MediaMonkey Track List

# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Genre Rating Bitrate Media
1G. Wyle; Sherwood Schwartz; Gerald FriedIt's About Time1:30Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2301986Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2GabrielleForget About The World (DP Don't Forget The World Mix)5:45Musique Vol.1 1993-2005151997Electronica/Dance 320FATASSRADIO
3Gaetano BragaAmos N' Andy ("Angel's Serenade")1:19Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV581996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
4GANSJoin the Party4:20  2000Other 128FATASSRADIO
5Garcia & GrismanBeen All Around The World3:31Been All Around The World12004Folk 232FATASSRADIO
6Garcia & GrismanI'll Go Crazy2:31Been All Around The World22004Folk 248FATASSRADIO
7Garcia & GrismanTake Me5:11Been All Around The World32004Folk 232FATASSRADIO
8Garcia & GrismanHandsome Cabin Boy Waltz3:30Been All Around The World42004Folk 242FATASSRADIO
9Garcia & GrismanThe Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest7:00Been All Around The World52004Folk 249FATASSRADIO
10Garcia & GrismanI'm Troubled3:55Been All Around The World62004Folk 239FATASSRADIO
11Garcia & GrismanBlue Yodel #93:25Been All Around The World72004Folk 244FATASSRADIO
12Garcia & GrismanNine Pound Hammer4:55Been All Around The World82004Folk 257FATASSRADIO
13Garcia & GrismanI Ain't Never3:53Been All Around The World92004Folk 221FATASSRADIO
14Garcia & GrismanSittin' Here In Limbo6:52Been All Around The World102004Folk 247FATASSRADIO
15Garcia & GrismanDark As Dungeon6:24Been All Around The World112004Folk 246FATASSRADIO
16Garcia & GrismanDrink Up And Go Home3:41Been All Around The World122004Folk 246FATASSRADIO
17GardenAdvance Adventure4:09Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure12003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
18GardenSokoni Soraga Arukara4:10Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure22003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
19GardenAdvance Adventure (Karaoke)4:09Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure32003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
20GardenSokoni Soraga Arukara (Karaoke)4:10Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure42003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
21GardenPokemon Contest1:36Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure52003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
22GardenTeam Magma - Theme1:04Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure62003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
23GardenTeam Aqua - Theme1:06Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure72003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
24GardenTatakai1:48Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure82003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
25GardenShouri1:40Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure92003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
26GardenTouka City1:15Pocket Monsters Advance Adventure102003Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
27Garth BrooksGo Tell It On The Mountain3:31Beyond The Season11992Country 232FATASSRADIO
28Garth BrooksGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:34Beyond The Season21992Country 231FATASSRADIO
29Garth BrooksThe Old Man's Back In Town2:34Beyond The Season31992Country 231FATASSRADIO
30Garth BrooksThe Gift4:44Beyond The Season41992Country 233FATASSRADIO
31Garth BrooksUnto You This Night3:17Beyond The Season51992Country 227FATASSRADIO
32Garth BrooksWhite Christmas2:56Beyond The Season61992Country 228FATASSRADIO
33Garth BrooksThe Friendly Beasts3:34Beyond The Season71992Country 230FATASSRADIO
34Garth BrooksSanta Looked A Lot Like Daddy2:31Beyond The Season81992Country 234FATASSRADIO
35Garth BrooksSilent Night3:46Beyond The Season91992Country 226FATASSRADIO
36Garth BrooksMary's Dream0:50Beyond The Season101992Country 233FATASSRADIO
37Garth BrooksWhat Child Is This3:28Beyond The Season111992Country 231FATASSRADIO
38Garth BrooksAin't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)4:45Double Live11998Country 226FATASSRADIO
39Garth BrooksCallin' Baton Rouge2:57Double Live11998Country 192FATASSRADIO
40Garth BrooksRodeo3:39Double Live21998Country 229FATASSRADIO
41Garth BrooksTwo of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House2:30Double Live21998Country 192FATASSRADIO
42Garth BrooksShameless3:43Double Live31998Country 192FATASSRADIO
43Garth BrooksThe Beaches Of Cheyenne3:49Double Live31998Country 230FATASSRADIO
44Garth BrooksPapa Loved Mama2:41Double Live41998Country 192FATASSRADIO
45Garth BrooksTwo Piña Coladas4:26Double Live41998Country 226FATASSRADIO
46Garth Brooks05 - The Thunder Rolls (The Long Version)4:49Double Live5 Country 220FATASSRADIO
47Garth BrooksThunder Rolls4:44Double Live51998Country 192FATASSRADIO
48Garth BrooksWild As The Wind4:10Double Live51998Country 215FATASSRADIO
49Garth BrooksTo Make You Feel My Love2:59Double Live61998Country 200FATASSRADIO
50Garth BrooksWe Shall Be Free4:30Double Live61998Country 192FATASSRADIO
51Garth Brooks07 - Unanswered Prayers3:40Double Live7 Country 217FATASSRADIO
52Garth BrooksThat Summer4:42Double Live71998Country 223FATASSRADIO
53Garth Brooks08 - Standing Outside The Fire3:36Double Live8 Country 226FATASSRADIO
54Garth BrooksAmerican Honky-Tonk Bar Assocation4:06Double Live81998Country 226FATASSRADIO
55Garth Brooks09 - Longneck Bottle2:42Double Live9 Country 226FATASSRADIO
56Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes3:44Double Live91998Country 216FATASSRADIO
57Garth Brooks10 - It's Your Song4:17Double Live10 Country 213FATASSRADIO
58Garth Brooks10 - The Fever3:39Double Live101998Country 233FATASSRADIO
59Garth Brooks11 - Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)3:12Double Live11 Country 221FATASSRADIO
60Garth BrooksFriends In Low Places (The Long Version)8:55Double Live111998Country 223FATASSRADIO
61Garth Brooks12 - The River3:42Double Live12 Country 220FATASSRADIO
62Garth BrooksThe Dance3:55Double Live121998Country 213FATASSRADIO
63Garth Brooks13 - Untitled0:05Double Live13 Country 190FATASSRADIO
64Garth Brooks14 - Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)3:56Double Live14 Country 228FATASSRADIO
65Garth BrooksCowboys & Angels3:16Fresh Horses11995Country 160FATASSRADIO
66Garth BrooksThe Old Stuff4:12Fresh Horses11995Country 160FATASSRADIO
67Garth BrooksThe Fever2:40Fresh Horses31995Country 160FATASSRADIO
68Garth BrooksThat Ol' Wind5:22Fresh Horses41995Country 160FATASSRADIO
69Garth BrooksRollin'4:08Fresh Horses51995Country 160FATASSRADIO
70Garth BrooksThe Change4:06Fresh Horses61995Country 160FATASSRADIO
71Garth BrooksThe Beaches Of Cheyenne4:13Fresh Horses71995Country 160FATASSRADIO
72Garth BrooksTo Make You Feel My Love3:55Fresh Horses81995Country 160FATASSRADIO
73Garth BrooksIt's Midnight Cinderella2:24Fresh Horses91995Country 160FATASSRADIO
74Garth BrooksShe's Every Woman2:51Fresh Horses101995Country 160FATASSRADIO
75Garth BrooksIreland5:02Fresh Horses111995Country 160FATASSRADIO
76Garth BrooksNot Counting You2:36Garth Brooks11989Country 160FATASSRADIO
77Garth BrooksI've Got a Good Thing Going2:56Garth Brooks21989Country 160FATASSRADIO
78Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes3:42Garth Brooks31989Country 160FATASSRADIO
79Garth BrooksUptown Downhome Ol' Boy3:07Garth Brooks41989Country 160FATASSRADIO
80Garth BrooksEverytime That It Rains4:14Garth Brooks51989Country 160FATASSRADIO
81Garth BrooksAlabama Clay3:41Garth Brooks61989Country 160FATASSRADIO
82Garth BrooksMuch Too Young3:00Garth Brooks71989Country 160FATASSRADIO
83Garth BrooksCowboy Bill4:36Garth Brooks81989Country 160FATASSRADIO
84Garth BrooksNobody Gets Off This Town2:21Garth Brooks91989Country 160FATASSRADIO
85Garth BrooksI Know One2:57Garth Brooks101989Country 160FATASSRADIO
86Garth BrooksThe Dancer3:44Garth Brooks111989Country 160FATASSRADIO
87Garth BrooksNOT COUNTING YOU3:52In Pieces11993Country 160FATASSRADIO
88Garth BrooksI'VE GOT A GOOD THING GOING3:12In Pieces21993Country 160FATASSRADIO
89Garth BrooksIF TOMORROW NEVER COMES3:33In Pieces31993Country 160FATASSRADIO
90Garth BrooksUPTOWN DOWNHOME OL' BOY4:15In Pieces41993Country 160FATASSRADIO
91Garth BrooksEVERYTIME THAT IT RAINS4:01In Pieces51993Country 160FATASSRADIO
92Garth BrooksALABAMA CLAY2:55In Pieces61993Country 160FATASSRADIO
93Garth BrooksMUCH TOO YOUNG4:33In Pieces71993Country 160FATASSRADIO
94Garth BrooksCOWBOY BILL3:44In Pieces81993Country 160FATASSRADIO
95Garth BrooksNOBODY GETS OFF THIS TOWN2:38In Pieces91993Country 160FATASSRADIO
96Garth BrooksI KNOW ONE3:55In Pieces101993Country 160FATASSRADIO
97Garth BrooksTHE DANCER4:00In Pieces111993Country 160FATASSRADIO
98Garth BrooksHard Luck Woman 3:16Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved21994Rock 128FATASSRADIO
99Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes3:42No Fences11990Country 145FATASSRADIO
100Garth BrooksNot Counting You2:34No Fences21990Country 161FATASSRADIO
101Garth BrooksMuch Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)2:59No Fences31990Country 162FATASSRADIO
102Garth BrooksThe Dance3:42No Fences41990Country 148FATASSRADIO
103Garth BrooksThe Thunder Rolls3:45No Fences51990Country 162FATASSRADIO
104Garth BrooksNew Way To Fly3:55No Fences61990Country 149FATASSRADIO
105Garth BrooksTwo Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House2:33No Fences71990Country 167FATASSRADIO
106Garth BrooksVictim Of The Game3:07No Fences81990Country 153FATASSRADIO
107Garth BrooksFriends In Low Places4:20No Fences91990Country 169FATASSRADIO
108Garth BrooksWild Horses3:10No Fences101990Country 172FATASSRADIO
109Garth BrooksUnanswered Prayers3:26No Fences111990Country 155FATASSRADIO
110Garth BrooksSame Old Story2:53No Fences121990Country 149FATASSRADIO
111Garth BrooksMr Blue3:18No Fences131990Country 152FATASSRADIO
112Garth BrooksWolves4:09No Fences141990Country 153FATASSRADIO
113Garth BrooksAgainst The Grain2:24Ropin The Wind11991Country 193FATASSRADIO
114Garth BrooksRodeo3:55Ropin The Wind21991Country 196FATASSRADIO
115Garth BrooksWhat She's Doing Now3:28Ropin The Wind31991Country 187FATASSRADIO
116Garth BrooksBurning Bridges3:37Ropin The Wind41991Country 191FATASSRADIO
117Garth BrooksPapa Loved Mama2:53Ropin The Wind51991Country 203FATASSRADIO
118Garth BrooksShameless4:21Ropin The Wind61991Country 199FATASSRADIO
119Garth BrooksCold Shoulder3:57Ropin The Wind71991Country 182FATASSRADIO
120Garth BrooksWe Bury The Hatchet3:07Ropin The Wind81991Country 189FATASSRADIO
121Garth BrooksIn Lonesome Dove4:50Ropin The Wind91991Country 194FATASSRADIO
122Garth BrooksThe River4:25Ropin The Wind101991Country 186FATASSRADIO
123Garth BrooksWhy ain't I Running4:32Scarecrow12001Country 208FATASSRADIO
124Garth BrooksBeer Run2:30Scarecrow22001Country 186FATASSRADIO
125Garth BrooksWrapped up in You4:43Scarecrow32001Country 187FATASSRADIO
126Garth BrooksThe Storm4:36Scarecrow42001Country 177FATASSRADIO
127Garth BrooksThicker Than Blood2:53Scarecrow52001Country 174FATASSRADIO
128Garth BrooksBig Money4:01Scarecrow62001Country 184FATASSRADIO
129Garth BrooksSqueeze Me In3:32Scarecrow72001Country 214FATASSRADIO
130Garth BrooksMr. Midnight4:03Scarecrow82001Country 175FATASSRADIO
131Garth BrooksPushing up Daisies4:19Scarecrow92001Country 171FATASSRADIO
132Garth BrooksRodeo or Mexico4:23Scarecrow102001Country 201FATASSRADIO
133Garth BrooksDont Cross the River4:08Scarecrow112001Country 185FATASSRADIO
134Garth BrooksWhen you Come Back to me Again4:44Scarecrow122001Country 182FATASSRADIO
135Garth BrooksLongneck Bottle2:17Sevens11997Country 181FATASSRADIO
136Garth BrooksHow You Ever Gonna Know3:36Sevens21997Country 175FATASSRADIO
137Garth BrooksShe's Gonna Make It2:47Sevens31997Country 167FATASSRADIO
138Garth BrooksI Don't Have To Wonder3:04Sevens41997Country 172FATASSRADIO
139Garth BrooksTwo Piña Coladas3:35Sevens51997Country 181FATASSRADIO
140Garth BrooksCowboy Cadillac2:51Sevens61997Country 187FATASSRADIO
141Garth BrooksFit For A King4:00Sevens71997Country 170FATASSRADIO
142Garth BrooksDo What You Gotta Do2:59Sevens81997Country 210FATASSRADIO
143Garth BrooksYou Move Me4:34Sevens91997Country 170FATASSRADIO
144Garth BrooksIn Another's Eyes3:33Sevens101997Country 163FATASSRADIO
145Garth BrooksWhen There's No One Around3:33Sevens111997Country 170FATASSRADIO
146Garth BrooksA Friend To Me3:05Sevens121997Country 158FATASSRADIO
147Garth BrooksTake The Keys To My Heart2:32Sevens131997Country 184FATASSRADIO
148Garth BrooksBelleau Wood3:29Sevens141997Country 156FATASSRADIO
149Garth BrooksWe Shall Be Free3:50The Chace11992Country 160FATASSRADIO
150Garth BrooksSomewherE Other Than The Night3:14The Chace21992Country 160FATASSRADIO
151Garth BrooksEvery Now And Then4:18The Chace41992Country 160FATASSRADIO
152Garth BrooksWalking After Midnight2:35The Chace51992Country 160FATASSRADIO
153Garth BrooksDixie Chicken4:27The Chace61992Country 160FATASSRADIO
154Garth BrooksLearning To Live Again4:08The Chace71992Country 160FATASSRADIO
155Garth BrooksThat Summer4:48The Chace81992Country 160FATASSRADIO
156Garth BrooksNight Riders Lament4:07The Chace91992Country 160FATASSRADIO
157Garth BrooksFace To Face4:26The Chace101992Country 160FATASSRADIO
158Garth BrooksMr. Right2:01The Chase31992Country 320FATASSRADIO
159Garth BrooksAint Going Down (Til The Sun Comes Up)4:34The Hits11994Country 210FATASSRADIO
160Garth BrooksFriends In Low Places4:17The Hits21994Country 192FATASSRADIO
161Garth BrooksBurning Bridges3:37The Hits31994Country 192FATASSRADIO
162Garth BrooksCallin' Baton Rouge2:35The Hits41994Country 192FATASSRADIO
163Garth BrooksThe River4:24The Hits51994Country 192FATASSRADIO
164Garth BrooksMuch Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)2:58The Hits61994Country 176FATASSRADIO
165Garth BrooksThe Thunder Rolls3:42The Hits71994Country 192FATASSRADIO
166Garth BrooksAmerican Honky-Tonk Bar Associ3:30The Hits81994Country 192FATASSRADIO
167Garth BrooksIf Tomorrow Never Comes3:38The Hits91994Country 192FATASSRADIO
168Garth BrooksUnanswered Prayers3:23The Hits101994Country 192FATASSRADIO
169Garth BrooksStanding Outside The Fire3:52The Hits111994Country 192FATASSRADIO
170Garth BrooksRodeo3:51The Hits121994Country 192FATASSRADIO
171Garth BrooksWhat She's Doing Now3:24The Hits131994Country 192FATASSRADIO
172Garth BrooksWe Shall Be Free3:45The Hits141994Country 192FATASSRADIO
173Garth BrooksPapa Loved Mama2:49The Hits151994Country 192FATASSRADIO
174Garth BrooksShameless4:17The Hits161994Country 192FATASSRADIO
175Garth BrooksTwo Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House2:30The Hits171994Country 192FATASSRADIO
176Garth BrooksThat Summer4:45The Hits181994Country 192FATASSRADIO
177Garth BrooksThe Red Strokes3:44The Hits191994Country 320FATASSRADIO
178Garth BrooksThe Dance3:41The Hits201994Country 192FATASSRADIO
179Garth BrooksCall Me Claus2:08The Magic of Christmas11999Country 128FATASSRADIO
180Garth BrooksIt's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year2:57The Magic Of christmas11999Country 128FATASSRADIO
181Garth BrooksLet It Snow2:06The Magic Of christmas21999Country 128FATASSRADIO
182Garth BrooksThe Christmas Song3:25The Magic Of christmas41999Country 128FATASSRADIO
183Garth BrooksWhite Christmas2:56The Magic Of christmas51999Country 228FATASSRADIO
184Garth BrooksBaby Jesus is Born3:59The Magic Of christmas71999Country 128FATASSRADIO
185Garth BrooksGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2:34The Magic Of christmas81999Country 231FATASSRADIO
186Garth BrooksWinter Wonderland3:33The Magic Of christmas91999Country 320FATASSRADIO
187Garth BrooksSleigh Ride3:27The Magic Of christmas101999Country 128FATASSRADIO
188Garth Brooks(There's no place like) Home For The Holidays2:17The Magic of Christmas131999Country 128FATASSRADIO
189Garth BrooksSilver Bells3:34The Magic Of christmas141999Country 128FATASSRADIO
190Garth BrooksGo Tell It On The Mountain3:31The Magic Of christmas151999Country 232FATASSRADIO
191Garth BrooksO Little Town Of Bethlehem3:03The Magic Of christmas171999Country 128FATASSRADIO
192Garth BrooksMary Had a Little Lamb3:00The Magic Of christmas61999Country 160FATASSRADIO
193Garth Brooks'Zat You, Santa Claus2:34The Magic Of christmas121999Country 160FATASSRADIO
194Garth BrooksThe Wise Men's Journey1:28The Magic Of christmas161999Country 160FATASSRADIO
195Garura KobayashiPokémon Ondo4:20   Showtunes 128FATASSRADIO
196Gary BrookerOld Brown Shoe3:48Concert for George (CD2)32003Rock 192FATASSRADIO
198Gary Larson; Stu PhilipsQuincy ME1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume III601988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
199Gary NewmanCars3:48   Other 112FATASSRADIO
200Gary Portnoy; Judy Hart AngeloCheers ("Where Everybody Knows Your Name")1:06Television's Greatest Hits Volume III151988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
201Gary Remal Malkin; Michael BoydUnsolved Mysteries1:53TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)491996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
202Gary WrightDream Weaver3:28Waynes World41992Soundtrack 256FATASSRADIO
203Gatchaman '94Opening4:48  1994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
204Gath BrooksHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas4:06The Magic Of Chritmas11 Country 320FATASSRADIO
205Gem BoyBuon compleanno4:33... plagez? 2001  160FATASSRADIO
206Gene ChandlerDuke Of Earl2:23The best of 50-60-70-80-90  Other 128FATASSRADIO
207Gene SimmonsSweet And Dirty Love3:03***hole12004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
208Gene SimmonsFirestarter3:20***hole22004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
209Gene SimmonsWeapons Of Mass Destruction3:44***hole32004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
210Gene SimmonsWaiting For The Morning Light3:22***hole42004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
211Gene SimmonsBeautiful4:04***hole52004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
212Gene Simmons***hole3:19***hole62004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
213Gene SimmonsNow That You´re Gone3:20***hole72004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
214Gene SimmonsWhatever Turns You On3:14***hole82004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
215Gene SimmonsDog3:07***hole92004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
216Gene SimmonsBlack Tongue4:28***hole102004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
217Gene SimmonsCarnival Of Souls3:27***hole112004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
218Gene SimmonsIf I Had A Gun2:59***hole122004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
219Gene Simmons1,000 Dreams3:19***hole132004Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
220Gene SimmonsRadioactive3:51Gene Simmons11978Rock 128FATASSRADIO
221Gene SimmonsBurning up with fever4:24Gene Simmons21978Rock 128FATASSRADIO
222Gene SimmonsSee You Tonite2:28Gene Simmons31978Rock 128FATASSRADIO
223Gene SimmonsTunnel of Love3:52Gene Simmons41978Rock 141FATASSRADIO
224Gene SimmonsTrue Confessions3:30Gene Simmons51978Rock 140FATASSRADIO
225Gene SimmonsLiving in Sin3:51Gene Simmons61978Rock 141FATASSRADIO
226Gene SimmonsAlways Near You/Nowhere To Hid4:12Gene Simmons71978Rock 138FATASSRADIO
227Gene SimmonsMan Of 1000 Faces3:17Gene Simmons81978Rock 138FATASSRADIO
228Gene SimmonsMr. Make Believe4:02Gene Simmons91978Rock 141FATASSRADIO
229Gene SimmonsSee You In Your Dreams2:49Gene Simmons101978Rock 141FATASSRADIO
230Gene SimmonsWhen You Wish Upon a Star2:44Gene Simmons111978Rock 128FATASSRADIO
231General GrantSoca Make Yuh Ram Ram3:40PUMP IT UP: EXCEED12004Pop 128FATASSRADIO
232GenesisTonight tonight tonight 12 inc11:45 1   160FATASSRADIO
233GenesisDown And Out5:26... And Then There Were Three11978Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
234GenesisUndertow4:46... And Then There Were Three21978Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
235GenesisBallad Of Big4:50... And Then There Were Three31978Progressive Rock 259FATASSRADIO
236GenesisSnowbound4:31... And Then There Were Three41978Progressive Rock 269FATASSRADIO
237GenesisBurning Rope7:09... And Then There Were Three51978Progressive Rock 271FATASSRADIO
238GenesisDeep In The Motherlode5:15... And Then There Were Three61978Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
239GenesisMany Too Many3:31... And Then There Were Three71978Progressive Rock 277FATASSRADIO
240GenesisScenes From A Night's Dream3:29... And Then There Were Three81978Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
241GenesisSay It's Alright Joe4:20... And Then There Were Three91978Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
242GenesisThe Lady Lies6:07... And Then There Were Three101978Progressive Rock 263FATASSRADIO
243GenesisFollow You Follow Me4:00... And Then There Were Three111978Progressive Rock 259FATASSRADIO
244GenesisDance On A Volcano5:55A Trick Of The Tail11976Progressive Rock 269FATASSRADIO
245GenesisEntangled6:25A Trick Of The Tail21976Progressive Rock 285FATASSRADIO
246GenesisSquonk6:29A Trick Of The Tail31976Progressive Rock 270FATASSRADIO
247GenesisMad Man Moon7:34A Trick Of The Tail41976Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
248GenesisRobbery. Assault And Battery6:15A Trick Of The Tail51976Progressive Rock 264FATASSRADIO
249GenesisRipples8:05A Trick Of The Tail61976Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
250GenesisA Trick Of The Tail4:34A Trick Of The Tail71976Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
251GenesisLos Endos5:47A Trick Of The Tail81976Progressive Rock 264FATASSRADIO
252GenesisAbacab7:04Abacab11981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
253GenesisNo Reply At All4:40Abacab21981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
254GenesisMe And Sarah Jane6:02Abacab31981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
255GenesisKeep It Dark4:32Abacab41981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
256GenesisDodoLurker7:31Abacab51981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
257GenesisWho Dunnit3:24Abacab61981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
258GenesisMan On The Corner4:27Abacab71981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
259GenesisLike It Or Not4:58Abacab81981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
260GenesisAnother Record4:28Abacab91981Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
261GenesisVancouver-cd33:03Archive #2 - 1976-199292000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
262GenesisYou Might Recall5:32Archive #2 - 1976-1992 (CD 1)32000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
263GenesisPaperlate3:21Archive #2 - 1976-1992 (CD 1)42000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
264GenesisFeeding The Fire5:51Archive #2 - 1976-1992 (CD 1)102000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
265GenesisDeep In The Motherlode (Live)5:54Archive #2 - 1976-1992 (CD 2)42000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
266GenesisOn The Shoreline (1991, We Can't Dance Sessions)4:49Archive #2 - 1976-1992 (Disc 1)12000Rock 192FATASSRADIO
267GenesisRipples (Live)9:53Archive #2 - 1976-1992 Disc 25   256FATASSRADIO
268GenesisEntangled (Live)6:57Archive #2 - 1976-1992 Disc 29 General 256FATASSRADIO
269GenesisDuke's Travels/End (Live)9:31Archive #2 - 1976-1992 Disc 210   256FATASSRADIO
270GenesisThe Day The Light Went Out3:14Archive #2 (1976-1992) Cd382000Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
271GenesisYour Own Special Way (Live)6:51Archive (1976-1992) Cd2_0772000Symphonic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
272GenesisIllegal Alien5:31Archive 1976-199212000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
273GenesisDreaming While You Sleep7:48Archive 1976-199222000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
274GenesisHearts on Fire5:14Archive 1976-199222000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
275GenesisIt's Gonna Get Better7:32Archive 1976-199232000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
276GenesisEvidence of Autumn4:58Archive 1976-199252000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
277GenesisMan On The Corner4:04Archive 1976-199252000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
278GenesisThe Brazilian5:17Archive 1976-199262000Pop 192FATASSRADIO
279GenesisBurning Rope7:28Archive 1976-199282000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
280GenesisInside and Out6:43Archive 1976-199292000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
281GenesisLand of Confusion 12"6:59Archive II: 1976-199222000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
282GenesisDo the Neurotic7:08Archives #2 (1)62000Rock/Pop 256FATASSRADIO
283GenesisI'd Rather Be You3:59Archives #2 (1)72000Rock/Pop 192FATASSRADIO
284GenesisNaminatu3:51Archives #2 (1)82000Other 160FATASSRADIO
285GenesisI Can't Dance (12' Version)7:02Archives #2 (1)112000Rock 320FATASSRADIO
286GenesisSubmarine5:13Archives #2 (1)122000Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
287GenesisInvisible Touch [12" Version]5:58Archives #2 (3)12000Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
288GenesisNo Reply at All [Live]4:56Archives #2 (3)42000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
289GenesisThe Lady Lies (Live)6:08Archives #2 (3)62000Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
290GenesisOpen Door4:08Archives #2 (3)72000Progressive Rock 320FATASSRADIO
291GenesisPigeons3:13Archives #2 (3)102000Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
292GenesisIt's Yourself5:25Archives #2 (3)112000Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
293GenesisCalling All Stations5:44Calling All Stations11997Progressive Rock 274FATASSRADIO
294GenesisCongo4:52Calling All Stations21997Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
295GenesisShipwrecked4:23Calling All Stations31997Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
296GenesisAlien Afternoon7:53Calling All Stations41997Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
297GenesisNot About Us4:39Calling All Stations51997Progressive Rock 271FATASSRADIO
298GenesisIf That's What You Need5:12Calling All Stations61997Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
299GenesisThe Dividing Line7:44Calling All Stations71997Progressive Rock 277FATASSRADIO
300GenesisUncertain Weather5:29Calling All Stations81997Progressive Rock 273FATASSRADIO
301GenesisSmall Talk5:02Calling All Stations91997Progressive Rock 269FATASSRADIO
302GenesisThere Must Be Some Other Way7:55Calling All Stations101997Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
303GenesisOne Man's Fool8:46Calling All Stations111997Progressive Rock 270FATASSRADIO
304GenesisBanjo Man4:21Congo (Maxi) 1990Pop 118FATASSRADIO
305GenesisCongo (Edit)3:14Congo (Maxi) 1990Pop 122FATASSRADIO
306GenesisPapa He Said4:09Congo (Maxi) 1990Pop 112FATASSRADIO
307GenesisBehind The Lines5:31Duke11980Progressive Rock 261FATASSRADIO
308GenesisDuchess6:25Duke21980Progressive Rock 263FATASSRADIO
309GenesisGuide Vocal1:34Duke31980Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
310GenesisMan Of Our Times5:35Duke41980Progressive Rock 261FATASSRADIO
311GenesisMisunderstanding3:14Duke51980Progressive Rock 259FATASSRADIO
312GenesisHeathaze5:00Duke61980Progressive Rock 264FATASSRADIO
313GenesisTurn It On Again3:51Duke71980Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
314GenesisAlone Tonight3:57Duke81980Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
315GenesisCul.De.Sac5:05Duke91980Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
316GenesisPlease Don't Ask4:02Duke101980Progressive Rock 261FATASSRADIO
317GenesisDuke's Travels8:39Duke111980Progressive Rock 270FATASSRADIO
318GenesisDuke's End2:07Duke121980Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
319GenesisWatcher Of The Skies7:23Foxtrot11972Progressive Rock 277FATASSRADIO
320GenesisTime Table4:44Foxtrot21972Progressive Rock 264FATASSRADIO
321GenesisGet 'Em Out By Friday8:36Foxtrot31972Progressive Rock 270FATASSRADIO
322GenesisCan Utility And The Coastliner5:44Foxtrot41972Progressive Rock 270FATASSRADIO
323GenesisHorizons1:39Foxtrot51972Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
324GenesisSupper's Ready22:54Foxtrot61972Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
325GenesisThe Silent Sun2:14From Genesis To Revelation11969Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
326GenesisThat's Me2:39From Genesis To Revelation21969Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
327GenesisWhere The Sour Turns To Sweet3:14From Genesis To Revelation31969Progressive Rock 273FATASSRADIO
328GenesisIn The Beginning3:45From Genesis To Revelation41969Progressive Rock 285FATASSRADIO
329GenesisFireside Song4:18From Genesis To Revelation51969Progressive Rock 281FATASSRADIO
330GenesisThe Serpent4:38From Genesis To Revelation61969Progressive Rock 278FATASSRADIO
331GenesisAm I Very Wrong3:31From Genesis To Revelation71969Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
332GenesisIn The Wilderness3:30From Genesis To Revelation81969Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
333GenesisThe Conqueror3:40From Genesis To Revelation91969Progressive Rock 299FATASSRADIO
334GenesisIn Hiding2:37From Genesis To Revelation101969Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
335GenesisOne Day3:21From Genesis To Revelation111969Progressive Rock 273FATASSRADIO
336GenesisWindow3:33From Genesis To Revelation121969Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
337GenesisIn Limbo3:30From Genesis To Revelation131969Progressive Rock 285FATASSRADIO
338GenesisSilent Sun2:13From Genesis To Revelation141969Progressive Rock 275FATASSRADIO
339GenesisA Place To Call My Own2:00From Genesis To Revelation151969Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
340GenesisA Winter's Tale3:31From Genesis To Revelation161969Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
341GenesisOne Eyed Hound2:33From Genesis To Revelation171969Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
342GenesisImage Blown Out. Demo2:48From Genesis To Revelation181969Progressive Rock 254FATASSRADIO
343GenesisShe's So Beautiful. Demo The S3:42From Genesis To Revelation191969Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
344GenesisMama6:48Genesis11983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
345GenesisThat's All4:26Genesis21983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
346GenesisHome By the Sea5:07Genesis31983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
347GenesisSecond Home By the Sea6:07Genesis41983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
348GenesisIllegal Alien5:15Genesis51983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
349GenesisTaking It All Too Hard3:58Genesis61983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
350GenesisJust A Job To Do4:47Genesis71983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
351GenesisSilver Rainbow4:29Genesis81983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
352GenesisIt's Gonna Get Better5:00Genesis91983Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
353GenesisDancing With the Moonlit Knigh7:05Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196711998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
354GenesisLilywhite Lilith [Live]3:04Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196711998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
355GenesisThe In the Wilderness [Rough M2:59Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196711998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
356GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway6:31Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196711998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
357GenesisFirth of Fifth [Live]8:28Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196721998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
358GenesisFly on a Windshield [Live]4:36Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196721998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
359GenesisShepherd [BBC Nightride]4:00Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196721998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
360GenesisThe Waiting Room [Live]6:14Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196721998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
361GenesisAnyway [Live]3:28Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196731998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
362GenesisBroadway Melody of 1974 [Live]0:34Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196731998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
363GenesisMore Fool Me [Live]3:59Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196731998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
364GenesisPacidy [BBC Nightride]5:41Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196731998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
365GenesisCuckoo Cocoon [Live]2:16Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196741998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
366GenesisHere Comes the Supernatural An3:57Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196741998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
367GenesisLet Us Now Make Love [BBC Nigh6:13Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196741998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
368GenesisSupper's Ready [Live]26:34Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196741998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
369GenesisGoing Out to Get You [Demo Ver4:54Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196751998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
370GenesisI Know What I Like (In Your Wa5:36Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196751998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
371GenesisIn the Cage [Live]7:57Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196751998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
372GenesisThe Lamia [Live]7:18Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196751998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
373GenesisDusk [Demo Version]6:13Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196761998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
374GenesisSilent Sorrow in Empty Boats [3:08Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196761998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
375GenesisStagnation [Live]8:53Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196761998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
376GenesisThe Grand Parade of Lifeless P4:25Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196761998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
377GenesisBack in N.Y.C. [Live]6:10Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196771998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
378GenesisBuild Me a Mountain [Rough Mix4:12Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196771998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
379GenesisTwilight Alehouse [Single B Si7:48Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196771998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
380GenesisHairless Heart [Live]2:30Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196781998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
381GenesisHappy the Man [Single A Side]2:54Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196781998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
382GenesisImage Blown Out [Rough Mix]2:11Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196781998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
383GenesisRavine [Live]1:36Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196781998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
384GenesisOne Day [Rough Mix]3:08Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196791998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
385GenesisThe Light Dies Down on Broadwa3:37Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196791998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
386GenesisWatcher of the Skies [Remix]3:42Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 196791998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
387GenesisRiding the Scree [Live]4:29Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967101998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
388GenesisThe Carpet Crawlers [Live]5:46Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967101998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
389GenesisWhere the Sour Turns to Sweet3:14Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967101998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
390GenesisIn the Beginning [Demo Version3:31Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967111998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
391GenesisIn the Rapids [Live]2:25Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967111998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
392GenesisThe Chamber of 32 Doors [Live]5:52Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967111998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
393GenesisIt [Live]4:20Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967121998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
394GenesisThe Magic of Time [Demo Versio2:01Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967121998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
395GenesisHey! [Demo Version]2:27Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967131998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
396GenesisHidden in the World of Dawn [D3:10Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967141998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
397GenesisSea Bee [Demo Version]3:04Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967151998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
398GenesisThe Mystery of the Flannan Isl2:35Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967161998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
399GenesisHair on the Arms and Legs [Dem2:41Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967171998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
400GenesisShe Is Beautiful [Demo Version3:46Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967181998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
401GenesisTry a Little Sadness [Demo Ver3:20Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967191998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
402GenesisPatricia [Demo Version]3:04Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967201998Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
403GenesisCounting Out Time [Live]3:57Genesis Archives, Vol. 1: 1967-1975 -- The Gabriel Years (1 of 4)91998Rock/Pop 224FATASSRADIO
404GenesisMama [Work in Progress]10:43Genesis Archives, Vol. 2: 1976-1992 (3 of 3)122000Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
405GenesisI Can't Dance4:02I Can't Dance12001Pop 107FATASSRADIO
406GenesisOn the Shoreline4:47I Can't Dance22001Pop 122FATASSRADIO
407GenesisIn Too Deep (live)5:27I Can't Dance32001Pop 115FATASSRADIO
408GenesisThat's All (live)4:54I Can't Dance42001Pop 124FATASSRADIO
409GenesisInvisible Touch3:29Invisible Touch11986Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
410GenesisTonight. Tonight. Tonight8:53Invisible Touch21986Progressive Rock 240FATASSRADIO
411GenesisLand Of Confusion4:46Invisible Touch31986Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
412GenesisIn Too Deep4:59Invisible Touch41986Progressive Rock 217FATASSRADIO
413GenesisAnything She Does4:09Invisible Touch51986Progressive Rock 235FATASSRADIO
414GenesisDomino In The Glow Of The Nigh10:45Invisible Touch61986Progressive Rock 236FATASSRADIO
415GenesisThrowing It All Away3:51Invisible Touch71986Progressive Rock 221FATASSRADIO
416GenesisThe Brazilian4:49Invisible Touch81986Progressive Rock 248FATASSRADIO
417GenesisLand Of Confusion4:49Land Of Confusion11986Progressive Rock 289FATASSRADIO
418GenesisFollow Me.Follow You4:37Land Of Confusion21986Progressive Rock 281FATASSRADIO
419GenesisThat`s All5:05Land Of Confusion31986Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
420GenesisAbacab8:54Land Of Confusion41986Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
421GenesisThrowing It All Away6:51Land Of Confusion51986Progressive Rock 278FATASSRADIO
422GenesisTurn It Again4:48Land Of Confusion61986Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
423GenesisMama7:05Land Of Confusion71986Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
424GenesisIn Too Deep5:15Land Of Confusion81986Progressive Rock 250FATASSRADIO
425GenesisInvisible Touch4:43Land Of Confusion91986Progressive Rock 299FATASSRADIO
426GenesisTonight.Tonight.Tonight8:47Land Of Confusion101986Progressive Rock 286FATASSRADIO
427GenesisDo The Neurotic7:04Land Of Confusion (Maxi) 1990Pop 130FATASSRADIO
428GenesisFeeding The Fire5:52Land Of Confusion (Maxi) 1990Pop 120FATASSRADIO
429GenesisLand Of Confusion4:44Land Of Confusion (Maxi) 1990Pop 123FATASSRADIO
430GenesisLand Of Confusion (Extended Ve6:57Land Of Confusion (Maxi) 1990Pop 129FATASSRADIO
431GenesisWatcher Of The Skies8:34Live11973Progressive Rock 285FATASSRADIO
432GenesisGet 'Em Out By Friday9:12Live21973Progressive Rock 275FATASSRADIO
433GenesisThe Return Of The Giant Hogwee8:12Live31973Progressive Rock 273FATASSRADIO
434GenesisThe Musical Box10:54Live41973Progressive Rock 269FATASSRADIO
435GenesisThe Knife9:45Live51973Progressive Rock 272FATASSRADIO
436GenesisWatcher of the Skies6:00Live in London 197512001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
437GenesisIn the Cage6:40Live in London 197522001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
438GenesisBack In N.Y.C.6:06Live in London 197532001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
439GenesisHairless Heart2:37Live in London 197542001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
440GenesisCounting Out Time3:56Live in London 197552001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
441GenesisThe Carpet Crawlers5:44Live in London 197562001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
442GenesisThe Waiting Room6:17Live in London 197572001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
443GenesisSilent Sorrow In Empty Boats4:36Live in London 197582001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
444GenesisThe Light Dies Down on Broadwa7:49Live in London 197592001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
445GenesisAnything New6:58Not About Us (Maxi) 1990Pop 131FATASSRADIO
446GenesisNot About Us4:05Not About Us (Maxi) 1990Pop 121FATASSRADIO
447GenesisRun Out Of Time6:07Not About Us (Maxi) 1990Pop 125FATASSRADIO
448GenesisSign Your Life Away4:44Not About Us (Maxi) 1990Pop 121FATASSRADIO
449GenesisThe Musical Box10:30Nursery Cryme11971Progressive Rock 272FATASSRADIO
450GenesisFor Absent Friends1:47Nursery Cryme21971Progressive Rock 257FATASSRADIO
451GenesisThe Return Of The Giant Hogwee8:10Nursery Cryme31971Progressive Rock 270FATASSRADIO
452GenesisSeven Stones5:10Nursery Cryme41971Progressive Rock 274FATASSRADIO
453GenesisHarold The Barrel3:00Nursery Cryme51971Progressive Rock 269FATASSRADIO
454GenesisHarlequin2:56Nursery Cryme61971Progressive Rock 277FATASSRADIO
455GenesisThe Fountain Of Salmacis7:54Nursery Cryme71971Progressive Rock 273FATASSRADIO
456GenesisIn Too Deep4:56Platinum Collection Cd 19 World 224FATASSRADIO
457GenesisMama6:48Platinum Collection Cd 110 World 224FATASSRADIO
458GenesisThat0s All4:25Platinum Collection Cd 111 World 224FATASSRADIO
459GenesisPaperlate3:23Platinum Collection Cd 1152004World 224FATASSRADIO
460GenesisAbacab6:55Platinum Collection Cd 21 World 224FATASSRADIO
461GenesisDuchess6:06Platinum Collection Cd 25 World 224FATASSRADIO
462GenesisUndertown4:46Platinum Collection Cd 29 World 224FATASSRADIO
463GenesisAfterglow4:08Platinum Collection Cd 211 World 224FATASSRADIO
464GenesisRipples8:08Platinum Collection Cd 214 World 224FATASSRADIO
465GenesisLos Endos5:46Platinum Collection Cd 215 World 224FATASSRADIO
466GenesisThe Knife8:53Platinum Collection Cd 392004World 224FATASSRADIO
467GenesisSquonk6:37Seconds Out11977Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
468GenesisSuppers Ready24:33Seconds Out11977Progressive Rock 269FATASSRADIO
469GenesisCinema Show10:58Seconds Out21977Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
470GenesisThe Carpet Crawl5:20Seconds Out21977Progressive Rock 258FATASSRADIO
471GenesisDance On A Volcano8:25Seconds Out31977Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
472GenesisRobbery Assault And Battery6:02Seconds Out31977Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
473GenesisAfterglow4:25Seconds Out41977Progressive Rock 278FATASSRADIO
474GenesisLos Endos3:13Seconds Out41977Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
475GenesisFirth Of Fifth8:55Seconds Out51977Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
476GenesisI Know What I Like8:44Seconds Out61977Progressive Rock 270FATASSRADIO
477GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway4:58Seconds Out71977Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
478GenesisThe Musical Box3:18Seconds Out81977Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
479GenesisDancing With The Moonlit Knigh8:04Selling England By The Pound11973Progressive Rock 264FATASSRADIO
480GenesisI Know What I Like. In Your Wa4:07Selling England By The Pound21973Progressive Rock 271FATASSRADIO
481GenesisFirth Of Fifth9:36Selling England By The Pound31973Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
482GenesisMore Fool Me3:09Selling England By The Pound41973Progressive Rock 258FATASSRADIO
483GenesisThe Battle Of Epping Forest11:45Selling England By The Pound51973Progressive Rock 261FATASSRADIO
484GenesisAfter The Ordeal4:15Selling England By The Pound61973Progressive Rock 278FATASSRADIO
485GenesisThe Cinema Show11:05Selling England By The Pound71973Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
486GenesisAisle Of Plenty1:32Selling England By The Pound81973Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
487GenesisLovers Leap (from Suppers Read2:20Shipwrecked (Maxi) 1990Pop 121FATASSRADIO
488GenesisNo Son of Mine3:21Shipwrecked (Maxi) 1990Pop 104FATASSRADIO
489GenesisShipwrecked4:26Shipwrecked (Maxi) 1990Pop 116FATASSRADIO
490GenesisTurn It On Again2:33Shipwrecked (Maxi) 1990Pop 131FATASSRADIO
491GenesisMatch Of The Day3:23Spot The Pigeon11977Pop 139FATASSRADIO
492GenesisPigeons3:13Spot The Pigeon21977Pop 129FATASSRADIO
493GenesisInside And Out6:44Spot The Pigeon31977Pop 127FATASSRADIO
494GenesisFollow you follow me3:59The carpet crawlers 1999 (Maxi 1990Pop 135FATASSRADIO
495GenesisThe carpet crawlers 19995:39The carpet crawlers 1999 (Maxi 1990Pop 121FATASSRADIO
496GenesisTurn it on again3:49The carpet crawlers 1999 (Maxi 1990Pop 137FATASSRADIO
497GenesisTurn it on again3:49The carpet crawlers 1999 (Maxi11990Progressive Rock 137FATASSRADIO
498GenesisThe carpet crawlers 19995:39The carpet crawlers 1999 (Maxi131990Pop 121FATASSRADIO
499GenesisLilywhite Lilith2:41The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway11974Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
500GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway4:50The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway11974Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
501GenesisFly on a Windshield4:21The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway21974Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
502GenesisThe Waiting Room5:23The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway21974Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
503GenesisAnyway3:07The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway31974Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
504GenesisBroadway Melody of 19740:33The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway31974Progressive Rock 256FATASSRADIO
505GenesisCuckoo Cocoon2:11The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway41974Progressive Rock 278FATASSRADIO
506GenesisHere Comes The Supernatural An3:00The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway41974Progressive Rock 275FATASSRADIO
507GenesisIn the Cage8:15The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway51974Progressive Rock 264FATASSRADIO
508GenesisThe Lamia6:55The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway51974Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
509GenesisSilent Sorrow In Empty Boats3:06The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway61974Progressive Rock 261FATASSRADIO
510GenesisThe Grand Parade of Lifeless P2:44The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway61974Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
511GenesisBack in N.Y.C.5:41The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway71974Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
512GenesisThe Colony Of Slipperman.Arriv8:12The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway71974Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
513GenesisHairless Heart2:11The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway81974Progressive Rock 265FATASSRADIO
514GenesisRavine2:02The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway81974Progressive Rock 258FATASSRADIO
515GenesisCounting out Time3:42The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway91974Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
516GenesisThe Light Dies Down On Broadwa3:32The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway91974Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
517GenesisCarpet Crawlers5:15The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway101974Progressive Rock 258FATASSRADIO
518GenesisRiding The Scree3:58The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway101974Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
519GenesisIn The Rapids2:23The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway111974Progressive Rock 272FATASSRADIO
520GenesisThe Chamber of 32 Doors5:39The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway111974Progressive Rock 267FATASSRADIO
521GenesisIt4:18The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway121974Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
522GenesisLand Of Confusion5:16The Way We Walk, Vol. 111992Progressive Rock 217FATASSRADIO
523GenesisNo Son Of Mine7:05The Way We Walk, Vol. 121992Progressive Rock 240FATASSRADIO
524GenesisJesus He Knows Me5:23The Way We Walk, Vol. 131992Progressive Rock 229FATASSRADIO
525GenesisThrowing It All Away6:01The Way We Walk, Vol. 141992Progressive Rock 231FATASSRADIO
526GenesisI Can't Dance6:55The Way We Walk, Vol. 151992Progressive Rock 225FATASSRADIO
527GenesisMama6:50The Way We Walk, Vol. 161992Progressive Rock 220FATASSRADIO
528GenesisHold On To My Heart5:40The Way We Walk, Vol. 171992Progressive Rock 241FATASSRADIO
529GenesisThat's All4:58The Way We Walk, Vol. 181992Progressive Rock 224FATASSRADIO
530GenesisIn Too Deep5:36The Way We Walk, Vol. 191992Progressive Rock 216FATASSRADIO
531GenesisTonight. Tonight. Tonight3:35The Way We Walk, Vol. 1101992Progressive Rock 234FATASSRADIO
532GenesisInvisible Touch5:41The Way We Walk, Vol. 1111992Progressive Rock 242FATASSRADIO
533GenesisOld Medley19:32The Way We Walk, Vol. 211993Progressive Rock 238FATASSRADIO
534GenesisDriving The Last Spike10:17The Way We Walk, Vol. 221993Progressive Rock 244FATASSRADIO
535GenesisDomino11:20The Way We Walk, Vol. 231993Progressive Rock 234FATASSRADIO
536GenesisFading Lights10:54The Way We Walk, Vol. 241993Progressive Rock 245FATASSRADIO
537GenesisHome By The Sea. Second Home B12:14The Way We Walk, Vol. 251993Progressive Rock 234FATASSRADIO
538GenesisDrum Duet6:06The Way We Walk, Vol. 261993Progressive Rock 268FATASSRADIO
539GenesisMisunderstanding4:05Three Sides Live11982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
540GenesisTurn It On Again5:23Three Sides Live11982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
541GenesisDodo7:20Three Sides Live21982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
542GenesisIn the Cage11:52Three Sides Live21982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
543GenesisAbacab8:43Three Sides Live31982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
544GenesisAfterglow5:03Three Sides Live31982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
545GenesisBehind The Lines5:24Three Sides Live41982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
546GenesisPaperlate3:15Three Sides Live41982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
547GenesisDuchess6:38Three Sides Live51982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
548GenesisYou Might Recall5:28Three Sides Live51982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
549GenesisMe & Sarah Jane5:52Three Sides Live61982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
550GenesisMe And Virgil6:19Three Sides Live61982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
551GenesisEvidence Of Autumn4:58Three Sides Live71982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
552GenesisFollow You Follow Me4:45Three Sides Live71982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
553GenesisOpen Door4:04Three Sides Live81982Progressive Rock 192FATASSRADIO
554GenesisLooking For Someone7:06Trespass11970Progressive Rock 276FATASSRADIO
555GenesisWhite Mountain6:45Trespass21970Progressive Rock 280FATASSRADIO
556GenesisVisions Of Angels6:50Trespass31970Progressive Rock 290FATASSRADIO
557GenesisStagnation8:50Trespass41970Progressive Rock 274FATASSRADIO
558GenesisDusk4:13Trespass51970Progressive Rock 280FATASSRADIO
559GenesisThe Knife8:55Trespass61970Progressive Rock 279FATASSRADIO
560GenesisInvisible Touch3:23Turn It On Again21999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
561GenesisMama5:11Turn It On Again31999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
562GenesisLand Of Confusion4:43Turn It On Again41999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
563GenesisI Can´t Dance3:51Turn It On Again51999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
564GenesisFollow You Follow Me3:50Turn It On Again61999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
565GenesisHold On My Heart4:25Turn It On Again71999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
566GenesisAbacab4:01Turn It On Again81999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
567GenesisI Know What I Like3:54Turn It On Again91999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
568GenesisNo Son Of Mine5:38Turn It On Again101999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
569GenesisTonight Tonight Tonight4:23Turn It On Again111999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
570GenesisIn Too Deep4:52Turn It On Again121999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
571GenesisCongo3:51Turn It On Again131999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
572GenesisJesus He Knows Me4:08Turn It On Again141999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
573GenesisThat´s All4:17Turn It On Again151999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
574GenesisMisunderstanding3:07Turn It On Again161999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
575GenesisThrowing It All Away3:41Turn It On Again171999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
576GenesisThe Carpet Crawlers 19995:24Turn It On Again181999Progressive Rock 128FATASSRADIO
577GenesisNo Son Of Mine6:39We Can`t Dance11991Progressive Rock 226FATASSRADIO
578GenesisJesus He Knows Me4:16We Can`t Dance21991Progressive Rock 235FATASSRADIO
579GenesisDriving The Last Spike10:08We Can`t Dance31991Progressive Rock 242FATASSRADIO
580GenesisI Can't Dance4:01We Can`t Dance41991Progressive Rock 207FATASSRADIO
581GenesisNever A Time3:50We Can`t Dance51991Progressive Rock 225FATASSRADIO
582GenesisDreaming While You Sleep7:16We Can`t Dance61991Progressive Rock 220FATASSRADIO
583GenesisTell Me Why4:59We Can`t Dance71991Progressive Rock 250FATASSRADIO
584GenesisLiving Forever5:41We Can`t Dance81991Progressive Rock 247FATASSRADIO
585GenesisHold On My Heart4:38We Can`t Dance91991Progressive Rock 223FATASSRADIO
586GenesisWay Of The World5:38We Can`t Dance101991Progressive Rock 261FATASSRADIO
587GenesisSince I Lost You4:09We Can`t Dance111991Progressive Rock 257FATASSRADIO
588GenesisFading Lights10:17We Can`t Dance121991Progressive Rock 223FATASSRADIO
589GenesisEleventh Earl Of Mar7:44Wind And Wuthering11976Progressive Rock 263FATASSRADIO
590GenesisOne For The Vine9:59Wind And Wuthering21976Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
591GenesisYour Own Special Way6:18Wind And Wuthering31976Progressive Rock 262FATASSRADIO
592GenesisWot Gorilla3:19Wind And Wuthering41976Progressive Rock 263FATASSRADIO
593GenesisAll In A Mouse's Night6:37Wind And Wuthering51976Progressive Rock 261FATASSRADIO
594GenesisBlood On The Rooftops5:26Wind And Wuthering61976Progressive Rock 269FATASSRADIO
595GenesisUnquiet Slumber For The Sleepe2:21Wind And Wuthering71976Progressive Rock 260FATASSRADIO
596GenesisIn That Quiet Earth'4:49Wind And Wuthering81976Progressive Rock 266FATASSRADIO
597GenesisAfterglow4:12Wind And Wuthering91976Progressive Rock 274FATASSRADIO
598Geoff LoveDoctor Who Theme2:21Doctor Who7 Soundtrack 256FATASSRADIO
599George ClintonTracey Ullman Show0:46TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)631996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
600George HarrisonGot My Mind Set On You5:1912 Arnold Grove71987Rock 128FATASSRADIO
601George HarrisonBeware Of Darkness3:49All Things Must Pass11970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
602George HarrisonApple Scruffs3:08All Things Must Pass21970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
603George HarrisonBallad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)3:53All Things Must Pass31970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
604George HarrisonAwaiting On You All2:50All Things Must Pass41970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
605George HarrisonAll Things Must Pass3:45All Things Must Pass51970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
606George HarrisonI Dig Love4:58All Things Must Pass61970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
607George HarrisonArt Of Dying3:39All Things Must Pass71970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
608George HarrisonIsn't It A Pity (Version Two)4:47All Things Must Pass81970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
609George HarrisonHear Me Lord5:46All Things Must Pass91970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
610George HarrisonI live for you3:36All Things Must Pass101970Rock 128FATASSRADIO
611George HarrisonIt's Johnny's Birthday0:49All Things Must Pass101970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
612George HarrisonBeware of darkness3:22All Things Must Pass111970Rock 128FATASSRADIO
613George HarrisonPlug Me In3:22All Things Must Pass111970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
614George HarrisonI Remember Jeep8:08All Things Must Pass121970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
615George HarrisonLet It Down3:55All Things Must Pass121970Rock 128FATASSRADIO
616George HarrisonThanks For The Pepperoni5:32All Things Must Pass131970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
617George HarrisonWhat is life [instrumental4:28All Things Must Pass131970Rock 128FATASSRADIO
618George HarrisonMy sweet lord4:56All Things Must Pass141970Rock 128FATASSRADIO
619George HarrisonOut Of The Blue11:17All Things Must Pass141970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
620George HarrisonI'd Have You Anytime2:58All Things Must Pass - Disc 111970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
621George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord4:41All Things Must Pass - Disc 121970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
622George HarrisonWah-Wah5:38All Things Must Pass - Disc 131970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
623George HarrisonIsn't It A Pity (Version One)7:10All Things Must Pass - Disc 141970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
624George HarrisonWhat Is Life4:19All Things Must Pass - Disc 151970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
625George HarrisonIf Not For You3:33All Things Must Pass - Disc 161970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
626George HarrisonBehind That Locked Door3:08All Things Must Pass - Disc 171970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
627George HarrisonLet It Down4:57All Things Must Pass - Disc 181970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
628George HarrisonRun Of The Mill2:52All Things Must Pass - Disc 191970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
629George HarrisonBallad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)3:53All Things Must Pass - Disc 1121970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
630George HarrisonPoor Little Girl4:31Best of Dark Horse11989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
631George HarrisonBlow Away3:58Best of Dark Horse21989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
632George HarrisonThat's The Way It Goes3:32Best of Dark Horse31989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
633George HarrisonCockamamie Business5:17Best of Dark Horse41989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
634George HarrisonWake Up My Love3:30Best of Dark Horse51989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
635George HarrisonLife Itself4:25Best of Dark Horse61989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
636George HarrisonGot My Mind Set On You3:50Best of Dark Horse71989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
637George HarrisonCrackerbox Palace3:55Best of Dark Horse81989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
638George HarrisonCloud 93:15Best of Dark Horse91989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
639George HarrisonHere Comes The Moon4:05Best of Dark Horse101989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
640George HarrisonGone Troppo4:25Best of Dark Horse111989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
641George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab3:55Best of Dark Horse121989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
642George HarrisonLove Comes To Everyone3:41Best of Dark Horse131989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
643George HarrisonAll Those Years Ago3:42Best of Dark Horse141989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
644George HarrisonCheer Down4:10Best of Dark Horse151989Pop 128FATASSRADIO
645George HarrisonAny Road3:52Brainwashed12002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
646George HarrisonP2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)2:38Brainwashed22002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
647George HarrisonPisces Fish4:52Brainwashed32002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
648George HarrisonLooking For My Life3:49Brainwashed42002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
649George HarrisonRising Sun5:27Brainwashed52002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
650George HarrisonMarwa Blues3:41Brainwashed62002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
651George HarrisonStuck Inside A Cloud4:04Brainwashed72002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
652George HarrisonRun So Far4:05Brainwashed82002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
653George HarrisonNever Get Over You3:25Brainwashed92002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
654George HarrisonBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea2:34Brainwashed102002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
655George HarrisonRocking Chair In Hawaii3:07Brainwashed112002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
656George HarrisonBrainwashed6:07Brainwashed122002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
657George HarrisonCloud 93:15Cloud 911987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
658George HarrisonThat's What It Takes3:58Cloud 921987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
659George HarrisonThat's What It Takes3:25Cloud 931987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
660George HarrisonJust For Today4:06Cloud 941987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
661George HarrisonThis Is Love3:48Cloud 951987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
662George HarrisonWhen We Was Fab3:57Cloud 961987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
663George HarrisonDevil's Radio3:54Cloud 971987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
664George HarrisonSomeplace Else3:53Cloud 981987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
665George HarrisonWreck Of The Hesperus3:33Cloud 991987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
666George HarrisonBreath Away From Heaven3:32Cloud 9101987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
667George HarrisonGot My Mind Set On You3:54Cloud 9111987Pop 160FATASSRADIO
668George HarrisonUnder The Mersey Wall18:43Electronic Sound11969Electronic 192FATASSRADIO
669George HarrisonNo Time Or Space25:06Electronic Sound21969Electronic 192FATASSRADIO
670George HarrisonYou3:44Extra Texture11975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
671George HarrisonThe Answer's At The End5:33Extra Texture21975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
672George HarrisonThis Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)4:13Extra Texture31975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
673George HarrisonOoh Baby (You Know That I Love You)4:01Extra Texture41975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
674George HarrisonWorld Of Stone4:42Extra Texture51975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
675George HarrisonA Bit More Of You0:44Extra Texture61975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
676George HarrisonCan't Stop Thinking About You4:32Extra Texture71975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
677George HarrisonTired Of Midnight Blue4:53Extra Texture81975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
678George HarrisonGrey Cloudy Lies3:42Extra Texture91975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
679George HarrisonHis Name Is Legs (Ladies And Gentlemen)5:46Extra Texture101975Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
680George HarrisonLove Comes To Everyone4:33George Harrison11979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
681George HarrisonNot Guilty3:34George Harrison21979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
682George HarrisonHere Comes The Moon4:01George Harrison31979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
683George HarrisonSoft-Hearted Hana4:00George Harrison41979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
684George HarrisonBlow Away4:02George Harrison51979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
685George HarrisonFaster4:43George Harrison61979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
686George HarrisonDark Sweet Lady3:23George Harrison71979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
687George HarrisonYour Love Is Forever3:44George Harrison81979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
688George HarrisonSoft Touch3:55George Harrison91979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
689George HarrisonIf You Believe2:58George Harrison101979Rock 128FATASSRADIO
690George HarrisonWake Up My Love3:36Gone Troppo1 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
691George HarrisonThat's The Way It Goes3:37Gone Troppo2 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
692George HarrisonI Really Love You2:56Gone Troppo3 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
693George HarrisonGreece4:02Gone Troppo4 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
694George HarrisonGone Troppo4:27Gone Troppo5 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
695George HarrisonMystical One3:45Gone Troppo6 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
696George HarrisonUnknown Delight4:18Gone Troppo7 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
697George HarrisonBaby Don't Run Away4:04Gone Troppo8 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
698George HarrisonDream Away4:31Gone Troppo9 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
699George HarrisonCircles3:46Gone Troppo10 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
700George HarrisonCloud 94:16Live In Japan (Disc 2)11992misc 192FATASSRADIO
701George HarrisonHere Comes The Sun3:31Live In Japan (Disc 2)21992misc 192FATASSRADIO
702George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord5:41Live In Japan (Disc 2)31992misc 192FATASSRADIO
703George HarrisonAll Those Years Ago4:36Live In Japan (Disc 2)41992misc 192FATASSRADIO
704George HarrisonCheer Down3:51Live In Japan (Disc 2)51992misc 192FATASSRADIO
705George HarrisonDevil´s Radio4:26Live In Japan (Disc 2)61992misc 192FATASSRADIO
706George HarrisonIsn´t It A Pity6:35Live In Japan (Disc 2)71992misc 192FATASSRADIO
707George HarrisonWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps7:08Live In Japan (Disc 2)81992misc 192FATASSRADIO
708George HarrisonRoll Over Beethoven4:34Live In Japan (Disc 2)91992misc 192FATASSRADIO
709George HarrisonI Want to Tell You4:36Live In Japan (Disc 1)11992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
710George HarrisonOld Brown Shoe3:55Live In Japan (Disc 1)21992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
711George HarrisonTaxman4:19Live In Japan (Disc 1)31992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
712George HarrisonGive Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)3:39Live In Japan (Disc 1)41992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
713George HarrisonIf I Needed Someone3:50Live In Japan (Disc 1)51992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
714George HarrisonSomething5:21Live In Japan (Disc 1)61992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
715George HarrisonWhat is Life4:51Live In Japan (Disc 1)71992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
716George HarrisonDark Horse4:16Live In Japan (Disc 1)81992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
717George HarrisonPiggies2:56Live In Japan (Disc 1)91992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
718George HarrisonGot My Mind Set on You4:34Live In Japan (Disc 1)101992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
719George HarrisonGive Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)3:38Living In The Material World11973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
720George HarrisonSue Me, Sue You Blues4:49Living In The Material World21973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
721George HarrisonThe Light That Has Lighted The World3:31Living In The Material World31973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
722George HarrisonDon't Let Me Wait Too Long2:58Living In The Material World41973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
723George HarrisonWho Can See It3:53Living In The Material World51973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
724George HarrisonLiving In The Material World5:31Living In The Material World61973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
725George HarrisonThe Lord Loves The One (That Loves The Lord)4:35Living In The Material World71973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
726George HarrisonBe Here Now4:10Living In The Material World81973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
727George HarrisonTry Some Buy Some4:09Living In The Material World91973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
728George HarrisonThe Day The World Gets 'Round2:53Living In The Material World101973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
729George HarrisonThat Is All3:43Living In The Material World111973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
730George HarrisonBlood From A Clone3:57Somewhere In England11981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
731George HarrisonUnconsciousness Rules3:35Somewhere In England21981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
732George HarrisonLife Itself4:21Somewhere In England31981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
733George HarrisonAll Those Years Ago3:41Somewhere In England41981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
734George HarrisonBaltimore Oriole3:55Somewhere In England51981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
735George HarrisonTeardrops4:04Somewhere In England61981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
736George HarrisonThat Which I Have Lost3:44Somewhere In England71981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
737George HarrisonWriting's On The Wall3:53Somewhere In England81981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
738George HarrisonHong Kong Blues2:53Somewhere In England91981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
739George HarrisonSave The World4:49Somewhere In England101981Pop 128FATASSRADIO
740George HarrisonSomething3:03The Best Of George Harrison11976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
741George HarrisonIf I Needed Someone2:23The Best Of George Harrison21976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
742George HarrisonHere Comes The Sun3:07The Best Of George Harrison31976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
743George HarrisonTaxman2:38The Best Of George Harrison41976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
744George HarrisonThink For Yourself2:21The Best Of George Harrison51976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
745George HarrisonFor You Blue2:32The Best Of George Harrison61976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
746George HarrisonWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps4:47The Best Of George Harrison71976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
747George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord4:39The Best Of George Harrison81976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
748George HarrisonGive Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)3:36The Best Of George Harrison91976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
749George HarrisonYou3:42The Best Of George Harrison101976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
750George HarrisonBangla Desh3:59The Best Of George Harrison111976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
751George HarrisonDark Horse3:54The Best Of George Harrison121976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
752George HarrisonWhat Is Life4:16The Best Of George Harrison131976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
753George HarrisonHere Comes The Sun3:48The Concert For Bangladesh - Disc Two21971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
754George HarrisonSomething4:52The Concert For Bangladesh - Disc Two81971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
755George HarrisonBangla Desh4:54The Concert For Bangladesh - Disc Two91971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
756George HarrisonWah-Wah3:45The Concert for Bangladesh (1 of 2)31971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
757George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord4:49The Concert for Bangladesh (1 of 2)41971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
758George HarrisonAwaiting on You All3:07The Concert for Bangladesh (1 of 2)51971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
759George HarrisonWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps2:58The Concert for Bangladesh (1 of 2)91971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
760George HarrisonWoman Don't You Cry For Me3:19Thirty Three & 1/311976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
761George HarrisonDear One5:07Thirty Three & 1/321976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
762George HarrisonBeautiful Girl3:42Thirty Three & 1/331976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
763George HarrisonThis Song4:14Thirty Three & 1/341976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
764George HarrisonSee Yourself2:51Thirty Three & 1/351976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
765George HarrisonIt's What You Value5:08Thirty Three & 1/361976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
766George HarrisonTrue Love2:44Thirty Three & 1/371976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
767George HarrisonPure Smokey3:56Thirty Three & 1/381976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
768George HarrisonCrackerbox Palace3:58Thirty Three & 1/391976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
769George HarrisonLearning How To Love You4:13Thirty Three & 1/3101976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
770George HarrisonHorse To The Water4:57Today12002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
771George HarrisonHere Comes The Sun3:44Today22002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
772George HarrisonHomeward Bound2:52Today32002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
773George HarrisonAny Road Will Take You There2:42Today42002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
774George HarrisonIf You Belonged To Me3:09Today52002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
775George HarrisonAll Things Must Pass3:24Today62002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
776George HarrisonPrabuhjee2:06Today72002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
777George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord4:54Today82002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
778George HarrisonIn The First Place3:24Today92002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
779George HarrisonIn The First Place2:31Today102002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
780George HarrisonAnna Julia3:35Today112002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
781George HarrisonMoment In Paradise3:32Today122002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
782George HarrisonEasy Money2:53Today132002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
783George HarrisonA Long Time Gone3:14Today142002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
784George HarrisonAll She Wanted3:14Today152002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
785George HarrisonLove Letters3:34Today162002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
786George HarrisonPower To The People3:22Today172002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
787George HarrisonDistance Makes No Differance With Love4:12Today182002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
788George HarrisonAwaiting On You All0:29Today192002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
789George HarrisonAll Things Must Pass0:32Today202002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
790George HarrisonYour True Love3:08Today212002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
791George HarrisonLovely Laddy Day3:01Today222002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
792George HarrisonYou3:45Today232002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
793George HarrisonYou4:01Today242002Pop 128FATASSRADIO
794George HarrisonMicrobes3:44Wonderwall Music1 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
795George HarrisonRed Lady Too1:57Wonderwall Music2 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
796George HarrisonTabla And Pakavaj1:05Wonderwall Music3 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
797George HarrisonIn The Park4:10Wonderwall Music4 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
798George HarrisonDrilling A Home3:07Wonderwall Music5 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
799George HarrisonGuru Vandana1:07Wonderwall Music6 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
800George HarrisonGreasy Legs1:27Wonderwall Music7 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
801George HarrisonSki-ing1:50Wonderwall Music8 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
802George HarrisonGat Kirwani1:15Wonderwall Music9 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
803George HarrisonDream Scene5:30Wonderwall Music10 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
804George HarrisonParty Seacombe4:35Wonderwall Music11 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
805George HarrisonLove Scene4:17Wonderwall Music12 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
806George HarrisonCrying1:19Wonderwall Music13 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
807George HarrisonCowboy Music1:30Wonderwall Music14 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
808George HarrisonFantasy Sequins1:51Wonderwall Music15 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
809George HarrisonOn The Bed2:23Wonderwall Music16 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
810George HarrisonGlass Box1:07Wonderwall Music17 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
811George HarrisonWonderwall To Be Here1:27Wonderwall Music18 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
812George HarrisonSinging Om1:54Wonderwall Music19 AlternRock 192FATASSRADIO
813George Harrison; Eric ClaptonWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps4:53The Concert for Bangladesh (1 of 2)101971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
814George Harrison; Leon RussellBeware of Darkness2:36The Concert For Bangla Desh81971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
815George Harrison; Leon RussellMedley: Jumpin' Jack Flash / Youngblood10:39The Concert For Bangladesh - Disc Two11971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
816George Harrison; Ravi ShankarIntroduction6:17The Concert for Bangladesh (1 of 2)11971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
817George JonesWorried Man Blues3:11The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of The Carter Family12004Country 160FATASSRADIO
818George MichaelFreedom6:35»UNPLUGGED«12001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
819George MichaelFastlove5:31»UNPLUGGED«22001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
820George MichaelI Can't Make You Love Me5:44»UNPLUGGED«32001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
821George MichaelFather Figure6:16»UNPLUGGED«42001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
822George MichaelEverything She Wants5:09»UNPLUGGED«52001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
823George MichaelPraying For Time5:14»UNPLUGGED«62001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
824George MichaelStar People6:04»UNPLUGGED«72001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
825George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:32»UNPLUGGED«82001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
826George MichaelYou Know That I Want To4:25»UNPLUGGED«102001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
827George MichaelSafe4:17»UNPLUGGED«112001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
828George MichaelSpinning The Wheel (Forthright Edit)4:34»UNPLUGGED«122001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
829George MichaelI'm Your Man '964:01»UNPLUGGED«132001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
830George MichaelFastlove Part II (Fully Extended Mix)9:27»UNPLUGGED«142001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
831George MichaelFreedom '90 (MTV Unplugged live)6:36acoustic11996  256FATASSRADIO
832George MichaelFast Love (MTV Unplugged live)5:01acoustic21996  256FATASSRADIO
833George MichaelI Can't Make You Love Me (MTV Unplugged live)5:13acoustic31996  256FATASSRADIO
834George MichaelFather Figure (MTV Unplugged live)6:16acoustic41996  256FATASSRADIO
835George MichaelYou Have Been Loved (MTV Unplugged live)5:36acoustic51996  256FATASSRADIO
836George MichaelEverything She Wants (MTV Unplugged live)4:58acoustic61996  256FATASSRADIO
837George MichaelPraying For Time (MTV Unplugged live)5:32acoustic71996  256FATASSRADIO
838George MichaelStar People5:56acoustic81996  256FATASSRADIO
839George MichaelFather Figure (live at Concert of Hope)7:39Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)11993  256FATASSRADIO
840George MichaelKiller/Papa Was A Rolling Stone (live at Concert of Hope)6:33Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)21993  256FATASSRADIO
841George MichaelOne More Try (live at Concert of Hope)5:23Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)31993  256FATASSRADIO
842George MichaelLove's In Need Of Love Today (live at Concert of Hope)5:34Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)41993  256FATASSRADIO
843George MichaelFreedom '90 (live at Concert of Hope)6:31Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)51993  256FATASSRADIO
844George MichaelKiller/Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Ligosa Mix)5:00Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)61993  256FATASSRADIO
845George MichaelLiving For The City (Live at the VH1 Honors 11 April 1997)5:18Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)81993  256FATASSRADIO
846George MichaelEverything She Wants (Live At Wembley 1 April 1987)7:45Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)91993  256FATASSRADIO
847George MichaelCareless Whisper (live in China)8:25Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)101993  256FATASSRADIO
848George MichaelToo Shy To Say (Live Faith Tour)3:56Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)111993  256FATASSRADIO
849George MichaelDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Live at Live Aid 1985)5:47Concert Of Hope (1st December 1993)121993  256FATASSRADIO
850George MichaelFather Figure (Live At Equality Rocks)4:29Equality Rocks12000Rock 256FATASSRADIO
851George MichaelFastlove (Live At Equality Rocks)5:52Equality Rocks22000Rock 256FATASSRADIO
852George MichaelSpeech (Live At Equality Rocks)5:28Equality Rocks32000Rock 256FATASSRADIO
853George MichaelI Remember You (Live At Equality Rocks)3:52Equality Rocks42000Rock 256FATASSRADIO
854George MichaelHard Day4:42Everything You Want11987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
855George MichaelEverything She Wants8:26Everything You Want21987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
856George MichaelI'm Your Man6:06Everything You Want31987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
857George MichaelA Different Corner5:34Everything You Want41987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
858George MichaelLove's In Need Of Love Today4:33Everything You Want51987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
859George MichaelFather Figure5:50Everything You Want61987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
860George MichaelOne More Try6:32Everything You Want71987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
861George MichaelI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)4:20Everything You Want81987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
862George MichaelCareless Whisper7:34Everything You Want91987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
863George MichaelLady Marmelade6:38Everything You Want101987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
864George MichaelI Want Your Sex11:11Everything You Want111987Rock 256FATASSRADIO
865George MichaelFaith3:03Faith11987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
866George MichaelFather Figure5:25Faith21987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
867George MichaelI Want Your Sex (Parts 1 & 2)8:51Faith31987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
868George MichaelOne More Try5:37Faith41987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
869George MichaelHard Day4:42Faith51987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
870George MichaelHand To Mouth4:26Faith61987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
871George MichaelLook At Your Hands4:24Faith71987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
872George MichaelMonkey4:52Faith81987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
873George MichaelKissing A Fool4:24Faith91987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
874George MichaelHard Day (Shep Pettibone Remix6:16Faith101987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
875George MichaelA Last Request (I Want Your Se3:37Faith111987Pop 320FATASSRADIO
876George MichaelEverything She Wants5:17Freedom11996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
877George MichaelInterview with Chris Evans (Part 1)11:12Freedom11996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
878George MichaelInterview with Chris Evans (Part 2)10:55Freedom21996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
879George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:39Freedom21996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
880George MichaelFastlove (BBC Unplugged)5:30Freedom31996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
881George MichaelInterview with Chris Evans (Part 3)10:51Freedom31996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
882George MichaelInterview with Chris Evans (Part 4)12:13Freedom41996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
883George MichaelPraying For Time5:24Freedom41996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
884George MichaelI Can't Make You Love Me5:51Freedom51996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
885George MichaelInterview with Chris Evans (Part 5)10:27Freedom51996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
886George MichaelFreedom 906:31Freedom61996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
887George MichaelFather Figure6:31Freedom71996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
888George MichaelThe Strangest Thing6:02Freedom81996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
889George MichaelIntroductions2:06Freedom91996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
890George MichaelStar People5:56Freedom101996Rock 256FATASSRADIO
891George MichaelInterview23:52George Michael - The Unauthorised Edition11996Pop 256FATASSRADIO
892George MichaelSpinning the Wheel (Introduction Live At Netaid) (2)2:04George Michael at NetAid11999Other 256FATASSRADIO
893George MichaelFastlove (Live At Netaid)7:47George Michael at NetAid21999Other 256FATASSRADIO
894George MichaelBrother, Can You Spare A Dime? (Live At Netaid)4:53George Michael at NetAid31999Other 256FATASSRADIO
895George MichaelFather Figure (Live At Netaid)7:24George Michael at NetAid41999Other 256FATASSRADIO
896George MichaelFreedom '99 (Live At Netaid)6:27George Michael at NetAid51999Other 256FATASSRADIO
897George MichaelFreedom Bridge (Live At Netaid)1:04George Michael at NetAid61999Other 256FATASSRADIO
898George MichaelBBC Radio 2 Interview 09 Oct 19994:36George Michael at NetAid71999Other 256FATASSRADIO
899George MichaelI'm Your Man6:01I'm Your Man11993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
900George MichaelCareless Whisper7:02I'm Your Man21993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
901George MichaelFather Figure5:57I'm Your Man31993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
902George MichaelFreedom5:26I'm Your Man41993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
903George MichaelAin't No Stopping Us Now5:35I'm Your Man51993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
904George MichaelEverything She Wants8:11I'm Your Man61993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
905George MichaelBack To Life4:26I'm Your Man71993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
906George MichaelFame3:58I'm Your Man81993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
907George MichaelAin't Nobody4:03I'm Your Man91993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
908George MichaelKiller/Papa Was A Rollin' Stone10:55I'm Your Man101993Pop 256FATASSRADIO
909George MichaelOutside4:43Ladies & Gentlemen CD211998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
910George MichaelAs w/ Mary J Blige4:42Ladies & Gentlemen CD221998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
911George MichaelFastlove5:27Ladies & Gentlemen CD231998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
912George MichaelToo Funky3:44Ladies & Gentlemen CD241998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
913George MichaelFreedom 906:28Ladies & Gentlemen CD251998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
914George MichaelStar People 975:36Ladies & Gentlemen CD261998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
915George MichaelKiller / Papa Was A Rollin' Stone4:15Ladies & Gentlemen CD271998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
916George MichaelI Want Your Sex (Part II)4:36Ladies & Gentlemen CD281998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
917George MichaelThe Strangest Thing4:34Ladies & Gentlemen CD291998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
918George MichaelFantasy5:01Ladies & Gentlemen CD2101998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
919George MichaelSpinning The Wheel6:09Ladies & Gentlemen CD2111998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
920George MichaelWaiting For That Day4:50Ladies & Gentlemen CD2121998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
921George MichaelI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) w/ Aretha Franklin3:58Ladies & Gentlemen CD2131998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
922George MichaelFaith4:14Ladies & Gentlemen CD2141998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
923George MichaelSomebody to Love w/ Queen5:15Ladies & Gentlemen CD2151998Blues 192FATASSRADIO
924George MichaelJesus To A Child6:51Ladies And Gentlemen1 Other 192FATASSRADIO
925George MichaelFather Figure5:41Ladies And Gentlemen2 Other 192FATASSRADIO
926George MichaelCareless Whisper5:00Ladies And Gentlemen3 Other 192FATASSRADIO
927George MichaelDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me5:48Ladies And Gentlemen4 Other 192FATASSRADIO
928George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:29Ladies And Gentlemen5 Other 192FATASSRADIO
929George MichaelKissing A Fool4:35Ladies And Gentlemen6 Other 192FATASSRADIO
930George MichaelI Can't Make You Love Me5:21Ladies And Gentlemen7 Other 192FATASSRADIO
931George MichaelHeal The Pain4:47Ladies And Gentlemen8 Other 192FATASSRADIO
932George MichaelA Moment With You5:42Ladies And Gentlemen9 Other 192FATASSRADIO
933George MichaelDesafinado3:20Ladies And Gentlemen10 Other 192FATASSRADIO
934George MichaelCowboys And Angels7:14Ladies And Gentlemen11 Other 192FATASSRADIO
935George MichaelPraying For Time4:44Ladies And Gentlemen12 Other 192FATASSRADIO
936George MichaelOne More Try5:53Ladies And Gentlemen13 Other 192FATASSRADIO
937George MichaelA Different Corner4:03Ladies And Gentlemen14 Other 192FATASSRADIO
938George MichaelWaltz Away Dreaming3:38Ladies And Gentlemen15 Other 192FATASSRADIO
939George MichaelPraying for Time4:41Listen Without Prejudice11990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
940George MichaelFreedom 906:30Listen Without Prejudice21990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
941George MichaelThey Won't Go When I Go5:06Listen Without Prejudice31990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
942George MichaelSomething To Save3:18Listen Without Prejudice41990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
943George MichaelCowboys and Angels7:14Listen Without Prejudice51990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
944George MichaelWaiting For That Day4:50Listen Without Prejudice61990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
945George MichaelMothers Pride3:59Listen Without Prejudice71990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
946George MichaelHeal The Pain4:39Listen Without Prejudice81990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
947George MichaelSoul Free5:31Listen Without Prejudice91990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
948George MichaelWaiting (Reprise)2:27Listen Without Prejudice101990Rock 192FATASSRADIO
949George MichaelGeorge Michael Profile36:47Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael11990Other 256FATASSRADIO
950George MichaelFeatures (It was going to get a hearing whatever I did.)1:33Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael21990Other 256FATASSRADIO
951George MichaelFeatures (They kind of crystalize.)1:34Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael31990Other 256FATASSRADIO
952George MichaelFeatures (It will always change people's lives.)1:31Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael41990Other 256FATASSRADIO
953George MichaelInterview Response 10:42Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael51990Other 256FATASSRADIO
954George MichaelInterview Response 20:28Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael61990Other 256FATASSRADIO
955George MichaelInterview Response 30:43Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael71990Other 256FATASSRADIO
956George MichaelInterview Response 40:54Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael81990Other 256FATASSRADIO
957George MichaelInterview Response 51:02Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael91990Other 256FATASSRADIO
958George MichaelInterview Response 60:28Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael101990Other 256FATASSRADIO
959George MichaelInterview Response 70:51Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael111990Other 256FATASSRADIO
960George MichaelInterview Response 80:56Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael121990Other 256FATASSRADIO
961George MichaelInterview Response 90:20Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael131990Other 256FATASSRADIO
962George MichaelInterview Response 100:25Listen Without Prejudice - An Interview With George Michael141990Other 256FATASSRADIO
963George MichaelPapa Was A Rolling Stone11:22Live From The NEC Birmingham 199111991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
964George MichaelVictims3:17Live From The NEC Birmingham 199121991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
965George MichaelFather Figure5:57Live From The NEC Birmingham 199131991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
966George MichaelFame4:03Live From The NEC Birmingham 199141991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
967George MichaelAin't No Stopping Us Now7:54Live From The NEC Birmingham 199151991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
968George MichaelLiving For The City5:00Live From The NEC Birmingham 199161991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
969George MichaelCalling You6:11Live From The NEC Birmingham 199171991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
970George MichaelBack 2 Life5:16Live From The NEC Birmingham 199181991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
971George MichaelSuperstition4:34Live From The NEC Birmingham 199191991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
972George MichaelTonight6:41Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991101991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
973George MichaelBaby Don't Change Your Mind3:27Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991111991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
974George MichaelEverything She Wants8:53Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991121991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
975George MichaelDesperado4:06Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991131991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
976George MichaelWhat A Fools Believes5:40Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991141991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
977George MichaelFreedom5:29Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991151991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
978George MichaelWhy Did You Do It3:42Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991161991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
979George MichaelDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me6:36Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991171991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
980George MichaelI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)5:51Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991181991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
981George MichaelCareless Whisper9:44Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991191991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
982George MichaelThey Won't Go When I Go5:27Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991201991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
983George MichaelFreedom '908:05Live From The NEC Birmingham 1991211991Pop 256FATASSRADIO
984George MichaelIntro2:08Live In Rotterdam11988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
985George MichaelHard Day (live in Rotterdam 1988)4:25Live In Rotterdam21988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
986George MichaelLove's In Need Of Love Today6:36Live In Rotterdam31988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
987George MichaelEverything She Wants8:21Live In Rotterdam41988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
988George MichaelFather Figure5:57Live In Rotterdam51988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
989George MichaelI'm Your Man5:48Live In Rotterdam61988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
990George MichaelA Different Corner5:05Live In Rotterdam71988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
991George MichaelFaith7:20Live In Rotterdam81988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
992George MichaelHand To Mouth4:43Live In Rotterdam91988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
993George MichaelPlay That Funky Music5:14Live In Rotterdam101988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
994George MichaelOne More Try5:58Live In Rotterdam111988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
995George MichaelI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)4:27Live In Rotterdam121988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
996George MichaelCareless Whisper7:53Live In Rotterdam131988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
997George MichaelLady Marmelade6:09Live In Rotterdam141988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
998George MichaelI Want Your Sex12:15Live In Rotterdam151988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
999George MichaelOutro2:51Live In Rotterdam161988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1000George MichaelJesus to a Child6:51Older1 rock_pop 226FATASSRADIO
1001George MichaelFast Love5:24Older2 rock_pop 239FATASSRADIO
1002George MichaelOlder5:33Older3 rock_pop 214FATASSRADIO
1003George MichaelSpinning the Wheel6:21Older4 rock_pop 231FATASSRADIO
1004George MichaelIt Doesn't Really Matter4:50Older5 rock_pop 219FATASSRADIO
1005George MichaelThe Strangest Thing6:01Older6 rock_pop 233FATASSRADIO
1006George MichaelTo Be Forgiven5:21Older7 rock_pop 227FATASSRADIO
1007George MichaelMove On4:45Older8 rock_pop 227FATASSRADIO
1008George MichaelStar People5:16Older9 rock_pop 226FATASSRADIO
1009George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:30Older10 rock_pop 227FATASSRADIO
1010George MichaelFree3:00Older11 rock_pop 222FATASSRADIO
1011George MichaelPatience2:52Patience12004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1012George MichaelAmazing4:25Patience22004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1013George MichaelJohn and Elvis Are´Dead4:23Patience32004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1014George MichaelCars and Trains5:51Patience42004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1015George MichaelRound Here5:55Patience52004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1016George MichaelShoot the Dog5:07Patience62004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1017George MichaelMy Mother Had A Brother6:17Patience72004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1018George MichaelFlawless (Go To The City)6:51Patience82004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1019George MichaelAmerican Angel4:07Patience92004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1020George MichaelPrecious Box7:36Patience102004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1021George MichaelPlease Send Me Someone (Anselmo´s Song)5:25Patience112004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1022George MichaelFreek! ´044:28Patience122004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1023George MichaelTrought4:53Patience132004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1024George MichaelUnknown1:28Patience142004Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1025George MichaelPapa Was A Rolling Stone11:11Praying for faith - America Tour '9111992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1026George MichaelFather Figure6:01Praying for faith - America Tour '9121992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1027George MichaelFame4:00Praying for faith - America Tour '9131992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1028George MichaelAin't No Stopping Us Now5:39Praying for faith - America Tour '9141992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1029George MichaelBack To Life4:29Praying for faith - America Tour '9151992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1030George MichaelEverything She Wants8:14Praying for faith - America Tour '9161992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1031George MichaelAin't Nobody4:08Praying for faith - America Tour '9171992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1032George MichaelCareless Whisper7:05Praying for faith - America Tour '9181992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1033George MichaelI'm Your Man6:04Praying for faith - America Tour '9191992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1034George MichaelFreedom5:26Praying for faith - America Tour '91101992Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1035George MichaelI Want Your Sex6:53Sex Figure11988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1036George MichaelHard Day4:27Sex Figure21988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1037George MichaelFather Figure5:54Sex Figure31988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1038George MichaelI'm Your Man6:02Sex Figure41988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1039George MichaelLove's In Need Of Love Today4:47Sex Figure51988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1040George MichaelEverything She Wants8:50Sex Figure61988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1041George MichaelA Different Corner4:26Sex Figure71988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1042George MichaelFaith4:39Sex Figure81988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1043George MichaelMonkey5:15Sex Figure91988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1044George MichaelHand To Mouth4:58Sex Figure101988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1045George MichaelPlay That Funky Music4:55Sex Figure111988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1046George MichaelOne More Try5:57Sex Figure121988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1047George MichaelI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)4:26Sex Figure131988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1048George MichaelCareless Whisper6:59Sex Figure141988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1049George MichaelLady Marmelade6:06Sex Figure151988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1050George MichaelI Want Your Sex11:24Sex Figure161988Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1051George MichaelBrother Can You Spare A Dime4:22Songs From The Last Century11999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1052George MichaelRoxanne4:11Songs From The Last Century21999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1053George MichaelYou've Changed4:25Songs From The Last Century31999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1054George MichaelMy Baby Just Cares For Me1:45Songs From The Last Century41999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1055George MichaelThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face5:20Songs From The Last Century51999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1056George MichaelMiss Sarajevo5:12Songs From The Last Century61999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1057George MichaelI Remember You4:12Songs From The Last Century71999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1058George MichaelSecret Love2:41Songs From The Last Century81999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1059George MichaelWild Is The Wind4:03Songs From The Last Century91999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1060George MichaelWhere Or When7:00Songs From The Last Century101999Jazz 256FATASSRADIO
1061George MichaelTonight7:03Two Rooms: Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin161991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1062George MichaelFastlove (Pt. 2)4:54Upper12 rock_pop 224FATASSRADIO
1063George MichaelSpinning the Wheel [Forthright Mix]4:41Upper13 rock_pop 230FATASSRADIO
1064George MichaelStar People 97 [Radio Version]5:41Upper14 rock_pop 231FATASSRADIO
1065George MichaelThe Strangest Thing 97 [Radio Version]4:40Upper15 rock_pop 213FATASSRADIO
1066George MichaelYou Know That I Want To4:36Upper16 rock_pop 218FATASSRADIO
1067George MichaelSafe4:25Upper17 rock_pop 231FATASSRADIO
1068George MichaelI Can't Make You Love Me5:27Virgin Radio-EPK11996Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1069George MichaelQuestion 33 (M. Frostrup Interview)1:51Virgin Radio-EPK21996Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1070George MichaelYou Have Been Loved5:40Virgin Radio-EPK31996Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1071George MichaelQuestion 18 (M. Frostrup Interview)1:39Virgin Radio-EPK41996Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1072George MichaelStar People6:03Virgin Radio-EPK51996Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1073George Michael & Garth BrooksFreedom 90 (Live At Equality Rocks)6:40Equality Rocks52000Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1074George Michael & Paul YoungEvery Time You Go Away6:25The Prince's Trust Rock Gala (DVD)11986Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1075George Michael & Queen with LiSomebody To Love5:18Five Live11993Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1076George Michael & Queen with LiKiller5:57Five Live21993Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1077George Michael & Queen with LiPapa Was A Rollin' Stone5:23Five Live31993Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1078George Michael & Queen with LiThese Are The Days Of Our Live4:44Five Live41993Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1079George Michael & Queen with LiCalling You5:14Five Live51993Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1080George Michael & Queen with LiDear Friends (Performed by Qu1:08Five Live61993Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1081George Michael; Elton JohnDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me5:37»UNPLUGGED«92001Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1082George SatellitesOpen All Night2:49Open All Night11988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1083George SatellitesSheila3:42Open All Night21988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1084George SatellitesWhole Lotta Shakin'2:34Open All Night31988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1085George SatellitesCool Inside2:58Open All Night41988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1086George SatellitesDon't Pass Me By4:53Open All Night51988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1087George SatellitesMy Baby4:08Open All Night61988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1088George SatellitesMon Cheri4:40Open All Night71988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1089George SatellitesDown and Down3:49Open All Night81988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1090George SatellitesDunk N' Dine2:32Open All Night91988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1091George SatellitesBaby So Fine3:50Open All Night101988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1092George SatellitesHand to Mouth4:51Open All Night111988Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1093George TibblesThe Woody Woodpecker Show0:48Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 141985Other 192FATASSRADIO
1094George TiptonSoap1:16Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6231996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1095George TiptonBenson1:04Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6241996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1096George W. DuningThe Big Valley0:59Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5351996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1097George W. DuningTightrope!0:49Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV461996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1098George WilkinsCome Dream With Me Tonight (Instrumental)0:46  1986Other 160FATASSRADIO
1099Georgia SatellitesMuddy Water4:32Across The Southern River11987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1100Georgia SatellitesThe Myth Of Love4:58Across The Southern River21987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1101Georgia SatellitesSchool Days3:16Across The Southern River31987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1102Georgia SatellitesBattleship Chains3:59Across The Southern River41987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1103Georgia SatellitesNights Of Mystery6:10Across The Southern River51987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1104Georgia SatellitesNo Money Down5:28Across The Southern River61987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1105Georgia SatellitesRed Light2:53Across The Southern River71987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1106Georgia SatellitesIt's All Over Now4:23Across The Southern River81987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1107Georgia SatellitesOver And Over4:21Across The Southern River91987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1108Georgia SatellitesSomething Else3:12Across The Southern River101987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1109Georgia SatellitesGuitar Solo - Can't Stand The7:00Across The Southern River111987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1110Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands To Yourself4:29Across The Southern River121987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1111Georgia SatellitesEvery Picture Tells A Story9:36Across The Southern River131987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1112Georgia SatellitesYou Can't Catch Me4:39Across The Southern River141987Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1113Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands To Yourself3:26Georgia Satellites11986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1114Georgia SatellitesRailroads Steel4:12Georgia Satellites21986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1115Georgia SatellitesBattleship Chains2:58Georgia Satellites31986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1116Georgia SatellitesRed Light2:48Georgia Satellites41986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1117Georgia SatellitesThe Myth Of Love4:12Georgia Satellites51986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1118Georgia SatellitesCan't Stand The Pain3:44Georgia Satellites61986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1119Georgia SatellitesGolden Light3:42Georgia Satellites71986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1120Georgia SatellitesOver And Over3:37Georgia Satellites81986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1121Georgia SatellitesNights Of Mystery4:44Georgia Satellites91986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1122Georgia SatellitesEvery Picture Tells A Story5:22Georgia Satellites101986Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1123Georgia SatellitesGames People Play3:37Greatest & Latest12001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1124Georgia SatellitesHippy Hippy Shake2:08Greatest & Latest22001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1125Georgia SatellitesRunning Out2:30Greatest & Latest32001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1126Georgia SatellitesLet It Rock (Bye Bye Johnny)4:44Greatest & Latest42001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1127Georgia SatellitesDeep In The Heart Of Dixie2:53Greatest & Latest52001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1128Georgia SatellitesAnna Lee2:28Greatest & Latest62001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1129Georgia SatellitesDon't Pass Me By4:57Greatest & Latest72001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1130Georgia SatellitesHand To Mouth6:13Greatest & Latest82001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1131Georgia SatellitesBattleship Chains3:44Greatest & Latest92001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1132Georgia SatellitesSix Years Gone3:07Greatest & Latest102001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1133Georgia SatellitesSlaughterhouse3:37Greatest & Latest112001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1134Georgia SatellitesCan't Stand The Pain4:05Greatest & Latest122001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1135Georgia SatellitesMy Fault4:58Greatest & Latest132001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1136Georgia SatellitesShaken Not Stirred3:14Greatest & Latest142001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1137Georgia SatellitesShe Fades Away3:23Greatest & Latest152001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1138Georgia SatellitesRain3:35Greatest & Latest162001Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1139Georgia SatellitesI Dunno3:10In The Land Of Salvation And Sin11989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1140Georgia Satellitesbottle o' tears3:52In The Land Of Salvation And Sin21989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1141Georgia SatellitesAll Over But The Cryin'5:11In The Land Of Salvation And Sin31989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1142Georgia SatellitesShake That Thing5:12In The Land Of Salvation And Sin41989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1143Georgia SatellitesSix Years Gone3:09In The Land Of Salvation And Sin51989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1144Georgia SatellitesGames People Play3:40In The Land Of Salvation And Sin61989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1145Georgia SatellitesAnother Chance4:33In The Land Of Salvation And Sin71989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1146Georgia SatellitesBring Down The Hammer4:23In The Land Of Salvation And Sin81989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1147Georgia SatellitesSlaughterhouse2:47In The Land Of Salvation And Sin91989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1148Georgia SatellitesStellazine Blues4:11In The Land Of Salvation And Sin101989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1149Georgia SatellitesSweet Blue Midnight6:26In The Land Of Salvation And Sin111989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1150Georgia SatellitesDays Gone By3:34In The Land Of Salvation And Sin121989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1151Georgia SatellitesCrazy3:24In The Land Of Salvation And Sin131989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1152Georgia SatellitesDan Takes Five3:24In The Land Of Salvation And Sin141989Southern Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1153Georgia SatellitesDon't Pass Me By4:53Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites11993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1154Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands to Y3:28Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites21993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1155Georgia SatellitesBattleship Chains2:57Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites31993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1156Georgia SatellitesThe Myth of Love4:14Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites41993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1157Georgia SatellitesCan't Stand the Pain3:44Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites51993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1158Georgia SatellitesNights of Mystery4:30Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites61993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1159Georgia SatellitesLet It Rock [live]4:02Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites71993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1160Georgia SatellitesOpen All Night2:50Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites81993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1161Georgia SatellitesSheila3:43Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites91993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1162Georgia SatellitesMon Cheri4:40Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites101993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1163Georgia SatellitesDown and Down3:52Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites111993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1164Georgia SatellitesSaddle Up2:48Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites121993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1165Georgia SatellitesHippy Hippy Shake1:48Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites131993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1166Georgia SatellitesI Dunno3:11Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites141993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1167Georgia SatellitesAll over But the Cry5:12Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites151993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1168Georgia SatellitesSix Years Gone3:13Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites161993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1169Georgia SatellitesHard Luck Boy3:07Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites171993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1170Georgia SatellitesAlmost Saturday Nigh4:06Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites181993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1171Georgia SatellitesDan Takes Five3:27Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites191993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1172Georgia SatellitesAnother Chance4:28Let It Rock - The Best of Georgia Satellites201993Southern Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1173Georgia SatellitesMuddy Water4:18Live At The Ritz, NY11987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1174Georgia SatellitesThe Myth of Love4:05Live At The Ritz, NY21987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1175Georgia SatellitesSchooldayas2:47Live At The Ritz, NY31987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1176Georgia SatellitesBattleship Chains3:54Live At The Ritz, NY41987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1177Georgia SatellitesOver And Over3:12Live At The Ritz, NY51987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1178Georgia SatellitesLong Black Veil5:20Live At The Ritz, NY61987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1179Georgia SatellitesRed Light2:30Live At The Ritz, NY71987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1180Georgia SatellitesNights of Mystery/Waiting For My Man8:13Live At The Ritz, NY81987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1181Georgia SAtellitesRace Is On2:44Live At The Ritz, NY91987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1182Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands To Yourself4:43Live At The Ritz, NY101987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1183Georgia SatellitesRailroad Steel6:38Live At The Ritz, NY111987Southern Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1184The Georgia SatellitesDown And Down3:53Town & Country, London 10/7/882 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1185The Georgia SatellitesThe Race Is On3:46Town & Country, London 10/7/883 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1186The Georgia SatellitesDunk 'n' Dine2:25Town & Country, London 10/7/884 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1187The Georgia SatellitesI Got You Babe6:46Town & Country, London 10/7/885 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1188The Georgia SatellitesOpen All Night2:58Town & Country, London 10/7/886 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1189The Georgia SatellitesSheila4:00Town & Country, London 10/7/887 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1190The Georgia SatellitesYou Can't Catch Me4:21Town & Country, London 10/7/888 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1191The Georgia SatellitesMon Sheri3:53Town & Country, London 10/7/889 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1192The Georgia SatellitesPretty Little Thing / Hippy Hippy Shake / Amazing Grace 8:57Town & Country, London 10/7/8810 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1193The Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hands To Yourself / It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll 5:54Town & Country, London 10/7/8811 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1194The Georgia SatellitesRailroad Steel / Caroline / Route 669:20Town & Country, London 10/7/8812 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1195Gerald Albright Feat. Shawn StockmanCondition Of My Heart4:53Kickin' It Up52004Jazz 128FATASSRADIO
1196Gerald FriedRoots1:46Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6631996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1197Gerege MichaelEverything She Wants7:31Stand By Me Concert11987Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1198Gerege MichaelLove's In Need Of Love Today4:30Stand By Me Concert21987Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1199Gerege Michael; Deon Estus1-2-33:55Stand By Me Concert31987Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1200GermanyHappy Birthday2:57  1980Other 128FATASSRADIO
1201Get AwayClon3:15One More Time11997Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1202The ghost of Tom JoadHighway 293:44The ghost of Tom Joad31995Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1203Gil GunA. U. Ready3:56Pump It Up NX2 OST (  Other 160FATASSRADIO
1204Gil MelleNight Gallery0:38Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5521996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1205Gil MelleKolchack The Night Stalker1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5531996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1206GILBY CLARKEShock Me3:23Spacewalk: A Salute To Ace Frehley21996Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1207Gin BlossomsChristine Sixteen 3:09Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved41994Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1208Gin BlossomsIdiot Summer4:13Soundtrack31993Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1209Gioacchino RossiniThe Lone Ranger1:18Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1481985Other 192FATASSRADIO
1210GirlschoolFox on the Run3:53The Collection Disc 2131995Metal 320FATASSRADIO
1211Glen A. LarsonSwitch1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5411996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1212Glen LarsonThe Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries1:03Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6621996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1213Glen Larson; Stu PhillipsKnight Rider1:18Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6551996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1214Glenn FreyFlip City5:12Ghostbusters II91989Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1215Glenn MillerBlue Moon3:03The Legend Lives On (Disc I)12 misc 160FATASSRADIO
1216globeGenesis Of Next9:48genesis of next (EP)62001Other 128FATASSRADIO
1217Gloria EstefanAy, Ay, I3:4958 Hits  Pop 147FATASSRADIO
1218Gloria EstefanBad Boy3:5358 Hits  Pop 155FATASSRADIO
1219Gloria EstefanBody To Body3:5558 Hits  Pop 145FATASSRADIO
1220Gloria EstefanCan't Forget You4:1558 Hits  Pop 157FATASSRADIO
1221Gloria EstefanClose My Eyes4:2958 Hits  Pop 154FATASSRADIO
1222Gloria EstefanComing Out Of The Dark4:0558 Hits  Pop 143FATASSRADIO
1223Gloria EstefanConga4:1458 Hits  Pop 159FATASSRADIO
1224Gloria EstefanCuts Both Ways3:1658 Hits  Pop 139FATASSRADIO
1225Gloria EstefanDesde La Oscuridad4:0958 Hits  Pop 140FATASSRADIO
1226Gloria EstefanDon't Wanna Lose You4:1858 Hits  Pop 155FATASSRADIO
1227Gloria EstefanEverlasting Love4:0158 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1228Gloria EstefanFalling In Love (Uh-Oh)3:5158 Hits  Pop 155FATASSRADIO
1229Gloria EstefanGet On Your Feet3:3858 Hits  Pop 151FATASSRADIO
1230Gloria EstefanHeart With Your Name On It4:4658 Hits  Pop 157FATASSRADIO
1231Gloria EstefanHeavens What I Feel5:0558 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1232Gloria EstefanHere We Are4:5158 Hits  Pop 134FATASSRADIO
1233Gloria EstefanHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me3:2358 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1234Gloria EstefanI Got No Love4:0058 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1235Gloria EstefanIf We Were Lovers4:3858 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1236Gloria EstefanI'm Not Giving You Up4:0858 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1237Gloria EstefanI'm Not Giving You Up4:1558 Hits  Pop 162FATASSRADIO
1238Gloria EstefanLight Of Love3:5258 Hits  Pop 155FATASSRADIO
1239Gloria EstefanLive For Loving You4:3858 Hits  Pop 170FATASSRADIO
1240Gloria EstefanMama Yo Can't Go3:3358 Hits  Pop 165FATASSRADIO
1241Gloria EstefanMovies2:5758 Hits  Pop 153FATASSRADIO
1242Gloria EstefanMucho Money4:4358 Hits  Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1243Gloria EstefanMusic Of My Heart4:3258 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1244Gloria EstefanNayib's Song (I Am Here For You)4:4058 Hits  Pop 146FATASSRADIO
1245Gloria EstefanNothin' New3:5058 Hits  Pop 147FATASSRADIO
1246Gloria EstefanOut Of Nowhere3:4458 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1247Gloria EstefanOye4:4658 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1248Gloria EstefanOye Mi Canto4:5858 Hits  Pop 152FATASSRADIO
1249Gloria EstefanPrimitive Love4:4158 Hits  Pop 157FATASSRADIO
1250Gloria EstefanReach3:5158 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1251Gloria EstefanRemember Me With Love4:3658 Hits  Pop 165FATASSRADIO
1252Gloria Estefansay3:4158 Hits  Pop 154FATASSRADIO
1253Gloria EstefanSeal Our Fate4:2558 Hits  Pop 138FATASSRADIO
1254Gloria EstefanSex In The 90's3:4358 Hits  Pop 166FATASSRADIO
1255Gloria EstefanSi Voy A Perderte4:0758 Hits  Pop 153FATASSRADIO
1256Gloria EstefanSurrender Paradies4:4958 Hits  Pop 147FATASSRADIO
1257Gloria EstefanThink About You Now4:2058 Hits  Pop 140FATASSRADIO
1258Gloria EstefanTurn The Beat Around3:5258 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1259Gloria EstefanWhat Goes Around4:0158 Hits  Pop 161FATASSRADIO
1260Gloria EstefanY Tu Conga6:0258 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1261Gloria EstefanYou Can't Walk Away From Love4:4158 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1262Gloria EstefanYou Made A Fool Of Me2:5458 Hits  Pop 137FATASSRADIO
1263Gloria EstefanYou'll Be Mine4:0058 Hits  Pop 192FATASSRADIO
1264Gloria EstefanYour Love Is Bad For Me3:5058 Hits  Pop 130FATASSRADIO
1265Gloria EstefanDr. Beat4:2258 Hits1 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1266Gloria EstefanWords Get In The Way3:2758 Hits3 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1267Gloria EstefanCan't Stay Away From You3:5758 Hits4 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1268Gloria Estefan1, 2, 3 (Remix)3:3558 Hits6 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1269Gloria EstefanAnything For You4:0358 Hits7 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1270Gloria EstefanRhythm Is Gonna Get You3:5858 Hits9 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1271Gloria EstefanChristmas Through Your Eyes4:5558 Hits13 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1272Gloria EstefanI See Your Smile4:3558 Hits14 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1273Gloria EstefanGo Away4:1958 Hits15 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1274Gloria EstefanAlways Tomorrow4:5158 Hits16 Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1275Gloria EstefanAbriendo Puertas (Opening Doors)3:55Abiendo Puetas1 Pop 177FATASSRADIO
1276Gloria EstefanTres Deseos (Three Wishes)3:34Abiendo Puetas2 Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1277Gloria EstefanMas Alla (Beyond)5:24Abiendo Puetas3 Pop 184FATASSRADIO
1278Gloria EstefanDulce Amor (Sweet Love)3:47Abiendo Puetas4 Pop 173FATASSRADIO
1279Gloria EstefanFarolito (Little Star)4:41Abiendo Puetas5 Pop 170FATASSRADIO
1280Gloria EstefanNuevo Dia (New Day)3:38Abiendo Puetas6 Pop 173FATASSRADIO
1281Gloria EstefanLa Parranda (The Big Party)4:22Abiendo Puetas7 Pop 168FATASSRADIO
1282Gloria EstefanMilagro (Miracle)3:41Abiendo Puetas8 Pop 179FATASSRADIO
1283Gloria EstefanLejos De Ti (Far From You)3:53Abiendo Puetas9 Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1284Gloria EstefanFelicidad (Happiness)5:21Abiendo Puetas10 Pop 175FATASSRADIO
1285Gloria EstefanPor Un Beso5:01Alma Caribeña12000Latin 232FATASSRADIO
1286Gloria EstefanPunto De Referencia4:51Alma Caribeña22000Latin 241FATASSRADIO
1287Gloria EstefanDame Otra Oportunidad4:03Alma Caribeña32000Latin 243FATASSRADIO
1288Gloria EstefanComo Me Duele Perdarte4:28Alma Caribeña42000Latin 231FATASSRADIO
1289Gloria EstefanTe Tengo A Ti3:56Alma Caribeña52000Latin 234FATASSRADIO
1290Gloria EstefanTres Gotas De Agua Bandita4:18Alma Caribeña62000Latin 264FATASSRADIO
1291Gloria EstefanNuestra Felicidad3:00Alma Caribeña72000Latin 229FATASSRADIO
1292Gloria EstefanLa Flor Y Tu Amor4:23Alma Caribeña82000Latin 236FATASSRADIO
1293Gloria EstefanMe Voy5:01Alma Caribeña92000Latin 241FATASSRADIO
1294Gloria EstefanSólo Por Tu Amor4:03Alma Caribeña102000Latin 239FATASSRADIO
1295Gloria EstefanTengo Que Decirte Algo3:18Alma Caribeña112000Latin 236FATASSRADIO
1296Gloria EstefanNo Me Dejes De Querer3:37Alma Caribeña122000Latin 240FATASSRADIO
1297Gloria EstefanNo Me Dejes De Querer (Flores Del Caribe Mix)4:43Alma Caribeña132000Latin 254FATASSRADIO
1298Gloria EstefanCuba Libre4:43Gloria  Pop 167FATASSRADIO
1299Gloria EstefanDon't Let This Moment End4:44Gloria  Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1300Gloria EstefanDon't Release Me4:17Gloria  Pop 169FATASSRADIO
1301Gloria EstefanDon't Release Me (Wyclef Jean Remix)4:07Gloria  Pop 170FATASSRADIO
1302Gloria EstefanDon't Stop4:29Gloria  Pop 169FATASSRADIO
1303Gloria EstefanFeelin'4:11Gloria  Pop 169FATASSRADIO
1304Gloria EstefanFeelin' (Love to Infinity Remix)4:45Gloria  Pop 166FATASSRADIO
1305Gloria EstefanHeaven's What I Feel5:03Gloria  Pop 170FATASSRADIO
1306Gloria EstefanHeaven's What I Feel (Corazon Prohibido)5:09Gloria  Pop 167FATASSRADIO
1307Gloria EstefanI Just Want To Be Happy3:55Gloria  Pop 165FATASSRADIO
1308Gloria EstefanLucky Girl4:33Gloria  Pop 172FATASSRADIO
1309Gloria EstefanOye4:41Gloria  Pop 169FATASSRADIO
1310Gloria EstefanReal Woman4:24Gloria  Pop 170FATASSRADIO
1311Gloria EstefanTouched By An Angel4:13Gloria  Pop 170FATASSRADIO
1312Gloria EstefanCuba Libre (Spanish-Pablo Flores Remix)4:39Gloria15 Pop 171FATASSRADIO
1313Gloria EstefanOye (Spanish-Pablo Flores Remix)4:16Gloria16 Pop 169FATASSRADIO
1314Gloria EstefanComing Out Of The Dark4:05Into The Light11991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1315Gloria EstefanSeal Our Fate4:25Into The Light21991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1316Gloria EstefanWhat Goes Around4:01Into The Light31991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1317Gloria EstefanNayib's Song4:40Into The Light41991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1318Gloria EstefanRemember Me With Love4:36Into The Light51991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1319Gloria EstefanHeart With Your Name On It4:46Into The Light61991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1320Gloria EstefanSex In The 90's3:43Into The Light71991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1321Gloria EstefanClose My Eyes4:29Into The Light81991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1322Gloria EstefanLanguage Of Love4:15Into The Light91991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1323Gloria EstefanLight Of Love3:52Into The Light101991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1324Gloria EstefanCan't Forget You4:15Into The Light111991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1325Gloria EstefanLive For Loving You4:38Into The Light121991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1326Gloria EstefanMama Yo Can't Go3:33Into The Light131991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1327Gloria EstefanDesde La Oscuridad4:09Into The Light141991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1328Gloria EstefanDon't Wanna Loose You4:18Into The Light151991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1329Gloria EstefanWords Get In The Way5:00Into The Light161991R&B 192FATASSRADIO
1330Gloria EstefanComo Me Duele Perderte4:29Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1331Gloria EstefanCon Los Años Que M Quedan4:38Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1332Gloria EstefanDame Otra Oportunidad4:05Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1333Gloria EstefanHablas De Mi3:41Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1334Gloria EstefanLa Flor Y Tu Amor4:25Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1335Gloria EstefanMe Voy5:02Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1336Gloria EstefanMi Buen Amor3:52Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1337Gloria EstefanMi Tierra4:40Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1338Gloria EstefanNo Me Dejes De Querer (Mix)4:45Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1339Gloria EstefanNuestra Felicidad2:59Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1340Gloria EstefanPor Un Beso5:03Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1341Gloria EstefanPunto De Referencia4:51Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1342Gloria EstefanSi Señor4:43Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1343Gloria EstefanSolo Por Tu Amor4:05Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1344Gloria EstefanTe Tengo A Ti3:58Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1345Gloria EstefanTengo Que Decirte Algo3:20Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1346Gloria EstefanTres Gotas De Agua Bendita4:18Lo Nuevo y Mejor De Mi Tierra- 2003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1347Gloria EstefanCon los años que me quedan4:36Mi Tierra1 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1348Gloria EstefanMi tierra4:38Mi Tierra2 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1349Gloria EstefanAyer5:17Mi Tierra3 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1350Gloria EstefanMi buen amor3:50Mi Tierra4 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1351Gloria EstefanTus ojos4:11Mi Tierra5 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1352Gloria EstefanNo hay mal que por bien no venga5:28Mi Tierra6 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1353Gloria EstefanSi señor4:40Mi Tierra7 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1354Gloria EstefanVolveras3:55Mi Tierra8 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1355Gloria EstefanMontuno4:57Mi Tierra9 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1356Gloria EstefanHablemos el mismo idioma4:45Mi Tierra10 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1357Gloria EstefanHablas de mi3:40Mi Tierra11 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1358Gloria EstefanTradicion5:21Mi Tierra12 Other 128FATASSRADIO
1359Gloria EstefanTu Fotografia3:49Unwrapped12003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1360Gloria EstefanTe Amarè3:03Unwrapped22003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1361Gloria EstefanMientras Tanto3:38Unwrapped32003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1362Gloria EstefanHoy3:28Unwrapped42003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1363Gloria EstefanA Little Push3:56Unwrapped52003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1364Gloria EstefanTime Waits4:25Unwrapped62003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1365Gloria EstefanDangerous Game3:17Unwrapped72003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1366Gloria EstefanInto You3:20Unwrapped82003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1367Gloria EstefanOne Name3:04Unwrapped92003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1368Gloria EstefanI Will Always Need Your Love3:05Unwrapped102003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1369Gloria EstefanSay Goodbye3:53Unwrapped112003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1370Gloria EstefanI Wish You3:52Unwrapped122003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1371Gloria EstefanYou3:09Unwrapped132003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1372Gloria EstefanFamous3:20Unwrapped142003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1373Gloria EstefanTe Amarè (English Version)3:02Unwrapped152003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1374Gloria EstefanYour Picture3:49Unwrapped162003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1375Gloria EstefanWrapped3:28Unwrapped172003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1376Gloria EstefanIn the Meantime3:36Unwrapped182003Latin 192FATASSRADIO
1377Gloria LoringThe Facts Of Life0:53Television's Greatest Hits Volume III261988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1378Gloria Loring; Alan Thicke; Al BurtonDiff'rent Strokes ("It Takes Diff'rent Strokes")0:54Television's Greatest Hits Volume 641996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1379Go Go GirlsSuperCaliFragiListicExpiAliDocious1:42Disney DDR  Other 128FATASSRADIO
1380GODLover's Grief4:08Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  PIU Music 160FATASSRADIO
1381Golden EarringRadar Love5:05Soundtrack91993Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1382goo goo dollsbefore it's too late3:05transformers the album42007Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1383GoodBoyz II Men - Good Guys (DJ Climax)5:08   Blues 128FATASSRADIO
1384Gordon LightfootWreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald6:18SummerTime Dream 1976Pop-Folk 128FATASSRADIO
1385Gordon LightfootWreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald6:18SummerTime Dream 1976Pop-Folk 128FATASSRADIO
1386GorillazFeel Good Inc3:44     172FATASSRADIO
1387Graeme RevellFirebird3:40Mighty Morphin Power Rangers T111995Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
1388Graham GouldmanGo for it3:35Animalympics11980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1389Graham GouldmanAway from it all2:35Animalympics31980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1390Graham GouldmanBorn to lose4:09Animalympics41980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1391Graham Gouldman05- Kit Mambo4:36Animalympics51980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1392Graham GouldmanZOO3:32Animalympics61980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1393Graham GouldmanLove´s not for me2:44Animalympics71980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1394Graham GouldmanWith you I can run forever4:05Animalympics81980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1395Graham GouldmanBionic Boar3:35Animalympics91980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1396Graham GouldmanWe´ve made it to the top3:57Animalympics101980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1397Graham GouldmanUnderwater fantasy3:19Animalympics21980Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1398GrainerTardis-Doctor Who2:38The Worlds of Doctor Who21963Showtunes 192FATASSRADIO
1399Grand FunkResponsibility3:50All The Girls In The World Beware !!!11974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1400Grand FunkRunnin'4:19All The Girls In The World Beware !!!21974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1401Grand FunkLife4:58All The Girls In The World Beware !!!31974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1402Grand FunkLook At Granny Run Run2:29All The Girls In The World Beware !!!41974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1403Grand FunkMemories3:31All The Girls In The World Beware !!!51974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1404Grand FunkAll The Girls In The World Bew3:29All The Girls In The World Beware !!!61974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1405Grand FunkWild2:53All The Girls In The World Beware !!!71974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1406Grand FunkGood & Evil7:32All The Girls In The World Beware !!!81974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1407Grand FunkBad Time2:54All The Girls In The World Beware !!!91974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1408Grand FunkSome Kind Of Wonderful3:22All The Girls In The World Beware !!!101974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1409Grand FunkIntroduction2:08Grand Funk - Live Album11970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1410Grand FunkAre You Ready3:34Grand Funk - Live Album21970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1411Grand FunkParanoid7:18Grand Funk - Live Album31970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1412Grand FunkIn Need10:32Grand Funk - Live Album41970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1413Grand FunkHeartbreaker7:12Grand Funk - Live Album51970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1414Grand FunkInside Looking Out12:53Grand Funk - Live Album61970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1415Grand FunkWords Of Wisdom0:46Grand Funk - Live Album71970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1416Grand FunkMean Mistreater4:58Grand Funk - Live Album81970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1417Grand FunkMark Say's Alright5:12Grand Funk - Live Album91970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1418Grand FunkT.N.U.C.11:05Grand Funk - Live Album101970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1419Grand FunkInto The Sun11:09Grand Funk - Live Album111970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1420Grand Funk RailroadBorn To Die5:29Born To Die11975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1421Grand Funk RailroadDues5:28Born To Die21975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1422Grand Funk RailroadSally3:13Born To Die31975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1423Grand Funk RailroadI Fell For Your Love4:06Born To Die41975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1424Grand Funk RailroadTalk To The People5:27Born To Die51975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1425Grand Funk RailroadTake Me10:21Born To Die61975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1426Grand Funk Railroad07-genevieve6:09Born To Die71975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1427Grand Funk RailroadLove Is Dyin'4:09Born To Die81975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1428Grand Funk RailroadPolitician3:52Born To Die91975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1429Grand Funk RailroadGood Things4:18Born To Die101975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1430Grand Funk Railroad2001- A Space Odyssey1:25Bosnia11997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1431Grand Funk RailroadOverture2:59Bosnia11997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1432Grand Funk RailroadAre You Ready3:25Bosnia21997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1433Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater4:26Bosnia21997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1434Grand Funk RailroadRock 'N Roll Soul3:49Bosnia31997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1435Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind Of Wonderful3:58Bosnia31997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1436Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music4:18Bosnia41997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1437Grand Funk RailroadTo Get Back In4:01Bosnia41997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1438Grand Funk RailroadBad Time2:56Bosnia51997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1439Grand Funk RailroadTime Machine3:28Bosnia51997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1440Grand Funk RailroadI'm Your Captain-Closer To You9:03Bosnia61997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1441Grand Funk RailroadMedley- - Paranoid - Sin's A G7:16Bosnia61997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1442Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker7:37Bosnia71997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1443Grand Funk RailroadLoneliness8:59Bosnia71997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1444Grand Funk RailroadAimless Lady3:52Bosnia81997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1445Grand Funk RailroadT.N.U.C.7:24Bosnia91997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1446Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out10:22Bosnia101997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1447Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On3:37Bosnia111997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1448Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion3:40Bosnia121997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1449Grand Funk RailroadWe're An American Band3:58Bosnia121997Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1450Grand Funk RailroadIntroduction, Foot Stompin' Mu4:14Caught In The Act11975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1451Grand Funk RailroadRock & Roll Soul4:02Caught In The Act21975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1452Grand Funk RailroadCloser To Home7:26Caught In The Act31975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1453Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker7:26Caught In The Act41975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1454Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind Of Wonderful4:30Caught In The Act51975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1455Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On5:32Caught In The Act61975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1456Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-motion3:20Caught In The Act71975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1457Grand Funk RailroadBlack Licorice4:52Caught In The Act81975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1458Grand Funk RailroadThe Railroad6:18Caught In The Act91975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1459Grand Funk RailroadWe're An American Band3:26Caught In The Act101975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1460Grand Funk RailroadT.N.U.C.4:40Caught In The Act111975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1461Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out12:08Caught In The Act121975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1462Grand Funk RailroadGimme Shelter6:27Caught In The Act131975Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1463Grand Funk RailroadSin's A Good Man's Brother4:51Closer To Home11970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1464Grand Funk RailroadAimless Lady3:29Closer To Home21970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1465Grand Funk RailroadNothing Is The Same5:14Closer To Home31970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1466Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater4:27Closer To Home41970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1467Grand Funk RailroadGet It Together5:10Closer To Home51970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1468Grand Funk RailroadI Don't Have To Sing The Blues4:37Closer To Home61970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1469Grand Funk RailroadHooked On Love7:13Closer To Home71970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1470Grand Funk RailroadI'm Your Captain10:09Closer To Home81970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1471Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater (Alternate Mix)4:33Closer To Home91970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1472Grand Funk RailroadIn Need (Live)11:30Closer To Home101970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1473Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker (Live)7:17Closer To Home111970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1474Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater (Live)5:23Closer To Home121970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1475Grand Funk RailroadTime Machine3:45Collectors Series11991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1476Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker6:35Collectors Series21991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1477Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out9:33Collectors Series31991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1478Grand Funk RailroadI'm Your Captain10:10Collectors Series41991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1479Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater5:03Collectors Series51991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1480Grand Funk RailroadFeelin' Alright4:26Collectors Series61991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1481Grand Funk RailroadGimme Shelter6:17Collectors Series71991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1482Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music3:47Collectors Series81991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1483Grand Funk RailroadRock & Roll Soul3:26Collectors Series91991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1484Grand Funk RailroadWe're An American Band3:27Collectors Series101991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1485Grand Funk RailroadWalk Like A Man (You Can Call4:06Collectors Series111991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1486Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion2:59Collectors Series121991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1487Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On5:56Collectors Series131991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1488Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind Of Wonderful3:18Collectors Series141991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1489Grand Funk RailroadBad Time2:54Collectors Series151991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1490Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music3:48E Pluribus Funk11971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1491Grand Funk RailroadPeople, Let's Stop The War5:12E Pluribus Funk21971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1492Grand Funk RailroadUpsetter4:27E Pluribus Funk31971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1493Grand Funk RailroadI Come Tumblin'5:40E Pluribus Funk41971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1494Grand Funk RailroadSave The Land4:13E Pluribus Funk51971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1495Grand Funk RailroadNo Lies3:58E Pluribus Funk61971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1496Grand Funk RailroadLoneliness8:38E Pluribus Funk71971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1497Grand Funk RailroadJust Coudnt Wait3:18Good Singin', Good Playin'11976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1498Grand Funk RailroadCan You Do It3:17Good Singin', Good Playin'21976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1499Grand Funk RailroadPass It Around4:30Good Singin', Good Playin'31976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1500Grand Funk RailroadDont Let Em Take Your Gun3:39Good Singin', Good Playin'41976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1501Grand Funk RailroadMiss My Baby6:57Good Singin', Good Playin'51976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1502Grand Funk RailroadBig Buns0:27Good Singin', Good Playin'61976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1503Grand Funk RailroadOut To Get You4:44Good Singin', Good Playin'71976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1504Grand Funk RailroadCrossfire4:21Good Singin', Good Playin'81976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1505Grand Funk Railroad19764:00Good Singin', Good Playin'91976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1506Grand Funk RailroadReleasa Your Love3:18Good Singin', Good Playin'101976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1507Grand Funk RailroadGoin For The Pastor4:36Good Singin', Good Playin'111976Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1508Grand Funk RailroadRubberneck [#]5:15Good Singin', Good Playin'121976Rock 148FATASSRADIO
1509Grand Funk RailroadGood Times2:04Grand Funk Lives11981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1510Grand Funk RailroadQueen Bee3:11Grand Funk Lives21981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1511Grand Funk RailroadTestify2:55Grand Funk Lives31981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1512Grand Funk RailroadCan't Be With You Tonight3:20Grand Funk Lives41981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1513Grand Funk RailroadNo Reason Why4:47Grand Funk Lives51981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1514Grand Funk RailroadWe Gotta Get Out Of This Place3:56Grand Funk Lives61981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1515Grand Funk RailroadY.O.U.2:47Grand Funk Lives71981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1516Grand Funk RailroadStuck In The Middle3:04Grand Funk Lives81981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1517Grand Funk RailroadGreed Of Man4:49Grand Funk Lives91981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1518Grand Funk RailroadWait For Me4:37Grand Funk Lives101981Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1519Grand Funk RailroadGot This Thing On The Movie4:39Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)11970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1520Grand Funk RailroadPlease Don't Worry4:21Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)21970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1521Grand Funk RailroadHigh Falootin' Woman3:02Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)31970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1522Grand Funk RailroadMr. Limousine Driver4:24Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)41970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1523Grand Funk RailroadIn Need7:54Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)51970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1524Grand Funk RailroadWinter And My Soul6:24Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)61970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1525Grand Funk RailroadParanoid7:51Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)71970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1526Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out9:32Grand Funk Railroad (Red Album)81970Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1527Grand Funk RailroadWe're An American Band3:26Greatest Hits Remastered1 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1528Grand Funk RailroadTime Machine3:45Greatest Hits Remastered2 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1529Grand Funk RailroadWalk Like A Man4:05Greatest Hits Remastered3 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1530Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind Of Wonderful3:23Greatest Hits Remastered4 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1531Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On5:56Greatest Hits Remastered5 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1532Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker6:34Greatest Hits Remastered6 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1533Grand Funk RailroadRock 'N Roll Soul3:29Greatest Hits Remastered7 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1534Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion2:46Greatest Hits Remastered8 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1535Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music3:46Greatest Hits Remastered9 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1536Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater (Live)4:56Greatest Hits Remastered10 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1537Grand Funk RailroadTake Me5:06Greatest Hits Remastered11 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1538Grand Funk RailroadBad Time2:56Greatest Hits Remastered12 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1539Grand Funk RailroadI'm Your Captain9:59Greatest Hits Remastered13 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1540Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out9:31Greatest Hits Remastered14 Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1541Grand Funk RailroadIntro1:38Live - The 1971 Tour11971Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1542Grand Funk RailroadAre You Ready3:11Live - The 1971 Tour21971Rock 193FATASSRADIO
1543Grand Funk RailroadFootstopin' Music5:24Live - The 1971 Tour31971Rock 193FATASSRADIO
1544Grand Funk RailroadParanoid6:03Live - The 1971 Tour41971Rock 193FATASSRADIO
1545Grand Funk RailroadI'm Your CaptainCloser To Home5:48Live - The 1971 Tour51971Rock 196FATASSRADIO
1546Grand Funk RailroadHooked On Love2:45Live - The 1971 Tour61971Rock 196FATASSRADIO
1547Grand Funk RailroadGet It Together2:46Live - The 1971 Tour71971Rock 196FATASSRADIO
1548Grand Funk RailroadT.N.U.C.17:11Live - The 1971 Tour81971Rock 194FATASSRADIO
1549Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out15:30Live - The 1971 Tour91971Rock 196FATASSRADIO
1550Grand Funk RailroadGimme Shelter8:44Live - The 1971 Tour101971Rock 194FATASSRADIO
1551Grand Funk RailroadInto The Sun9:49Live - The 1971 Tour111971Rock 194FATASSRADIO
1552Grand Funk RailroadTime Machine3:45Mark, Don & Mel11972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1553Grand Funk RailroadInto The Sun6:27Mark, Don & Mel21972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1554Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker6:32Mark, Don & Mel31972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1555Grand Funk RailroadFellin' Alright4:25Mark, Don & Mel41972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1556Grand Funk RailroadFootstompin' Music3:45Mark, Don & Mel51972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1557Grand Funk RailroadParanoid7:48Mark, Don & Mel61972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1558Grand Funk RailroadLoneliness8:28Mark, Don & Mel71972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1559Grand Funk RailroadMean Mistreater4:49Mark, Don & Mel91972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1560Grand Funk RailroadT.N.U.C.11:36Mark, Don & Mel101972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1561Grand Funk RailroadInside Looking Out9:29Mark, Don & Mel111972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1562Grand Funk RailroadCloser To Home9:58Mark, Don & Mel121972Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1563Grand Funk RailroadAre You Ready3:28On Time11969Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1564Grand Funk RailroadAnybody's Answer5:17On Time21969Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1565Grand Funk RailroadTime Machine3:45On Time31969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1566Grand Funk RailroadHigh on a Horse2:56On Time41969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1567Grand Funk RailroadT.N.U.C.8:42On Time51969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1568Grand Funk RailroadInto the Sun6:29On Time61969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1569Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker6:35On Time71969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1570Grand Funk RailroadOn Time 08 - Call Yourself A M3:05On Time81969Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1571Grand Funk RailroadOn Time 09 - Can't Be Too Long6:33On Time91969Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1572Grand Funk RailroadUps And Downs5:01On Time101969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1573Grand Funk RailroadHigh on a Horse [Original Version)4:25On Time111969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1574Grand Funk RailroadHeartbreaker [Original Version)6:52On Time121969Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1575Grand Funk RailroadFlight Of The Phoenix3:37Phoenix11972Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1576Grand Funk RailroadTrying To Get Away4:11Phoenix21972Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1577Grand Funk RailroadSomeone4:05Phoenix31972Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1578Grand Funk RailroadShe Got To Move Me4:43Phoenix41972Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1579Grand Funk RailroadRain Keeps Fallin'3:27Phoenix51972Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1580Grand Funk RailroadI Just Gotta Know3:54Phoenix61972Rock 130FATASSRADIO
1581Grand Funk RailroadSo You Won't Have To Die3:23Phoenix71972Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1582Grand Funk Railroadreedom Is For Children6:10Phoenix81972Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1583Grand Funk RailroadGotta Find Me A Better Day4:11Phoenix91972Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1584Grand Funk RailroadRock & Roll Soul3:26Phoenix101972Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1585Grand Funk RailroadShinin' On3:28Shinin' On11974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1586Grand Funk RailroadTo Get Back In3:55Shinin' On21974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1587Grand Funk RailroadCarry Me Through5:30Shinin' On41974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1588Grand Funk RailroadPlease Me3:37Shinin' On51974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1589Grand Funk RailroadMr. Pretty Boy3:08Shinin' On61974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1590Grand Funk RailroadGettin' Over You3:58Shinin' On71974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1591Grand Funk RailroadLittle Johnny Hooker4:59Shinin' On81974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1592Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion2:49Shinin' On31974Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1593Grand Funk RailroadCountry Road4:22Survival11971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1594Grand Funk RailroadAll You've Got Is Money5:17Survival21971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1595Grand Funk RailroadComfort Me6:48Survival31971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1596Grand Funk RailroadFeelin' Alright4:27Survival41971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1597Grand Funk RailroadI Want Freedom6:20Survival51971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1598Grand Funk RailroadI Can Feel Him In The Morning7:17Survival61971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1599Grand Funk RailroadGimme Shelter6:25Survival71971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1600Grand Funk RailroadCountry Road (Demo)7:39Survival81971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1601Grand Funk RailroadFeelin' Alright (Demo)5:58Survival91971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1602Grand Funk RailroadAll You've Got Is Money (Demo)8:20Survival101971Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1603Grand Funk RailroadWe're an American Band3:27We're an American Band11973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1604Grand Funk RailroadStop Lookin' Back4:52We're an American Band21973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1605Grand Funk RailroadCreepin'7:02We're an American Band31973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1606Grand Funk RailroadBlack Licorice4:45We're an American Band41973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1607Grand Funk RailroadThe Railroad6:12We're an American Band51973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1608Grand Funk RailroadAin't Got Nobody4:26We're an American Band61973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1609Grand Funk RailroadWalk Like a Man4:05We're an American Band71973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1610Grand Funk RailroadLoneliest Rider5:28We're an American Band81973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1611Grand Funk RailroadHooray4:05We're an American Band91973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1612Grand Funk RailroadThe End4:11We're an American Band101973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1613Grand Funk RailroadStop Lookin' Back3:04We're an American Band111973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1614Grand Funk RailroadWe're an American Band3:35We're an American Band121973Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1615Grand Funk RailroadRock'n'roll American Style4:27What's Funk11983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1616Grand Funk RailroadNowhere To Run2:38What's Funk21983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1617Grand Funk RailroadInnocent3:05What's Funk31983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1618Grand Funk RailroadStill Waitin'4:05What's Funk41983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1619Grand Funk RailroadBorderline2:56What's Funk51983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1620Grand Funk RailroadEl Salvador4:11What's Funk61983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1621Grand Funk RailroadIt's A Man's World4:53What's Funk71983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1622Grand Funk RailroadI'm So True4:11What's Funk81983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1623Grand Funk RailroadDon't Lie To Me4:17What's Funk91983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1624Grand Funk RailroadLife In Outer Space4:20What's Funk101983Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1625Grant Goodeve; Lee Holdridge; Molly Ann LeikenEight Is Enough1:13Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6441996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1626Grateful DeadBox of Rain5:18American Beauty11970Bluegrass 244FATASSRADIO
1627Grateful DeadFriend of the Devil3:24American Beauty21970Bluegrass 257FATASSRADIO
1628Grateful DeadSugar Magnolia3:19American Beauty31970Bluegrass 245FATASSRADIO
1629Grateful DeadOperator2:25American Beauty41970Bluegrass 249FATASSRADIO
1630Grateful DeadCandyman6:14American Beauty51970Bluegrass 236FATASSRADIO
1631Grateful DeadRipple4:09American Beauty61970Bluegrass 257FATASSRADIO
1632Grateful DeadBrokedown Palace4:09American Beauty71970Bluegrass 242FATASSRADIO
1633Grateful DeadTill the Morning Comes3:08American Beauty81970Bluegrass 240FATASSRADIO
1634Grateful DeadAttics of My Life5:12American Beauty91970Bluegrass 226FATASSRADIO
1635Grateful DeadTruckin5:03American Beauty101970Bluegrass 245FATASSRADIO
1636The Grateful DeadSt. Stephen4:27Aoxomoxoa11969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1637The Grateful DeadDupree's Diamond Blues3:33Aoxomoxoa21969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1638The Grateful DeadRosemary1:59Aoxomoxoa31969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1639The Grateful DeadDoin' That Rag4:42Aoxomoxoa41969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1640The Grateful DeadMountains of the Moon4:01Aoxomoxoa51969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1641The Grateful DeadChina Cat Sunflower3:40Aoxomoxoa61969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1642The Grateful DeadWhat's Become of the Baby8:14Aoxomoxoa71969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1643The Grateful DeadCosmic Charlie5:29Aoxomoxoa81969Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1644Grateful DeadHelp On The Way / Slipknot!7:21Blues For Allah11975Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1645Grateful DeadFranklin's Tower4:32Blues For Allah21975Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1646Grateful DeadKing Solomon's Marbles:5:16Blues For Allah31975Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1647Grateful DeadThe Music Never Stopped4:34Blues For Allah41975Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1648Grateful DeadCrazy Fingers6:42Blues For Allah51975Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1649Grateful DeadSage & Spirit3:07Blues For Allah61975Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1650Grateful DeadBlues For Allah12:32Blues For Allah71975Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1651The Grateful DeadSamson and Delilah5:02Dead Set11981Bluegrass 246FATASSRADIO
1652The Grateful DeadFriend Of The Devil7:27Dead Set21981Bluegrass 250FATASSRADIO
1653The Grateful DeadNew Minglewood Blues4:41Dead Set31981Bluegrass 253FATASSRADIO
1654The Grateful DeadDeal4:35Dead Set41981Bluegrass 244FATASSRADIO
1655The Grateful DeadCandyman7:15Dead Set51981Bluegrass 253FATASSRADIO
1656The Grateful DeadLittle Red Rooster4:30Dead Set61981Bluegrass 249FATASSRADIO
1657The Grateful DeadLoser5:45Dead Set71981Bluegrass 245FATASSRADIO
1658The Grateful DeadPassenger3:21Dead Set81981Bluegrass 239FATASSRADIO
1659The Grateful DeadFeel Like A Stranger5:40Dead Set91981Bluegrass 244FATASSRADIO
1660The Grateful DeadFranklin's Tower5:22Dead Set101981Bluegrass 245FATASSRADIO
1661The Grateful DeadRythm Devils3:55Dead Set111981Bluegrass 243FATASSRADIO
1662The Grateful DeadFire On The Mountain6:29Dead Set121981Bluegrass 237FATASSRADIO
1663The Grateful DeadGreatest Story Ever Told4:04Dead Set131981Bluegrass 251FATASSRADIO
1664The Grateful DeadBrokedown Palace5:41Dead Set141981Bluegrass 242FATASSRADIO
1665Grateful DeadU.S. Blues4:46From the Mars Hotel11974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1666Grateful DeadChina Doll4:10From the Mars Hotel21974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1667Grateful DeadLoose Lucy3:26From the Mars Hotel41974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1668Grateful DeadScarlet Begonias4:19From the Mars Hotel51974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1669Grateful DeadPride of Cucamonga4:17From the Mars Hotel61974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1670Grateful DeadMoney Money4:24From the Mars Hotel71974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1671Grateful DeadShip of Fools5:28From the Mars Hotel81974Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1672Grateful DeadAlabama Getaway3:37Go to Heaven11980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1673Grateful DeadFar From Me3:40Go to Heaven21980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1674Grateful DeadAlthea6:54Go to Heaven31980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1675Grateful DeadFeel Like A Stranger5:09Go to Heaven41980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1676Grateful DeadLost Sailor5:54Go to Heaven51980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1677Grateful DeadSaint Of Circumstance5:39Go to Heaven61980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1678Grateful DeadAntwerp's Placebo0:39Go to Heaven71980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1679Grateful DeadEasy To Love You3:41Go to Heaven81980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1680Grateful DeadDon't Ease Me In3:14Go to Heaven91980Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1681Grateful DeadBertha5:43Grateful Dead11967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1682Grateful DeadMama Tried2:43Grateful Dead21967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1683Grateful DeadBig Railroad Blues3:35Grateful Dead31967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1684Grateful DeadPlaying In The Band4:40Grateful Dead41967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1685Grateful DeadThe Other One18:05Grateful Dead51967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1686Grateful DeadMe & My Uncle3:04Grateful Dead61967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1687Grateful DeadBig Boss Man5:13Grateful Dead71967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1688Grateful DeadMe & Bobby McGee5:41Grateful Dead81967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1689Grateful DeadJohnny B. Goode3:43Grateful Dead91967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1690Grateful DeadWharf Rat8:30Grateful Dead101967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1691Grateful DeadNot Fade Away/Goin' Down The Road/Feeling Bad9:12Grateful Dead111967Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1692Grateful DeadCrowd Sculpture2:22Infared Roses11991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1693Grateful DeadParallelogram5:06Infared Roses21991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1694Grateful DeadLittle Nemo in Nightland6:17Infared Roses31991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1695Grateful DeadRiverside Rhapsody3:55Infared Roses41991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1696Grateful DeadPost-Modern Highrise Table Top Stomp4:22Infared Roses51991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1697Grateful DeadInfared Roses5:39Infared Roses61991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1698Grateful DeadSilver Apples of the Moon5:41Infared Roses71991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1699Grateful DeadSpeaking in Swords3:29Infared Roses81991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1700Grateful DeadMagnesium Night Light5:30Infared Roses91991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1701Grateful DeadSparrow Hawk Row3:23Infared Roses101991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1702Grateful DeadRiver of Nine Sorrows4:27Infared Roses111991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1703Grateful DeadApollo at the Ritz8:14Infared Roses121991Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1704The Grateful DeadDark Star23:07Live/Dead11969Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1705The Grateful DeadSt. Stephen6:32Live/Dead21969Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1706The Grateful DeadThe Eleven9:21Live/Dead31969Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1707The Grateful DeadTurn on Your Love Light15:08Live/Dead41969Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1708The Grateful DeadDeath Don't Have No Mercy10:29Live/Dead51969Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1709The Grateful DeadFeedback7:49Live/Dead61969Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1710The Grateful DeadAnd We Bid You Goodnight0:35Live/Dead71969Rock/Pop 320FATASSRADIO
1711Grateful DeadDire Wolf3:20Reckoning11981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1712Grateful DeadThe Race is On2:57Reckoning21981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1713Grateful DeadIt Must Have Been the Roses6:56Reckoning31981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1714Grateful DeadDark Hollow3:49Reckoning41981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1715Grateful DeadDhina Doll5:22Reckoning51981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1716Grateful DeadBeen All Around this World4:32Reckoning61981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1717Grateful DeadMonkey and the Engineer2:37Reckoning71981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1718Grateful DeadJack-A-Roe4:05Reckoning81981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1719Grateful DeadDeep Elem Blues4:51Reckoning91981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1720Grateful DeadCassidy4:34Reckoning101981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1721Grateful DeadTo Lay Me Down8:59Reckoning111981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1722Grateful DeadRosa Lee McFall2:54Reckoning121981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1723Grateful DeadOn the Road Again3:16Reckoning131981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1724Grateful DeadBird Song7:35Reckoning141981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1725Grateful DeadRipple4:28Reckoning151981Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1726Grateful DeadDark Star25:46Rockin' The Rhein12004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1727Grateful DeadGood Lovin'18:39Rockin' The Rhein12004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1728Grateful DeadTruckin'11:04Rockin' The Rhein12004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1729Grateful DeadCasey Jones6:16Rockin' The Rhein22004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1730Grateful DeadMe and My Uncle3:22Rockin' The Rhein22004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1731Grateful DeadTennessee Jed8:07Rockin' The Rhein22004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1732Grateful DeadChinatown Shuffle3:06Rockin' The Rhein32004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1733Grateful DeadDark Star14:54Rockin' The Rhein32004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1734Grateful DeadHe's Gone10:32Rockin' The Rhein32004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1735Grateful DeadBlack-Throated Wind6:51Rockin' The Rhein42004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1736Grateful DeadHurts Me Too8:36Rockin' The Rhein42004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1737Grateful DeadWharf Rat8:59Rockin' The Rhein42004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1738Grateful DeadChina Cat Sunflower6:06Rockin' The Rhein52004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1739Grateful DeadEl Paso4:44Rockin' The Rhein52004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1740Grateful DeadSugar Magnolia8:03Rockin' The Rhein52004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1741Grateful DeadI Know You Rider6:19Rockin' The Rhein62004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1742Grateful DeadNot Fade Away3:18Rockin' The Rhein62004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1743Grateful DeadTurn on Your Love Light12:04Rockin' The Rhein62004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1744Grateful DeadGoin' Down The Road Feeling Ba6:31Rockin' The Rhein72004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1745Grateful DeadMr. Charlie4:16Rockin' The Rhein72004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1746Grateful DeadThe Stranger (Two Souls In Com8:23Rockin' The Rhein72004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1747Grateful DeadBeat It Down The Line3:21Rockin' The Rhein82004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1748Grateful DeadNot Fade Away3:01Rockin' The Rhein82004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1749Grateful DeadLoser7:34Rockin' The Rhein92004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1750Grateful DeadOne More Saturday Night4:49Rockin' The Rhein92004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1751Grateful DeadPlaying In The Band11:24Rockin' The Rhein102004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1752Grateful DeadNext Time You See Me4:37Rockin' The Rhein112004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1753Grateful DeadMe and Bobby McGee6:11Rockin' The Rhein122004Folk/Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1754The Grateful DeadThe Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)2:12Skeletons from the Closet11974Folk 211FATASSRADIO
1755The Grateful DeadTruckin'5:06Skeletons from the Closet21974Folk 244FATASSRADIO
1756The Grateful DeadRosemary1:59Skeletons from the Closet31974Folk 245FATASSRADIO
1757The Grateful DeadSuger Magnolia3:21Skeletons from the Closet41974Folk 244FATASSRADIO
1758The Grateful DeadSt. Stephen4:29Skeletons from the Closet51974Folk 246FATASSRADIO
1759The Grateful DeadUncle John's Band4:46Skeletons from the Closet61974Folk 242FATASSRADIO
1760The Grateful DeadCasey Jones4:28Skeletons from the Closet71974Folk 241FATASSRADIO
1761The Grateful DeadMexicali Blues3:32Skeletons from the Closet81974Folk 252FATASSRADIO
1762The Grateful DeadTurn On Your Love Light6:41Skeletons from the Closet91974Folk 254FATASSRADIO
1763The Grateful DeadOne More Saturday Night4:50Skeletons from the Closet101974Folk 227FATASSRADIO
1764The Grateful DeadFriend of the Devil3:22Skeletons from the Closet111974Folk 259FATASSRADIO
1765Grateful DeadThe New Twilight Zone0:48Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6591996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1766The Grateful DeadEstimated Prophet5:37Terrapin Station11977Rock 253FATASSRADIO
1767The Grateful DeadDancin' In The Streets3:16Terrapin Station21977Rock 252FATASSRADIO
1768The Grateful DeadPassenger2:48Terrapin Station31977Rock 252FATASSRADIO
1769The Grateful DeadSamson & Delilah3:29Terrapin Station41977Rock 257FATASSRADIO
1770The Grateful DeadSunrise4:03Terrapin Station51977Rock 237FATASSRADIO
1771The Grateful DeadTerrapin Station Part 116:18Terrapin Station61977Rock 260FATASSRADIO
1772The Grateful DeadNew, New Minglewood Blues2:36What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)11977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1773The Grateful DeadCosmic Charlie5:33What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)21977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1774The Grateful DeadTruckin'5:06What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)31977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1775The Grateful DeadBlack Peter7:30What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)41977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1776The Grateful DeadBorn Cross-Eyed2:59What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)51977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1777The Grateful DeadRipple4:13What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)61977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1778The Grateful DeadDoin' That Rag4:43What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)71977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1779The Grateful DeadDark Star2:45What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)81977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1780The Grateful DeadHigh Time5:16What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)91977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1781The Grateful DeadNew Speedway Boogie4:04What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (1 of 2)101977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1782The Grateful DeadSt. Stephen5:22What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)11977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1783The Grateful DeadJack Straw4:51What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)21977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1784The Grateful DeadMe & My Uncle3:06What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)31977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1785The Grateful DeadTennessee Jed7:12What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)41977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1786The Grateful DeadCumberland Blues5:44What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)51977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1787The Grateful DeadPlaying in the Band4:41What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)61977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1788The Grateful DeadBrown-Eyed Woman4:40What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)71977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1789The Grateful DeadRamble on Rose6:00What a Long Strange Trip It's Been (2 of 2)81977Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1790The Grateful DeadChina Cat Sunflower , I Know You Rider10:24Without a Net11990Folk 249FATASSRADIO
1791The Grateful DeadFeel Like A Stranger7:32Without A Net11990Folk 257FATASSRADIO
1792The Grateful DeadLooks Like Rain8:03Without a Net21990Folk 255FATASSRADIO
1793The Grateful DeadMississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo8:00Without A Net21990Folk 253FATASSRADIO
1794The Grateful DeadEyes of The World16:14Without a Net31990Folk 256FATASSRADIO
1795The Grateful DeadWalkin' Blues5:44Without A Net31990Folk 250FATASSRADIO
1796The Grateful DeadAlthea6:55Without A Net41990Folk 258FATASSRADIO
1797The Grateful DeadVictim or the Crime8:04Without a Net41990Folk 238FATASSRADIO
1798The Grateful DeadCassidy6:36Without A Net51990Folk 259FATASSRADIO
1799The Grateful DeadHelp on the Way , Slipknot! , Franklin's Tower18:57Without a Net51990Folk 255FATASSRADIO
1800The Grateful DeadBird Song12:57Without A Net61990Folk 257FATASSRADIO
1801The Grateful DeadOne More Saturday Night4:50Without a Net61990Folk 252FATASSRADIO
1802The Grateful DeadDear Mr. Fantasy5:44Without a Net71990Folk 250FATASSRADIO
1803The Grateful DeadLet It Grow11:54Without A Net71990Folk 253FATASSRADIO
1804Grateful DeadDark star (excerpt)2:32Zabriskie point disc131970Rock 189FATASSRADIO
1805The Great Luke SkiWhat's Up With That?!4:49BACONspiracy!15   320FATASSRADIO
1806The Great Luke SkiOne Night At Quark's Bar3:50BACONspiracy!16   320FATASSRADIO
1807The Great Luke SkiIt Takes Who4:54BACONspiracy!17   320FATASSRADIO
1808The Great Luke SkiRoom 1327: Part 50:58BACONspiracy!18   320FATASSRADIO
1809The Great Luke SkiIt's A Fanboy Christmas II: The Wrath Of Claus11:52BACONspiracy!19   320FATASSRADIO
1810The Great Luke SkiMy Name Is Not Merv Griffin1:48BACONspiracy!20   320FATASSRADIO
1811The Great Luke SkiFruit Loops3:03Carpe Dementia11999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1812The Great Luke SkiInsane And The Brain [remake]3:44Carpe Dementia21999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1813The Great Luke SkiBaby Got Brak4:22Carpe Dementia31999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1814The Great Luke SkiBart Simp Sun4:35Carpe Dementia41999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1815The Great Luke SkiThe Great Cornholio [remake]1:49Carpe Dementia51999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1816The Great Luke SkiHill3:01Carpe Dementia61999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1817The Great Luke SkiKenny Was A Kid From South Park1:41Carpe Dementia71999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1818The Great Luke SkiMacho Man (Ooh Yeah!)3:11Carpe Dementia81999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1819The Great Luke SkiKramerCostanza3:25Carpe Dementia91999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1820The Great Luke SkiTitanic Monday3:02Carpe Dementia101999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1821The Great Luke SkiBack One Week To The Future2:48Carpe Dementia111999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1822The Great Luke SkiRocky Horror4:28Carpe Dementia121999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1823The Great Luke SkiMystery Science Theatre Picture Show [remake]4:41Carpe Dementia131999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1824The Great Luke SkiMen In Black (Klaatu Barada Nikto)3:22Carpe Dementia141999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1825The Great Luke SkiYou Might be A Trekkie5:12Carpe Dementia151999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1826The Great Luke SkiWhat's Up Spock? (Deep Space '99 Remix)4:49Carpe Dementia161999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1827The Great Luke SkiResistance [remake]3:00Carpe Dementia171999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1828The Great Luke SkiStar Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues [remake]2:40Carpe Dementia181999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1829The Great Luke SkiBad, Bad Boba Fett3:07Carpe Dementia191999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1830The Great Luke SkiY.O.D.A. [remake]3:50Carpe Dementia201999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1831The Great Luke SkiBaaaa0:06Carpe Dementia211999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1832The Great Luke SkiOh, Gee, Ya Think?0:06Carpe Dementia221999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1833The Great Luke SkiBo Peep0:06Carpe Dementia231999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1834The Great Luke SkiWhere's The Buffet At?0:06Carpe Dementia241999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1835The Great Luke SkiStrange Laugh0:06Carpe Dementia251999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1836The Great Luke SkiCongratulations!0:06Carpe Dementia261999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1837The Great Luke SkiQuite A Man For An Al Fan3:09Carpe Dementia271999Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1838The Great Luke SkiFunny Man4:40Fanboys 'N Da Hood!11997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1839The Great Luke SkiInsane And The Brain3:45Fanboys 'N Da Hood!21997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1840The Great Luke SkiMy Name Is Fred1:57Fanboys 'N Da Hood!31997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1841The Great Luke SkiCruis'n U.S.A.2:04Fanboys 'N Da Hood!41997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1842The Great Luke SkiSpam (Let The Pork Be Pork)3:47Fanboys 'N Da Hood!51997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1843The Great Luke SkiKFC Bitch3:11Fanboys 'N Da Hood!61997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1844The Great Luke SkiStar Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues2:21Fanboys 'N Da Hood!71997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1845The Great Luke SkiY.O.D.A.3:44Fanboys 'N Da Hood!81997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1846The Great Luke SkiMystery Science Theatre Picture Show4:30Fanboys 'N Da Hood!91997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1847The Great Luke SkiMurder Was The Play3:15Fanboys 'N Da Hood!101997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1848The Great Luke SkiWahdeedah-dee3:08Fanboys 'N Da Hood!111997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1849The Great Luke SkiNinja Butt from Ray TV0:29Fanboys 'N Da Hood!121997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1850The Great Luke SkiI'm Not A Fishy2:54Fanboys 'N Da Hood!131997Other 128FATASSRADIO
1851The Great Luke SkiBorn To Lose3:58Fanboys 'N Da Hood!141997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1852The Great Luke SkiWhat's Up Spock?3:58Fanboys 'N Da Hood!151997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1853The Great Luke SkiFantastic Voyager3:56Fanboys 'N Da Hood!161997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1854The Great Luke SkiGowron Said Knock You Out3:43Fanboys 'N Da Hood!171997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1855The Great Luke SkiWhat's Up Spock? (Schweitzer Remix)4:09Fanboys 'N Da Hood!181997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1856The Great Luke Ski104.3 Cory Rocks from Ray TV1:06Fanboys 'N Da Hood!191997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1857The Great Luke SkiBarn Dance Fever1:16Fanboys 'N Da Hood!201997Other 128FATASSRADIO
1858The Great Luke SkiThe Doctor And William4:30Shadows Of The Bunghole!11997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1859The Great Luke SkiResistance3:03Shadows Of The Bunghole!21997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1860The Great Luke SkiThe Great Cornholio1:55Shadows Of The Bunghole!31997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1861The Great Luke SkiHumpa Hound3:42Shadows Of The Bunghole!41997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1862The Great Luke SkiPamela3:37Shadows Of The Bunghole!51997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1863The Great Luke SkiAll I Wanna Do Is Shoot Some Guns4:14Shadows Of The Bunghole!61997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1864The Great Luke Ski88 Lines About 44 Simpsons3:44Shadows Of The Bunghole!71997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1865The Great Luke SkiI Kissed A Squirrel3:16Shadows Of The Bunghole!81997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1866The Great Luke SkiThat Phat Track from Ray TV0:58Shadows Of The Bunghole!91997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1867The Great Luke SkiJackie Chan1:54Shadows Of The Bunghole!101997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1868The Great Luke SkiAliens Just Don't Understand5:15Shadows Of The Bunghole!111997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1869The Great Luke SkiRanma Soutome3:40Shadows Of The Bunghole!121997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1870The Great Luke SkiSilent Bob1:53Shadows Of The Bunghole!131997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1871The Great Luke SkiMr. K2:06Shadows Of The Bunghole!141997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1872The Great Luke SkiStar Trek Case2:55Shadows Of The Bunghole!151997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1873The Great Luke SkiViva Las Nagus2:28Shadows Of The Bunghole!161997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1874The Great Luke SkiThank Q3:51Shadows Of The Bunghole!171997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1875The Great Luke SkiWhat's Up Spock? (Humptified D-flo Remix)5:26Shadows Of The Bunghole!181997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1876The Great Luke SkiJohn Carradine from Ray TV1:19Shadows Of The Bunghole!191997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1877The Great Luke SkiLost In America1:37Shadows Of The Bunghole!201997Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1878The Great Luke SkiLuke Ski Is A Ramblin' Guy1:01Target: Audience12008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1879The Great Luke SkiJack Bauer6:24Target: Audience22008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1880The Great Luke SkiLuke Ski Is The Pope3:56Target: Audience32008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1881The Great Luke SkiWilbur Robinson3:35Target: Audience42008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1882The Great Luke SkiLuke Ski Likes Big Boobs1:20Target: Audience52008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1883The Great Luke SkiI Want To Be Steve Buscemi3:16Target: Audience62008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1884The Great Luke SkiPublic Enemy Sings Tom Lehrer0:36Target: Audience72008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1885The Great Luke SkiEverybody Get Weird (an Art Pa4:50Target: Audience82008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1886The Great Luke SkiFuMP-In!4:10Target: Audience92008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1887The Great Luke SkiThe Chainsaw Juggler6:20Target: Audience112008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1888The Great Luke SkiLewis Black Does Shakespeare0:40Target: Audience132008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1889The Great Luke SkiThe Box13:34Target: Audience142008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1890The Great Luke SkiScud3:00Target: Audience152008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1891The Great Luke SkiFirefly Starring Daffy Duck0:49Target: Audience172008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1892The Great Luke SkiNo Sleep Til Babylon4:07Target: Audience182008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1893The Great Luke SkiJust Mister Londo5:30Target: Audience192008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1894The Great Luke SkiBattlestar Rhapsody5:24Target: Audience202008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1895The Great Luke SkiScud Jingle0:17Target: Audience212008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1896The Great Luke SkiA Shady Public Service Announcement0:51Uber Geek1 Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1897The Great Luke SkiMy Name Is Al Bundy4:06Uber Geek22002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1898The Great Luke SkiFanboy4:13Uber Geek32002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1899The Great Luke SkiStudio Time0:47Uber Geek42002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1900The Great Luke SkiUse The Force4:16Uber Geek52002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1901The Great Luke SkiIn The Line Again2:28Uber Geek62002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1902The Great Luke SkiLuke Ski Vs. Sudden Death2:56Uber Geek7 Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1903The Great Luke SkiMonty's Idea0:27Uber Geek92002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1904The Great Luke SkiPeter Parker3:21Uber Geek10 Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1905The Great Luke SkiMy default Voice0:58Uber Geek112002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1906The Great Luke SkiBender Roboto4:37Uber Geek122002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1907The Great Luke SkiTheme From Ash1:10Uber Geek132002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1908The Great Luke SkiWannabe A Slayer2:49Uber Geek14 Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1909The Great Luke SkiThe Fannish Exposition0:30Uber Geek152002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1910The Great Luke SkiI Am A Vamp Of Constant Sorrow3:05Uber Geek162002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1911The Great Luke SkiI Didn't Expect...0:23Uber Geek172002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1912The Great Luke SkiWho Let The Frog Out?3:09Uber Geek182002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1913The Great Luke SkiKeanu Man4:31Uber Geek192002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1914The Great Luke SkiObvious By My Absence0:48Uber Geek20 Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1915The Great Luke SkiC'mon Ride The Bus4:15Uber Geek212002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1916The Great Luke SkiThe Sign Of A True D-Fan, Uncut Mix7:37Uber Geek22 Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1917The Great Luke SkiIt's A Fanboy Christmas9:53Uber Geek232002Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1918The Great Luke SkiA Bizaar Ending0:39Uber Geek24 Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1919The Great Luke SkiJon Archer3:18Worst Album Ever!12003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1920The Great Luke SkiBecause I'm Jedi3:53Worst Album Ever!22003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1921The Great Luke SkiStealing Like A Hobbit5:34Worst Album Ever!32003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1922The Great Luke SkiGilbert Explains It All, Part 12:10Worst Album Ever!42003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1923The Great Luke SkiHouse Party At Arkham Asylum4:59Worst Album Ever!52003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1924The Great Luke SkiGilbert Explains It All, Part 23:36Worst Album Ever!82003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1925The Great Luke SkiGilbert Explains It All, Part 31:46Worst Album Ever!142003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1926The Great Luke Ski88 Lines About 44 Simpsons [remake]3:42Worst Album Ever!152003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1927The Great Luke SkiOde To Mrs. Grass Chicken Soup4:23Worst Album Ever!162003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1928The Great Luke SkiGilbert Explains It All, Part 42:05Worst Album Ever!172003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1929The Great Luke SkiChristmas In Hogwart's2:53Worst Album Ever!182003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1930The Great Luke SkiGilbert Explains It All, Part 50:16Worst Album Ever!192003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1931The Great Luke Ski with The Hot WafflesFangirls, Shake That Booty5:54Worst Album Ever!72003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1932The Great Luke Ski with The Nick AtomsThe Ballad Of Optimus Prime5:24Worst Album Ever!62003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1933The Great Luke Ski with The Nick AtomsYes, We Have No Bananas2:56Worst Album Ever!202003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1934The Great Luke Ski, featuringOMGWTFBBQ3:43Target: Audience122008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1935The Great Luke Ski, featuringHolding Out For Hiro3:56Target: Audience162008Comedy 320FATASSRADIO
1936Greatefull DeadUncle John's Band4:46Workingman's Dead11970Rock 189FATASSRADIO
1937Greatefull DeadHigh Time5:15Workingman's Dead21970Rock 187FATASSRADIO
1938Greatefull DeadDire Wolf3:15Workingman's Dead31970Rock 189FATASSRADIO
1939Greatefull DeadNew Speedway Boogie4:07Workingman's Dead41970Rock 189FATASSRADIO
1940Greatefull DeadCumberland Blues3:18Workingman's Dead51970Rock 191FATASSRADIO
1941Greatefull DeadBlack Peter5:44Workingman's Dead61970Rock 191FATASSRADIO
1942Greatefull DeadEasy Wind5:00Workingman's Dead71970Rock 189FATASSRADIO
1943Greatefull DeadCasey Jones4:25Workingman's Dead81970Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1944Greatest American HeroTV3:15   Showtunes 128FATASSRADIO
1945Green DayBasket Case [September 1994]3:03Dookie71994Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1946Greg EviganMy Two Dads ("You Can Count On Me")0:59TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)121996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
1947Greg Evigan; Glen LarsonB.J. and the Bear1:27Television's Greatest Hits Volume 6401996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1948Gregg HimelsteinSee 'Em in the Museum3:02A T-Rex Named Sue52005Children 129FATASSRADIO
1949Gregorian01 Ave Maria3:23Christmas Chants1   192FATASSRADIO
1950Gregorian02 Silent Night3:45Christmas Chants2   192FATASSRADIO
1951Gregorian03 When A Child Is Born3:56Christmas Chants3   192FATASSRADIO
1952Gregorian04 Amazing Grace3:10Christmas Chants4   192FATASSRADIO
1953Gregorian05 The First Noel3:31Christmas Chants5   192FATASSRADIO
1954Gregorian06 In The Bleak Midinter3:12Christmas Chants6   192FATASSRADIO
1955Gregorian07 Pie Jesu3:45Christmas Chants7   192FATASSRADIO
1956Gregorian08 A Spaceman Came Travelling4:44Christmas Chants8   192FATASSRADIO
1957Gregorian09 O Come All Ye Faithful3:49Christmas Chants9   192FATASSRADIO
1958Gregorian10 Gloria In Exelsis3:22Christmas Chants10   192FATASSRADIO
1959Gregorian11 Footsteps In The Snow4:09Christmas Chants11   192FATASSRADIO
1960Gregorian12 Peace On Earth - Little Drummer Boy2:49Christmas Chants12   192FATASSRADIO
1961Gregorian13 Sweeter The Bells3:28Christmas Chants13   192FATASSRADIO
1962Gregorian14 Child In A Manger3:20Christmas Chants14   192FATASSRADIO
1963Gregorian15 Happy Xmas War Is Over3:46Christmas Chants15   192FATASSRADIO
1964Gregorian16 Auld Lang Syne3:57Christmas Chants16   192FATASSRADIO
1965Grim SaviourBananaPhone1:48- 2004Heavy Metal 128FATASSRADIO
1966Groove Deluxe remixAfrican Herbsman 4:17Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
1967Groove Deluxe remixBend Down Low 3:54Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1968Groove Deluxe remixKaya 4:10Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1969Groove Deluxe remixKeep On Movin' 4:03Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1970Groove Deluxe remixSatisfy My Soul 4:46Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
1971Groove Deluxe remixSmall Axe 3:56Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1972Gum Vs. Flightcrank remixSugar Sugar 4:18Shakedown Marley Remixed Vol 1 2001Electronic 128FATASSRADIO
1973GumiCatch You Catch Me3:49   Anime 128FATASSRADIO
1974Gummibaerich bin dein gummibaer (radio version)3:09 12006Dance 218FATASSRADIO
1975GummibaerIch Bin Dein Gummibaer (Gelatine Clubmix)5:45Ich Bin Dein Gummibaer Vinyl12006Dance 208FATASSRADIO
1976Gummibaerich bin dein gummibaer (marshmellow mix)3:23Ich Bin Dein Gummibaer Vinyl22006Dance 238FATASSRADIO
1977GummibaerIch Bin Dein Gummibaer (Maxi Version)5:34Ich Bin Dein Gummibaer Vinyl32006Dance 209FATASSRADIO
1978GummibarGumimaci (Klubbtigerz Remix)5:01By Profo [LT] 2006Dance 192FATASSRADIO
1979GummibarItt Van A Gumimaci3:09Itt van a Gumimaci12006Dance 212FATASSRADIO
1980GummibarItt van a Gumimaci (original r3:09Itt van a Gumimaci12006Dance 212FATASSRADIO
1981GummibarIch bin dein Gummibar (original radio edit)3:09Itt van a Gumimaci22006Dance 218FATASSRADIO
1982Gummibärich bin dein gummibaer (radio version)3:09 12006Dance 218FATASSRADIO
1983Gummibärich bin dein gummibaer (radio version)3:09 12006Dance 218FATASSRADIO
1984GummibärGummibär3:11 15 Unknown 192FATASSRADIO
1985Gummibärich bin dein gummibaer (maxi version)5:34Ich Bin Dein Gummibaer Vinyl32006Dance 209FATASSRADIO
1986Gunmo Kin CLON SechskiesNON STOP REMIX2:40Pump It Up The 1st Dance Floor    128FATASSRADIO
1987Gunnar NelsonTeam Chaotix ...Theme of TEAM CHAOTIX3:41Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax Triple Threat52004Game 320FATASSRADIO
1988Guns and RosesDrums Solo6:45Paris Disc 211992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1989Guns and RosesVarious Solos5:28Paris Disc 221992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1990Guns and RosesGodfather2:47Paris Disc 231992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1991Guns and RosesSweet Child O' Mine9:50Paris Disc 241992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1992Guns and RosesWelcome to the Jungle5:19Paris Disc 251992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1993Guns and RosesKnockin' on Heaven's Door15:00Paris Disc 261992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1994Guns and RosesMama Kin4:07Paris Disc 271992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1995Guns and RosesTrain Kept a Rollin'4:31Paris Disc 281992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1996Guns and RosesDon't Cry5:56Paris Disc 291992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1997Guns and RosesParadise City8:03Paris Disc 2101992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1998Guns N RosesMama Kin4:19     141FATASSRADIO
1999Guns N RosesSalt Of The Heart5:48Covering Em1 Rock/Pop 145FATASSRADIO
2000Guns N RosesLive And let die3:34Covering Em2 Rock/Pop 138FATASSRADIO
2001Guns N RosesTrain Kept A Rollin4:10Covering Em4 Rock/Pop 140FATASSRADIO
2002Guns N RosesWild Horses3:18Covering Em5 Rock/Pop 136FATASSRADIO
2003Guns N RosesBohemian Rapsody5:28Covering Em6 Rock/Pop 139FATASSRADIO
2004Guns N RosesWe Will Rock You2:33Covering Em7 Rock/Pop 138FATASSRADIO
2005Guns N RosesThe Godfather2:52Covering Em8 Rock/Pop 138FATASSRADIO
2006Guns N RosesAlways OnThe Run5:01Covering Em9 Rock/Pop 142FATASSRADIO
2007Guns N RosesWhole Lotta Rosie4:04Covering Em10 Rock/Pop 146FATASSRADIO
2008Guns N RosesOnlyWomen Bleed2:56Covering Em11 Rock/Pop 140FATASSRADIO
2009Guns N RosesKnockin On Heaven's Door10:29Covering Em12 Rock/Pop 143FATASSRADIO
2010Guns N RosesAttitude4:01Covering Em13 Rock/Pop 147FATASSRADIO
2011Guns N RosesDown on the farm3:33Covering Em14 Rock/Pop 137FATASSRADIO
2012Guns N RosesJumping Jack Flash7:13Covering Em15 Rock/Pop 145FATASSRADIO
2013Guns N RosesWelcome To The Jungle4:31Greatest Hits 200412004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2014Guns N RosesSweet Child O Mine5:54Greatest Hits 200422004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2015Guns N RosesPatience5:55Greatest Hits 200432004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2016Guns N RosesParadise City6:46Greatest Hits 200442004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2017Guns N RosesKnockin On Heavens Door5:35Greatest Hits 200452004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2018Guns N RosesCivil War7:41Greatest Hits 200462004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2019Guns N RosesYou Could Be Mine5:43Greatest Hits 200472004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2020Guns N RosesDont Cry4:45Greatest Hits 200482004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2021Guns N RosesNovember Rain8:56Greatest Hits 200492004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2022Guns N RosesLive And Let Die3:01Greatest Hits 2004102004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2023Guns N RosesYesterdays3:15Greatest Hits 2004112004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2024Guns N RosesAint It Fun5:07Greatest Hits 2004122004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2025Guns N RosesSince I Dont Have You4:18Greatest Hits 2004132004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2026Guns N RosesSympathy For The Devil7:34Greatest Hits 2004142004Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2027Guns N Roses14 Years4:46Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2028Guns N RosesDown on the Farm4:03Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2029Guns N RosesEstranged9:25Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2030Guns N RosesKnockin' On Heavens Door13:52Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2031Guns N RosesMama Kin4:48Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2032Guns N RosesMove to the City9:26Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2033Guns N RosesMy Michelle3:52Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2034Guns N RosesOutta Get Me4:36Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2035Guns N RosesParadise City7:32Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2036Guns N RosesShadow of Your Love3:39Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2037Guns N RosesWhole Lotta Rosie4:04Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2038Guns N RosesYesterdays4:11Live in Japan - Disc 3 1990Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2047Guns N RosesIt's so easy4:26USA Live1 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2048Guns N RosesMr. Brownstone4:37USA Live2 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2049Guns N RosesAxl's Talkin'2:07USA Live3 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2050Guns N RosesOut ta get me5:32USA Live4 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2051Guns N RosesMove to the city4:18USA Live5 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2052Guns N RosesPatience7:50USA Live6 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2053Guns N RosesMy Michelle3:44USA Live7 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2054Guns N RosesIntro - Guitar Solo4:16USA Live8 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2055Guns N RosesKnockin' on heavens door10:50USA Live9 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2056Guns N RosesWelcome to the jungle5:00USA Live10 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2057Guns N RosesSweet child o'mine8:56USA Live11 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2058Guns N RosesParadise city6:46USA Live12 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2059Guns n' RosesIt's So Easy3:31(Live in) Paris CD111992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2060Guns n' RosesMr Brownstone5:34(Live in) Paris CD121992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2061Guns n' RosesLive and Let Die3:42(Live in) Paris CD131992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2062Guns n' RosesAttitude2:04(Live in) Paris CD141992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2063Guns n' RosesBad Obsession8:34(Live in) Paris CD151992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2064Guns n' RosesAlways on the Run6:20(Live in) Paris CD161992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2065Guns n' RosesDouble Talkin' Jive Mother Fuc7:19(Live in) Paris CD171992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2066Guns n' RosesCivil War8:17(Live in) Paris CD181992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2067Guns n' RosesWild Horses3:06(Live in) Paris CD191992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2068Guns n' RosesPatience7:16(Live in) Paris CD1101992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2069Guns n' RosesYou Could be Mine7:40(Live in) Paris CD1111992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2070Guns n' RosesNovember Rain14:44(Live in) Paris CD1121992Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2071Guns N' RosesWelcome To The Jungle4:33Appetite For Destruction11987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2072Guns N' RosesIt's So Easy3:22Appetite For Destruction21987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2073Guns N' RosesNightrain4:28Appetite For Destruction31987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2074Guns N' RosesOut Ta Get Me4:23Appetite For Destruction41987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2075Guns N' RosesMr. Brownstone3:48Appetite For Destruction51987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2076Guns N' RosesParadise City6:46Appetite For Destruction61987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2077Guns N' RosesMy Michelle3:39Appetite For Destruction71987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2078Guns N' RosesThink About You3:51Appetite For Destruction81987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2079Guns N' RosesSweet Child O' Mine5:56Appetite For Destruction91987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2080Guns N' RosesYou're Crazy3:17Appetite For Destruction101987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2081Guns N' RosesAnything Goes3:26Appetite For Destruction111987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2082Guns N' RosesRocket Queen6:13Appetite For Destruction121987Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2083Guns N' RosesIntroduction1:18Chinese Democaracy12003Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2084Guns N' Roseschinese democracy3:08Chinese Democaracy22002Rock 129FATASSRADIO
2085Guns N' Rosesmadagascar5:30Chinese Democaracy22002Rock 129FATASSRADIO
2086Guns N' Rosesthe blues4:40Chinese Democaracy42002Rock 129FATASSRADIO
2087Guns N' Rosesthe power that be1:47Chinese Democaracy52002Rock 193FATASSRADIO
2088Guns N' Rosesoh my god3:44Chinese Democaracy62002Rock 193FATASSRADIO
2089Guns N' Rosesrhiad & the bedouins (oklahoma)3:52Chinese Democaracy72002Rock 193FATASSRADIO
2090Guns N' Rosessilkworms3:29Chinese Democaracy82002Rock 193FATASSRADIO
2091Guns N' Rosessossego (robin fink)4:22Chinese Democaracy92002Rock 193FATASSRADIO
2092Guns N' Rosesain´t goin down4:57Chinese Democaracy102003Rock 80FATASSRADIO
2093Guns N' RosesIntro1:18Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem12001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2094Guns N' RosesChinese Democracy3:10Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem22001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2095Guns N' RosesOh My God (Studio version)3:40Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem32001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2096Guns N' RosesMadagascar5:39Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem42001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2097Guns N' RosesBuckethead Solo 16:14Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem52001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2098Guns N' RosesPiano Solo2:20Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem62001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2099Guns N' RosesThe Blues4:50Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem72001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2100Guns N' RosesRhiad and the Bedouins3:35Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem82001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2101Guns N' RosesGuitar Solo1:40Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem92001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2102Guns N' RosesSilkworms3:27Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem102001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2103Guns N' RosesBuckethead Solo 21:50Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem112001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2104Guns N' RosesKnockin' on Heaven's Door5:36Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem122001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2105Guns N' RosesRocket Queen5:55Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem132001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2106Guns N' RosesOh My God (Live)3:42Chinese Democracy (Live n' Dem142001Rock 160FATASSRADIO
2107Guns N' RosesReckless Life3:22Guns N' Roses Live11988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2108Guns N' RosesNice Boys3:01Guns N' Roses Live21988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2109Guns N' RosesMove To The City3:41Guns N' Roses Live31988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2110Guns N' RosesMama Kin3:53Guns N' Roses Live41988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2111Guns N' RosesPatience5:51Guns N' Roses Live51988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2112Guns N' RosesUsed To Love Her3:10Guns N' Roses Live61988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2113Guns N' RosesYou're Crazy4:07Guns N' Roses Live71988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2114Guns N' RosesOne In A Millon6:05Guns N' Roses Live81988Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2115Guns N' RosesOut Ta Get Me4:33Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 211999Rock 251FATASSRADIO
2116Guns N' RosesPretty Tied Up5:25Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 221999Rock 227FATASSRADIO
2117Guns N' RosesYesterdays3:52Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 231999Rock 246FATASSRADIO
2118Guns N' RosesMove to the City8:00Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 241999Rock 230FATASSRADIO
2119Guns N' RosesYou Could Be Mine6:02Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 251999Rock 233FATASSRADIO
2120Guns N' RosesRocket Queen8:27Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 261999Rock 248FATASSRADIO
2121Guns N' RosesSweet Child O' Mine7:25Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 271999Rock 217FATASSRADIO
2122Guns N' RosesKnockin' on Heaven's Door7:27Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 281999Rock 235FATASSRADIO
2123Guns N' RosesDon't Cry4:45Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 291999Rock 198FATASSRADIO
2124Guns N' RosesEstranged9:52Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 2101999Rock 219FATASSRADIO
2125Guns N' RosesParadise City7:21Live Era '87-'93 - Disc 2111999Rock 246FATASSRADIO
2126Guns N' RosesNightrain5:18Live Era 87-93 Disc 111999Rock 242FATASSRADIO
2127Guns N' RosesMr. Brownstone5:42Live Era 87-93 Disc 121999Rock 238FATASSRADIO
2128Guns N' RosesIt's So Easy3:28Live Era 87-93 Disc 131999Rock 222FATASSRADIO
2129Guns N' RosesWelcome to the Jungle5:08Live Era 87-93 Disc 141999Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2130Guns N' RosesDust N' Bones5:05Live Era 87-93 Disc 151999Rock 264FATASSRADIO
2131Guns N' RosesMy Michelle3:53Live Era 87-93 Disc 161999Rock 245FATASSRADIO
2132Guns N' RosesYou're Crazy4:45Live Era 87-93 Disc 171999Rock 249FATASSRADIO
2133Guns N' RosesUsed to Love Her4:17Live Era 87-93 Disc 181999Rock 245FATASSRADIO
2134Guns N' RosesPatience6:42Live Era 87-93 Disc 191999Rock 236FATASSRADIO
2135Guns N' RosesIt's Alright3:07Live Era 87-93 Disc 1101999Rock 207FATASSRADIO
2136Guns N' RosesNovember Rain12:29Live Era 87-93 Disc 1111999Rock 221FATASSRADIO
2137Guns N' RosesComa9:49Live In Japan11992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2138Guns N' RosesMr Brownstone4:31Live In Japan21992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2139Guns N' RosesLive And Let Die3:34Live In Japan31992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2140Guns N' RosesIt's So Easy3:57Live In Japan41992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2141Guns N' RosesBad Obsession7:17Live In Japan51992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2142Guns N' RosesLocomotive (Complicity)9:00Live In Japan61992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2143Guns N' RosesSo Fine4:29Live In Japan71992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2144Guns N' RosesWild Horses3:48Live In Japan81992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2145Guns N' RosesPatience4:36Live In Japan91992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2146Guns N' RosesAttitude2:37Live In Japan101992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2147Guns N' RosesWelcome To The Jungle7:27Live In Japan111992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2148Guns N' RosesDon't Cry4:42Live In Japan121992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2149Guns N' RosesDouble Talkin' Jive8:53Live In Japan131992Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2150Guns n' RosesIntro2:31Rock In Rio 312002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2151Guns n' RosesWelcome To The Jungle4:52Rock In Rio 322002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2152Guns n' RosesIts So Easy3:03Rock In Rio 332002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2153Guns n' RosesMr Brownstone3:54Rock In Rio 342002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2154Guns n' RosesAxl Roses Speech 13:49Rock In Rio 352002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2155Guns n' RosesLive And Let Die3:03Rock In Rio 362002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2156Guns n' RosesOh My God4:14Rock In Rio 372002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2157Guns n' RosesThink About You3:51Rock In Rio 382002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2158Guns n' RosesYou Could Be Mine5:31Rock In Rio 392002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2159Guns n' RosesSossego4:12Rock In Rio 3102002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2160Guns n' RosesSweet Child O' Mine5:48Rock In Rio 3112002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2161Guns n' RosesKnockin' On Heaven's Door7:42Rock In Rio 3122002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2162Guns n' RosesMadagascar6:25Rock In Rio 3132002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2163Guns n' RosesBuckhead Is Ninja3:50Rock In Rio 3142002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2164Guns n' RosesNovember Rain9:32Rock In Rio 3152002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2165Guns n' RosesOut Ta Get Me4:27Rock In Rio 3162002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2166Guns n' RosesRocket Queen6:07Rock In Rio 3172002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2167Guns n' RosesAxl Roses Speech 23:03Rock In Rio 3182002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2168Guns n' RosesChinese Democracy3:11Rock In Rio 3192002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2169Guns n' RosesBuckhead Solo 21:56Rock In Rio 3202002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2170Guns n' RosesThe Blues5:08Rock In Rio 3212002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2171Guns n' RosesPatience6:08Rock In Rio 3222002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2172Guns n' RosesAxl Roses Speech 32:54Rock In Rio 3232002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2173Guns n' RosesNightrain5:39Rock In Rio 3242002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2174Guns n' RosesMy Michelle5:25Rock In Rio 3252002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2175Guns n' RosesSilk Worms3:51Rock In Rio 3262002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2176Guns n' RosesBrazilian Samba (Viradouro)5:56Rock In Rio 3272002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2177Guns n' RosesParadise City7:20Rock In Rio 3282002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2178Guns n' RosesFinal Act3:54Rock In Rio 3292002Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2179Guns N' RosesSince I Don't Have You4:18The Spaghetti Incident?11993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2180Guns N' RosesNew Rose2:38The Spaghetti Incident?21993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2181Guns N' RosesDown On The Farm3:27The Spaghetti Incident?31993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2182Guns N' RosesHuman Being6:47The Spaghetti Incident?41993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2183Guns N' RosesRaw Power3:11The Spaghetti Incident?51993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2184Guns N' RosesAin't It Fun5:03The Spaghetti Incident?61993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2185Guns N' RosesBick Makane2:38The Spaghetti Incident?71993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2186Guns N' RosesHair Of The Dog3:53The Spaghetti Incident?81993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2187Guns N' RosesAtttitude1:26The Spaghetti Incident?91993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2188Guns N' RosesBlack Leather4:06The Spaghetti Incident?101993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2189Guns N' RosesYou Can't Put Your Arms Around3:33The Spaghetti Incident?111993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2190Guns N' RosesI Don't care About You4:46The Spaghetti Incident?121993Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2191Guns N' RosesRight Next Door to Hell3:02Use Your Illusion I11991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2192Guns N' RosesDust N' Bones4:58Use Your Illusion I21991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2193Guns N' RosesLive and Let Die3:03Use Your Illusion I31991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2194Guns N' RosesDon't Cry (original)4:44Use Your Illusion I41991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2195Guns N' RosesPerfect Crime2:23Use Your Illusion I51991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2196Guns N' RosesYou ain't the First2:36Use Your Illusion I61991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2197Guns N' RosesBad Obsession5:28Use Your Illusion I71991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2198Guns N' RosesBack Off Bitch5:03Use Your Illusion I81991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2199Guns N' RosesDouble Talkin' Jive3:23Use Your Illusion I91991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2200Guns N' RosesNovember Rain8:57Use Your Illusion I101991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2201Guns N' RosesThe Garden5:22Use Your Illusion I111991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2202Guns N' RosesGarden of Eden2:41Use Your Illusion I121991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2203Guns N' RosesDon't Damn Me5:18Use Your Illusion I131991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2204Guns N' RosesBad Apples4:28Use Your Illusion I141991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2205Guns N' RosesDead Horse4:17Use Your Illusion I151991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2206Guns N' RosesComa10:13Use Your Illusion I161991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2207Guns n' RosesCivil War7:36Use Your Illusion II11991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2208Guns n' Roses14 Years4:17Use Your Illusion II21991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2209Guns n' RosesYesterdays3:11Use Your Illusion II31991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2210Guns n' RosesKnockin' On Heaven Door5:33Use Your Illusion II41991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2211Guns n' RosesGet In The Ring5:36Use Your Illusion II51991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2212Guns n' RosesShotgun Blues3:19Use Your Illusion II61991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2213Guns n' RosesBreakdown7:02Use Your Illusion II71991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2214Guns n' RosesPretty Tied Up4:44Use Your Illusion II81991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2215Guns n' RosesLocomotive8:35Use Your Illusion II91991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2216Guns n' RosesSo Fine4:04Use Your Illusion II101991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2217Guns n' RosesEstranged9:20Use Your Illusion II111991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2218Guns n' RosesYou Could Be Mine5:41Use Your Illusion II121991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2219Guns n' RosesDon't Cry4:41Use Your Illusion II131991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2220Guns n' RosesMy World1:19Use Your Illusion II141991Rock 256FATASSRADIO
2221Guns'N'RosesReckless Life3:20Live Like A Suicide11986Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2222Guns'N'RosesNice Boys3:03Live Like A Suicide21986Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2223Guns'N'RosesMove To The City3:42Live Like A Suicide31986Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2224Guns'N'RosesMama Kin3:57Live Like A Suicide41986Rock 320FATASSRADIO
2225GurinKun no soba de - Hikari no Theme3:37TV Anime Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl OP & ED Single - Together x Kimi no Soba de -Hikari no Theme-22006Anime 192FATASSRADIO
2226GurinKun no soba de - Ballade. instant ver.1:44TV Anime Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl OP & ED Single - Together x Kimi no Soba de -Hikari no Theme-32006Anime 192FATASSRADIO
2227GurinKun no soba de - Hikari no Theme ( Original Karaoke )3:34TV Anime Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl OP & ED Single - Together x Kimi no Soba de -Hikari no Theme-82006Anime 192FATASSRADIO
2228GURUJohnny Was4:21  1999Reggae 128FATASSRADIO
2229GyftedWe Goin' Fly3:14Pump It Up NX OST (    160FATASSRADIO
2230Gyfted & The ExceptionCrazy3:23Pump It Up NXA OST (  Other 152FATASSRADIO
2231Gym Class HeroesShell Shock3:17 1   128FATASSRADIO

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