-Z Listening Disc131987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1086DevoPeek 'A' Boo4:28E-Z Listening Disc141987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1087DevoSatisfaction4:12E-Z Listening Disc151987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1088DevoSpace Junk2:41E-Z Listening Disc161987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1089DevoTime Out For Fun3:24E-Z Listening Disc171987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1090DevoIt's A Beautiful World3:15E-Z Listening Disc181987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1091DevoJocko Homo3:37E-Z Listening Disc191987Other 96FATASSRADIO
1092DevoGirl U Want2:55Freedom Of Choice11980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1093DevoIt's Not Right2:20Freedom Of Choice21980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1094DevoWhip It2:37Freedom Of Choice31980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1095DevoSnowball2:27Freedom Of Choice41980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1096DevoTon O' Luv2:28Freedom Of Choice51980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1097DevoFreedom of Choice3:26Freedom Of Choice61980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1098DevoGates of Steel3:25Freedom Of Choice71980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1099DevoCold War2:30Freedom Of Choice81980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1100DevoDon't You Know2:15Freedom Of Choice91980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1101DevoThat's Pep2:17Freedom Of Choice101980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1102DevoMr. B's Ballroom2:45Freedom Of Choice111980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1103DevoPlanet Earth2:44Freedom Of Choice121980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1104DevoTurn Around2:13Freedom Of Choice131980Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1105DevoHere to Go [Go Mix Version]5:32Greatest Hits11990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1106DevoThrough Being Cool3:12Greatest Hits21990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1107DevoBig Mess2:46Greatest Hits31990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1108DevoThat's Good3:25Greatest Hits41990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1109DevoJerkin' Back 'N' Forth3:04Greatest Hits51990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1110DevoPeek-A-Boo!3:02Greatest Hits61990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1111DevoBeautiful World3:33Greatest Hits71990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1112Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction2:39Greatest Hits81990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1113DevoWhip It2:39Greatest Hits91990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1114DevoGirl U Want2:57Greatest Hits101990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1115DevoFreedom of Choice3:28Greatest Hits111990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1116DevoSmart Patrol/Mr. DNA6:05Greatest Hits121990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1117DevoGut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy4:59Greatest Hits131990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1118DevoGates of Steel3:28Greatest Hits141990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1119DevoWorking in the Coal Mine2:49Greatest Hits151990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1120DevoJocko Homo3:37Greatest Hits161990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1121DevoDisco Dancer4:12Greatest Hits [BMG]61998Alternative 129FATASSRADIO
1122DevoDevo Corporate Anthem1:16Greatest Misses11990Rock 155FATASSRADIO
1123DevoClockout2:48Greatest Misses21990Rock 197FATASSRADIO
1124DevoThe Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize2:42Greatest Misses31990Rock 199FATASSRADIO
1125DevoShrivel-Up3:05Greatest Misses41990Rock 199FATASSRADIO
1126DevoBlockhead3:01Greatest Misses51990Rock 191FATASSRADIO
1127DevoPink Pussycat3:11Greatest Misses61990Rock 205FATASSRADIO
1128DevoMongoloid3:45Greatest Misses71990Rock 184FATASSRADIO
1129DevoBe Stiff (Booji Boy version)2:35Greatest Misses81990Rock 214FATASSRADIO
1130Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction3:00Greatest Misses91990Rock 191FATASSRADIO
1131DevoPenetration In The Centrefold2:28Greatest Misses101990Rock 209FATASSRADIO
1132DevoToo Much Paranoias1:58Greatest Misses111990Rock 186FATASSRADIO
1133DevoS.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)4:29Greatest Misses121990Rock 205FATASSRADIO
1134DevoMechanical Man (Booji Boy version)3:20Greatest Misses131990Rock 195FATASSRADIO
1135DevoSpeed Racer2:40Greatest Misses141990Rock 199FATASSRADIO
1136DevoTiming X / Space Junk3:27Greatest Misses151990Rock 199FATASSRADIO
1137DevoJocko Homo (Booji Boy version)2:53Greatest Misses161990Rock 199FATASSRADIO
1138DevoBooji Boy's Funeral4:01Hardcore Devo Vol. 211991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1139DevoCan You Take It?3:02Hardcore Devo Vol. 221991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1140DevoBamboo Bimbo3:19Hardcore Devo Vol. 231991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1141DevoA Plan For U3:14Hardcore Devo Vol. 241991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1142DevoThe Rope Song3:23Hardcore Devo Vol. 251991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1143DevoGoo Goo Itch2:20Hardcore Devo Vol. 261991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1144DevoBe Stiff3:21Hardcore Devo Vol. 271991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1145DevoAll Of Us4:55Hardcore Devo Vol. 281991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1146DevoBaby Talkin' Bitches2:27Hardcore Devo Vol. 291991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1147DevoI Need A Chick2:53Hardcore Devo Vol. 2101991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1148DevoU Got Me Bugged2:48Hardcore Devo Vol. 2111991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1149DevoChango3:13Hardcore Devo Vol. 2121991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1150DevoFraulein3:09Hardcore Devo Vol. 2131991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1151DevoDogs Of Democracy3:29Hardcore Devo Vol. 2141991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1152Devo373:00Hardcore Devo Vol. 2151991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1153DevoBottled Up2:24Hardcore Devo Vol. 2161991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1154DevoWorking In A Coalmine3:16Hardcore Devo Vol. 2171991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1155DevoI Been Refused3:35Hardcore Devo Vol. 2181991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1156DevoFountain Of Filth3:29Hardcore Devo Vol. 2191991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1157DevoClockout3:11Hardcore Devo Vol. 2201991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1158DevoLet's Go2:42Hardcore Devo Vol. 2211991Alternative Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1159DevoMechanical Man4:24Hardcore Devo, Volume 111980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1160DevoAuto Modown2:01Hardcore Devo, Volume 121980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1161DevoSpace Girl Blues1:52Hardcore Devo, Volume 131980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1162DevoSocial Fools3:41Hardcore Devo, Volume 141980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1163DevoSoo Bawls2:43Hardcore Devo, Volume 151980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1164DevoSatisfaction3:00Hardcore Devo, Volume 161980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1165DevoJocko Homo2:56Hardcore Devo, Volume 171980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1166DevoGolden Energy2:32Hardcore Devo, Volume 181980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1167DevoButtered Beauties3:38Hardcore Devo, Volume 191980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1168DevoMidget2:41Hardcore Devo, Volume 1101980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1169DevoI'm A Potato2:38Hardcore Devo, Volume 1111980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1170DevoUglatto2:00Hardcore Devo, Volume 1121980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1171DevoStop Look and Listen2:33Hardcore Devo, Volume 1131980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1172DevoOno2:46Hardcore Devo, Volume 1141980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1173DevoMongoloid3:35Hardcore Devo, Volume 1151980Other 96FATASSRADIO
1174DevoJocko Homo3:39Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo11993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1175DevoMongoloid3:44Hot Potatoes: The Best Of Devo21993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1176Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction2:40Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo31993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1177DevoWhip It2:38Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo41993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1178DevoGirl U Want2:57Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo51993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1179DevoFreedom of Choice3:28Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo61993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1180DevoPeek-A-Boo3:00Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo71993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1181DevoThrough Being Cool3:12Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo81993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1182DevoThat's Good3:24Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo91993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1183DevoWorking in a Coalmine2:50Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo101993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1184DevoDevo Corporate Anthem1:14Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo111993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1185DevoBe Stiff2:32Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo121993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1186DevoGates of Steel3:28Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo131993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1187DevoCome Back Jonee3:23Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo141993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1188DevoSecret Agent Man3:36Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo151993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1189DevoThe Day My Baby Gave Me A Suprise2:42Hot Potatoes: The Best Of Devo161993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1190DevoBeautiful World3:34Hot Potatoes: The Best Of Devo171993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1191DevoBig Mess2:44Hot Potatoes: The Best of Devo181993Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1192DevoWhip It (HMS & M Mix)7:41Hot Potatoes: The Best Of Devo191993Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1193Devowhip it2:42Live 198011980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1194Devosnowball2:41Live 198021980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1195Devoit's not right2:18Live 198031980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1196Devoplanet earth2:33Live 198051980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1197Devos.i.b. (swelling itching brain)3:43Live 198061980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1198Devosecret agent man3:18Live 198071980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1199Devopink pussycat3:20Live 198081980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1200Devoblockhead3:22Live 198091980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1201Devo(i can't get no) satisfaction3:17Live 1980101980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1202Devouncontrollable urge3:07Live 1980111980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1203Devomongoloid3:27Live 1980121980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1204Devobe stiff2:50Live 1980131980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1205Devogates of steel3:17Live 1980141980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1206Devofreedom of choice3:22Live 1980151980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1207Devo00. freedom of choice theme1:47Live 1980 (video) 1980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1208Devo16. jocko homo4:48Live 1980 (video) 1980Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1209Devointroductions1:24live in the land of the rising sun12004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1210Devogeneral boy addresses the troops2:04live in the land of the rising sun22004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1211Devointerlude (that's good)2:38live in the land of the rising sun32004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1212Devothat's good3:41live in the land of the rising sun42004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1213Devogirl u want3:13live in the land of the rising sun52004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1214Devowhip it2:49live in the land of the rising sun62004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1215Devosatisfaction3:26live in the land of the rising sun72004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1216Devouncontrollable urge3:36live in the land of the rising sun82004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1217Devomongoloid3:46live in the land of the rising sun92004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1218Devoblockhead3:49live in the land of the rising sun102004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1219Devojocko homo5:34live in the land of the rising sun112004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1220Devosmart patrol/mr. dna7:01live in the land of the rising sun122004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1221Devogut feeling/slap your mammy4:33live in the land of the rising sun132004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1222Devogates of steel3:30live in the land of the rising sun142004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1223Devofan appreciation 11:22live in the land of the rising sun152004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1224Devofreedom of choice4:16live in the land of the rising sun162004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1225Devocome back jonee5:24live in the land of the rising sun172004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1226Devofan appreciation 21:22live in the land of the rising sun182004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1227DevoSatisfaction (I Can't Get No)3:18Live: The Mongoloid Years11992New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1228DevoToo Much Paranoias2:20Live: The Mongoloid Years21992New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1229DevoPraying Hands4:10Live: The Mongoloid Years31992New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1230DevoUncontrollable Urge3:21Live: The Mongoloid Years41992New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1231DevoMongoloid3:26Live: The Mongoloid Years51992New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1232DevoAre You Ready !?3:01Mighty Morphin Power Rangers T41995Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
1233Devoworried man (live, circa 1980)3:07neverwas12004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1234Devointerlude (that's good)2:34neverwas22004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1235Devosecret agent man (video version)4:47neverwas22004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1236Devobecause0:59neverwas32004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1237Devowhip it2:40neverwas32004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1238Devogirl u want3:07neverwas42004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1239Devomy struggle (an excerpt)1:48neverwas42004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1240Devosatisfaction3:57neverwas52004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1241Devoworried man (video edit)4:40neverwas52004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1242Devoout of the blue and into the black (with neil young)9:54neverwas62004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1243Devouncontrollable urge3:43neverwas62004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1244Devoblockhead3:36neverwas72004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1245Devoworried man (reprise)4:59neverwas72004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1246Devomongoloid3:54neverwas82004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1247Devotime out for fun (video version)3:03neverwas82004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1248Devojocko homo6:47neverwas92004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1249Devolet me tickle your fancy5:05neverwas92004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1250Devolet me tickle your fancy (instrumenntal)5:05neverwas102004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1251Devoluv-luv3:32neverwas122004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1252Devobread and butter2:30neverwas132004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1253Devobaby doll (dub mix)6:09neverwas142004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1254Devogirl u want '953:49neverwas152004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1255Devogirl u want '95 (alternate)2:32neverwas162004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1256Devosupercop4:14neverwas182004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1257Devohuboon stomp3:12neverwas192004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1258Devowitch doctor3:30neverwas202004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1259Devogo monkey go3:00neverwas212004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1260DevoThrough Being Cool3:15New Traditionalists11981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1261DevoJerkin' 'N' Forth3:05New Traditionalists21981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1262DevoPity You2:48New Traditionalists31981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1263DevoSoft Things3:26New Traditionalists41981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1264DevoGoing Under3:28New Traditionalists51981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1265DevoRace of Doom3:44New Traditionalists61981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1266DevoLove Without Anger2:37New Traditionalists71981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1267DevoThe Super Thing4:20New Traditionalists81981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1268DevoBeautiful World3:35New Traditionalists91981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1269DevoEnough Said3:27New Traditionalists101981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1270DevoWorking In the Coal Mine2:49New Traditionalists111981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1271DevoMecha-Mania Boy2:48New Traditionalists121981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1272DevoNu-tra Speak (New Tradionalist Man)1:39New Traditionalists131981Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1273DevoJocko Homo3:51Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)11988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1274DevoIt Doesn't Matter to Me2:52Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)21988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1275DevoGoing Under4:17Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)31988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1276DevoWorking in the Coal Mine3:59Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)41988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1277DevoHappy Guy3:22Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)51988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1278DevoThat's Good3:31Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)61988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1279DevoJerkin' Back 'N' Forth3:05Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)71988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1280DevoGirl U Want3:02Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)81988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1281DevoWhip It2:37Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)91988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1282DevoBaby Doll3:53Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)101988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1283Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction3:35Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)111988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1284DevoUncontrollable Urge3:28Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)121988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1285DevoGut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy3:13Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)131988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1286DevoGates of Steel3:46Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)141988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1287DevoSomewhere With Devo: Shout / Disco Dancer11:20Now It Can Be Told (Devo at the Palace 12/9/88)151988Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1288DevoTime Out for Fun2:47Oh, No! It's Devo11982Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1289DevoPeek-A-Boo!3:00Oh, No! It's Devo21982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1290DevoOut Of Sync3:33Oh, No! It's Devo31982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1291DevoExplosions3:03Oh, No! It's Devo41982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1292DevoThat's Good3:24Oh, No! It's Devo51982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1293DevoPatterns2:58Oh, No! It's Devo61982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1294DevoBig Mess2:43Oh, No! It's Devo71982Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1295DevoSpeed Racer2:39Oh, No! It's Devo81982Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1296DevoWhat I Must Do2:34Oh, No! It's Devo91982Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1297DevoI Desire3:14Oh, No! It's Devo101982Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1298DevoDeep Sleep3:29Oh, No! It's Devo111982Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1299DevoPart Of You2:52Oh, No! It's Devo121982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1300DevoPeek-A-Boo (Dance Velocity)4:38Oh, No! It's Devo121982Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1301DevoFind Out3:24Oh, No! It's Devo131982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1302DevoPeek-A-Boo! (DEVO Dub)5:25Oh, No! It's Devo151982New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1303DevoWe're All Devo!1:04Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 112000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1304DevoJocko Homo [Booji Boy Version]3:18Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 122000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1305DevoMongoloid [Booji Boy Version]3:34Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 132000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1306DevoBe Stiff [Stiff Version]2:34Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 142000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1307DevoUncontrollable Urge3:10Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 152000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1308Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction2:40Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 162000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1309DevoToo Much Paranoias1:58Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 172000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1310DevoCome Back Jonee3:48Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 182000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1311DevoTriumph of the Will2:16Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 192000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1312DevoSmart Patrol/Mr. DNA6:04Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1102000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1313DevoSecret Agent Man3:33Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1112000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1314DevoThe Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise2:41Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1122000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1315DevoSoo Bawlz2:21Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1132000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1316DevoIt Takes a Worried Man3:28Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1142000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1317DevoGirl U Want2:56Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1152000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1318DevoFreedom of Choice3:28Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1162000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1319DevoGates of Steel3:28Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1172000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1320DevoWhip It2:40Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1182000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1321DevoSnowball [Single Remix]2:28Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1192000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1322DevoMr. B's Ballroom2:47Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1202000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1323DevoWorking in the Coal Mine2:50Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1212000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1324DevoLove Without Anger2:36Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1222000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1325DevoThrough Being Cool3:12Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1232000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1326DevoJerkin' Back and Forth3:04Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1242000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1327DevoBeautiful World3:34Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1252000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1328DevoNu-Tra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)1:40Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 1262000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1329DevoPeekaboo!3:01Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 222000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1330DevoThat's Good3:25Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 232000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1331DevoBig Mess2:45Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 242000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1332DevoOne Dumb Thing2:45Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 252000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1333DevoTheme from Doctor Detroit [Dance Mix]6:02Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 262000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1334DevoShout3:17Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 272000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1335DevoHere to Go [Go Mix Version]5:31Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 282000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1336DevoAre You Experienced?3:09Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 292000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1337DevoI Wouldn't Do That to You3:14Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2102000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1338DevoBread and Butter2:30Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2112000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1339DevoLet's Talk2:41Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2122000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1340DevoItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini2:10Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2132000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1341DevoBaby Doll [Devo Single Mix]3:28Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2142000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1342DevoDisco Dancer [7 Version]4:12Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2152000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1343DevoSome Things Never Change4:10Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2162000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1344DevoIt Doesn't Matter to Me2:15Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2172000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1345DevoStuck in a Loop3:50Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2182000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1346DevoPost Post-Modern Man2:51Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2192000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1347DevoHead Like a Hole4:51Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2202000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1348DevoThanks to You3:18Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2212000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1349DevoCommunication Break-Up2:43Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2222000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1350Devotunnel of life (booji boy's funeral) (faux studio version)4:44previously unreleased 2004Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1351devothat's good (promo extended mix)5:05promo11982Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1352devospeed racer (promo extended mix)3:43promo21982Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1353DevoUncontrollable Urge3:10Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!11978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1354Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction2:40Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!21978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1355DevoPraying Hands2:48Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!31978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1356DevoSpace Junk2:14Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!41978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1357DevoMongoloid3:44Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!51978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1358DevoJocko Homo3:39Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!61978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1359DevoToo Much Paranoias1:57Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!71978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1360DevoGut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)4:57Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!81978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1361DevoCome Back Jonee3:48Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!91978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1362DevoSloppy (I Saw my Baby Gettin')2:40Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!101978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1363DevoShrivel-Up3:03Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo!111978Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1364Devo01 Recombo DNA (DEMO)2:06Recombo DNA Sequence A12000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1365Devo02 The Words Get Stuck In My Throat (LIVE)5:27Recombo DNA Sequence A22000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1366Devo03 Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin') (DEMO)2:17Recombo DNA Sequence A32000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1367Devo04 Be Stiff (ALTERNATE MIX)2:43Recombo DNA Sequence A42000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1368Devo05 Pink Pussycat (DEMO)4:08Recombo DNA Sequence A52000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1369Devo06 Goo Goo Itch (ALTERNATE VERSION)  2:25Recombo DNA Sequence A62000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1370Devo07 Strange Pursuit (DEMO)2:31Recombo DNA Sequence A72000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1371Devo08 The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize (DEMO)3:32Recombo DNA Sequence A82000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1372Devo09 Bushwhacked (PROSTHETIC VERSION)4:40Recombo DNA Sequence A92000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1373Devo10 Girl U Want (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)2:59Recombo DNA Sequence A102000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1374Devo11 Turn Around (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)2:12Recombo DNA Sequence A112000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1375Devo12 Snowball (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)2:49Recombo DNA Sequence A122000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1376Devo13 Luv & Such (Mr. B's Ballroom)2:53Recombo DNA Sequence A132000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1377Devo14 Gates Of Steel (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)3:28Recombo DNA Sequence A142000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1378Devo15 Planet Earth (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)3:16Recombo DNA Sequence A152000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1379Devo16 Whip It (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)2:38Recombo DNA Sequence A162000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1380Devo17 Cold War (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)2:33Recombo DNA Sequence A172000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1381Devo18 Time Bomb3:13Recombo DNA Sequence A182000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1382Devo19 That's Pep (DEMO ALTERNATE VERSION)2:31Recombo DNA Sequence A192000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1383Devo20 Make Me Dance (LABELED 'MAKE ME MOVE')2:16Recombo DNA Sequence A202000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1384Devo22 I Saw Jesus1:30Recombo DNA Sequence A222000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1385Devo23 Psychology Of Desire (DEMO)4:23Recombo DNA Sequence A232000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1386Devo24 Pity You (LABELED 'YOU SAY YOU GOT A PROBLEM') (DEMO)2:54Recombo DNA Sequence A242000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1387DevoBeautiful World (DEMO)3:41Recombo DNA Sequence B12000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1388DevoRace Of Doom (DEMO)3:43Recombo DNA Sequence B22000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1389DevoI Desire (DEMO)3:18Recombo DNA Sequence B32000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1390DevoBig Mess (DEMO)2:48Recombo DNA Sequence B42000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1391DevoThe 4th Dimension (ALTERNATE VERSION ROUGH MIX)4:19Recombo DNA Sequence B52000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1392DevoHere To Go (ALTERNATE VERSION ROUGH MIX)3:18Recombo DNA Sequence B62000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1393DevoSome Things Don't Change (ROUGH MIX)2:55Recombo DNA Sequence B72000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1394DevoBig Adventure (ROUGH MIX)2:45Recombo DNA Sequence B82000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1395DevoNo Noise (ROUGH MIX)2:49Recombo DNA Sequence B92000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1396DevoLove Is Stronger Than Dirt2:11Recombo DNA Sequence B102000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1397DevoFaster And Faster2:49Recombo DNA Sequence B112000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1398DevoModern Life3:04Recombo DNA Sequence B122000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1399DevoThe Only One (DEMO) Vocal By TONI BASIL4:06Recombo DNA Sequence B132000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1400DevoBaby Doll (DEMO)3:36Recombo DNA Sequence B142000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1401DevoSome Things Never Change (DEMO)5:27Recombo DNA Sequence B152000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1402DevoPlain Truth (DEMO)3:59Recombo DNA Sequence B162000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1403DevoHappy Guy (DEMO)3:32Recombo DNA Sequence B172000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1404DevoSomewhere With Devo (STUDIO VERSION DEMO)18:22Recombo DNA Sequence B182000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1405DevoShout3:17Shout11984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1406DevoThe Satisfied Mind3:08Shout21984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1407DevoDon't Rescue Me3:07Shout31984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1408DevoThe 4th Dimension4:16Shout41984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1409DevoC'mon3:17Shout51984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1410DevoHere To Go3:18Shout61984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1411DevoJurisdiction of Love2:57Shout71984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1412DevoPuppet Boy3:10Shout81984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1413DevoPlease Please3:05Shout91984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1414DevoAre You Experienced?3:15Shout101984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1415DevoGrowing Pains3:45Shout111984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1416DevoShout (E-Z Listening Muzak Version 1)4:11Shout121984Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1417DevoStuck In A Loop3:51Smooth Noodle Maps11990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1418DevoPost Post-Modern Man2:54Smooth Noodle Maps21990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1419DevoWhen We Do It2:56Smooth Noodle Maps31990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1420DevoSpin The Wheel3:45Smooth Noodle Maps41990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1421DevoMorning Dew3:01Smooth Noodle Maps51990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1422DevoA Change Is Gonna Cum3:09Smooth Noodle Maps61990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1423DevoThe Big Picture2:44Smooth Noodle Maps71990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1424DevoPink Jazz Trancers3:12Smooth Noodle Maps81990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1425DevoJimmy2:50Smooth Noodle Maps91990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1426DevoDevo Has Feelings Too2:41Smooth Noodle Maps101990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1427DevoDawghaus3:22Smooth Noodle Maps111990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1428DevoPost Post-Modern Man (macro post-modern mix)3:21Smooth Noodle Maps121990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1429DevoPost Post-Modern Man (neo post-modern mix)6:43Smooth Noodle Maps131990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1430DevoPost Post-Modern Man (ultra post-modern dub)6:15Smooth Noodle Maps141990Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1431DevoBaby Doll3:55Total Devo11988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1432DevoDisco Dancer4:14Total Devo21988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1433DevoSome Things Never Change4:13Total Devo31988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1434DevoPlain Truth3:13Total Devo41988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1435DevoHappy Guy3:26Total Devo51988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1436DevoDon't Be Cruel2:10Total Devo61988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1437DevoThe Shadow3:25Total Devo71988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1438DevoI'd Cry If You Died4:06Total Devo81988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1439DevoAgitated3:52Total Devo91988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1440DevoMan Turned Inside Out4:18Total Devo101988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1441DevoSexi Luv3:14Total Devo111988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1442DevoBlow Up4:38Total Devo121988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1443DevoSome Things Never Change5:20Total Devo131988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1444DevoBaby Doll5:49Total Devo141988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1445DevoDisco Dancer6:30Total Devo151988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1446DevoAgitated5:41Total Devo161988Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1447devowatch us work it - teddybears mix2:13watch us work it - 12" single12008Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1448devowatch us work it - original demo2:18watch us work it - 12" single22008Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1449devo03 watch us work it - karaoke mix2:18watch us work it - 12" single32008Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1450devowatch us work it - still workin' mix4:19watch us work it - 12" single42008Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1451DevoWhip It (Philip Steir Remix)4:07What Is Hip? Remix Project, Vol. 1 2004Alternative 256FATASSRADIO
1452DevoWhip It (Philip Steir Remix)4:07What Is Hip? Remix Project, Vol. 1 2004Alternative 256FATASSRADIO
1453DevoOhio3:21When Pigs Fly2 Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1454Devo (as DOVE, the Band of Love)21 Gotta Serve Somebody (LIVE)6:30Recombo DNA Sequence A212000New Wave/Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1455Devo 2.0That's Good3:25Devo 2.012006Pop 177FATASSRADIO
1456Devo 2.0Peek A Boo3:05Devo 2.022006Pop 162FATASSRADIO
1457Devo 2.0Whip It2:41Devo 2.032006Pop 174FATASSRADIO
1458Devo 2.0Boy U Want2:58Devo 2.042006Pop 177FATASSRADIO
1459Devo 2.0Uncontrollable Urge3:10Devo 2.052006Pop 173FATASSRADIO
1460Devo 2.0Cyclops2:50Devo 2.062006Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1461Devo 2.0The Winner2:22Devo 2.072006Pop 161FATASSRADIO
1462Devo 2.0Big Mess2:48Devo 2.082006Pop 166FATASSRADIO
1463Devo 2.0Jerkin' Back 'N Forth3:05Devo 2.092006Pop 160FATASSRADIO
1464Devo 2.0Through Being Cool2:37Devo 2.0102006Pop 165FATASSRADIO
1465Devo 2.0Freedom Of Choice3:16Devo 2.0112006Pop 165FATASSRADIO
1466Devo 2.0Beautiful World3:26Devo 2.0122006Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1467Devo 2.0monkey's uncle2:25Disney Mania 4 2006AlternRock 256FATASSRADIO
1468Devo, General BoyGeneral Boy Visits Apocalypse Now1:45Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 212000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1469Devo, General BoysDuty Now for the Future!0:30Pioneers Who Got Scalped: The Anthology Disc 2232000Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1470Devotion 2 MusicBlah, Blah, Blah2:34Pokemon 2000: The Power of One92000Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
1471Di Gi CharatPARTY NIGHT5:42   Anime 128FATASSRADIO
1472DialogueLost in the Forest of Feelings3:01The Care Bears Movie71985Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
1473Diana Ross and Michael JacksonEase On Down The Road3:19The Ultimate Collection [Disc 1]92004Other Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1474DiddyWelcome To The Dollhouse0:46Welcome To The Dollhouse12008Teen Pop 195FATASSRADIO
1475Die AerzteUnholy (German Version) 3:30Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved121994Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1476Die KruppsBattery5:19A Tribute To the Four Horsemen122002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
1477DIMEBAG DARRELLFractured Mirror6:36Spacewalk: A Salute To Ace Frehley101996Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1478Dina DoreAll My Children1:06Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5271996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1479Dina DoreGeneral Hospital ("Autumn breeze")1:38Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5281996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1480Dinosaur Jr.Goin' Blind3:24Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved71994Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1481Dinosaur Jr.Out There5:54Soundtrack71993Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1482Dire StraitsOnce Upon A Time In The West13:01Alchemy [Disc 1]11996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1483Dire StraitsExpresso Love5:45Alchemy [Disc 1]21996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1484Dire StraitsRomeo And Juliet8:17Alchemy [Disc 1]31996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1485Dire StraitsLove Over Gold3:27Alchemy [Disc 1]41996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1486Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations7:35Alchemy [Disc 1]51996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1487Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing10:54Alchemy [Disc 1]61996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1488Dire StraitsTwo Young Lovers Intro: The Carousel Waltz4:49Alchemy [Disc 2]11984AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1489Dire StraitsTunnel Of Love14:29Alchemy [Disc 2]21984AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1490Dire StraitsTelegraph Road13:37Alchemy [Disc 2]31984AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1491Dire StraitsSolid Rock6:01Alchemy [Disc 2]41984AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1492Dire StraitsGoing Home - Theme From 'Local Hero'6:05Alchemy [Disc 2]51984AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1493Dire StraitsSo Far Away5:12Brothers In Arms11985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1494Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing8:26Brothers In Arms21985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1495Dire StraitsWalk Of Life4:12Brothers In Arms31985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1496Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick6:33Brothers In Arms41985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1497Dire StraitsWhy Worry8:31Brothers In Arms51985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1498Dire StraitsRide Across The River6:58Brothers In Arms61985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1499Dire StraitsThe Man's Too Strong4:40Brothers In Arms71985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1500Dire StraitsOne World3:40Brothers In Arms81985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1501Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms7:00Brothers In Arms91985AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1502Dire StraitsOnce Upon A Time In The West5:25Communique11979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1503Dire StraitsNews4:14Communique21979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1504Dire StraitsWhere Do You Think You're Going?3:49Communique31979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1505Dire StraitsCommunique5:49Communique41979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1506Dire StraitsLady Writer3:45Communique51979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1507Dire StraitsAngel Of Mercy4:36Communique61979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1508Dire StraitsPortobello Belle4:29Communique71979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1509Dire StraitsSingle Handed Sailor4:42Communique81979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1510Dire StraitsFollow Me Home5:50Communique91979AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1511Dire StraitsDown To The Waterline4:02Dire Straits11978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1512Dire StraitsWater Of Love5:26Dire Straits21978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1513Dire StraitsSetting Me Up3:19Dire Straits31978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1514Dire StraitsSix Blade Knife4:13Dire Straits41978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1515Dire StraitsSouthbound Again2:59Dire Straits51978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1516Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing5:48Dire Straits61978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1517Dire StraitsIn The Gallery6:16Dire Straits71978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1518Dire StraitsWild West End4:41Dire Straits81978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1519Dire StraitsLions5:03Dire Straits91978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1520Dire StraitsDown To The Waterline4:10Live At The BBC: 1978-8111978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1521Dire StraitsSix Blade Knife3:47Live At The BBC: 1978-8121978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1522Dire StraitsWater Of Love5:29Live At The BBC: 1978-8131978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1523Dire StraitsWild West End5:12Live At The BBC: 1978-8141978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1524Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing6:38Live At The BBC: 1978-8151978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1525Dire StraitsLions5:26Live At The BBC: 1978-8161978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1526Dire StraitsWhat's The Matter Baby?3:20Live At The BBC: 1978-8171978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1527Dire StraitsTunnel Of Love11:56Live At The BBC: 1978-8181981AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1528Dire StraitsTelegraph Road14:18Love Over Gold11982AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1529Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations6:46Love Over Gold21982AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1530Dire StraitsIndustrial Disease5:50Love Over Gold31982AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1531Dire StraitsLove Over Gold6:17Love Over Gold41982AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1532Dire StraitsIt Never Rains7:59Love Over Gold51982AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1533Dire StraitsTunnel Of Love8:11Making Movies11980AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1534Dire StraitsRomeo & Juliet6:01Making Movies21980AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1535Dire StraitsSkateaway6:40Making Movies31980AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1536Dire StraitsExpresso Love5:12Making Movies41980AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1537Dire StraitsHand In Hand4:48Making Movies51980AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1538Dire StraitsSolid Rock3:27Making Movies61980AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1539Dire StraitsLes Boys4:08Making Movies71980AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1540Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing5:50Metroland111978Rock Singer-Songwriter 206FATASSRADIO
1541Dire StraitsMoney For Nothin8:25Money For Nothin21985Rock & Roll 128FATASSRADIO
1542Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing5:46Money For Nothing11988AOR Classic Rock 247FATASSRADIO
1543Dire StraitsDown To The Waterline4:01Money For Nothing21988AOR Classic Rock 242FATASSRADIO
1544Dire StraitsPortobello Belle [Live]4:33Money For Nothing31988AOR Classic Rock 235FATASSRADIO
1545Dire StraitsTwisting By The Pool3:30Money For Nothing41988AOR Classic Rock 261FATASSRADIO
1546Dire StraitsTunnel Of Love8:10Money For Nothing51988AOR Classic Rock 248FATASSRADIO
1547Dire StraitsRomeo And Juliet5:56Money For Nothing61988AOR Classic Rock 249FATASSRADIO
1548Dire StraitsWhere Do You Think You're Going3:30Money For Nothing71988AOR Classic Rock 255FATASSRADIO
1549Dire StraitsWalk Of Life4:08Money For Nothing81988AOR Classic Rock 232FATASSRADIO
1550Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations5:50Money For Nothing91988AOR Classic Rock 250FATASSRADIO
1551Dire StraitsTelegraph Road (Live Remix)11:59Money For Nothing101988AOR Classic Rock 261FATASSRADIO
1552Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing4:06Money For Nothing111988AOR Classic Rock 261FATASSRADIO
1553Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms4:49Money For Nothing121988AOR Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1554Dire StraitsCalling Elvis6:26On Every Street11996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1555Dire StraitsOn Every Street5:04On Every Street21996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1556Dire StraitsWhen It Comes To You5:01On Every Street31996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1557Dire StraitsFade To Black3:50On Every Street41996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1558Dire StraitsThe Bug4:16On Every Street51996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1559Dire StraitsYou And Your Friend5:59On Every Street61996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1560Dire StraitsHeavy Fuel5:10On Every Street71996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1561Dire StraitsIron Hand3:09On Every Street81996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1562Dire StraitsTicket To Heaven4:25On Every Street91996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1563Dire StraitsMy Parties5:33On Every Street101996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1564Dire StraitsPlanet Of New Orleans7:48On Every Street111996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1565Dire StraitsHow Long3:49On Every Street121996AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1566Dire StraitsCalling Elvis10:25On The Night (LIVE)11993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1567Dire StraitsWalk Of Life5:06On The Night (LIVE)21993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1568Dire StraitsHeavy Fuel5:22On The Night (LIVE)31993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1569Dire StraitsRomeo And Juliet10:05On The Night (LIVE)41993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1570Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations9:43On The Night (LIVE)51993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1571Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick5:35On The Night (LIVE)61993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1572Dire StraitsOn Every Street7:01On The Night (LIVE)71993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1573Dire StraitsYou And Your Friend6:48On The Night (LIVE)81993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1574Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing6:27On The Night (LIVE)91993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1575Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms8:55On The Night (LIVE)101993AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1576Dire StraitsDown To The Waterline52:03Rotterdam 197811978AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1577Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing5:50Sultans Of Swing11998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1578Dire StraitsLady Writer3:49Sultans Of Swing21998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1579Dire StraitsRomeo And Juliet6:05Sultans Of Swing31998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1580Dire StraitsTunnel Of Love8:14Sultans Of Swing41998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1581Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations5:54Sultans Of Swing51998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1582Dire StraitsTwisting By The Pool3:36Sultans Of Swing61998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1583Dire StraitsLove Over Gold [Live]3:40Sultans Of Swing71998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1584Dire StraitsSo Far Away4:03Sultans Of Swing81998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1585Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing4:09Sultans Of Swing91998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1586Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms4:55Sultans Of Swing101998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1587Dire StraitsWalk Of Life4:12Sultans Of Swing111998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1588Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing13:14Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]11998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1589Dire StraitsRomeo And Juliet7:30Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]31998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1590Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms8:54Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]101998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1591Dire StraitsWalk Of Life5:28Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]111998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1592Dire StraitsCalling Elvis4:41Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]121998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1593Dire StraitsHeavy Fuel5:01Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]131998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1594Dire StraitsOn Every Street4:39Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]141998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1595Dire StraitsYour Latest Trick [Live]5:41Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]151998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1596Dire StraitsLocal Hero / Wild Theme [Live]4:24Sultans Of Swing [Disc 1] [Special Edition]161998AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1597Dire StraitsTrack 15:50The Very Best Of1 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1598Dire StraitsTrack 23:49The Very Best Of2 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1599Dire StraitsTrack 36:05The Very Best Of3 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1600Dire StraitsTrack 48:14The Very Best Of4 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1601Dire StraitsTrack 55:54The Very Best Of5 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1602Dire StraitsTrack 63:36The Very Best Of6 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1603Dire StraitsTrack 73:40The Very Best Of7 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1604Dire StraitsTrack 84:03The Very Best Of8 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1605Dire StraitsTrack 94:09The Very Best Of9 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1606Dire StraitsTrack 104:55The Very Best Of10 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1607Dire StraitsTrack 114:12The Very Best Of11 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1608Dire StraitsTrack 124:41The Very Best Of12 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1609Dire StraitsTrack 135:01The Very Best Of13 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1610Dire StraitsTrack 144:39The Very Best Of14 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1611Dire StraitsTrack 155:41The Very Best Of15 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1612Dire StraitsTrack 164:24The Very Best Of16 Other 192FATASSRADIO
1613Dire StraitsTwisting By The Pool3:33Twisting By The Pool: ExtendeDancePlay11982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1614Dire StraitsTwo Young Lovers3:24Twisting By The Pool: ExtendeDancePlay21982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1615Dire StraitsIf I Had You4:16Twisting By The Pool: ExtendeDancePlay31982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1616Dire StraitsBadges,Posters,Stickers&T-Shirts4:47Twisting By The Pool: ExtendeDancePlay41983AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1617Dire Straits and Eric ClaptonWonderful Tonight6:54Solid Rock61999AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1618The Dirty MacYer Blues4:25Rock And Roll Circus121996Rock 147FATASSRADIO
1619DiscontronicTricky Disco3:50Future Trance Vol. 38 2006Trance 197FATASSRADIO
1620DiscotronicTricky Disco (A1 Original Mix) www.djwitek.prv.pl5:45  2006Other 128FATASSRADIO
1621discotronictricky disco (single edit)3:12Club Zone Vol.1242007Club-House 191FATASSRADIO
1622DisneyDarkwing Duck0:59   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1623DisneyDarkwing Duck (Deutsch)0:56   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1624DisneyDarkwing Duck0:57   Other 320FATASSRADIO
1625DisneyDarkwing Duck ( Nederlands)0:56  1999A Cappella 128FATASSRADIO
1626DisneyDarkwing Duck - Svenska0:59   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1627DisneyBumbibjörnarna1:00-  Other 64FATASSRADIO
1628DisneyDisney - Michael Jackson - Captain EO - Full Soundtrack17:43Rock  Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1629DisturbedPrayer3:41Believe12002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1630DisturbedLiberate3:30Believe22002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1631DisturbedAwaken4:29Believe32002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1632DisturbedBelieve4:27Believe42002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1633DisturbedRemember4:11Believe52002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1634DisturbedIntoxication3:14Believe62002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1635DisturbedRise3:57Believe72002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1636DisturbedMistress3:46Believe82002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1637DisturbedBreathe4:21Believe92002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1638DisturbedBound3:53Believe102002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1639DisturbedDevour3:52Believe112002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1640DisturbedDarkness3:56Believe122002Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1641DisturbedVoices3:20Festimad12003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1642DisturbedBound3:57Festimad22003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1643DisturbedIntoxication3:21Festimad32003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1644DisturbedIntermedio0:42Festimad42003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1645DisturbedFear3:49Festimad52003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1646DisturbedLiberate3:35Festimad62003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1647DisturbedThe Game3:51Festimad72003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1648DisturbedIntermedio 21:29Festimad82003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1649DisturbedRemember4:15Festimad92003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1650DisturbedDown With The Sickness5:09Festimad102003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1651DisturbedPrayer3:46Festimad112003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1652DisturbedStupify4:41Festimad122003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1653DisturbedDespedida0:53Festimad132003Alt Metal 192FATASSRADIO
1654DisturbedIndestructible4:38Indestructible12008Alt Metal 226FATASSRADIO
1655DisturbedInside The Fire3:51Indestructible22008Alt Metal 228FATASSRADIO
1656DisturbedDeceiver3:49Indestructible32008Alt Metal 225FATASSRADIO
1657DisturbedThe Night4:46Indestructible42008Alt Metal 217FATASSRADIO
1658DisturbedPerfect Insanity3:56Indestructible52008Alt Metal 234FATASSRADIO
1659DisturbedHaunted4:42Indestructible62008Alt Metal 226FATASSRADIO
1660DisturbedEnough4:19Indestructible72008Alt Metal 231FATASSRADIO
1661DisturbedThe Curse3:24Indestructible82008Alt Metal 222FATASSRADIO
1662DisturbedTorn4:09Indestructible92008Alt Metal 224FATASSRADIO
1663DisturbedCriminal4:15Indestructible102008Alt Metal 222FATASSRADIO
1664DisturbedDivide3:36Indestructible112008Alt Metal 219FATASSRADIO
1665DisturbedFaçade3:47Indestructible122008Alt Metal 225FATASSRADIO
1666DisturbedTen Thousand Fists3:31Ten Thousand Fists12005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1667DisturbedJust Stop3:44Ten Thousand Fists22005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1668DisturbedGuarded3:20Ten Thousand Fists32005Alt Metal 128FATASSRADIO
1669DisturbedDeify4:17Ten Thousand Fists42005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1670DisturbedStricken4:04Ten Thousand Fists52005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1671DisturbedI'm Alive4:42Ten Thousand Fists62005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1672DisturbedSons Of Plunder3:48Ten Thousand Fists72005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1673DisturbedOverburdened5:57Ten Thousand Fists82005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1674DisturbedDecadence3:23Ten Thousand Fists92005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1675DisturbedForgiven4:11Ten Thousand Fists102005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1676DisturbedLand Of Confusion4:50Ten Thousand Fists112005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1677DisturbedSacred Lie3:05Ten Thousand Fists122005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1678DisturbedPain Redefined4:06Ten Thousand Fists132005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1679DisturbedAvarice2:56Ten Thousand Fists142005Alt Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1680DisturbedVoices3:11The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]12000Alt Metal 251FATASSRADIO
1681DisturbedThe Game3:47The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]22000Alt Metal 247FATASSRADIO
1682DisturbedStupify4:34The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]32000Alt Metal 232FATASSRADIO
1683DisturbedDown With The Sickness4:38The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]42000Alt Metal 243FATASSRADIO
1684DisturbedViolence Fetish3:23The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]52000Alt Metal 251FATASSRADIO
1685DisturbedFear3:47The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]62000Alt Metal 250FATASSRADIO
1686DisturbedNumb3:44The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]72000Alt Metal 255FATASSRADIO
1687DisturbedWant3:52The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]82000Alt Metal 233FATASSRADIO
1688DisturbedConflict4:35The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]92000Alt Metal 240FATASSRADIO
1689DisturbedShout 20004:17The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]102000Alt Metal 240FATASSRADIO
1690DisturbedDroppin' Plates3:49The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]112000Alt Metal 236FATASSRADIO
1691DisturbedMeaning Of Life4:01The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]122000Alt Metal 246FATASSRADIO
1692DisturbedGod Of The Mind [Alternative Version, From "Valentine"]3:04The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]132000Alt Metal 242FATASSRADIO
1693DisturbedStupify [Live]4:53The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]142000Alt Metal 234FATASSRADIO
1694DisturbedThe Game [Live]3:52The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]152000Alt Metal 236FATASSRADIO
1695DisturbedVoices [Live]3:36The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]162000Alt Metal 241FATASSRADIO
1696DisturbedDown With The Sickness [Live]6:16The Sickness [Bonus Tracks]172000Alt Metal 234FATASSRADIO
1697disturbedthis moment3:05transformers the album32007Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1698DivaPerfect!3:48     80FATASSRADIO
1699DiversThe Ventures - No Trespassing2:01Legends Of Rock 'n' Roll CD219 Rhythmic Soul 160FATASSRADIO
1700Dixes GangEl Ritmo Tropical2:18Dance Dance Revolution OST 1974Game 128FATASSRADIO
1701Dixie CupsIko Iko2:02   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1702djrave to your hearts desire3:40  2008Other 56FATASSRADIO
1703DJ BoboHappy birthday to you3:28   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1705DJ ButterscotchRaccoon Song Remix2:21MFF 20031   128FATASSRADIO
1706Dj dagcrisis2:17  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1707dj dagdance do the beat2:15  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1708dj dagdance with me3:24  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1709Dj dagdesign the future1:42  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1710dj dagdrugs1:43  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1711dj daghardcore1:48  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1712dj dagHardcore for life2:04  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1713dj dagnew kind of music2:47  2008Other 56FATASSRADIO
1714dj dagnightmare3:27  2008  160FATASSRADIO
1715DJ DocBeauty And The Beast (OK? OK!)3:43   Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1716DJ DocWinter Story3:56   Rap 64FATASSRADIO
1717DJ DocRun to you (dance mix)3:54     128FATASSRADIO
1718DJ DOC06_Boogi Night4:14¸ðµçÀÚ·á½Ç 2000  128FATASSRADIO
1719DJ DOCStay3:35    128FATASSRADIO
1720DJ DOCOne Night3:12Love, Sex, Happiness92004Rap/Hip-Hop 160FATASSRADIO
1721DJ Jazzy JeffHow I Do (feat. Shawn Stockman [Boyz II Men])4:32The Magnificent52002Old School 128FATASSRADIO
1722DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceI'm All That3:43Homebase11991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1723DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceSummertime4:30Homebase21991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1724DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceThe Things That U Do4:56Homebase31991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1725DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceThis Boy Is Smooth4:58Homebase41991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1726DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceRing My Bell4:44Homebase51991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1727DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceA Dog Is a Dog4:29Homebase61991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1728DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceCaught in the Middle (Love & Life)4:21Homebase71991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1729DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceTrapped on the Dance Floor5:19Homebase81991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1730DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceWho Stole the D.J.4:50Homebase91991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1731DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceYou Saw My Blinker4:14Homebase101991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1732DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceDumb Dancin'4:55Homebase111991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1733DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceSummertime (Reprise)2:05Homebase121991Rap & Hip Hop 129FATASSRADIO
1734DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceSomethin' Like Dis4:09Code Red11993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1735DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceI'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)4:35Code Red21993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1736DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceBoom! Shake The Room3:46Code Red31993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1737DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceCan't Wait To Be With You3:52Code Red41993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1738DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceTwinkle Twinkle (I'm Not A Star)5:23Code Red51993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1739DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceCode Red3:31Code Red61993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1740DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceShadow Dreams4:04Code Red71993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1741DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceJust Kickin' It4:12Code Red81993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1742DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceAin't No Place Like Home5:08Code Red91993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1743DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceI Wanna Rock6:19Code Red101993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1744DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceScream4:31Code Red111993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1745DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceBoom! Shake The Room (Street Remix)4:30Code Red121993Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1746DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceA Nightmare On My Street4:55He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper11988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1747DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceHere We Go Again4:02He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper21988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1748DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceBrand New Funk4:04He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper31988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1749DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceTime To Chill4:24He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper41988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1750DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceCharlie Mack ( 1st Out Of The Limo)4:46He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper51988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1751DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceAs We Go5:34He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper61988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1752DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceParents Just Don't Understand5:15He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper71988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1753DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrincePump Up The Bass5:14He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper81988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1754DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceLet's Get Busy Baby4:06He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper91988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1755DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceLive At Union Square (November 1986)4:07He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper101988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1756DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceD.J. On The Wheels2:44He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper111988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1757DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceMy Buddy3:40He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper121988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1758DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceRhythm Trax - House Party Style4:39He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper131988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1759DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceHe's The DJ, I'm The Rapper4:56He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper141988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1760DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceHip Hop Dancer's Theme2:55He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper151988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1761DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceJazzy's In The House3:01He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper161988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1762DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceHuman Video Game4:12He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper171988Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1763DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceGirls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (1988 Extended Remix)4:52Rock The House11987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1764DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceJust One Of Those Days5:47Rock The House21987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1765DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceRock The House4:23Rock The House31987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1766DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceTaking It To The Top5:26Rock The House41987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1767DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceThe Magnificent Jazzy Jeff5:26Rock The House51987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1768DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceJust Rockin'5:04Rock The House61987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1769DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceA Touch Of Jazz3:21Rock The House81987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1770DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceDon't Even Try It5:28Rock The House91987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1771DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh PrinceSpecial Announcement1:47Rock The House101987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1772DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince featuring Ice Cream TeeGuys Ain't Nothing But Trouble4:34Rock The House71987Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
1773DJ MissillForward3:44Pump It Up NXA OST (  Other 161FATASSRADIO
1774DJ MissillForward3:44Pump It Up NXA OST (  Other 161FATASSRADIO
1775DJ Ötzi & Nic P.Ein Stern der deinen Namen trägt5:39Sternstunden 2001Schlager-Pop 218FATASSRADIO
1776DJ Quik09-50 Ways (Feat. Wanya Morris)3:39Under Tha Influence92002Rap 128FATASSRADIO
1777DJ SeithWater Warning Remix1:49ODD Rules 2000Game 128FATASSRADIO
1778DJ TemperFor Shiuk4:08  2006Other 128FATASSRADIO
1779Dj. DocPlay3:11???141997Pop 302FATASSRADIO
1780DJ.DOCAlive4:54     128FATASSRADIO
1782DJ.DOCGood bye6:06     128FATASSRADIO
1783Django ReinhardtBlues Clair3:05Metroland51999Other 130FATASSRADIO
1784Django ReinhardtMinor Swing3:18Metroland91999Other 127FATASSRADIO
1785djdagdie furry haters2:04     160FATASSRADIO
1786djdagtrance of sex1:32  2009  160FATASSRADIO
1787Dj-DocRun to You3:465? 5% The Life... DOC Blues72000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1788DjHANS vs Michael Jacksonyou rock my 2001House 128FATASSRADIO
1789Dominic FrontiereThe Flying Nun ("Who needs wings to fly")1:02Television's Greatest Hits Volume 522 Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
1790Dominic FrontiereThe Invaders0:52Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5541996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1791Dominic FrontiereVega$1:26Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6481996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1792Dominic FrontiereMatt Houston0:58Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6491996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1793Dominic FrontiereRat Patrol1:42Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2351986Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1794Dominic FrontiereTwelve O'Clock High1:15Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2361986Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1795Dominic FrontiereThe Outer Limits1:12Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2571986Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1796Dominic GlynnDoctor Who - Extended Theme2:55Doctor Who11986Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
1797Dominic GlynnDoctor Who - Opening Theme0:42Doctor Who21986Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1798Dominic GlynnDoctor Who - Opening Theme (Big Finish)0:31Doctor Who31986Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
1799Dominic GlynnDoctor Who - Closing Theme1:17Doctor Who41986Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1800Dominic GlynnDoctor Who - Closing Theme (Big Finish)1:02Doctor Who51986Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
1801Dominic GlynnDoctor Who - Closing Theme (Big Finish Condensed)0:20Doctor Who61986Electronic 256FATASSRADIO
1802Dominic GlynnDoctor Who - Terror Theme4:16Doctor Who31991Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1803Dominic GlynnDoctor Who [Terror Version]4:12The Best of Doctor Who, Vol. 1: Five Doctors151994Soundtrack 129FATASSRADIO
1804Don A. FerrisCaptain Midnight1:07Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV131996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1805Don FerrisFather Knows Best0:43Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV151996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1806Don HarperDoctor Who Theme4:19Doctor Who8 Electronic 192FATASSRADIO
1807Don HoShock the Monkey4:08When Pigs Fly52003Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1808Don Juan; Tech N9neMizzizy Gets Bizzy4:58The Calm Before the Storm41999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
1809Don Juan; Tech N9neOn Our Way to L.A.4:36The Calm Before the Storm51999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
1810Don Nicholl; Joe RaposoThree's Company1:01Television's Greatest Hits Volume III231988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1811Don WasMad About You ("Final Frontier")1:40TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)241996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
1812donatedBück Dich5:57Live Aus Berlin101999Alt Metal 160FATASSRADIO
1813Donkey; Puss In BootsLivin La Vida Loca3:29Shrek 2132004Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
1814Donna SummerThe Power of One3:49Pokemon 2000: The Power of One12000Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
1815The Donnas Strutter2:57Detroit Rock City Soundtrack121999Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1816Donny HathawayMaude ("And Then There's Maude")0:49Television's Greatest Hits Volume III301988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1817DonovanSunshine Superman (45 rpm Single)3:22   Classic Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1818Donovanhurdy gurdy man3:1560's collecion4 60's hits 128FATASSRADIO
1819DonovanAtlanta (Atlantis parody)0:54Futurama Season 2 2000  320FATASSRADIO
1820DonovanHurdy Gurdy Man3:19Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197611992Folk 198FATASSRADIO
1821DonovanLondon Town4:08Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197611992Folk 117FATASSRADIO
1822DonovanCodine4:49Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197621992Folk 124FATASSRADIO
1823DonovanJennifer Juniper2:41Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197621992Folk 174FATASSRADIO
1824DonovanCatch The Wind2:55Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197631992Folk 163FATASSRADIO
1825DonovanTeen Angel2:19Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197631992Folk 114FATASSRADIO
1826DonovanLalena2:59Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197641992Folk 111FATASSRADIO
1827DonovanUniversal Soldier2:13Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197641992Folk 161FATASSRADIO
1828DonovanColours2:44Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197651992Folk 180FATASSRADIO
1829DonovanTo Susan On The West Coast Waiting3:14Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197651992Folk 187FATASSRADIO
1830DonovanAtlantis5:02Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197661992Folk 192FATASSRADIO
1831DonovanSunshine Superman3:15Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197661992Folk 137FATASSRADIO
1832DonovanBarabajagal3:20Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197671992Folk 201FATASSRADIO
1833DonovanSeason Of The Witch4:57Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197671992Folk 131FATASSRADIO
1834DonovanHappiness Runs3:27Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197681992Folk 184FATASSRADIO
1835DonovanThe Trip4:35Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197681992Folk 127FATASSRADIO
1836DonovanCelia Of The Seals3:01Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197691992Folk 188FATASSRADIO
1837DonovanGuinevere3:41Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-197691992Folk 124FATASSRADIO
1838DonovanBreezes Of Patchulie4:35Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976101992Folk 130FATASSRADIO
1839DonovanRiki Tiki Tavi2:55Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976101992Folk 201FATASSRADIO
1840DonovanClaira Clairvoyant2:50Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976111992Folk 200FATASSRADIO
1841DonovanMuseum2:52Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976111992Folk 131FATASSRADIO
1842DonovanRoots Of Oak5:05Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976121992Folk 192FATASSRADIO
1843DonovanSuper Lungs3:15Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976121992Folk 123FATASSRADIO
1844DonovanMellow Yellow3:42Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976131992Folk 122FATASSRADIO
1845DonovanRiki Tiki Tavi4:44Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976131992Folk 165FATASSRADIO
1846DonovanMaria Magenta2:12Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976141992Folk 186FATASSRADIO
1847DonovanWinter In The Sun4:31Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976141992Folk 126FATASSRADIO
1848DonovanCosmic Wheels4:03Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976151992Folk 188FATASSRADIO
1849DonovanSand And Foam3:19Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976151992Folk 119FATASSRADIO
1850DonovanI Like You4:36Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976161992Folk 182FATASSRADIO
1851DonovanSunny South Kensington3:49Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976161992Folk 133FATASSRADIO
1852DonovanEpistle To Dippy3:11Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976171992Folk 125FATASSRADIO
1853DonovanYellow Star3:06Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976171992Folk 189FATASSRADIO
1854DonovanRock And Roll Souljer3:50Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976181992Folk 188FATASSRADIO
1855DonovanThere Is A Mountain2:35Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976181992Folk 117FATASSRADIO
1856DonovanThe Quest3:30Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976191992Folk 164FATASSRADIO
1857DonovanWear Your Love Like Heaven2:25Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976191992Folk 164FATASSRADIO
1858DonovanAge Of Treason4:21Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976201992Folk 186FATASSRADIO
1859DonovanOh Gosh1:47Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976201992Folk 178FATASSRADIO
1860DonovanThe Tinker And The Crab2:54Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976211992Folk 194FATASSRADIO
1861DonovanWhat The Soul Desires2:35Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976211992Folk 177FATASSRADIO
1862DonovanDark-eyed Blue Jean Angel3:46Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976221992Folk 192FATASSRADIO
1863DonovanPoor Cow2:56Troubador: The Definitive Collection, 1964-1976221992Folk 134FATASSRADIO
1864The DoorsHouse Announcer2:37Absolutely Live11970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1865The DoorsWho Do You Love - Medley6:02Absolutely Live21970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1866The DoorsAlabama Song1:51Absolutely Live31970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1867The DoorsBackdoor Man2:22Absolutely Live41970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1868The DoorsFive To One4:34Absolutely Live61970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1869The DoorsBuild Me A Woman3:33Absolutely Live71970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1870The DoorsWhen The Music's Over16:15Absolutely Live81970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1871The DoorsClose To You4:04Absolutely Live91970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1872The DoorsUniversal Mind4:54Absolutely Live101970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1873The DoorsPetition The Lord With Prayer - Medley0:52Absolutely Live111970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1874The DoorsDead Cats, Dead Rats1:57Absolutely Live121970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1875The DoorsBreak On Through4:36Absolutely Live131970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1876The DoorsLions In The Street1:14Absolutely Live141970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1877The DoorsWake Up1:21Absolutely Live151970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1878The DoorsA Little Game1:12Absolutely Live161970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1879The DoorsThe Hill Dwellers2:35Absolutely Live171970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1880The DoorsNo To Touch The Earth4:14Absolutely Live181970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1881The DoorsNames On The Kindom1:29Absolutely Live191970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1882The DoorsThe Palace Of Exile2:20Absolutely Live201970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1883The DoorsSoul Kitchen7:14Absolutely Live211970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1884The DoorsGloria6:18Alive She Cried [Live]1198360's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1885The DoorsLight My Fire9:49Alive She Cried [Live]2198360's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1886The DoorsYou Make Me Real3:03Alive She Cried [Live]3198360's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1887The DoorsTexas Radio And The Big Beat1:52Alive She Cried [Live]4198360's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1888The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:17Alive She Cried [Live]5198360's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1889The DoorsLittle Red Rooster7:05Alive She Cried [Live]6198360's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1890The DoorsMoonlight Drive5:32Alive She Cried [Live]7198360's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1891The DoorsAwake0:36American Prayer11978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1892The DoorsGhost Song2:50American Prayer21978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1893The DoorsDawn's Highway1:21American Prayer31978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1894The DoorsNewborn Awakening2:26American Prayer41978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1895The DoorsTo Come Of Age1:01American Prayer51978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1896The DoorsBlack Polished Chrome1:07American Prayer61978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1897The DoorsLatino Chrome2:14American Prayer71978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1898The DoorsAngels And Sailors2:46American Prayer81978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1899The DoorsStoned Immaculate1:33American Prayer91978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1900The DoorsThe Movie1:36American Prayer101978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1901The DoorsCurses, Invocations1:57American Prayer111978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1902The DoorsAmerican Night0:28American Prayer121978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1903The DoorsRoadhouse Blues5:53American Prayer131978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1904The DoorsThe World Is On Fire1:06American Prayer141978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1905The DoorsLament2:18American Prayer151978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1906The DoorsThe Hitchhiker2:15American Prayer161978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1907The DoorsAn American Prayer3:04American Prayer171978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1908The DoorsHour For Magic1:17American Prayer181978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1909The DoorsFreedom Exists0:20American Prayer191978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1910The DoorsA Feast Of Friends2:10American Prayer201978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1911The DoorsBabylon Fading1:40American Prayer211978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1912The DoorsBird Of Prey1:03American Prayer221978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1913The DoorsThe Ghost Song5:16American Prayer231978Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1914The DoorsFive To One5:58Apocalypse Now1 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1915The DoorsMack The Knife3:00Apocalypse Now2 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1916The DoorsBackdoor Man4:18Apocalypse Now3 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1917The DoorsYou're Lost, Little Girl3:13Apocalypse Now4 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1918The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:32Apocalypse Now5 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1919The DoorsWhen The Music's Over13:15Apocalypse Now6 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1920The DoorsWild Child2:27Apocalypse Now7 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1921The DoorsMoney4:00Apocalypse Now8 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1922The DoorsWake Up1:41Apocalypse Now9 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1923The DoorsLight My Fire12:24Apocalypse Now10 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1924The DoorsThe End14:22Apocalypse Now11 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1925The DoorsUnknown Soldier5:00Apocalypse Now12 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1926The DoorsLight My Fire7:08Band Favorites (1998)11998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1927The DoorsPeace Frog2:59Band Favorites (1998)21998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1928The DoorsWishful Sinful2:58Band Favorites (1998)31998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1929The DoorsTake It As It Comes2:17Band Favorites (1998)41998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1930The DoorsL. A. Woman7:51Band Favorites (1998)51998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1931The DoorsI Can't See Your Face In My Mind3:24Band Favorites (1998)61998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1932The DoorsLand Ho!4:08Band Favorites (1998)71998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1933The DoorsYes, The River Knows2:37Band Favorites (1998)81998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1934The DoorsShaman's Blues4:49Band Favorites (1998)91998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1935The DoorsYou're Lost Little Girl3:02Band Favorites (1998)101998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1936The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:17Band Favorites (1998)111998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1937The DoorsWhen The Music's Over10:58Band Favorites (1998)121998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1938The DoorsUnknown Soldier3:21Band Favorites (1998)131998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1939The DoorsWild Child2:37Band Favorites (1998)141998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1940The DoorsRiders On The Storm7:09Band Favorites (1998)151998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1941The DoorsBreak On Through2:28Best Of The Doors (1985)11985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1942The DoorsHello, I Love You2:14Best Of The Doors (1985)11985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1943The DoorsLight My Fire7:06Best Of The Doors (1985)21985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1944The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:03Best Of The Doors (1985)21985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1945The DoorsL.A. Woman7:49Best Of The Doors (1985)31985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1946The DoorsThe Crystal Ship2:33Best Of The Doors (1985)31985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1947The DoorsPeople Are Strange2:11Best Of The Doors (1985)41985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1948The DoorsRiders On The Storm7:13Best Of The Doors (1985)41985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1949The DoorsStrange Days3:07Best Of The Doors (1985)51985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1950The DoorsTouch Me3:12Best Of The Doors (1985)51985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1951The DoorsLove Her Madly3:17Best Of The Doors (1985)61985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1952The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:15Best Of The Doors (1985)61985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1953The DoorsAlabama Song3:17Best Of The Doors (1985)71985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1954The DoorsUnknown Soldier3:23Best Of The Doors (1985)71985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1955The DoorsFive To One4:26Best Of The Doors (1985)81985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1956The DoorsThe End11:43Best Of The Doors (1985)81985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1957The DoorsWaiting For The Sun3:59Best Of The Doors (1985)91985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1958The DoorsSpanish Caravan2:58Best Of The Doors (1985)101985Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1959The DoorsWhen The Music's Over10:55Best Of The Doors [Disc 1]111967Acid Rock & British Blues 256FATASSRADIO
1960The DoorsThe Movie1:07BO The Doors1 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1961The DoorsRiders On The Storm7:01BO The Doors2 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1962The DoorsLove Street2:49BO The Doors3 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1963The DoorsBreak On Trough2:28BO The Doors4 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1964The DoorsThe End11:42BO The Doors5 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1965The DoorsLight My Fire7:06BO The Doors6 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1966The DoorsGhost Song2:55BO The Doors7 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1967The DoorsRoadhouse Blues5:21BO The Doors8 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1968The DoorsHeroin7:08BO The Doors9 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1969The DoorsCarmina Burana2:32BO The Doors10 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1970The DoorsStoned Immaculate1:34BO The Doors11 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1971The DoorsWhen The Music's Over10:57BO The Doors12 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1972The DoorsThe Severed Garden2:12BO The Doors13 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1973The Doorsl.a. Woman7:48BO The Doors14 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1974The DoorsHello To The Cities0:57Essential Rarities11967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1975The DoorsBreak On Through4:44Essential Rarities22000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1976The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:31Essential Rarities32000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1977The DoorsHyacinth House2:38Essential Rarities42000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1978The DoorsWho Scared You3:55Essential Rarities52000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1979The DoorsWhiskey, Mystics And Men2:23Essential Rarities62000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1980The DoorsI Will Never Be Untrue3:58Essential Rarities72000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1981The DoorsMoonlight Drive2:31Essential Rarities82000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1982The DoorsQueen Of The Highway3:35Essential Rarities92000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1983The DoorsSomeday Soon3:49Essential Rarities101970Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1984The DoorsHello, I Love You2:31Essential Rarities112000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1985The DoorsOrange County Suite5:44Essential Rarities122000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1986The DoorsThe Soft Parade10:09Essential Rarities131969Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1987The DoorsThe End17:46Essential Rarities142000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1988The DoorsWoman Is A Devil4:10Essential Rarities152000Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
1989The DoorsHouse Announcer2:41In Concert11970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1990The DoorsWho Do You Love6:02In Concert21970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1991The DoorsAlabama Song1:51In Concert31970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1992The DoorsBackdoor Man2:22In Concert41970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1993The DoorsLove Hides1:48In Concert51970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1994The DoorsFive To One4:34In Concert61970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1995The DoorsBuild Me A Woman3:33In Concert71970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1996The DoorsWhen The Music's Over14:49In Concert81970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1997The DoorsUniversal Mind4:54In Concert91970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1998The DoorsPetition The Lord With Prayer0:52In Concert101970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
1999The DoorsDead Cats Dead Rats1:53In Concert111970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2000The DoorsBreak On Through4:41In Concert121970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2001The DoorsLions In The Street1:14In Concert131970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2002The DoorsWake Up1:24In Concert141970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2003The DoorsA Little Game1:10In Concert151970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2004The DoorsThe Hill Dwellers2:40In Concert161970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2005The DoorsNot To Touch The Earth4:14In Concert171970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2006The DoorsNames Of The Kingdom1:24In Concert181970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2007The DoorsThe Palace Of Exile2:20In Concert191970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2008The DoorsSoul Kitchen7:16In Concert201970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2009The DoorsRoadhouse Blues6:12In Concert11970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2010The DoorsGloria6:17In Concert21970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2011The DoorsLight My Fire9:53In Concert31970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2012The DoorsYou Make Me Real3:03In Concert41970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2013The DoorsTexas Radio & The Big Beat1:52In Concert51970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2014The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:17In Concert61970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2015The DoorsLittle Red Rooster7:04In Concert71970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2016The DoorsMoonlight Drive5:32In Concert81970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2017The DoorsClose To You5:25In Concert91970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2018The DoorsUnknown Soldier4:25In Concert101970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2019The DoorsThe End15:42In Concert111970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2020The DoorsRoad House Blues4:18In New York (1998)11998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2021The DoorsShip Of Fools5:20In New York (1998)21998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2022The DoorsPeace Frog3:14In New York (1998)31998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2023The DoorsBlue Sunday2:32In New York (1998)41998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2024The DoorsCelebration Of The Lizard17:16In New York (1998)51998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2025The DoorsGloria7:13In New York (1998)61998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2026The DoorsCrawling King Snake6:12In New York (1998)71998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2027The DoorsMoney2:48In New York (1998)81998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2028The DoorsPoontang Blues-Build Me A Woman-Sunday Trucker3:34In New York (1998)91998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2029The DoorsThe End17:56In New York (1998)101998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2030The DoorsThe Changeling4:20L. A. Woman11971Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2031The DoorsLove Her Madly3:19L. A. Woman21971Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2032The DoorsBeen Down So Long4:40L. A. Woman31970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2033The DoorsCars Hiss By My Window4:09L. A. Woman41970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2034The DoorsL.A. Woman7:50L. A. Woman51971Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2035The DoorsL'america4:35L. A. Woman61970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2036The DoorsHyacinth House3:11L. A. Woman71970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2037The DoorsCrawling King Snake4:59L. A. Woman81971Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2038The DoorsThe Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)4:14L. A. Woman91971Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2039The DoorsRiders On The Storm7:09L. A. Woman101971Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2040The DoorsBreak On Through (To The Other Side)2:29Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]11967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2041The DoorsBack Door Man3:34Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]21967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2042The DoorsLight My Fire7:08Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]31967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2043The DoorsTwentieth Century Fox2:33Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]41967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2044The DoorsThe Crystal Ship2:34Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]51967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2045The DoorsAlabama Song (Whisky Bar)3:20Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]61967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2046The DoorsSoul Kitchen3:35Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]71967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2047The DoorsThe End11:47Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]81967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2048The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:16Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]91967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2049The DoorsPeople Are Strange2:12Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]101999Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2050The DoorsWhen The Music's Over11:02Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]111967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2051The DoorsMy Eyes Have Seen You2:29Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]121967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2052The DoorsMoonlight Drive3:04Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]131967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2053The DoorsStrange Days3:09Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]141967Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2054The DoorsHello, I Love You2:16Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]151968Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2055The DoorsThe Unknown Soldier3:25Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]161968Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2056The DoorsSpanish Caravan3:01Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]171968Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2057The DoorsFive To One4:27Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]181968Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2058The DoorsNot To Touch The Earth3:54Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 1]191968Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2059The DoorsTouch Me3:12Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]11969Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2060The DoorsWild Child2:38Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]21969Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2061The DoorsTell All The People3:21Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]31969Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2062The DoorsWishful Sinful2:58Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]41969Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2063The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:04Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]51970Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2064The DoorsWaiting For The Sun4:00Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]61970Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2065The DoorsYou Make Me Real2:53Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]71970Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2066The DoorsPeace Frog2:58Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]81970Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2067The DoorsLove Her Madly3:18Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]91971Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2068The DoorsRiders On The Storm7:10Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]111971Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2069The DoorsThe WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)4:15Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]121971Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2070The DoorsThe Changeling4:21Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]131971Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2071The DoorsGloria [Live]6:18Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]141983Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2072The DoorsCelebration Of The Lizard [Previously Unreleased]16:48Legacy: The Absolute Best [Disc 2]152003Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2073The DoorsLA Woman7:51Legacy-The Absolute Best102003Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2074The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:05Morrison Hotel11970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2075The DoorsWaiting For The Sun3:59Morrison Hotel21970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2076The DoorsYou Make Me Real2:52Morrison Hotel31970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2077The DoorsPeace Frog2:56Morrison Hotel41970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2078The DoorsBlue Sunday2:07Morrison Hotel51970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2079The DoorsShip Of Fools3:06Morrison Hotel61970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2080The DoorsLand Ho!4:07Morrison Hotel71970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2081The DoorsThe Spy4:16Morrison Hotel81970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2082The DoorsQueen Of The Highway2:49Morrison Hotel91970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2083The DoorsIndian Summer2:35Morrison Hotel101970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2084The DoorsMaggie M'Gill4:23Morrison Hotel111970Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2085The DoorsStrange Days3:08Strange Days11967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2086The DoorsYou're Lost Little Girl3:01Strange Days21999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2087The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:15Strange Days31967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2088The DoorsUnhappy Girl1:56Strange Days41999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2089The DoorsHorse Latitudes1:37Strange Days51999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2090The DoorsMoonlight Drive3:01Strange Days61999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2091The DoorsPeople Are Strange2:11Strange Days71999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2092The DoorsMy Eyes Have Seen You2:26Strange Days81999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2093The DoorsI Can't See Your Face In My Mind3:23Strange Days91999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2094The DoorsWhen The Music's Over10:56Strange Days101999Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2095The DoorsRiders On The Storm7:15The Best Of The Doors11970Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2096The DoorsLight My Fire7:07The Best Of The Doors21967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2097The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:15The Best Of The Doors31967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2098The DoorsRoadhouse Blues4:34The Best Of The Doors42000Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2099The DoorsStrange Days3:08The Best Of The Doors51967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2100The DoorsBreak On Through2:28The Best Of The Doors61967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2101The DoorsFive To One4:26The Best Of The Doors71968Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2102The DoorsMoonlight Drive3:02The Best Of The Doors81967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2103The DoorsAlabama Song3:19The Best Of The Doors91967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2104The DoorsLove Her Madly3:19The Best Of The Doors101971Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2105The DoorsPeople Are Strange2:11The Best Of The Doors111999Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2106The DoorsTouch Me3:13The Best Of The Doors121969Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2107The DoorsBack Door Man3:33The Best Of The Doors131967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2108The DoorsThe Unknown Soldier3:22The Best Of The Doors142000Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2109The DoorsL.A. Woman7:47The Best Of The Doors151971Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2110The DoorsHello, I Love You2:14The Best Of The Doors161968Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2111The DoorsThe End11:43The Best Of The Doors171967Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2112The DoorsBreak On Through2:27The Doors11967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2113The DoorsSoul Kitchen3:34The Doors21967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2114The DoorsThe Crystal Ship2:33The Doors31967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2115The DoorsTwentieth Century Fox2:32The Doors41967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2116The DoorsAlabama Song3:18The Doors51967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2117The DoorsLight My Fire7:07The Doors61967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2118The DoorsBack Door Man3:33The Doors71967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2119The DoorsI Looked At You2:22The Doors81967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2120The DoorsEnd Of The Night2:51The Doors91967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2121The DoorsTake It As It Comes2:16The Doors101967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2122The DoorsThe End11:41The Doors111967Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2123The DoorsHello To The Cities0:56The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]11998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2124The DoorsBreak On Through4:44The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]21998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2125The DoorsRock Me6:33The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]31998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2126The DoorsMoney2:59The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]41998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2127The DoorsSomeday Soon3:44The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]51998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2128The DoorsGo Insane2:30The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]61998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2129The DoorsMental Floss3:39The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]71998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2130The DoorsSummer's Almost Gone2:16The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]81998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2131The DoorsAdolph Hitler0:12The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]91998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2132The DoorsHello, I Love You2:30The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]101998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2133The DoorsThe Crystal Ship2:55The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]111998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2134The DoorsI Can't See Your Face In My Mind3:18The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]121998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2135The DoorsThe Soft Parade10:06The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]131998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2136The DoorsTightrope Ride4:18The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]141998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2137The DoorsOrange County Suite5:42The Doors Box Set: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [Disc 3]151998Acid Rock & British Blues 192FATASSRADIO
2138The DoorsTell All The People3:21The Soft Parade11969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2139The DoorsTouch Me3:12The Soft Parade21969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2140The DoorsShaman's Blues4:49The Soft Parade31969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2141The DoorsDo It3:09The Soft Parade41969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2142The DoorsEasy Ride2:42The Soft Parade51969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2143The DoorsWild Child2:36The Soft Parade61969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2144The DoorsRunnin' Blue2:27The Soft Parade71969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2145The DoorsWishful Sinful2:57The Soft Parade81969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2146The DoorsThe Soft Parade8:34The Soft Parade91969Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2147The DoorsHello, I Love You2:14Waiting For The Sun11968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2148The DoorsLove Street2:49Waiting For The Sun21968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2149The DoorsNot To Touch The Earth3:55Waiting For The Sun31968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2150The DoorsSummer's Almost Gone3:20Waiting For The Sun41968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2151The DoorsWintertime Love1:53Waiting For The Sun51968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2152The DoorsThe Unknown Soldier3:20Waiting For The Sun61968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2153The DoorsSpanish Caravan2:59Waiting For The Sun71968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2154The DoorsMy Wild Love3:01Waiting For The Sun81968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2155The DoorsWe Could Be So Good Together2:24Waiting For The Sun91968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2156The DoorsYes, The River Knows2:35Waiting For The Sun101968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2157The DoorsFive To One4:24Waiting For The Sun111968Acid Rock & British Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2158The DoorsRoadhouse Blues7:21Westbury Music Fair1 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2159The DoorsPeace Frog3:40Westbury Music Fair2 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2160The DoorsAlabama Song16:59Westbury Music Fair3 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2161The DoorsBack Door Man5:56Westbury Music Fair4 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2162The DoorsFive To One6:51Westbury Music Fair5 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2163The DoorsCelebration Of The Lizard9:17Westbury Music Fair6 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2164The DoorsLight My Fire3:39Westbury Music Fair7 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2165The DoorsWhen The Music Is Over11:01Westbury Music Fair9 Acid Rock & British Blues 128FATASSRADIO
2166The DoorsBuild Me A Woman12:25Westbury Music Fair,NY 04-19689 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2167The DoorsFive To One7:29Without A Safety Net (1998)11998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2168The DoorsQueen Of The Highway3:32Without A Safety Net (1998)21998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2169The DoorsHyacinth House2:41Without A Safety Net (1998)31998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2170The DoorsMy Eyes Have Seen You2:03Without A Safety Net (1998)41998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2171The DoorsWho Scared You3:18Without A Safety Net (1998)51998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2172The DoorsBlack Train Song12:24Without A Safety Net (1998)61998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2173The DoorsEnd Of The Night3:02Without A Safety Net (1998)71998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2174The DoorsWhiskey, Mystics And Men2:22Without A Safety Net (1998)81998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2175The DoorsI Will Never Be Untrue3:58Without A Safety Net (1998)91998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2176The DoorsMoonlight Drive (Demo)2:32Without A Safety Net (1998)101998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2177The DoorsMoon Light Drive (Sunset Sound)2:43Without A Safety Net (1998)111998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2178The DoorsRock Is Dead16:37Without A Safety Net (1998)121998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2179The DoorsAlbinoni's Adagio In G Minor4:38Without A Safety Net (1998)131998Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2180The Doors (Extra)Break On Through2:29Elektra (1985)1 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2181The Doors (Extra)Soul Kitchen3:34Elektra (1985)2 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2182The Doors (Extra)The Crystal Ship2:34Elektra (1985)3 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2183The Doors (Extra)Twentieth Century Fox2:33Elektra (1985)4 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2184The Doors (Extra)Alabama Song3:20Elektra (1985)5 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2185The Doors (Extra)Light My Fire7:08Elektra (1985)6 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2186The Doors (Extra)Back Door Man3:34Elektra (1985)7 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2187The Doors (Extra)I Looked At You2:22Elektra (1985)8 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2188The Doors (Extra)End Of The Night2:52Elektra (1985)9 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2189The Doors (Extra)Take It As It Comes2:17Elektra (1985)10 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2190The Doors (Extra)The End11:41Elektra (1985)11 Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2191DouekSummon The Dragon3:56YU-GI-OH! Music To Duel By42002Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
2192Doug E. Fresh; The Get Fresh CrewSpirit4:15Ghostbusters II51989Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2193Doug PinnickParasite4:07Spin The Bottle92004Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2194Down LowLovething4:02   Other 128FATASSRADIO
2195Dr ReanimatorMove Your Dead Bones3:14Disco Estrella Vol.6192003Top 40 192FATASSRADIO
2196Dr. BombayS.O.S. (The Tiger Took My Family)3:26Rice & Curry61998Dance Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2197Dr. DaveVanna Pick Me A Letter2:38   Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2198Dr. Edward G. Atkins3-2-1 Contact0:45  2000Other 128FATASSRADIO
2199Dr. Fiorella Terenzi; Thomas DolbyN.E.O.5:47Gate to the Mind's Eye4 Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
2200Dr. Fiorella Terenzi; Thomas DolbyQuantum Mechanic5:34Gate to the Mind's Eye8 Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
2201Dr. JohnBlossom ("My Opinionation")0:47TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)131996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
2202Dr. KnowMaster Of Puppets4:59A Punk Tribute To Metallica62001Punk 192FATASSRADIO
2203Dr. Re-AnimatorMove Your Dead Bones3:14Beyond Re-Animator 2003Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
2204Dr. Re-AnimatorMove Your Dead Bones (Extended Version)6:44Beyond Re-Animator  Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
2205Dragon TalesStrech1:29Dragon Tales 2000Showtunes 128FATASSRADIO
2206Dragon TalesDragon Tales Theme1:14Dragon Tunes12001Children's Music 218FATASSRADIO
2207Dragon TalesDragon Tales Theme1:14Dragon Tunes12001Children's Music 218FATASSRADIO
2208Dragon TalesWake Up2:34Dragon Tunes22001Children's Music 188FATASSRADIO
2209Dragon TalesThe Hello Song1:32Dragon Tunes32001Children's Music 135FATASSRADIO
2210Dragon TalesStretch!1:32Dragon Tunes42001Children's Music 135FATASSRADIO
2211Dragon TalesShake Your Dragon Tail1:32Dragon Tunes52001Children's Music 136FATASSRADIO
2212Dragon TalesBetcha Can1:32Dragon Tunes62001Children's Music 168FATASSRADIO
2213Dragon TalesDoodli-Do2:32Dragon Tunes72001Children's Music 187FATASSRADIO
2214Dragon TalesTouch1:32Dragon Tunes82001Children's Music 179FATASSRADIO
2215Dragon TalesWiggle Song1:31Dragon Tunes92001Children's Music 172FATASSRADIO
2216Dragon TalesZoo1:32Dragon Tunes102001Children's Music 129FATASSRADIO
2217Dragon TalesOrd Shuffle2:27Dragon Tunes112001Children's Music 181FATASSRADIO
2218Dragon TalesBe A Dragon2:30Dragon Tunes122001Children's Music 191FATASSRADIO
2219Dragon TalesBe A Dragon2:30Dragon Tunes122001Children's Music 191FATASSRADIO
2220Dragon TalesPretend1:31Dragon Tunes132001Children's Music 180FATASSRADIO
2221Dragon TalesThe Silly Song1:32Dragon Tunes142001Children's Music 137FATASSRADIO
2222Dragon TalesClap1:31Dragon Tunes152001Children's Music 139FATASSRADIO
2223Dragon TalesDance2:41Dragon Tunes162001Children's Music 190FATASSRADIO
2224Dragon TalesCassie2:32Dragon Tunes172001Children's Music 189FATASSRADIO
2225Dragon TalesHum1:29Dragon Tunes182001Children's Music 129FATASSRADIO
2226Dragon TalesTry2:36Dragon Tunes192001Children's Music 185FATASSRADIO
2227Dragon TalesAnd The World Goes Round And Round1:30Dragon Tunes202001Children's Music 177FATASSRADIO
2228Dragon TalesMain Theme1:03More Dragon Tunes12005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2229Dragon TalesFriends2:32More Dragon Tunes22005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2230Dragon TalesZak & Wheezie2:43More Dragon Tunes32005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2231Dragon TalesC'mon & Blow2:35More Dragon Tunes42005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2232Dragon TalesHola2:27More Dragon Tunes52005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2233Dragon TalesThe Pirate Song2:40More Dragon Tunes62005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2234Dragon TalesCyrus III2:38More Dragon Tunes72005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2235Dragon TalesMake A New Friend2:35More Dragon Tunes82005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2236Dragon TalesSpeak Up2:36More Dragon Tunes92005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2237Dragon TalesMakin' It Fun2:37More Dragon Tunes102005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2238Dragon TalesDragon Stomp2:37More Dragon Tunes112005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2239Dragon TalesFlip Flop2:38More Dragon Tunes122005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2240Dragon TalesShake Your Dragon Tail (Remix)2:10More Dragon Tunes132005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2241Dragon TalesDance (Remix)2:43More Dragon Tunes142005Children's Music 320FATASSRADIO
2242DragonForceHeart Of A Dragon5:22Valley Of The Damned [Bonus Track]92003Thrash & Speed Metal 268FATASSRADIO
2243DragonlandSupernova5:09Astronomy12006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2244DragonlandCassiopeia4:06Astronomy22006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2245DragonlandContact4:25Astronomy32006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2246DragonlandAstronomy3:20Astronomy42006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2247DragonlandAntimatter3:00Astronomy52006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2248DragonlandThe Book Of Shadows Part IV: The Scrolls Of Geometria Divina4:04Astronomy62006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2249DragonlandBeethoven's Nightmare6:11Astronomy72006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2250DragonlandToo Late For Sorrow3:36Astronomy82006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2251DragonlandDirection: Perfection4:29Astronomy92006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2252DragonlandThe Old House On The Hill Chapter I: A Death In The Family4:30Astronomy102006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2253DragonlandThe Old House On The Hill Chapter II: The Thing In The Cellar3:08Astronomy112006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2254DragonlandThe Old House On The Hill Chapter III: The Ring Of Edward Waldon6:17Astronomy122006Dance Club 192FATASSRADIO
2255DragonlandHundred Years Have Passed2:24Holy War12002Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2256DragonlandMajesty Of The Mithril Mountains5:29Holy War22002Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2257DragonlandThrough Elven Woods And Dwarven Mines5:32Holy War32002Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2258DragonlandHoly War6:47Holy War42002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
2259DragonlandCalm Before The Storm4:49Holy War52002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
2260DragonlandThe Return Of The Ivory Plains6:04Holy War62002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
2261DragonlandForever Walking Alone4:55Holy War72002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
2262DragonlandBlazing Hate5:15Holy War82002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
2263DragonlandA Thousand Points Of Light6:02Holy War92002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
2264DragonlandOne With All4:23Holy War102002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
2265DragonlandAs Madness Took Me3:57Starfall [Bonus Tracks]12004Heavy Metal 224FATASSRADIO
2266DragonlandStarfall3:19Starfall [Bonus Tracks]22004Heavy Metal 224FATASSRADIO
2267DragonlandCalling My Name4:49Starfall [Bonus Tracks]32004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2268DragonlandIn Perfect Harmony4:42Starfall [Bonus Tracks]42004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2269DragonlandThe Dream Seeker5:32Starfall [Bonus Tracks]52004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2270DragonlandThe Shores Of Our Land6:46Starfall [Bonus Tracks]62004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2271DragonlandThe Returning4:41Starfall [Bonus Tracks]72004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2272DragonlandTo The End Of The World4:41Starfall [Bonus Tracks]82004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2273DragonlandThe Book Of Shadows Part 1:A Story YET Untold2:51Starfall [Bonus Tracks]92004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2274DragonlandThe Book Of Shadows Part 2:The Curse Of Qa'a3:13Starfall [Bonus Tracks]102004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2275DragonlandThe Book Of Shadows Part 3:The Glendora Outbreak4:51Starfall [Bonus Tracks]112004Heavy Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2276DragonlandRusty Nail (X-Japan cover)5:46Starfall [Bonus Tracks]122004Heavy Metal 320FATASSRADIO
2277DragonlandSole Survivor (Helloween cover)4:07Starfall [Bonus Tracks]132004Heavy Metal 320FATASSRADIO
2278DragonlandDragondawn2:41The Battle Of The Ivory Plains12001Classic Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2279DragonlandStorming Across Heaven4:30The Battle Of The Ivory Plains22001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2280DragonlandA Last Farewell6:16The Battle Of The Ivory Plains32001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2281DragonlandRide for Glory4:15The Battle Of The Ivory Plains42001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2282DragonlandThe Orcish March5:57The Battle Of The Ivory Plains52001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2283DragonlandThe Battle of the Ivory Plains6:16The Battle Of The Ivory Plains62001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2284DragonlandGraveheart4:32The Battle Of The Ivory Plains72001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2285DragonlandRondo ala Larca1:45The Battle Of The Ivory Plains82001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2286DragonlandA Secrel Unveiled5:53The Battle Of The Ivory Plains92001Classic Hard Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2287DragonlandWorld's End6:04The Battle Of The Ivory Plains102001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2288DragonlandDragondusk1:52The Battle Of The Ivory Plains112001Classic Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2289Drain STH20th Century Boy 4:28Detroit Rock City Soundtrack71999Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2290Drama ArmadaNobody's Watching Me3:29  2007Other 192FATASSRADIO
2291Dread ZeppelinForgetting About Business Part 11:135,000,00011991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2292Dread ZeppelinThe Song Remains The Same5:285,000,00021991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2293Dread ZeppelinStir It Up5:595,000,00031991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2294Dread ZeppelinDo The Claw2:165,000,00041991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2295Dread ZeppelinWhen the Levee Breaks5:285,000,00051991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2296Dread ZeppelinMisty Mountain Hop3:525,000,00061991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2297Dread ZeppelinThe Train Kept A-Rollin6:175,000,00071991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2298Dread ZeppelinNobody's Fault (Butt Mon)4:255,000,00081991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2299Dread ZeppelinBig Ol' Gol Belt3:555,000,00091991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2300Dread ZeppelinForgetting About Business Part 23:545,000,000101991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2301Dread ZeppelinStairway To Heaven8:155,000,000111991Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2302Dread ZeppelinCelebration Day3:03Bar Coda12007Rock 186FATASSRADIO
2303Dread ZeppelinLemon Song3:44Bar Coda22007Rock 168FATASSRADIO
2304Dread ZeppelinNo Woman No Cry3:48Bar Coda32007Rock 161FATASSRADIO
2305Dread ZeppelinThe Ocean4:23Bar Coda42007Rock 170FATASSRADIO
2306Dread ZeppelinThe Rover3:32Bar Coda52007Rock 170FATASSRADIO
2307Dread ZeppelinSuspicious Minds3:53Bar Coda62007Rock 187FATASSRADIO
2308Dread ZeppelinOut On The Tiles2:57Bar Coda72007Rock 194FATASSRADIO
2309Dread ZeppelinThat's Alright Mama3:02Bar Coda82007Rock 151FATASSRADIO
2310Dread ZeppelinThank You4:26Bar Coda92007Rock 162FATASSRADIO
2311Dread ZeppelinBar Coda3:58Bar Coda102007Rock 193FATASSRADIO
2312Dread ZeppelinWhole Lotta Love3:31De-Jah-Voodoo12000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2313Dread ZeppelinHey, Hey What Can I Do3:28De-Jah-Voodoo22000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2314Dread ZeppelinKashmir4:25De-Jah-Voodoo32000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2315Dread ZeppelinLemon Song3:02De-Jah-Voodoo42000Reggae 160FATASSRADIO
2316Dread ZeppelinRock & Roll2:35De-Jah-Voodoo52000Other 192FATASSRADIO
2317Dread ZeppelinKingston Celebration2:47De-Jah-Voodoo62000Reggae 160FATASSRADIO
2318Dread ZeppelinHeartbreaker2:18De-Jah-Voodoo72000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2319Dread ZeppelinGoing To California4:07De-Jah-Voodoo82000Reggae 160FATASSRADIO
2320Dread ZeppelinD'yer Mak'er3:26De-Jah-Voodoo92000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2321Dread ZeppelinImmigrant Song3:21De-Jah-Voodoo102000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2322Dread Zeppelin10 Years Gone3:41De-Jah-Voodoo112000Reggae 192FATASSRADIO
2323Dread Zeppelin4 Jah People3:14De-Jah-Voodoo122000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2324Dread ZeppelinStairway to Heaven4:42De-Jah-Voodoo132000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2325Dread ZeppelinHey Hey What Can I Do1:17De-Jah-Voodoo142000Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2326Dread ZeppelinGood Times Bad Times3:28Hot & Spicy Beanburger11993Reggae Rock 171FATASSRADIO
2327Dread ZeppelinGoing To California3:50Hot & Spicy Beanburger21993Reggae Rock 199FATASSRADIO
2328Dread ZeppelinGood Rockin Tonight3:29Hot & Spicy Beanburger31993Reggae Rock 180FATASSRADIO
2329Dread ZeppelinKashmir10:00Hot & Spicy Beanburger41993Reggae Rock 188FATASSRADIO
2330Dread ZeppelinBallad Of Charlie Haj3:38Hot & Spicy Beanburger51993Reggae Rock 186FATASSRADIO
2331Dread ZeppelinUnchained Melody3:15Hot & Spicy Beanburger61993Reggae Rock 172FATASSRADIO
2332Dread ZeppelinStairway To Heaven7:05Hot & Spicy Beanburger71993Reggae Rock 177FATASSRADIO
2333Dread ZeppelinHot & Spicy Beanburger1:12Hot & Spicy Beanburger81993Reggae Rock 123FATASSRADIO
2334Dread ZeppelinHot Dog2:57Hot & Spicy Beanburger91993Reggae Rock 182FATASSRADIO
2335Dread ZeppelinAll Of My Love5:55Hot & Spicy Beanburger101993Reggae Rock 179FATASSRADIO
2336Dread ZeppelinWot Happened4:20Hot & Spicy Beanburger111993Reggae Rock 195FATASSRADIO
2337Dread ZeppelinBaba O'Riley4:06The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)11996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2338Dread ZeppelinSunshine Of Your Love5:43The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)21996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2339Dread ZeppelinBorn On The Bayou4:22The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)31996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2340Dread ZeppelinLight My Fire4:31The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)41996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2341Dread ZeppelinSmoke On The Water5:12The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)51996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2342Dread ZeppelinFreebird6:11The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)61996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2343Dread ZeppelinFeel Like Making Love4:21The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)71996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2344Dread ZeppelinBBWAGS4:00The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)81996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2345Dread ZeppelinSuite: Judy Blue Eyes7:08The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)91996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2346Dread ZeppelinGolden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End5:31The Fun Sessions (Tortelvis Sings The Classics)101996Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2347Dream StreetThey Don't Understand2:58Pokemon 2000: The Power of One32000Soundtrack 320FATASSRADIO
2348The Dresden DollsMissed Me4:49A is for Accident12003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2349The Dresden DollsCoin-Operated Boy5:47A is for Accident22003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2350The Dresden DollsThe Time Has Come2:45A is for Accident32003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2351The Dresden DollsMrs. O4:35A is for Accident42003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2352The Dresden DollsChristopher Lydon5:28A is for Accident52003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2353The Dresden DollsGlass Slipper7:39A is for Accident62003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2354The Dresden DollsThirty Whacks4:54A is for Accident72003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2355The Dresden DollsBank of Boston Beauty Queen5:46A is for Accident82003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2356The Dresden DollsWill5:09A is for Accident92003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2357The Dresden DollsTruce8:03A is for Accident102003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2358The Dresden DollsStand by Your Man3:22A is for Accident112003Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2359The Dresden DollsDear Jenny3:07No, Virginia...12008Indie 256FATASSRADIO
2360The Dresden DollsNight Reconnaissance3:56No, Virginia...22008Indie 241FATASSRADIO
2361The Dresden DollsMouse And The Model6:02No, Virginia...32008Indie 236FATASSRADIO
2362The Dresden DollsUltima Esperanza4:33No, Virginia...42008Indie 243FATASSRADIO
2363The Dresden DollsGardener5:08No, Virginia...52008Indie 215FATASSRADIO
2364The Dresden DollsLonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner3:42No, Virginia...62008Indie 243FATASSRADIO
2365The Dresden DollsSorry Bunch3:09No, Virginia...72008Indie 252FATASSRADIO
2366The Dresden DollsPretty In Pink3:57No, Virginia...82008Indie 244FATASSRADIO
2367The Dresden DollsThe Kill3:49No, Virginia...92008Indie 228FATASSRADIO
2368The Dresden DollsSheep Song3:59No, Virginia...102008Indie 229FATASSRADIO
2369The Dresden DollsBoston7:20No, Virginia...112008Indie 234FATASSRADIO
2370The Dresden DollsGood Day5:51The Dresden Dolls12003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2371The Dresden DollsGirl Anachronism2:59The Dresden Dolls22003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2372The Dresden DollsMissed Me4:53The Dresden Dolls32003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2373The Dresden DollsHalf Jack5:57The Dresden Dolls42003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2374The Dresden Dolls6721:24The Dresden Dolls52003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2375The Dresden DollsCoin-Operated Boy4:46The Dresden Dolls62003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2376The Dresden DollsGravity4:19The Dresden Dolls72003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2377The Dresden DollsBad Habit3:01The Dresden Dolls82003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2378The Dresden DollsThe Perfect Fit5:45The Dresden Dolls92003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2379The Dresden DollsThe Jeep Song4:50The Dresden Dolls102003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2380The Dresden DollsSlide4:30The Dresden Dolls112003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2381The Dresden DollsTruce8:34The Dresden Dolls122003Indie Pop 256FATASSRADIO
2382The Dresden DollsSex Changes4:11Yes, Virginia...12006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2383The Dresden DollsBackstabber4:11Yes, Virginia...22006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2384The Dresden DollsModern Moonlight4:45Yes, Virginia...32006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2385The Dresden DollsMy Alcoholic Friends2:47Yes, Virginia...42006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2386The Dresden DollsDelilah6:54Yes, Virginia...52006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2387The Dresden DollsDirty Business3:36Yes, Virginia...62006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2388The Dresden DollsFirst Orgasm3:49Yes, Virginia...72006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2389The Dresden DollsMrs. O4:40Yes, Virginia...82006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2390The Dresden DollsShores Of California3:35Yes, Virginia...92006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2391The Dresden DollsNecessary Evil2:54Yes, Virginia...102006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2392The Dresden DollsMandy Goes To Med School4:39Yes, Virginia...112006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2393The Dresden DollsMe & The Minibar4:35Yes, Virginia...122006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2394The Dresden DollsSing4:40Yes, Virginia...132006Indie Pop 192FATASSRADIO
2395Dru HillEnchantment Passing Through Dru Hill5:46Aida141999Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2396Drunken TigerI Want U3:54   Other 320FATASSRADIO
2397Drunken TigerDrunken Tiger ~ U Know Hip Hop3:43     128FATASSRADIO
2398Drunken TigerI want you(English version)5:03     128FATASSRADIO
2399Drunken TigerReturn Of The Tiger (korean)3:40  1999  192FATASSRADIO
2400Drunken TigerM.I.4:00 1 Blues 160FATASSRADIO
2401Drunken TigerGood Life3:07 4   320FATASSRADIO
2402Drunken TigerMoRaeShiGae3:212 - The Great Rebirth    64FATASSRADIO
2403Drunken TigerReturn Of The Tiger(basement mix)5:01Drunken Tiger12   128FATASSRADIO
2404Drunken TigerW.O.R.D.3:48Legend Of Drunken Tiger1 genre 128FATASSRADIO
2405Drunken TigerEmergency3:20Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  Other 128FATASSRADIO
2406Drunken TigerDrunken Symphony3:24The Great Rebirth9 General Unclassifiable 128FATASSRADIO
2408Dudley SimpsonThe World of Doctor Who2:41The Best of Doctor Who, Vol. 1: Five Doctors31994Soundtrack 129FATASSRADIO
2409Dudley SimpsonThe World of Doctor Who2:40The Worlds of Doctor Who 1972Showtunes 192FATASSRADIO
2410Dudley Simpson arr. / HeathcliMeglos1:32The Worlds of Doctor Who 1980Showtunes 192FATASSRADIO
2411Dudley Simpson arr. / HeathcliThe Ark in Space- Violation0:50The Worlds of Doctor Who51975Showtunes 192FATASSRADIO
2412Dudley Simpson arr. / HeathcliThe Brain of Morbius- Condo's3:12The Worlds of Doctor Who71976Showtunes 192FATASSRADIO
2413DuexCome back to me3:47   Other 128FATASSRADIO
2414DukeStarian3:36???  Pop 128FATASSRADIO
2415Duke EllingtonAsphalt Jungle0:43Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV501996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2416Dumb and DumberMary Moon3:28   Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2417Duran DuranIs There Something I Should Know? (Live)4:36Arena11984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2418Duran DuranHungry Like The Wolf (Live)4:03Arena21984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2419Duran DuranNew Religion (Live)5:39Arena31984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2420Duran DuranSave A Prayer (Live)6:14Arena41984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2421Duran DuranThe Wild Boys (Live)4:20Arena51984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2422Duran DuranThe Seventh Stranger (Live)5:12Arena61984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2423Duran DuranThe Chauffeur (Live)5:25Arena71984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2424Duran DuranUnion Of The Snake (Live)4:10Arena81984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2425Duran DuranPlanet Earth (Live)4:33Arena91984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2426Duran DuranCareless Memories (Live)4:08Arena101984Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2427Duran Duran(Reach Up For The) Sunrise3:27Astronaut12005Pop 176FATASSRADIO
2428Duran DuranWant You More!3:39Astronaut22005Pop 176FATASSRADIO
2429Duran DuranWhat Happends Tomorrow4:06Astronaut32005Pop 165FATASSRADIO
2430Duran DuranAstronaut3:26Astronaut42005Pop 173FATASSRADIO
2431Duran DuranBedroom Toys3:53Astronaut52005Pop 179FATASSRADIO
2432Duran DuranNice3:28Astronaut62005Pop 171FATASSRADIO
2433Duran DuranTaste The Summer3:55Astronaut72005Pop 161FATASSRADIO
2434Duran DuranFinest Hour3:57Astronaut82005Pop 169FATASSRADIO
2435Duran DuranChains4:48Astronaut92005Pop 174FATASSRADIO
2436Duran DuranOne Of Those Days3:47Astronaut102005Pop 165FATASSRADIO
2437Duran DuranPoint Of No Return4:59Astronaut112005Pop 176FATASSRADIO
2438Duran DuranStill Breathing5:59Astronaut122005Pop 176FATASSRADIO
2439Duran DuranBig Thing3:41Big Thing11988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2440Duran DuranI Don't Want Your Love4:06Big Thing21988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2441Duran DuranAll She Wants Is4:35Big Thing31988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2442Duran DuranToo Late Marlene5:09Big Thing41988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2443Duran DuranDrug (It's Just A State Of Mind)4:38Big Thing51988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2444Duran DuranDo You Believe In Shame?4:23Big Thing61988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2445Duran DuranPalomino5:19Big Thing71988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2446Duran DuranInterlude One0:33Big Thing81988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2447Duran DuranLand6:12Big Thing91988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2448Duran DuranFlute Interlude0:32Big Thing101988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2449Duran DuranThe Edge Of America2:37Big Thing111988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2450Duran DuranLake Shore Driving3:03Big Thing121988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
2451Duran DuranIs There Something I Should Know4:10Greatest11998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2452Duran DuranThe Reflex4:24Greatest21998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2453Duran DuranA View to a Kill3:35Greatest31998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2454Duran DuranOrdinary World4:42Greatest41998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2455Duran DuranSave a Prayer3:47Greatest51998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2456Duran DuranRio4:45Greatest61998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2457Duran DuranHungry Like the Wolf3:25Greatest71998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2458Duran DuranGirls on Film3:27Greatest81998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2459Duran DuranPlanet Earth3:57Greatest91998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2460Duran DuranUnion of the Snake4:22Greatest101998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2461Duran DuranNew Moon on Monday4:16Greatest111998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2462Duran DuranWild Boys4:17Greatest121998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2463Duran DuranNotorious4:01Greatest131998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2464Duran DuranI Don't Want your Love3:48Greatest141998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2465Duran DuranAll She Wants is4:26Greatest151998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2466Duran DuranElectric Barbarella4:17Greatest161998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2467Duran DuranSerious3:56Greatest171998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2468Duran DuranSkin Trade4:26Greatest181998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2469Duran DuranCome Undone4:15Greatest191998Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2470Duran DuranViolence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over)4:22Liberty11990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2471Duran DuranLiberty5:01Liberty21990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2472Duran DuranHothead3:32Liberty31990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2473Duran DuranSerious4:21Liberty41990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2474Duran DuranAll Along The Water3:51Liberty51990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2475Duran DuranMy Antarctica5:01Liberty61990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2476Duran DuranFirst Impression5:29Liberty71990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2477Duran DuranRead My Lips4:31Liberty81990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2478Duran DuranCan You Deal With It3:47Liberty91990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2479Duran DuranVenice Drowning5:13Liberty101990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2480Duran DuranDowntown5:23Liberty111990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2481Duran DuranMedazzaland3:52Medazzaland11997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2482Duran DuranBig Bang Generation4:44Medazzaland21997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2483Duran DuranElectric barbarella5:19Medazzaland31997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2484Duran DuranOut of my mind4:20Medazzaland41997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2485Duran DuranWho Do You Think You Are3:27Medazzaland51997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2486Duran DuranSilva Halo2:28Medazzaland61997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2487Duran DuranBe My Icon5:15Medazzaland71997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2488Duran DuranBuried In The Sand4:19Medazzaland81997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2489Duran DuranMichael You've Got A Lot To Answer For4:09Medazzaland91997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2490Duran DuranMidnight Sun3:41Medazzaland101997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2491Duran DuranSo Long Suicide4:39Medazzaland111997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2492Duran DuranUndergoing Treatment3:05Medazzaland121997Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2493Duran Durannotorious4:18Notorious11986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2494Duran Duranamerican science4:43Notorious21986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2495Duran Duranskin trade5:57Notorious31986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2496Duran Durana matter of feeling5:56Notorious41986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2497Duran Duranhold me4:31Notorious51986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2498Duran Duranvertigo (do the demolition)4:44Notorious61986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2499Duran Duranso misled4:03Notorious71986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2500Duran Duran´´meet el presidente´´4:19Notorious81986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2501Duran Duranwinter marches on3:25Notorious91986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2502Duran Duranproposition4:57Notorious101986Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2503Duran DuranSomeone Else Not Me4:44Pop Trash12000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2504Duran DuranLava Lamp3:53Pop Trash2 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2505Duran DuranPlaying With Uranium3:48Pop Trash3 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2506Duran DuranHallucinating Elvis5:24Pop Trash42000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2507Duran DuranStarting To Remember2:38Pop Trash52000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2508Duran DuranPop Trash Movie4:51Pop Trash62000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2509Duran DuranFragment0:47Pop Trash72000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2510Duran DuranMars Meets Venus3:08Pop Trash82000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2511Duran DuranLady Xanax4:51Pop Trash92000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2512Duran DuranThe Sun Doesn't Shine Forever4:51Pop Trash102000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2513Duran DuranKiss Goodbye0:41Pop Trash112000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2514Duran DuranFast Day On Earth4:23Pop Trash122000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2515Duran DuranRio5:38Rio11982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2516Duran DuranMy Own Way4:51Rio21982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2517Duran DuranLonely In Your Nightmare3:50Rio31982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2518Duran DuranHungry Like The Wolf3:41Rio41982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2519Duran DuranHold Back The Rain3:49Rio51982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2520Duran DuranNew Religion5:33Rio61982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2521Duran DuranLast Chance On The Stairway4:20Rio71982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2522Duran DuranSave A Prayer5:25Rio81982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2523Duran DuranThe Chauffeur5:12Rio91982Other 320FATASSRADIO
2524Duran DuranThe Reflex4:25Seven And The Ragged Tiger11983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2525Duran DuranNew Moon On Monday4:16Seven And The Ragged Tiger21983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2526Duran Duran(I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement3:41Seven And The Ragged Tiger31983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2527Duran DuranI Take The Dice3:20Seven And The Ragged Tiger41983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2528Duran DuranOf Crime And Passion3:52Seven And The Ragged Tiger51983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2529Duran DuranUnion Of The Snake4:23Seven And The Ragged Tiger61983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2530Duran DuranShadows On Your Side4:05Seven And The Ragged Tiger71983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2531Duran DuranTiger Tiger3:23Seven And The Ragged Tiger81983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2532Duran DuranThe Seventh Stranger5:22Seven And The Ragged Tiger91983Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2533Duran DuranPlanet Earth (Night Mix)6:58Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)11999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2534Duran DuranGirls On Film (Night Version)5:32Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)21999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2535Duran DuranMy Own Way (Night Version)6:37Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)31999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2536Duran DuranHungry Like The Wolf (Night Version)5:12Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)41999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2537Duran DuranHold Back The Rain (Remix)6:37Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)51999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2538Duran DuranRio (Carnival Version)6:44Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)61999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2539Duran DuranNew Religion (Carnival Version)5:16Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)71999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2540Duran DuranIs There Something I Should Know? (Monster Mix)6:41Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)81999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2541Duran DuranUnion Of The Snake (The Monkey Mix)6:26Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)91999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2542Duran DuranNew Moon On Monday (Extended Version)6:05Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)101999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2543Duran DuranThe Reflex (Dance Mix)6:34Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)111999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2544Duran DuranWild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys Extended Mix)8:00Strange Behaviour (Disc 1)121999Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2545Duran DuranNotorious (Extended Mix)5:18Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)11999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2546Duran DuranSkin Trade (Stretch Mix)7:43Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)21999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2547Duran DuranMeet El Presidente (12'' Version)7:15Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)31999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2548Duran DuranAmerican Science (Chemical Reaction Mix)7:42Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)41999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2549Duran DuranI Don´t Want Your Love (Dub Mix)7:36Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)51999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2550Duran DuranAll She Wants Is (US Master Mix)7:20Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)61999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2551Duran DuranViolence Of Summer (Power Mix)4:58Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)71999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2552Duran DuranCome Undone (Come Undub)4:48Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)81999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2553Duran DuranLove Voodoo (Sydney Street 12'' Mix)4:41Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)91999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2554Duran DuranTo Much Information (12'' Jellybean Mix)6:44Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)101999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2555Duran DuranNone Of The Above (Drizabone 12'' Mix)6:37Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)111999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2556Duran DuranDrowning Man (D:ream Ambient Mix)6:45Strange Behaviour (Disc 2)121999Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2557Duran DuranWhite Lines5:31Thank You11995New Wave 256FATASSRADIO
2558Duran DuranI Wanna Take You Higher5:06Thank You21995New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
2559Duran DuranPerfect Day3:50Thank You31995New Wave 256FATASSRADIO
2560Duran DuranWatching The Detectives4:48Thank You41995New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
2561Duran DuranLay Lady Lay3:52Thank You51995New Wave 160FATASSRADIO
2562Duran Duran911 is a Joke3:59Thank You61995New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
2563Duran DuranSuccess4:04Thank You71995New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
2564Duran DuranCrystal Ship (Doors cover)2:51Thank You81995New Wave 160FATASSRADIO
2565Duran DuranBall Of Confusion3:46Thank You91995New Wave 224FATASSRADIO
2566Duran DuranThank You5:06Thank You101995New Wave 192FATASSRADIO
2567Duran DuranDrive By5:35Thank You111995New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
2568Duran DuranI Wanna Take You Higher Again4:25Thank You121995New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
2569Duran DuranToo Much Information4:56The Wedding Album11993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2570Duran DuranOrdinary World5:40The Wedding Album21993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2571Duran DuranLove Voodoo4:58The Wedding Album31993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2572Duran DuranDrowning Man5:14The Wedding Album41993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2573Duran DuranShotgun0:54The Wedding Album51993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2574Duran DuranCome Undone4:38The Wedding Album61993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2575Duran DuranBreath After Breath4:57The Wedding Album71993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2576Duran DuranUMF5:32The Wedding Album81993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2577Duran DuranFemme Fatale4:21The Wedding Album91993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2578Duran DuranNone Of The Above5:18The Wedding Album101993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2579Duran DuranShelter4:24The Wedding Album111993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2580Duran DuranTo Whom It May Concern4:22The Wedding Album121993Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2581Duran DuranSin of the City7:14The Wedding Album131993Pop 96FATASSRADIO
2582DuranDuranNew Moon On Monday4:16   Other 128FATASSRADIO
2583Dwight YoakamUnderstand Your Man3:13  2003Other 128FATASSRADIO
2584Dynamic DuoGo Back3:44Pump It Up NX OST (    160FATASSRADIO
2585Dynamite SHUGouing Gouing My Soul3:53 12006Other 192FATASSRADIO

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