MediaMonkey Track List

# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Genre Rating Bitrate Media
1TR-O-U-B-L-E3:03 14   128FATASSRADIO
2T. Wells; H. WilsonWKRP In Cincinatti0:44Television's Greatest Hits Volume III201988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
3T.J. ThompsonCharles In Charge0:58Television's Greatest Hits Volume 671996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
4T.OFootprints3:49Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  Other 128FATASSRADIO
5TacoPutin On The Ritz5:59Aftewr Eight 1982Other 192FATASSRADIO
6Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaIt Probably Will Go To The Forest3:26Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack12006Video Game Music 219FATASSRADIO
7Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaMain Theme1:17Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack22006Video Game Music 221FATASSRADIO
8Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaArrival!0:09Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack32006Video Game Music 199FATASSRADIO
9Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaVillage Office0:49Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack42006Video Game Music 229FATASSRADIO
10Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaQuestion0:16Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack52006Video Game Music 228FATASSRADIO
11Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaRaccoon Dog Store [Tom Nook's Store]0:21Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack62006Video Game Music 199FATASSRADIO
12Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaPart-time Job0:53Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack72006Video Game Music 251FATASSRADIO
13Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaBuuke Chukii0:30Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack82006Video Game Music 207FATASSRADIO
14Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaMore Part-time Job0:51Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack92006Video Game Music 228FATASSRADIO
15Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaAble Sisters Shop0:49Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack102006Video Game Music 211FATASSRADIO
16Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaThe it is to Do, Inside0:15Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack112006Video Game Music 201FATASSRADIO
17Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaNinja!?0:18Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack122006Video Game Music 206FATASSRADIO
18Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaIt Is Captured0:12Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack132006Video Game Music 230FATASSRADIO
19Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaHuman Reset of Justice [Mr. Resetti's Theme]1:10Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack152006Video Game Music 215FATASSRADIO
20Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaThe Museum It Will Pass Very [Museum]1:32Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack162006Video Game Music 207FATASSRADIO
21Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaNest > of Pure Tea Drinking < Pigeon [The Roost]2:41Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack172006Video Game Music 195FATASSRADIO
22Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaCherry Pie of Sari1:47Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack182006Video Game Music 216FATASSRADIO
23Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaIt Is Large Dream0:45Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack192006Video Game Music 207FATASSRADIO
24Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaVacation de Summer2:16Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack202006Video Game Music 232FATASSRADIO
25Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaKe Ke Gospel [Soulful K.K.]0:35Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack212006Video Game Music 195FATASSRADIO
26Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaPirate !?1:28Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack222006Video Game Music 219FATASSRADIO
27Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaRomance0:52Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack232006Video Game Music 194FATASSRADIO
28Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaEscape!0:51Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack242006Video Game Music 206FATASSRADIO
29Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaK.K. Bossa1:47Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack252006Video Game Music 250FATASSRADIO
30Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaSummer the Celebration0:50Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack262006Video Game Music 250FATASSRADIO
31Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaOpen-Air Trade Normal Coming [Crazy Redd's Tent]0:45Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack272006Video Game Music 210FATASSRADIO
32Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaHa Ha Way0:17Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack282006Video Game Music 199FATASSRADIO
33Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaAbruptness Goodbye1:18Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack292006Video Game Music 193FATASSRADIO
34Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaAfuro!? Yuu0:21Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack302006Video Game Music 209FATASSRADIO
35Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaYour Ultra C!0:28Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack312006Video Game Music 212FATASSRADIO
36Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaK.K. Bossa Orchestra Ver.2:18Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack322006Video Game Music 210FATASSRADIO
37Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaKe Ke Gospel Piano Ver. [Soulful K.K. Piano Ver.]0:35Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack332006Video Game Music 195FATASSRADIO
38Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaIn Lonesome Night1:20Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack342006Video Game Music 241FATASSRADIO
39Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaLetter From Sari0:55Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack352006Video Game Music 196FATASSRADIO
40Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaK.K. Bossa of Memory1:07Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack362006Video Game Music 204FATASSRADIO
41Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaSilver World1:29Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack372006Video Game Music 202FATASSRADIO
42Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaSnow Celebration1:18Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack382006Video Game Music 218FATASSRADIO
43Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaFall0:28Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack392006Video Game Music 201FATASSRADIO
44Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaThe Which Is Serious Matter!0:45Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack402006Video Game Music 227FATASSRADIO
45Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaThe Encounter With J1:04Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack412006Video Game Music 199FATASSRADIO
46Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaCollar Sari0:35Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack422006Video Game Music 195FATASSRADIO
47Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaDon't You Think? Only Climb1:51Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack432006Video Game Music 197FATASSRADIO
48Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaThe Falling, It Is...0:25Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack442006Video Game Music 198FATASSRADIO
49Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaNice Catch!!0:46Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack452006Video Game Music 221FATASSRADIO
50Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaWith The Forest Where The Star Shines4:05Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack462006Video Game Music 200FATASSRADIO
51Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaNew Year Party2:39Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack472006Video Game Music 204FATASSRADIO
52Taeko Onuki, Kazumi Totaka02am2:38Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack482006Video Game Music 197FATASSRADIO
53Taeko Onuki, Kazumi Totaka01pm2:44Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack492006Video Game Music 228FATASSRADIO
54Taeko Onuki, Kazumi Totaka08pm2:44Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack502006Video Game Music 217FATASSRADIO
55Taeko Onuki, Kazumi TotakaBlue Rice Ball2:20Doubutsu no Mori Soundtrack512006Video Game Music 215FATASSRADIO
56Tag TeamWhoomp! (There It Is)4:56  1993Rap 128FATASSRADIO
57TaH mUrDapOv cItY anThEm5:01Korean22001Other 192FATASSRADIO
58Tahnee Cain and the TryanglzBurnin' in the Third Degree3:28The Terminator8 Other 173FATASSRADIO
59Tahnee Cain and the TryanglzPhotoplay3:30The Terminator10 Other 157FATASSRADIO
60Taiji BoysMy Fantasy3:24Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
61Taiji BoysUnforgettable Memory3:55Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection11 PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
62Taiji BoysI Know3:48Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection321996PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
63Taiji BoysMy Fantasy (MV Ver.)3:43Pump It Up NXA OST (  Other 255FATASSRADIO
64Taj MahalAin't That A Lot Of Love3:48Rock And Roll Circus81996Rock 137FATASSRADIO
65Takahashi YoukoYoake Umarekuru Shoujo4:12Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo12005#NIPPONSEI @ IRC.RIZON.NET 320FATASSRADIO
66Takashi IshizukaRyu0:55Street Fighter EX221996Game 118FATASSRADIO
67Takashi NagasakoDarun0:50Street Fighter EX371996Game 120FATASSRADIO
68Takayuki AiharaStreet Fighter EX0:32Street Fighter EX11996Game 181FATASSRADIO
69Takayuki AiharaRising Dragoon2:54Street Fighter EX31996Game 199FATASSRADIO
70Takayuki AiharaArabesque3:12Street Fighter EX101996Game 194FATASSRADIO
71Takayuki AiharaAmusementive Crime2:42Street Fighter EX121996Game 188FATASSRADIO
72Takayuki AiharaIrreconcilably3:02Street Fighter EX131996Game 207FATASSRADIO
73Takayuki AiharaGod Hands2:32Street Fighter EX151996Game 209FATASSRADIO
74Takayuki AiharaStage Clear0:06Street Fighter EX171996Game 144FATASSRADIO
75Takayuki AiharaGame Over0:08Street Fighter EX201996Game 89FATASSRADIO
76Takayuki IwaiNobody blink0:30Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 111998Game Soundtrack 215FATASSRADIO
77Takayuki IwaiTriumph1:01Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 121998Game Soundtrack 226FATASSRADIO
78Takayuki IwaiWho'll be your double1:00Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 131998Game Soundtrack 225FATASSRADIO
79Takayuki IwaiThe road3:19Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 151998Game Soundtrack 238FATASSRADIO
80Takayuki IwaiProof of divinity3:00Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 191998Game Soundtrack 231FATASSRADIO
81Takayuki IwaiDecisive bout3:55Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 1151998Game Soundtrack 237FATASSRADIO
82Takayuki IwaiHeavy swell2:59Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 1191998Game Soundtrack 238FATASSRADIO
83Takayuki IwaiGimmick4:02Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 221998Game Soundtrack 232FATASSRADIO
84Takayuki IwaiPrismatic stars2:47Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 2101998Game Soundtrack 238FATASSRADIO
85Takayuki IwaiWild nature3:19Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 2121998Game Soundtrack 232FATASSRADIO
86Takayuki IwaiBrave or grave2:59Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 2191998Game Soundtrack 241FATASSRADIO
87Takayuki IwaiDaybreak4:31Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 2201998Game Soundtrack 235FATASSRADIO
88taking back sundaywhat's it feel like to be a ghost?3:43transformers the album72007Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
89Talking HeadsAnd She Was3:40Little Creatures11985New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
90Talking HeadsOnce In A Lifetime4:19Remain In Light [Bonus Tracks]41980New Wave 128FATASSRADIO
91Talking HeadsBurning Down the House4:00Speaking in Tongues11983Blues 128FATASSRADIO
92Talking HeadsBurning Down the House4:00Speaking in Tongues12004Blues 128FATASSRADIO
93Tanti auguriHappy Birthday Song3:55   Other 128FATASSRADIO
94Taro BandoC. Falcon's Victory0:11Nintendo All-Star! Daibunto Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)162000Game 107FATASSRADIO
95TashanieTashanie - kyung-go4:04     128FATASSRADIO
96tashanniecan't wait3:27 5   128FATASSRADIO
97TashannieCaution4:04???  Pop 128FATASSRADIO
98TashannieCan't Take It Anymore (R&B)3:251 1999Other 128FATASSRADIO
99TashannieMore Than I Can Say4:261 1999Other 128FATASSRADIO
100TashannieChak Jah3:361 - Parallel Prophecys 1999Other 128FATASSRADIO
101TashannieHaru Haru (Everyday)4:191 - Parallel Prophecys 1999Other 128FATASSRADIO
102Tatsuo TakaiAstro Boy1:13Television's Greatest Hits Volume IV11996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
103team le TAO200% no Jumon3:29   Other 128FATASSRADIO
104Team RocketMaemuki Rocket Dan2:55??? 2001Soundtrack 160FATASSRADIO
105Team RocketMaemuki Rocket Dan (ReMix)3:01??? 2001Soundtrack 160FATASSRADIO
106Team Rocket.Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni4:42Pocket Monsters Best Collectio  Showtunes 128FATASSRADIO
107Tears For FearsShout7:59   Rock 128FATASSRADIO
108Tears for FearsMother's Talk3:42Cape Fear - Manchester '8511985Rock 214FATASSRADIO
109Tears for FearsBroken2:58Cape Fear - Manchester '8521985Rock 219FATASSRADIO
110Tears for FearsHead over Heals4:39Cape Fear - Manchester '8531985Rock 207FATASSRADIO
111Tears for FearsEverybody wants to rule the world4:22Cape Fear - Manchester '8541985Rock 206FATASSRADIO
112Tears for FearsThe hurting3:46Cape Fear - Manchester '8551985Rock 213FATASSRADIO
113Tears for FearsSuffer the Children4:22Cape Fear - Manchester '8561985Rock 215FATASSRADIO
114Tears for FearsChange4:30Cape Fear - Manchester '8571985Rock 196FATASSRADIO
115Tears for FearsStart of the Breakdown5:41Cape Fear - Manchester '8581985Rock 199FATASSRADIO
116Tears for FearsMemories Fade5:18Cape Fear - Manchester '8591985Rock 198FATASSRADIO
117Tears for FearsMad World3:55Cape Fear - Manchester '85101985Rock 203FATASSRADIO
118Tears for FearsShout6:51Cape Fear - Manchester '85111985Rock 204FATASSRADIO
119TEARS FOR FEARSElemental5:31Elemental11993New Wave 227FATASSRADIO
120TEARS FOR FEARSCold5:05Elemental21993New Wave 231FATASSRADIO
121TEARS FOR FEARSBreak it Down Again4:31Elemental31993New Wave 246FATASSRADIO
122TEARS FOR FEARSMr. Pessimist6:16Elemental41993New Wave 216FATASSRADIO
123TEARS FOR FEARSDog's a Best Friend's Dog3:38Elemental51993New Wave 252FATASSRADIO
124TEARS FOR FEARSFish out of Water5:07Elemental61993New Wave 231FATASSRADIO
125TEARS FOR FEARSGas Giants2:40Elemental71993New Wave 183FATASSRADIO
126TEARS FOR FEARSPower5:49Elemental81993New Wave 237FATASSRADIO
127TEARS FOR FEARSBrian Wilson Said4:22Elemental91993New Wave 200FATASSRADIO
128TEARS FOR FEARSGoodnight Song3:53Elemental101993New Wave 236FATASSRADIO
129TEARS FOR FEARSRaoul And The Kings Of Spain5:15Raoul And The Kings Of Spain11995Rock 238FATASSRADIO
130TEARS FOR FEARSFalling Down4:55Raoul And The Kings Of Spain21995Rock 214FATASSRADIO
131TEARS FOR FEARSSecrets4:41Raoul And The Kings Of Spain31995Rock 197FATASSRADIO
132TEARS FOR FEARSGod's Mistake3:47Raoul And The Kings Of Spain41995Rock 249FATASSRADIO
133TEARS FOR FEARSSketches Of Pain4:20Raoul And The Kings Of Spain51995Rock 205FATASSRADIO
134TEARS FOR FEARSLos Reyes Católicos1:44Raoul And The Kings Of Spain61995Rock 168FATASSRADIO
135TEARS FOR FEARSSorry4:48Raoul And The Kings Of Spain71995Rock 258FATASSRADIO
136TEARS FOR FEARSHumdrum And Humble4:10Raoul And The Kings Of Spain81995Rock 221FATASSRADIO
137TEARS FOR FEARSI Choose You3:25Raoul And The Kings Of Spain91995Rock 188FATASSRADIO
138TEARS FOR FEARSDon't Drink The Water4:51Raoul And The Kings Of Spain101995Rock 247FATASSRADIO
139TEARS FOR FEARSMe And My Big Ideas4:32Raoul And The Kings Of Spain111995Rock 197FATASSRADIO
140TEARS FOR FEARSLos Reyes Católicos (Reprise)3:43Raoul And The Kings Of Spain121995Rock 188FATASSRADIO
141Tears For FearsJohnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams6:22Saturnine Martial & Lunatic11996Rock 232FATASSRADIO
142Tears For FearsThe Big Chair3:20Saturnine Martial & Lunatic21996Rock 197FATASSRADIO
143Tears For FearsSchrodinger's Cat5:03Saturnine Martial & Lunatic31996Rock 221FATASSRADIO
144Tears For FearsMy Life In The Suicide Ranks4:32Saturnine Martial & Lunatic41996Rock 209FATASSRADIO
145Tears For FearsWhen In Love With A Blind Man2:24Saturnine Martial & Lunatic51996Rock 184FATASSRADIO
146Tears For FearsPharaohs3:41Saturnine Martial & Lunatic61996Rock 217FATASSRADIO
147Tears For FearsDeja Vu & The Sins Of Science6:24Saturnine Martial & Lunatic71996Rock 212FATASSRADIO
148Tears For FearsThe Marauders4:08Saturnine Martial & Lunatic81996Rock 184FATASSRADIO
149Tears For FearsTears Roll Down3:16Saturnine Martial & Lunatic91996Rock 253FATASSRADIO
150Tears For FearsNew Star4:26Saturnine Martial & Lunatic101996Rock 228FATASSRADIO
151Tears For FearsThe Body Wah5:19Saturnine Martial & Lunatic111996Rock 193FATASSRADIO
152Tears For FearsLord Of Karma4:41Saturnine Martial & Lunatic121996Rock 258FATASSRADIO
153Tears For FearsBloodletting Go4:11Saturnine Martial & Lunatic131996Rock 215FATASSRADIO
154Tears For FearsAlways In The Past4:38Saturnine Martial & Lunatic141996Rock 236FATASSRADIO
155Tears For FearsSea Song3:51Saturnine Martial & Lunatic151996Rock 194FATASSRADIO
156Tears For FearsAshes To Ashes4:31Saturnine Martial & Lunatic161996Rock 243FATASSRADIO
157Tears For FearsEmpire Building2:49Saturnine Martial & Lunatic171996Rock 223FATASSRADIO
158Tears For FearsThe Way You Are4:56Saturnine Martial & Lunatic181996Rock 216FATASSRADIO
159Tears For FearsEverybody Wants To Rule World4:11Song From The Big Chair31999Rock 112FATASSRADIO
160Tears For FearsShout6:32Songs From The Big Chair11985Pop 237FATASSRADIO
161Tears For FearsThe Working Hour6:31Songs From The Big Chair21985Pop 217FATASSRADIO
162Tears For FearsEverybody Wants To Rule The World4:11Songs From The Big Chair31985Pop 234FATASSRADIO
163Tears For FearsMothers Talk5:10Songs From The Big Chair41985Pop 261FATASSRADIO
164Tears For FearsI Believe4:54Songs From The Big Chair51985Pop 196FATASSRADIO
165Tears For FearsBroken2:38Songs From The Big Chair61985Pop 247FATASSRADIO
166Tears For FearsHead Over Heels/Broken (Live)5:02Songs From The Big Chair71985Pop 222FATASSRADIO
167Tears For FearsListen6:49Songs From The Big Chair81985Pop 187FATASSRADIO
168Tears For FearsSowing The Seeds Of Love6:19Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)11992Rock 258FATASSRADIO
169Tears For FearsEverybody Wants To Rule World4:11Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)21992Rock 229FATASSRADIO
170Tears For FearsWoman In Chains6:28Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)31992Rock 214FATASSRADIO
171Tears For FearsShout6:33Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)41992Rock 243FATASSRADIO
172Tears For FearsHead Over Heels4:14Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)51992Rock 223FATASSRADIO
173Tears For FearsMad World3:29Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)61992Rock 213FATASSRADIO
174Tears For FearsPale Shelter4:39Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)71992Rock 220FATASSRADIO
175Tears For FearsI Believe4:50Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)81992Rock 194FATASSRADIO
176Tears For FearsLaid So Low (Tears Roll Down)4:45Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)91992Rock 215FATASSRADIO
177Tears For FearsMothers Talk4:59Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)101992Rock 252FATASSRADIO
178Tears For FearsChange3:54Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)111992Rock 206FATASSRADIO
179Tears For FearsAdvice For The Young At Heart4:54Tears Roll Down (GREATEST HITS 82-92)121992Rock 229FATASSRADIO
180Tears For FearsThe Hurting4:20The Hurting11983Rock 204FATASSRADIO
181Tears For FearsMad World3:35The Hurting21983Rock 208FATASSRADIO
182Tears For FearsPale Shelter4:34The Hurting31983Rock 216FATASSRADIO
183Tears For FearsIdeas As Opiates3:46The Hurting41983Rock 182FATASSRADIO
184Tears For FearsMemories Fade5:08The Hurting51983Rock 198FATASSRADIO
185Tears For FearsSuffer The Children3:53The Hurting61983Rock 206FATASSRADIO
186Tears For FearsWatch Me Bleed4:18The Hurting71983Rock 202FATASSRADIO
187Tears For FearsChange4:15The Hurting81983Rock 201FATASSRADIO
188Tears For FearsThe Prisoner2:55The Hurting91983Rock 228FATASSRADIO
189Tears For FearsStart Of The Breakdown5:00The Hurting101983Rock 196FATASSRADIO
190Tears For FearsWoman In Chains6:30The Seeds Of Love11989Pop 209FATASSRADIO
191Tears For FearsBadman's Song8:32The Seeds Of Love21989Pop 226FATASSRADIO
192Tears For FearsSowing The Seeds Of Love6:19The Seeds Of Love31989Pop 251FATASSRADIO
193Tears For FearsAdvice For The Young At Heart4:54The Seeds Of Love41989Pop 222FATASSRADIO
194Tears For FearsStanding On The Corner Of The Third World5:33The Seeds Of Love51989Pop 199FATASSRADIO
195Tears For FearsSwords And Knives6:14The Seeds Of Love61989Pop 220FATASSRADIO
196Tears For FearsYear Of The Knife7:06The Seeds Of Love71989Pop 245FATASSRADIO
197Tears For FearsFamous Last Words4:23The Seeds Of Love81989Pop 191FATASSRADIO
198Tears for FearsMad World3:31The Ultimate Collection 1012003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
199Tears for FearsChange4:13The Ultimate Collection 1022003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
200Tears for FearsPale Shelter4:34The Ultimate Collection 1032003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
201Tears for FearsThe Way You Are4:55The Ultimate Collection 1042003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
202Tears for FearsMother's Talk5:06The Ultimate Collection 1052003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
203Tears for FearsShout6:32The Ultimate Collection 1062003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
204Tears for FearsEverybody Wants to Rule the Wo4:12The Ultimate Collection 1072003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
205Tears for FearsHead Over Heels5:03The Ultimate Collection 1082003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
206Tears for FearsI Believe4:51The Ultimate Collection 1092003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
207Tears for FearsSowing the Seeds of Love6:16The Ultimate Collection 1102003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
208Tears for FearsWomen in Chains6:30The Ultimate Collection 1112003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
209Tears for FearsAdvice for the Young at Heart4:49The Ultimate Collection 1122003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
210Tears for FearsLaid So Low (Tears Roll Down)4:42The Ultimate Collection 1132003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
211Tears for FearsBreak it Down Again4:32The Ultimate Collection 1142003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
212Tears for FearsCold5:06The Ultimate Collection 1152003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
213Tears for FearsStart of the Breakdown4:57The Ultimate Collection 2012003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
214Tears for FearsWatch Me Bleed4:15The Ultimate Collection 2022003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
215Tears for FearsThe Working Hour6:32The Ultimate Collection 2032003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
216Tears for FearsSea Song3:52The Ultimate Collection 2042003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
217Tears for FearsBadman's Song8:33The Ultimate Collection 2052003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
218Tears for FearsYear of the Knife7:09The Ultimate Collection 2062003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
219Tears for FearsSwords and Knives6:13The Ultimate Collection 2072003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
220Tears for FearsFamous Last Words4:23The Ultimate Collection 2082003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
221Tears for FearsDog's A Best Friend's Dog3:40The Ultimate Collection 2092003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
222Tears for FearsBrian Wilson Said4:23The Ultimate Collection 2102003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
223Tears for FearsGoodnight Song3:53The Ultimate Collection 2112003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
224Tears for FearsAshes to Ashes4:31The Ultimate Collection 2122003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
225Tears for FearsBloodletting Go4:12The Ultimate Collection 2132003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
226Tears for FearsRaoul and the Kings of Spain5:16The Ultimate Collection 2142003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
227Tears for FearsMe and My Big Ideas4:34The Ultimate Collection 2152003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
228Tears for FearsChange [extended Version]5:59The Ultimate Collection 3012003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
229Tears for FearsPale Shelter [long Version]7:07The Ultimate Collection 3022003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
230Tears for FearsThe Way You Are [extended]7:41The Ultimate Collection 3032003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
231Tears for FearsMother's Talk [us Remix]4:13The Ultimate Collection 3042003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
232Tears for FearsShout [us Remix]8:01The Ultimate Collection 3052003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
233Tears for FearsCalling Out [curt Smith]6:05The Ultimate Collection 3062003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
234Tears for FearsSoul on Board [curt Smith]5:12The Ultimate Collection 3072003Pop 192FATASSRADIO
235Tech N9neDevil Boy4:32Anghellic12001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
236Tech N9neHellevator0:16Anghellic22001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
237Tech N9neTormented4:22Anghellic32001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
238Tech N9neSinister Tech3:25Anghellic52001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
239Tech N9nePsycho Messages1:02Anghellic62001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
240Tech N9nePsycho Bitch4:31Anghellic72001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
241Tech N9neReal Killer2:38Anghellic82001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
242Tech N9neCursed4:36Anghellic92001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
243Tech N9neSuicide Letters4:06Anghellic102001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
244Tech N9nePurgatory0:21Anghellic112001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
245Tech N9neIt's Alive5:01Anghellic122001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
246Tech N9neEinstein Tech M9me3:57Anghellic132001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
247Tech N9neBreathe4:22Anghellic142001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
248Tech N9neWho You Came To See4:18Anghellic152001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
249Tech N9neWake Up Call0:42Anghellic162001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
250Tech N9neThis Ring5:55Anghellic172001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
251Tech N9neGod Complex4:55Anghellic182001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
252Tech N9neF.T.I.5:23Anghellic192001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
253Tech N9neGoing Bad5:45Anghellic202001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
254Tech N9neHeaven0:36Anghellic212001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
255Tech N9neTwisted6:14Anghellic222001Other Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
256Tech N9neStamina0:14Anghellic (Re-Release)42003Rap 192FATASSRADIO
257Tech N9neEnter Everready (B.L.E.S.T.)1:55Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)12006Rap 166FATASSRADIO
258Tech N9neRiot Maker (Enjoy) (Ft. Skatterman, Snug Brim)5:31Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)22006Rap 206FATASSRADIO
259Tech N9neNo Can Do (Ft. Big Krizz Kaliko)3:56Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)32006Rap 211FATASSRADIO
260Tech N9neWelcome To The Midwest (Ft. Big Krizz Kaliko)3:15Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)42006Rap 214FATASSRADIO
261Tech N9neBout Ta' Bubble3:29Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)52006Rap 225FATASSRADIO
262Tech N9neIt's What You Thinkin'3:46Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)62006Rap 216FATASSRADIO
263Tech N9neNight And Day (T.E.C.H. Radio)4:14Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)72006Rap 197FATASSRADIO
264Tech N9neJellysickle (Ft. E-40)3:36Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)82006Rap 209FATASSRADIO
265Tech N9neCaribou Lou4:31Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)92006Rap 216FATASSRADIO
266Tech N9neHood Connection, Strange Commercial1:51Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)102006Rap 194FATASSRADIO
267Tech N9neMy Wife, My Bitch, My Girl3:39Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)112006Rap 217FATASSRADIO
268Tech N9neFlash (Your Descent)3:52Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)122006Rap 224FATASSRADIO
269Tech N9neCome Gangsta5:35Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)132006Rap 212FATASSRADIO
270Tech N9neThe Melancholy Maze (My World Intro)1:25Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)142006Rap 184FATASSRADIO
271Tech N9neMy World (Ft. Brotha Lynch Hung, Dalima)4:37Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)152006Rap 221FATASSRADIO
272Tech N9neRunning Out Of Time (ROOT)3:43Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)162006Rap 225FATASSRADIO
273Tech N9neThe Rain (Welcome Back, Party Hard) (Ft. Alyia, Reign Yates)4:19Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)172006Rap 202FATASSRADIO
274Tech N9neFuck'em Girl (Ft. Big Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun)4:09Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)182006Rap 210FATASSRADIO
275Tech N9neThe Beast3:39Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)192006Rap 208FATASSRADIO
276Tech N9neThis Is Me (Goodbye)4:44Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)202006Rap 206FATASSRADIO
277Tech N9neIntro1:13Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)212006Rap 137FATASSRADIO
278Tech N9neThat Owl5:38Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)222006Rap 190FATASSRADIO
279Tech N9neIn My Head4:55Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)232006Rap 205FATASSRADIO
280Tech N9neGroupie6:21Everready (The Religion) (Collector's Edition)242006Rap 188FATASSRADIO
281Tech N9neDr. Frazier's Office (Intro Skit)1:20Killer12008Hip-Hop 174FATASSRADIO
282Tech N9neLike Yeah4:19Killer22008Hip-Hop 212FATASSRADIO
283Tech N9neWheaties (Feat. Shawnna)4:08Killer32008Hip-Hop 177FATASSRADIO
284Tech N9neEverybody Move3:37Killer42008Hip-Hop 212FATASSRADIO
285Tech N9neGet The Fuck Outta Here (Feat. The Popper & Paul Wall)4:27Killer52008Hip-Hop 178FATASSRADIO
286Tech N9neThe Waitress4:09Killer62008Hip-Hop 195FATASSRADIO
287Tech N9neCrybaby4:36Killer72008Hip-Hop 199FATASSRADIO
288Tech N9neShit Is Real3:43Killer82008Hip-Hop 199FATASSRADIO
289Tech N9neBlackboy (Feat. Brother J, Ice Cube & Krizz Kaliko)4:45Killer92008Hip-Hop 196FATASSRADIO
290Tech N9nePillow Talkin' (Feat. Scarface)3:42Killer102008Hip-Hop 175FATASSRADIO
291Tech N9nePain A Dark Picture (Feat. Dirtball)4:39Killer112008Hip-Hop 226FATASSRADIO
292Tech N9neHope For A Higher Power5:56Killer122008Hip-Hop 202FATASSRADIO
293Tech N9neWorst Case Scenario (Skit)1:50Killer132008Hip-Hop 160FATASSRADIO
294Tech N9nePsycho Bitch II (Feat. Liquid Assassin)5:48Killer142008Hip-Hop 201FATASSRADIO
295Tech N9nePoisonous (Feat. Liz Suwandi)2:42Killer152008Hip-Hop 176FATASSRADIO
296Tech N9neToo Much (Feat. Kutt Calhoun)3:02Killer162008Hip-Hop 207FATASSRADIO
297Tech N9neI Love You But Fuck You5:23Killer172008Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
298Tech N9neOne Good Time4:28Killer182008Hip-Hop 187FATASSRADIO
299Tech N9neDrill Team (Feat. Snug Brim, BG Bulletwound & Krizz Kaliko)5:16Killer192008Hip-Hop 186FATASSRADIO
300Tech N9neBeat You Up (Feat. Lebowski, The Weapon & Big Scoob)5:12Killer202008Hip-Hop 176FATASSRADIO
301Tech N9neLet's Go (Feat. Kutt Calhoun & Mista Fab)3:24Killer212008Hip-Hop 219FATASSRADIO
302Tech N9neWhy You Ain't Call Me4:30Killer222008Hip-Hop 183FATASSRADIO
303Tech N9neSeven Words (Feat. Skatterman & Krizz Kaliko)4:52Killer232008Hip-Hop 201FATASSRADIO
304Tech N9neThe Sexorcist (Infomercial) (Feat. Krizz Kaliko)3:39Killer242008Hip-Hop 173FATASSRADIO
305Tech N9neKilla Call (Skit)0:32Killer252008Hip-Hop 119FATASSRADIO
306Tech N9neEnjoy (Feat. Krizz Kaliko & Bosko)4:05Killer262008Hip-Hop 208FATASSRADIO
307Tech N9neElbow Macaroni (Skit)1:30Killer272008Hip-Hop 110FATASSRADIO
308Tech N9neI Am Everything (Feat. Hed P.E. & Kottonmouth Kings)3:35Killer282008Hip-Hop 215FATASSRADIO
309Tech N9neHappy Ending4:43Killer292008Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
310Tech N9neCan't Shake It (Feat. Krizz Kaliko & Robert Rebeck)3:37Killer302008Hip-Hop 163FATASSRADIO
311Tech N9neHolier Than Thou (Feat. Krizz Kaliko & Strange Lane Choir)5:22Killer312008Hip-Hop 194FATASSRADIO
312Tech N9neLast Words4:14Killer322008Hip-Hop 187FATASSRADIO
313Tech N9neKansas City Shuffle (Intro)1:41Misery Loves Kompany12007Rap 136FATASSRADIO
314Tech N9neMidwest Choppers (Feat. D-Loc, Dalima & Big Krizz Kaliko)6:31Misery Loves Kompany22007Rap 189FATASSRADIO
315Tech N9neMisery (Feat. The Journalist & Yukmouth)4:41Misery Loves Kompany32007Rap 189FATASSRADIO
316Tech N9neThat Box (Feat. Kutt Calhoun, Big Krizz Kaliko, Snug Brim, Greed & Skatterman)5:49Misery Loves Kompany42007Rap 196FATASSRADIO
317Tech N9neGangsta Shap (Feat. Kutt Calhoun & Big Krizz Kaliko)4:25Misery Loves Kompany52007Rap 176FATASSRADIO
318Tech N9neSex Out South (Feat. Kutt Calhoun & Big Krizz Kaliko)5:30Misery Loves Kompany62007Rap 190FATASSRADIO
319Tech N9neGet Ya Head Right (Feat. Snug Brim & Money Hungry)4:55Misery Loves Kompany72007Rap 176FATASSRADIO
320Tech N9neFan Or Foe (Feat. Big Krizz Kaliko & T-Nutty)4:29Misery Loves Kompany82007Rap 214FATASSRADIO
321Tech N9neGirl Crazy "crazy Love"5:27Misery Loves Kompany92007Rap 187FATASSRADIO
322Tech N9ne2 Piece (Feat. Big Scoob, Joe Vertigo & Big Krizz Kaliko)5:04Misery Loves Kompany102007Rap 183FATASSRADIO
323Tech N9neBig Scoob (Feat. Big Scoob)4:04Misery Loves Kompany112007Rap 180FATASSRADIO
324Tech N9neYeah Ya Can (Feat. Big Krizz Kaliko & Shadow)4:20Misery Loves Kompany122007Rap 193FATASSRADIO
325Tech N9neI Can Feel It (Feat. Agginy & The Philsta)4:38Misery Loves Kompany132007Rap 178FATASSRADIO
326Tech N9neKarma (Skit)0:43Misery Loves Kompany142007Rap 176FATASSRADIO
327Tech N9neYou Don't Want It (Feat. Mr. Reece, Prozak & Big Krizz Kaliko)3:37Misery Loves Kompany152007Rap 214FATASSRADIO
328Tech N9neMessage To The Black Man4:58Misery Loves Kompany162007Rap 184FATASSRADIO
329Tech N9neThe P.A.S.E.O. (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary)5:46Misery Loves Kompany172007Rap 174FATASSRADIO
330Tech N9nePlanet Rock 2k [Down South Remix]6:14The Calm Before the Storm11999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
331Tech N9neCloudy-Eyed Stroll [Remix]4:40The Calm Before the Storm21999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
332Tech N9neFlipside [Rough Version]4:32The Calm Before the Storm31999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
333Tech N9neQuestions [Rough Draft]6:33The Calm Before the Storm81999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
334Tech N9neCotton Soldier4:36The Calm Before the Storm121999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
335Tech N9neRelish4:31The Calm Before the Storm131999Rap & Hip Hop 160FATASSRADIO
336Tech N9neMitchell Bade4:24The Calm Before The Storm151999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 160FATASSRADIO
337Tech N9neStamina0:14The Worst11999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
338Tech N9neTrauma4:07The Worst21999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
339Tech N9nePlanet Rock4:45The Worst31999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
340Tech N9neThugged Out5:01The Worst41999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
341Tech N9neWalk These Shoes3:50The Worst51999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
342Tech N9neNiggas4:11The Worst71999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
343Tech N9neOne Night Stand5:23The Worst101999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
344Tech N9neGet Blowed6:44The Worst111999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
345Tech N9neI Didn't Lie5:00The Worst121999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
346Tech N9neMind Of A Killer1:05The Worst131999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
347Tech N9neThe Worst4:54The Worst141999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
348Tech N9neS.I.M.O.N. Says4:51The Worst151999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
349Tech N9neFucked Up Day (Rap Version)4:38The Worst171999Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
350Tech N9neLet's Get It Started6:05The Worst 2K Edition32000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
351Tech N9neYoung Hooligans4:20The Worst 2K Edition92000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
352Tech N9neStrange3:59The Worst 2K Edition102000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
353Tech N9neFucked Up Day4:30The Worst 2K Edition162000Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 192FATASSRADIO
354Tech N9neLost Lair Of B'zle2:38Vintage Tech [Explicit]12005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 181FATASSRADIO
355Tech N9neLost Lair Of B'zle0:20Vintage Tech [Explicit]12005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 149FATASSRADIO
356Tech N9neMonster4:32Vintage Tech [Explicit]22005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 179FATASSRADIO
357Tech N9neS.H.E. (Seductive Human Erotica)3:02Vintage Tech [Explicit]32005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 200FATASSRADIO
358Tech N9neBe Jealous4:10Vintage Tech [Explicit]62005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 210FATASSRADIO
359Tech N9neRed Necro5:11Vintage Tech [Explicit]72005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 196FATASSRADIO
360Tech N9neTrapped In A Psycho's Body5:25Vintage Tech [Explicit]102005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 184FATASSRADIO
361Tech N9neFreaky4:42Vintage Tech [Explicit]112005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 198FATASSRADIO
362Tech N9neMy Own Hell4:45Vintage Tech [Explicit]122005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 189FATASSRADIO
363Tech N9neVictory5:06Vintage Tech [Explicit]132005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 183FATASSRADIO
364Tech N9neStrange4:24Vintage Tech [Explicit]152005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 211FATASSRADIO
365Tech N9ne Feat. BakariiMitchell Bade5:13Vintage Tech [Explicit]142005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 191FATASSRADIO
366Tech N9ne Feat. Big Krizz KalikoI'm A Playa (Remix)4:55Vintage Tech [Explicit]92005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 197FATASSRADIO
367Tech N9ne Feat. Big Krizz KalikoSnake Ya4:14Vintage Tech [Explicit]162005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 185FATASSRADIO
368Tech N9ne Feat. Boy Big and Big Krizz KalikoThe Grench5:24Vintage Tech [Explicit]82005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 190FATASSRADIO
369Tech N9ne Feat. Kutt CalhounShocked4:49Vintage Tech [Explicit]172005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 190FATASSRADIO
370Tech N9ne Feat. LejoNow It's On5:39Vintage Tech [Explicit]52005Progressive Rap/Hip-Hop 194FATASSRADIO
371Technotronic feat. Ya Kid KRockin' Over The Beat5:49Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III OST31993Soundtrack 223FATASSRADIO
372Technotronic feat. Ya Kid KRockin' Over The Beat (Rockin' Over Manchester Hacienda Remix)6:32Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III OST101993Soundtrack 209FATASSRADIO
373Ted DaffanBorn To Lose2:42The Roots of Johnny Cash52001Country 320FATASSRADIO
374Ted NUGENTNugent39:44 1982   192FATASSRADIO
375Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever3:40Cat Scratch Fever11977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
376Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang3:16Cat Scratch Fever21977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
377Ted NugentDeath By Misadventure3:31Cat Scratch Fever31977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
378Ted NugentLive it Up4:01Cat Scratch Fever41977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
379Ted NugentHome Bound4:45Cat Scratch Fever51977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
380Ted NugentWorkin' Hard Playin' Hard5:31Cat Scratch Fever61977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
381Ted NugentSweet Sally2:34Cat Scratch Fever71977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
382Ted NugentA Thousand Knives4:47Cat Scratch Fever81977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
383Ted NugentFist Fightin' Son Of A Gun2:51Cat Scratch Fever91977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
384Ted NugentOut Of Control3:37Cat Scratch Fever101977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
385Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever(Live)4:52Cat Scratch Fever111977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
386Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang (Live)5:44Cat Scratch Fever121977Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
387Ted NugentJust What The Docror Orde5:26Double Live Gonzo11978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
388Ted NugentYank Me, Crank Me4:29Double Live Gonzo21978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
389Ted NugentGonzo3:59Double Live Gonzo31978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
390Ted NugentBaby, Please Don´t Go5:58Double Live Gonzo41978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
391Ted NugentGreat White Buffalo6:23Double Live Gonzo51978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
392Ted NugentHibernation16:54Double Live Gonzo61978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
393Ted NugentStormtroopin´8:46Double Live Gonzo71978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
394Ted NugentStranglehold11:14Double Live Gonzo81978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
395Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang6:18Double Live Gonzo91978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
396Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever4:49Double Live Gonzo101978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
397Ted NugentMotor City Madhouse10:35Double Live Gonzo111978Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
398Ted NugentDr. Slingshot3:04Dr. Slingshot1 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
399Ted NugentNight time3:16Dr. Slingshot2 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
400Ted NugentYou talk sunshine, I breath fire2:47Dr. Slingshot3 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
401Ted NugentScottish tea4:01Dr. Slingshot4 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
402Ted NugentGood natured Emma4:30Dr. Slingshot5 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
403Ted NugentProdigal man5:47Dr. Slingshot6 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
404Ted NugentMissionary Mary4:43Dr. Slingshot7 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
405Ted NugentSaint Philip's friend3:34Dr. Slingshot8 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
406Ted NugentJourney to the centre of the mind3:35Dr. Slingshot9 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
407Ted NugentFlight of the bird2:50Dr. Slingshot10 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
408Ted NugentBaby please don't go5:39Dr. Slingshot11 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
409Ted NugentInside the outside3:21Dr. Slingshot12 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
410Ted NugentLoaded for bear2:59Dr. Slingshot13 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
411Ted NugentOn the edge2:30Dr. Slingshot14 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
412Ted NugentFree-For-All 3:22Free for all11976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
413Ted NugentDog Eat Dog 4:03Free for all21976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
414Ted NugentWriting On The Wall 7:12Free for all31976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
415Ted NugentTurn It Up3:39Free for all41976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
416Ted NugentStreet Rats3:39Free for all51976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
417Ted NugentTogether5:55Free for all61976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
418Ted NugentLight My Way3:03Free for all71976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
419Ted NugentHammerdown4:11Free for all81976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
420Ted NugentI Love You So I Told You A Lie3:59Free for all91976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
421Ted NugentFree-For-All (Live)5:13Free for all101976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
422Ted NugentDog Eat Dog (Live)6:21Free for all111976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
423Ted NugentStreet Rats (Alternate Version)4:14Free for all121976Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
424Ted NugentKlstrphk3:59Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]12000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
425Ted NugentParalyzed4:27Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]22000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
426Ted NugentSnakeskin Cowboys5:58Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]32000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
427Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang6:43Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]42000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
428Ted NugentFree For All4:10Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]52000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
429Ted NugentYank Me, Crank Me2:43Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]62000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
430Ted NugentHey Baby4:12Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]72000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
431Ted NugentFred Bear [Acoustic]8:11Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]82000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
432Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever5:27Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]92000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
433Ted NugentStranglehold9:47Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]102000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
434Ted NugentGreat White Buffalo5:20Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]112000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
435Ted NugentMotor City Madhouse6:58Full Bluntal Nugity [Live]122000Hard Rock 320FATASSRADIO
436Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever3:41Great Gonzos11981AOR Classic Rock 211FATASSRADIO
437Ted NugentJust What The Doctor Ordered3:44Great Gonzos21981AOR Classic Rock 225FATASSRADIO
438Ted NugentFree For All3:22Great Gonzos31981AOR Classic Rock 227FATASSRADIO
439Ted NugentDog Eat Dog4:05Great Gonzos41981AOR Classic Rock 229FATASSRADIO
440Ted NugentMotor City Madhouse4:29Great Gonzos51981AOR Classic Rock 225FATASSRADIO
441Ted NugentParalyzed4:13Great Gonzos61981AOR Classic Rock 228FATASSRADIO
442Ted NugentStranglehold8:26Great Gonzos71981AOR Classic Rock 234FATASSRADIO
443Ted NugentBaby Please Don't Go41:58Great Gonzos81981AOR Classic Rock 32FATASSRADIO
444Ted NugentWango Tango4:51Great Gonzos91981AOR Classic Rock 212FATASSRADIO
445Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang6:30Great Gonzos101981AOR Classic Rock 218FATASSRADIO
446Ted NugentCan't Live With 'Em4:19If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em11988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
447Ted NugentShe Drives Me Crazy2:45If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em21988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
448Ted NugentIf You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em6:10If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em31988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
449Ted NugentSkintight3:10If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em41988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
450Ted NugentFunlover4:45If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em51988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
451Ted NugentSpread Your Wings5:59If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em61988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
452Ted NugentThe Harder They Come (The Harder I Get)3:39If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em71988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
453Ted NugentSeperate the Men from the Boys, Please3:55If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em81988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
454Ted NugentBite the Hand2:58If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em91988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
455Ted NugentThat's the Story of Love3:00If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em101988Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
456Ted NugentPut Up Or Shut-Up3:20Intensities In 10 Cities11991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
457Ted NugentSpontaneous Combustion3:51Intensities In 10 Cities21991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
458Ted NugentMy Love Is Like A Tire Iron5:47Intensities In 10 Cities31991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
459Ted NugentJailbait5:15Intensities In 10 Cities41991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
460Ted NugentI Am A Predator3:15Intensities In 10 Cities51991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
461Ted NugentHeads Will Roll4:06Intensities In 10 Cities61991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
462Ted NugentThe Flying Lip Lock4:06Intensities In 10 Cities71991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
463Ted NugentLand Of A Thousand Dances4:38Intensities In 10 Cities81991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
464Ted NugentThe TNT Overture4:29Intensities In 10 Cities91991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
465Ted NugentI Take No Prisoners3:31Intensities In 10 Cities101991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
466Ted NugentRadio Intro1:24King Biscuit Flower Hour1 Rock 190FATASSRADIO
467Ted NugentStranglehold9:13King Biscuit Flower Hour2 Rock 224FATASSRADIO
468Ted NugentJust What The Doctor Ordered5:11King Biscuit Flower Hour3 Rock 272FATASSRADIO
469Ted NugentFree For All4:30King Biscuit Flower Hour4 Rock 265FATASSRADIO
470Ted NugentSnakeskin Cowboy4:36King Biscuit Flower Hour5 Rock 231FATASSRADIO
471Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever4:37King Biscuit Flower Hour6 Rock 197FATASSRADIO
472Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang5:22King Biscuit Flower Hour7 Rock 194FATASSRADIO
473Ted NugentDog Eat Dog4:14King Biscuit Flower Hour8 Rock 176FATASSRADIO
474Ted NugentStormtrooper7:48King Biscuit Flower Hour9 Rock 187FATASSRADIO
475Ted NugentHey Baby4:14King Biscuit Flower Hour10 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
476Ted NugentHigh Heels In Motion3:35Little Miss Dangerous11986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
477Ted NugentStrangers3:53Little Miss Dangerous21986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
478Ted NugentLittle Miss Dangerous4:50Little Miss Dangerous31986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
479Ted NugentSavage Danger3:55Little Miss Dangerous41986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
480Ted NugentCrazy Ladies3:42Little Miss Dangerous51986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
481Ted NugentWhen Your Body Talks3:16Little Miss Dangerous61986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
482Ted NugentLittle Red Book3:06Little Miss Dangerous71986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
483Ted NugentTake Me Away3:14Little Miss Dangerous81986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
484Ted NugentAngry Young Man3:57Little Miss Dangerous91986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
485Ted NugentPainkiller6:02Little Miss Dangerous101986AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
486Ted NugentMotor City Madhouse8:36Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle11980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
487Ted NugentStormtroopin´4:31Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle21980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
488Ted NugentWango Tango8:24Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle31980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
489Ted NugentI Gotta Move2:51Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle41980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
490Ted NugentFree for All7:28Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle51980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
491Ted NugentParalyzed5:25Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle61980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
492Ted NugentHard as Nails7:33Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle71980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
493Ted NugentViolent love3:57Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle81980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
494Ted NugentDog Eat Dog6:02Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle91980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
495Ted NugentGreat White Buffalo12:33Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle101980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
496Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever5:12Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle111980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
497Ted NugentJust What the Doctor Ordered4:30Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle121980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
498Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang12:21Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle131980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
499Ted NugentStrangehold11:16Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle141980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
500Ted NugentScream Dream3:21Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle151980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
501Ted NugentRock´n´roll3:32Live at Center Coliseum, Seattle161980Rock 192FATASSRADIO
502Ted NugentStormtoopin´5:57Live At Hammersmith ´ 7911979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
503Ted NugentJust What The Doctor Orde4:56Live At Hammersmith ´ 7921979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
504Ted NugentFree8:17Live At Hammersmith ´ 7931979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
505Ted NugentDog Eat Dog5:52Live At Hammersmith ´ 7941979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
506Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever4:08Live At Hammersmith ´ 7951979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
507Ted NugentNeed You Bad5:17Live At Hammersmith ´ 7961979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
508Ted NugentParalyzed5:02Live At Hammersmith ´ 7971979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
509Ted NugentIt Don´t Matter3:19Live At Hammersmith ´ 7981979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
510Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang.8:05Live At Hammersmith ´ 7991979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
511Ted NugentStranglehold10:28Live At Hammersmith ´ 79101979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
512Ted NugentMoto City Madhouse10:09Live At Hammersmith ´ 79111979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
513Ted NugentGonzo3:57Live At Hammersmith ´ 79121979Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
514Ted NugentBound and Gagged4:35Noble Savage Disc 122001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
515Ted NugentHabitual Offender3:11Noble Savage Disc 132001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
516Ted NugentFightin' Words4:01Noble Savage Disc 142001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
517Ted NugentTailgunner7:02Noble Savage Disc 162001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
518Ted NugentTied Up in Love4:22Noble Savage Disc 172001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
519Ted NugentKnockin' at Your Door3:54Noble Savage Disc 182001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
520Ted NugentDon't You Want My Love3:31Noble Savage Disc 192001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
521Ted NugentGo Down Fighting4:43Noble Savage Disc 1102001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
522Ted NugentThunder Thighs4:09Noble Savage Disc 1112001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
523Ted NugentLean Mean Rock 'N' Roll Machine3:57Noble Savage Disc 1122001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
524Ted NugentHigh Heels in Motion3:35Noble Savage Disc 1132001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
525Ted NugentLittle Miss Dangerous4:50Noble Savage Disc 1142001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
526Ted NugentCrazy Ladies3:43Noble Savage Disc 1152001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
527Ted NugentMy Little Red Book3:06Noble Savage Disc 212001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
528Ted NugentAngry Young Man3:58Noble Savage Disc 222001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
529Ted NugentPainkiller6:04Noble Savage Disc 232001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
530Ted NugentCan't Live With Em4:21Noble Savage Disc 242001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
531Ted NugentShe Drives Me Crazy2:46Noble Savage Disc 252001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
532Ted NugentSkintight3:10Noble Savage Disc 262001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
533Ted NugentFunlover4:45Noble Savage Disc 272001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
534Ted NugentSpread Your Wings5:59Noble Savage Disc 282001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
535Ted NugentThe Harder They Come (The Harder I Get)3:39Noble Savage Disc 292001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
536Ted NugentThat's the Story of Love3:03Noble Savage Disc 2102001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
537Ted NugentFred Bear [Acoustic][Live]8:19Noble Savage Disc 2112001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
538Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever [Live]5:26Noble Savage Disc 2122001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
539Ted NugentStranglehold [Live]9:55Noble Savage Disc 2132001Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
540Ted NugentBaby Please Don't Go5:38Out of Control Disc One1 Rock/Pop 213FATASSRADIO
541Ted NugentJourney to the Center of the Mind3:34Out of Control Disc One2 Rock/Pop 225FATASSRADIO
542Ted NugentYou Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire2:45Out of Control Disc One3 Rock/Pop 150FATASSRADIO
543Ted NugentGloria [#]6:10Out of Control Disc One4 Rock/Pop 226FATASSRADIO
544Ted NugentCall of the Wild4:48Out of Control Disc One5 Rock/Pop 230FATASSRADIO
545Ted NugentGreat White Buffalo4:59Out of Control Disc One6 Rock/Pop 226FATASSRADIO
546Ted NugentStranglehold8:24Out of Control Disc One7 Rock/Pop 234FATASSRADIO
547Ted NugentStormtroopin'3:06Out of Control Disc One8 Rock/Pop 232FATASSRADIO
548Ted NugentHey Baby4:02Out of Control Disc One9 Rock/Pop 223FATASSRADIO
549Ted NugentMotor City Madhouse4:35Out of Control Disc One10 Rock/Pop 225FATASSRADIO
550Ted NugentFree-For-All3:22Out of Control Disc One11 Rock/Pop 230FATASSRADIO
551Ted NugentDog Eat Dog4:05Out of Control Disc One12 Rock/Pop 228FATASSRADIO
552Ted NugentTurn It Up3:38Out of Control Disc One13 Rock/Pop 222FATASSRADIO
553Ted NugentStreet Rats [#]4:16Out of Control Disc One14 Rock/Pop 233FATASSRADIO
554Ted NugentMagic Party [#]2:45Out of Control Disc One15 Rock/Pop 227FATASSRADIO
555Ted NugentHammerdown4:07Out of Control Disc One16 Rock/Pop 215FATASSRADIO
556Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever3:40Out of Control Disc Two1 Rock/Pop 211FATASSRADIO
557Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang3:17Out of Control Disc Two2 Rock/Pop 202FATASSRADIO
558Ted NugentLive It Up4:01Out of Control Disc Two3 Rock/Pop 224FATASSRADIO
559Ted NugentHomebound4:45Out of Control Disc Two4 Rock/Pop 205FATASSRADIO
560Ted NugentOut of Control3:29Out of Control Disc Two5 Rock/Pop 214FATASSRADIO
561Ted NugentCarol [Live][#]4:04Out of Control Disc Two6 Rock/Pop 209FATASSRADIO
562Ted NugentYank Me, Crank Me [Live]4:43Out of Control Disc Two8 Rock/Pop 221FATASSRADIO
563Ted NugentWalking Tall [Live][#]3:55Out of Control Disc Two9 Rock/Pop 223FATASSRADIO
564Ted NugentNeed You Bad4:18Out of Control Disc Two10 Rock/Pop 218FATASSRADIO
565Ted NugentWeekend Warriors3:06Out of Control Disc Two11 Rock/Pop 211FATASSRADIO
566Ted NugentParalyzed4:12Out of Control Disc Two12 Rock/Pop 221FATASSRADIO
567Ted NugentState of Shock3:24Out of Control Disc Two13 Rock/Pop 221FATASSRADIO
568Ted NugentWango Tango4:51Out of Control Disc Two14 Rock/Pop 215FATASSRADIO
569Ted NugentScream Dream3:20Out of Control Disc Two15 Rock/Pop 216FATASSRADIO
570Ted NugentTerminus Eldorado4:16Out of Control Disc Two16 Rock/Pop 210FATASSRADIO
571Ted NugentJailbait [Live]5:18Out of Control Disc Two17 Rock/Pop 225FATASSRADIO
572Ted NugentLittle Miss Dangerous4:49Out of Control Disc Two18 Rock/Pop 220FATASSRADIO
573Ted NugentTied Up In Love4:22Penetrator11984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
574Ted Nugent(where Do You) Draw The Line3:26Penetrator21984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
575Ted NugentKnockin' At Your Door3:53Penetrator31984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
576Ted NugentDon't You Want My Love3:30Penetrator41984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
577Ted NugentGo Down Fighting4:42Penetrator51984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
578Ted NugentThunder Thighs4:08Penetrator61984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
579Ted NugentNo Man's Land3:24Penetrator71984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
580Ted NugentBlame It On The Night4:13Penetrator81984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
581Ted NugentLean Mean R & R Machine3:57Penetrator91984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
582Ted NugentTake Me Home5:05Penetrator101984Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
583Ted NugentHard As Nails3:44Scream Dream31980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
584Ted NugentI Gotta Move2:26Scream Dream41980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
585Ted NugentViolent Love2:58Scream Dream51980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
586Ted NugentFlesh And Blood4:52Scream Dream61980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
587Ted NugentSpit It Out3:59Scream Dream71980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
588Ted NugentCome And Get It3:27Scream Dream81980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
589Ted NugentTerminus Eldorado4:19Scream Dream91980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
590Ted NugentDon't Cry (I'll Be Back Before You Know It Baby)2:26Scream Dream101980Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
591Ted NugentWango Tango4:54Scream Dream11989AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
592Ted NugentScream Dream3:24Scream Dream21989AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
593Ted NugentThighraceous3:53Spirt Of The Wild11995Hard Rock 160FATASSRADIO
594Ted NugentI Shoot Back3:54Spirt Of The Wild31995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
595Ted NugentTooth, Fang & Claw6:52Spirt Of The Wild41995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
596Ted NugentLovejacker4:35Spirt Of The Wild51995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
597Ted NugentFred Bear7:42Spirt Of The Wild61995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
598Ted NugentPrimitive Man5:59Spirt Of The Wild71995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
599Ted NugentHot Or Cold4:36Spirt Of The Wild81995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
600Ted NugentKiss My Ass3:33Spirt Of The Wild91995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
601Ted NugentHeart And Soul4:51Spirt Of The Wild101995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
602Ted NugentSpirit Of The Wild4:26Spirt Of The Wild111995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
603Ted NugentJust Do It Like This6:06Spirt Of The Wild121995Hard Rock 128FATASSRADIO
604Ted NugentParalyzed4:13State Of Shock11992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
605Ted NugentTake It Or Leave It4:09State Of Shock21992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
606Ted NugentAlone5:22State Of Shock31992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
607Ted NugentIt Don'T Matter3:11State Of Shock41992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
608Ted NugentState Of Shock3:25State Of Shock51992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
609Ted NugentI Want To Tell You4:55State Of Shock61992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
610Ted NugentSatisfied5:51State Of Shock71992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
611Ted NugentBite Down Hard3:23State Of Shock81992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
612Ted NugentSnake Charmer3:21State Of Shock91992AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
613Ted NugentSaddle Sore3:16State Of Shock101992AOR Classic Rock 191FATASSRADIO
614Ted NugentStranglehold8:23Ted Nugent11975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
615Ted NugentStormtroopin'3:07Ted Nugent21975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
616Ted NugentHey baby3:58Ted Nugent31975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
617Ted NugentJust hat the doctor ordered3:39Ted Nugent41975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
618Ted NugentSnakeskin cowboys4:29Ted Nugent51975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
619Ted NugentMotor city madhouse4:28Ted Nugent61975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
620Ted NugentWhere have you been all my life4:04Ted Nugent71975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
621Ted NugentYou make me feel right at home2:51Ted Nugent81975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
622Ted NugentQueen of the forest3:34Ted Nugent91975Rock duro 128FATASSRADIO
623Ted NugentStranglehold8:23The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]12002Hard Rock 268FATASSRADIO
624Ted NugentStormtroopin'3:09The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]22002Hard Rock 268FATASSRADIO
625Ted NugentHey Baby4:00The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]32002Hard Rock 265FATASSRADIO
626Ted NugentJust What The Doctor Ordered3:45The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]42002Hard Rock 264FATASSRADIO
627Ted NugentSnakeskin Cowboys4:34The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]52002Hard Rock 264FATASSRADIO
628Ted NugentMotor City Madhouse4:33The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]62002Hard Rock 269FATASSRADIO
629Ted NugentWhere Have You Been All My Life4:04The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]72002Hard Rock 265FATASSRADIO
630Ted NugentFree-For-All3:22The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]82002Hard Rock 265FATASSRADIO
631Ted NugentDog Eat Dog4:03The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]92002Hard Rock 265FATASSRADIO
632Ted NugentWriting On The Wall7:11The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]102002Hard Rock 264FATASSRADIO
633Ted NugentTurn It Up3:38The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]112002Hard Rock 266FATASSRADIO
634Ted NugentStreet Rats3:37The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]122002Hard Rock 272FATASSRADIO
635Ted NugentHammerdown4:09The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]132002Hard Rock 263FATASSRADIO
636Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever3:39The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]142002Hard Rock 263FATASSRADIO
637Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang3:16The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]152002Hard Rock 260FATASSRADIO
638Ted NugentDeath By Misadventure3:29The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 1]162002Hard Rock 260FATASSRADIO
639Ted NugentOut Of Control3:28The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]12002Hard Rock 261FATASSRADIO
640Ted NugentLive It Up4:00The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]22002Hard Rock 264FATASSRADIO
641Ted NugentHomebound4:44The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]32002Hard Rock 257FATASSRADIO
642Ted NugentNeed You Bad4:19The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]42002Hard Rock 259FATASSRADIO
643Ted NugentWeekend Warriors3:08The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]52002Hard Rock 261FATASSRADIO
644Ted NugentSmokescreen4:14The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]62002Hard Rock 258FATASSRADIO
645Ted NugentParalyzed4:11The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]72002Hard Rock 262FATASSRADIO
646Ted NugentTake It Or Leave It4:08The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]82002Hard Rock 262FATASSRADIO
647Ted NugentState Of Shock3:23The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]92002Hard Rock 262FATASSRADIO
648Ted NugentSnake Charmer3:20The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]102002Hard Rock 259FATASSRADIO
649Ted NugentWango Tango4:51The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]112002Hard Rock 260FATASSRADIO
650Ted NugentScream Dream3:19The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]122002Hard Rock 259FATASSRADIO
651Ted NugentJailbait [Live]5:20The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]132002Hard Rock 260FATASSRADIO
652Ted NugentYank Me Crank Me [Live]4:35The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]142002Hard Rock 261FATASSRADIO
653Ted NugentThe Flying Lip Lock [Live]4:11The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]152002Hard Rock 259FATASSRADIO
654Ted NugentBaby, Please Don't Go [Live]5:58The Ultimate Ted Nugent [Disc 2]162002Hard Rock 258FATASSRADIO
655Ted NugentNeed You Bad4:19Weekend Warriors11978AOR Classic Rock 227FATASSRADIO
656Ted NugentOne Woman4:06Weekend Warriors21978AOR Classic Rock 221FATASSRADIO
657Ted NugentI Got The Feelin'3:02Weekend Warriors31978AOR Classic Rock 229FATASSRADIO
658Ted NugentTight Spots2:55Weekend Warriors41978AOR Classic Rock 219FATASSRADIO
659Ted NugentVenom Soup5:50Weekend Warriors51978AOR Classic Rock 221FATASSRADIO
660Ted NugentSmokescreen4:14Weekend Warriors61978AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
661Ted NugentWeekend Warriors3:07Weekend Warriors71978AOR Classic Rock 230FATASSRADIO
662Ted NugentCruisin'3:27Weekend Warriors81978AOR Classic Rock 236FATASSRADIO
663Ted NugentGood Friends And A Bottle Of Wine4:05Weekend Warriors91978AOR Classic Rock 227FATASSRADIO
664Ted NugentName Your Poison4:28Weekend Warriors101978AOR Classic Rock 221FATASSRADIO
665Ted Nugent & Amboy DukesAin't it the truth4:57Call of the Wild41974Rock 320FATASSRADIO
666Ted Nugent & Amboy DukesMaybelline3:31Tooth, Fang, & Claw51974Rock 224FATASSRADIO
667Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesMississippi murderer5:09Journey to the Center of the Mind11968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
668Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesSurrender to your kings2:52Journey to the Center of the Mind21968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
669Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesFlight of the byrd2:49Journey to the Center of the Mind31968Psychedelic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
670Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesScottish tea4:00Journey to the Center of the Mind41968Rock 224FATASSRADIO
671Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesDr. Slingshot3:04Journey to the Center of the Mind51968Psychedelic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
672Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesJourney to the center of the mind3:37Journey to the Center of the Mind61968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
673Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesIvory castles3:21Journey to the Center of the Mind71968Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
674Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesWhy is a carrot more orange than an orange2:27Journey to the Center of the Mind81968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
675Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesMissionary Mary2:34Journey to the Center of the Mind91968Psychedelic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
676Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesDeath is life2:08Journey to the Center of the Mind101968Rock 224FATASSRADIO
677Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesSaint Phillip's friend3:33Journey to the Center of the Mind111968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
678Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesI'll prove I'm right1:39Journey to the Center of the Mind121968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
679Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesConclusion1:54Journey to the Center of the Mind131968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
680Ted Nugent & The Amboy DukesYou talk sunshine, I breath fire2:25Journey to the Center of the Mind141968Psychedelic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
681Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesCall Of The Wild4:51Call Of The Wild1197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
682Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesSweet Revenge4:06Call Of The Wild2197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 320FATASSRADIO
683Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesPony Express5:21Call Of The Wild3197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 320FATASSRADIO
684Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesRenegade3:33Call Of The Wild5197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
685Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesRot Gut2:45Call Of The Wild6197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
686Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesBelow The Belt7:03Call Of The Wild7197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 320FATASSRADIO
687Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesCannon Balls5:43Call Of The Wild8197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
688Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesLady Luck6:00Tooth, Fang & Claw1197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
689Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesLiving in the Woods3:58Tooth, Fang & Claw2197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
690Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesHiberation9:21Tooth, Fang & Claw3197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
691Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesFree Flight4:07Tooth, Fang & Claw4197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
692Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesThe Great White Buffalo5:01Tooth, Fang & Claw6197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 160FATASSRADIO
693Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesSasha3:10Tooth, Fang & Claw7197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 192FATASSRADIO
694Ted Nugent and The Amboy DukesNo Holds Barred4:50Tooth, Fang & Claw8197460's Psychedelic Pop-Rock 128FATASSRADIO
695Ted PoleyLazy Days ~Livin' in Paradise~ ...Theme of Big4:03Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax Triple Threat82004Game 320FATASSRADIO
696Ted Poley & Tony HarnellWe Can ...Theme of TEAM SONIC3:19Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax Triple Threat22004Game 320FATASSRADIO
697Teddy Payne and the BluebearsRight To The Blues3:35Critters #23 Flexi-Disc single 1988  128FATASSRADIO
698Teddy RuxpinCome Dream With Me Tonight (movie version)1:07The Adventures Of Teddy Ruxipn (live-action movie) 1986Other 320FATASSRADIO
699Teddy Ruxpin Picture ShowTeddy's Underwater Adventure15:00Teddy's Underwater Adventure31986Children's 128FATASSRADIO
700Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesComing Out Of Our Shells2:28Coming Out Of Their Shells11990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
701Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSing About It2:43Coming Out Of Their Shells21990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
702Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTubin' (Surfin' Subterranean )3:23Coming Out Of Their Shells31990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
703Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSkipping Stones5:20Coming Out Of Their Shells41990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
704Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesPizza Power2:58Coming Out Of Their Shells51990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
705Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWalk Straight4:02Coming Out Of Their Shells61990Other 320FATASSRADIO
706Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesNo Treaties3:22Coming Out Of Their Shells71990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
707Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesCowabunga4:15Coming Out Of Their Shells81990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
708Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesApril's Ballad3:54Coming Out Of Their Shells91990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
709Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesCount On Us4:49Coming Out Of Their Shells101990Rock 320FATASSRADIO
710Tele Features Inc.Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse0:56Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 261986Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
711Terence Trent d'arbyWishing well3:35??? 198Pop 128FATASSRADIO
712Terry SampsonGet Ready to Meet the World2:40A T-Rex Named Sue72005Children 129FATASSRADIO
713Tessho GendaGuile0:51Street Fighter EX261996Game 121FATASSRADIO
714Tetsuya IwanagaKen0:46Street Fighter EX231996Game 123FATASSRADIO
715Tetsuya ShibataPerformance2:25Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 181998Game Soundtrack 236FATASSRADIO
716Tetsuya ShibataFeel the cool2:49Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 1121998Game Soundtrack 230FATASSRADIO
717Tetsuya ShibataDoll eyes1:58Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 1181998Game Soundtrack 231FATASSRADIO
718Tetsuya ShibataGroan2:46Street Fighter Zero 3 OST - CD 2141998Game Soundtrack 230FATASSRADIO
719Tevin Campbell and PrinceRound And Round3:55Graffiti Bridge61990Funk 128FATASSRADIO
720thecure cornwall83cd1Track 23:39 3   128FATASSRADIO
721thecure cornwall83cd1Track 34:18 4   128FATASSRADIO
722thecure cornwall83cd1Track 45:23 5   128FATASSRADIO
723thecure cornwall83cd1Track 54:31 6   128FATASSRADIO
724thecure cornwall83cd1Track 65:22 7   128FATASSRADIO
725thecure cornwall83cd1Track 73:53 8   128FATASSRADIO
726thecure cornwall83cd1Track 83:06 9   128FATASSRADIO
727thecure cornwall83cd1Track 105:05 11   128FATASSRADIO
728thecure cornwall83cd2Track 35:49 15   128FATASSRADIO
729thecure cornwall83cd2Track 46:11 1   128FATASSRADIO
730ThemeMonkey Magic3:39   Jungle 128FATASSRADIO
731Theme SongBucky O'Hare1:02 1 Punk 128FATASSRADIO
732ThemesZoobilee Zoo1:30TV Themes  Other 96FATASSRADIO
733Theres A Fine, Fine Line (ReprWhat Do You Do With A B.A. In1:43Avenue Q - Original Broadway Cast Recording20 Other 256FATASSRADIO
734TherionFight Fire with Fire4:28A Tribute To the Four Horsemen22002Heavy Metal 160FATASSRADIO
735They Might Be GiantsDig My Grave1:08Apollo 1811992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
736They Might Be GiantsI Palindrome I2:22Apollo 1821992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
737They Might Be GiantsShe's Actual Size2:05Apollo 1831992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
738They Might Be GiantsMy Evil Twin2:37Apollo 1841992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
739They Might Be GiantsMammal2:14Apollo 1851992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
740They Might Be GiantsThe Statue Got Me High3:06Apollo 1861992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
741They Might Be GiantsSpider0:50Apollo 1871992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
742They Might Be GiantsThe Guitar3:49Apollo 1881992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
743They Might Be GiantsDinner Bell2:11Apollo 1891992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
744They Might Be GiantsNarrow Your Eyes2:46Apollo 18101992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
745They Might Be GiantsHall of Heads2:53Apollo 18111992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
746They Might Be GiantsWhich Describes How You're Feeling1:13Apollo 18121992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
747They Might Be GiantsSee the Constellation3:27Apollo 18131992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
748They Might Be GiantsIf I Wasn't Shy1:43Apollo 18141992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
749They Might Be GiantsTurn Around2:53Apollo 18151992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
750They Might Be GiantsHypnotist of Ladies1:42Apollo 18161992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
751They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:12Apollo 18171992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
752They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:06Apollo 18181992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
753They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:10Apollo 18191992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
754They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:05Apollo 18201992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
755They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:06Apollo 18211992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
756They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:07Apollo 18221992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
757They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:12Apollo 18231992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
758They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:06Apollo 18241992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
759They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:08Apollo 18251992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
760They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:05Apollo 18261992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
761They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:04Apollo 18271992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
762They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:05Apollo 18281992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
763They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:08Apollo 18291992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
764They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:12Apollo 18301992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
765They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:27Apollo 18311992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
766They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:04Apollo 18321992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
767They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:28Apollo 18331992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
768They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:08Apollo 18341992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
769They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:22Apollo 18351992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
770They Might Be Giants[Silence]0:10Apollo 18361992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
771They Might Be GiantsFingertips1:01Apollo 18371992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
772They Might Be GiantsSpace Suit1:36Apollo 18381992Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
773they might be giantsPut Your Hands On The Computer1:57Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)12007Rock 204FATASSRADIO
774they might be giantsI'm Your Boyfriend Now2:40Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)22007Rock 176FATASSRADIO
775they might be giantsWhy Did You Grow A Beard?1:08Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)32007Rock 174FATASSRADIO
776they might be giantsWe Live In A Dump1:40Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)42007Rock 171FATASSRADIO
777they might be giantsBrain Problem Situation2:55Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)52007Rock 167FATASSRADIO
778they might be giantsSketchy Galore2:21Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)62007Rock 122FATASSRADIO
779they might be giantsMicrophone2:05Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)72007Rock 196FATASSRADIO
780they might be giantsVestibule1:58Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)82007Rock 167FATASSRADIO
781they might be giantsGreasy Kid Stuff1:40Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)92007Rock 194FATASSRADIO
782they might be giantsMetal Detector (Live)3:42Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)102007Rock 159FATASSRADIO
783they might be giantsEmployee Of The Month1:24Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)112007Rock 161FATASSRADIO
784they might be giantsHomunculus2:15Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)122007Rock 226FATASSRADIO
785they might be giantsNo Plan B (Live)1:40Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)132007Rock 190FATASSRADIO
786they might be giantsMorgan In The Morning1:06Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)142007Rock 185FATASSRADIO
787they might be giantsKenra Mccormick0:51Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)152007Rock 188FATASSRADIO
788they might be giantsYeah, The Deranged Millionaire1:23Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)162007Rock 164FATASSRADIO
789they might be giantsMy Other Phone Is A Boom Car0:28Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)172007Rock 182FATASSRADIO
790they might be giantsI Hear A New World2:09Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)182007Rock 186FATASSRADIO
791they might be giants(She Was) A Hotel Detective In The Future2:04Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)192007Rock 203FATASSRADIO
792they might be giantsHaunted Floating Eye1:24Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)202007Rock 159FATASSRADIO
793they might be giantsScott Bower1:23Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)212007Rock 183FATASSRADIO
794they might be giantsThe Mexican Drill1:10Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)222007Rock 223FATASSRADIO
795they might be giantsCast Your Pod To The Wind1:25Cast Your Pod to the Wind (The Else Bonus)232007Rock 163FATASSRADIO
796they might be giantsS-E-X-X-Y3:51Factory Showroom11996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
797they might be giantsTill My Head Falls Off2:53Factory Showroom21996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
798they might be giantsHow Can I Sing Like a Girl?4:32Factory Showroom31996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
799they might be giantsExquistite Dead Guy2:02Factory Showroom41996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
800they might be giantsMetal Detector3:50Factory Showroom51996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
801they might be giantsNew York City3:02Factory Showroom61996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
802they might be giantsYour Own Worst Enemy1:45Factory Showroom71996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
803they might be giantsXTC Vs. Adam Ant3:37Factory Showroom81996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
804they might be giantsSpiralling Shape4:24Factory Showroom91996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
805they might be giantsJames K. Polk3:04Factory Showroom101996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
806they might be giantsPet Name4:04Factory Showroom111996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
807they might be giantsI Can Hear You1:57Factory Showroom121996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
808they might be giantsBells Are Ringing, THR3:32Factory Showroom131996Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
809they might be giantsTheme from Flood0:27Flood11990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
810they might be giantsBirdhouse in Your Soul3:20Flood21990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
811they might be giantsLucky Ball & Chain2:46Flood31990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
812they might be giantsIstanbul (Not Constantinople)2:38Flood41990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
813they might be giantsDead2:58Flood51990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
814they might be giantsYour Racist Friend2:54Flood61990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
815they might be giantsParticle Man1:59Flood71990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
816they might be giantsTwisting1:56Flood81990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
817they might be giantsWe Want a Rock2:47Flood91990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
818they might be giantsSomeone Keeps Moving My Chair2:23Flood101990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
819they might be giantsHearing Aid3:26Flood111990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
820they might be giantsMinimum Wage0:47Flood121990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
821they might be giantsLetterbox1:25Flood131990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
822they might be giantsWhistling in the Dark3:25Flood141990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
823they might be giantsHot Cha1:34Flood151990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
824they might be giantsWomen and Men1:46Flood161990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
825they might be giantsSapphire Bullets of Pure Love1:36Flood171990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
826they might be giantsThey Might Be Giants2:45Flood181990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
827they might be giantsRoad Movie to Berlin2:22Flood191990Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
828they might be giantsHere Come The 123s!0:08Here Come the 123s12008Pop 163FATASSRADIO
829they might be giantsZeroes1:06Here Come the 123s22008Pop 162FATASSRADIO
830they might be giantsOne Everything2:52Here Come the 123s32008Pop 187FATASSRADIO
831they might be giantsNumber Two2:19Here Come the 123s42008Pop 180FATASSRADIO
832they might be giantsTriops Has Three Eyes2:35Here Come the 123s52008Pop 170FATASSRADIO
833they might be giantsApartment Four1:21Here Come the 123s62008Pop 172FATASSRADIO
834they might be giantsHigh Five!2:23Here Come the 123s72008Pop 214FATASSRADIO
835they might be giantsThe Secret Life Of Six2:01Here Come the 123s82008Pop 177FATASSRADIO
836they might be giantsSeven2:09Here Come the 123s92008Pop 153FATASSRADIO
837they might be giantsSeven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work)1:54Here Come the 123s102008Pop 198FATASSRADIO
838they might be giantsFigure Eight2:36Here Come the 123s112008Pop 194FATASSRADIO
839they might be giantsPirate Girls Nine1:21Here Come the 123s122008Pop 196FATASSRADIO
840they might be giantsNine Bowls Of Soup2:12Here Come the 123s132008Pop 162FATASSRADIO
841they might be giantsTen Mississippi0:51Here Come the 123s142008Pop 140FATASSRADIO
842they might be giantsOne Dozen Monkeys (With Hannah Levine)1:34Here Come the 123s152008Pop 169FATASSRADIO
843they might be giantsEight Hundred And Thirteen Mile Car Trip0:57Here Come the 123s162008Pop 208FATASSRADIO
844they might be giantsInfinity3:13Here Come the 123s172008Pop 199FATASSRADIO
845they might be giantsI Can Add2:04Here Come the 123s182008Pop 189FATASSRADIO
846they might be giantsNonagon1:23Here Come the 123s192008Pop 165FATASSRADIO
847they might be giantsEven Numbers2:35Here Come the 123s202008Pop 168FATASSRADIO
848they might be giantsOoh La! Ooh La!1:56Here Come the 123s212008Pop 191FATASSRADIO
849they might be giantsThe Heart Of The Band1:39Here Come the 123s222008Pop 185FATASSRADIO
850they might be giantsHot Dog!2:29Here Come the 123s232008Pop 185FATASSRADIO
851they might be giantsThe Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme0:57Here Come the 123s242008Pop 180FATASSRADIO
852they might be giantsOne Two Three Four1:11Here Come the 123s252008Pop 185FATASSRADIO
853they might be giantsJohn Lee Supertaster (Live)3:09Here Come the 123s262008Pop 182FATASSRADIO
854they might be giantsBed, Bed, Bed (Live)2:13Here Come the 123s272008Pop 148FATASSRADIO
855they might be giantsHere Come The ABCs0:11Here Come The ABCs!12005Pop 163FATASSRADIO
856they might be giantsAlphabet Of Nations1:26Here Come The ABCs!22005Pop 164FATASSRADIO
857they might be giantsE Eats Everything2:43Here Come The ABCs!32005Pop 201FATASSRADIO
858they might be giantsFlying V1:34Here Come The ABCs!42005Pop 198FATASSRADIO
859they might be giantsQ U1:09Here Come The ABCs!52005Pop 204FATASSRADIO
860they might be giantsGo For G!1:14Here Come The ABCs!62005Pop 199FATASSRADIO
861they might be giantsPictures Of Pandas Painting2:07Here Come The ABCs!72005Pop 212FATASSRADIO
862they might be giantsD & W1:37Here Come The ABCs!82005Pop 204FATASSRADIO
863they might be giantsFake-Believe1:51Here Come The ABCs!92005Pop 183FATASSRADIO
864they might be giantsCan You Find It?2:55Here Come The ABCs!102005Pop 192FATASSRADIO
865they might be giantsThe Vowel Family1:59Here Come The ABCs!112005Pop 191FATASSRADIO
866they might be giantsLetter / Not A Letter1:08Here Come The ABCs!122005Pop 187FATASSRADIO
867they might be giantsAlphabet Lost And Found2:49Here Come The ABCs!132005Pop 209FATASSRADIO
868they might be giantsI C U1:49Here Come The ABCs!142005Pop 181FATASSRADIO
869they might be giantsLetter Shapes1:22Here Come The ABCs!152005Pop 201FATASSRADIO
870they might be giantsWho Put The Alphabet In Alphabetical Order?1:46Here Come The ABCs!162005Pop 207FATASSRADIO
871they might be giantsRolling O1:26Here Come The ABCs!172005Pop 201FATASSRADIO
872they might be giantsL M N O1:43Here Come The ABCs!182005Pop 223FATASSRADIO
873they might be giantsC Is For Conifers2:37Here Come The ABCs!192005Pop 177FATASSRADIO
874they might be giantsFake-Believe (Type B)1:56Here Come The ABCs!202005Pop 207FATASSRADIO
875they might be giantsD Is For Drums2:21Here Come The ABCs!212005Pop 204FATASSRADIO
876they might be giantsZ Y X1:21Here Come The ABCs!222005Pop 183FATASSRADIO
877they might be giantsGoodnight My Friends0:25Here Come The ABCs!232005Pop 167FATASSRADIO
878they might be giantsClap Your Hands1:21Here Come The ABCs!242005Pop 188FATASSRADIO
879they might be giantsHere In Higglytown (Theme to Higglytown Heroes)0:58Here Come The ABCs!252005Pop 215FATASSRADIO
880they might be giantsSubliminal2:45John Henry11994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
881they might be giantsSnail Shell3:20John Henry21994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
882they might be giantsSleeping In The Flowers4:30John Henry31994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
883they might be giantsUnrelated Thing2:30John Henry41994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
884they might be giantsAKA Driver3:14John Henry51994Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
885they might be giantsI Should Be Allowed to Think3:09John Henry61994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
886they might be giantsExtra Savoir-Faire2:48John Henry71994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
887they might be giantsWhy Must I Be Sad4:08John Henry81994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
888they might be giantsSpy3:06John Henry91994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
889they might be giantsO, Do Not Forsake Me2:30John Henry101994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
890they might be giantsNo One Knows My Plan2:37John Henry111994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
891they might be giantsDirt Bike3:05John Henry121994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
892they might be giantsDestination Moon2:27John Henry131994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
893they might be giantsA Self Called Nowhere3:22John Henry141994Alternative 160FATASSRADIO
894they might be giantsMeet James Ensor1:33John Henry151994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
895they might be giantsThermostat3:11John Henry161994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
896they might be giantsWindow1:00John Henry171994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
897they might be giantsOut of Jail2:39John Henry181994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
898they might be giantsStomp Box1:55John Henry191994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
899they might be giantsThe End of the Tour3:18John Henry201994Alternative 192FATASSRADIO
900they might be giantsAna Ng3:22Lincoln11988Other 128FATASSRADIO
901they might be giantsCowtown2:20Lincoln21988  128FATASSRADIO
902they might be giantsLie Still, Little Bottle2:06Lincoln31988  128FATASSRADIO
903they might be giantsPurple Toupee2:40Lincoln41988  128FATASSRADIO
904they might be giantsCage & Aquarium1:10Lincoln51988  128FATASSRADIO
905they might be giantsWhere Your Eyes Don't Go3:06Lincoln61988  128FATASSRADIO
906they might be giantsPiece Of Dirt2:00Lincoln71988  128FATASSRADIO
907they might be giantsMr. Me1:51Lincoln81988  128FATASSRADIO
908they might be giantsPencil Rain2:42Lincoln91988  128FATASSRADIO
909they might be giantsThe World's Address2:24Lincoln101988  128FATASSRADIO
910they might be giantsI've Got A Match2:36Lincoln111988  128FATASSRADIO
911they might be giantsSanta's Beard1:55Lincoln121988  128FATASSRADIO
912they might be giantsYou'll Miss Me1:53Lincoln131988  128FATASSRADIO
913they might be giantsThey'll Need A Crane2:33Lincoln141988  128FATASSRADIO
914they might be giantsShoehorn With Teeth1:13Lincoln151988  128FATASSRADIO
915they might be giantsStand On Your Own Head1:16Lincoln161988  128FATASSRADIO
916they might be giantsSnowball In Hell2:31Lincoln171988  128FATASSRADIO
917they might be giantsKiss Me, Son Of God1:52Lincoln181988  128FATASSRADIO
918they might be giantsDrinking1:33Long Tall Weekend11999  128FATASSRADIO
919they might be giants(She Think She's) Edith Head2:33Long Tall Weekend21999  128FATASSRADIO
920they might be giantsMaybe I Know2:05Long Tall Weekend31999  128FATASSRADIO
921they might be giantsRat Patrol2:05Long Tall Weekend41999  128FATASSRADIO
922they might be giantsToken Back To Brooklyn1:02Long Tall Weekend51999  128FATASSRADIO
923they might be giantsOlder1:57Long Tall Weekend61999  128FATASSRADIO
924they might be giantsOperators Are Standing By1:25Long Tall Weekend71999  128FATASSRADIO
925they might be giantsDark And Metric1:41Long Tall Weekend81999  128FATASSRADIO
926they might be giantsReprehensible3:18Long Tall Weekend91999  128FATASSRADIO
927they might be giantsCertain People I Could Name3:30Long Tall Weekend101999  128FATASSRADIO
928they might be giantsCounterfeit Faker2:12Long Tall Weekend111999  128FATASSRADIO
929they might be giantsThey Got Lost4:39Long Tall Weekend121999  128FATASSRADIO
930they might be giantsLullaby to Nightmares2:29Long Tall Weekend131999  128FATASSRADIO
931they might be giantsOn Earth My Nina1:25Long Tall Weekend141999  128FATASSRADIO
932they might be giantsEdison Museum2:00Long Tall Weekend151999  128FATASSRADIO
933they might be giantsSensurround3:05Mighty Morphin Power Rangers T91995Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
934they might be giantsHey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal3:48Miscellaneous T11991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
935they might be giantsLady Is A Tramp1:20Miscellaneous T21991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
936they might be giantsBirds Fly1:25Miscellaneous T31991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
937they might be giantsThe World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix)5:43Miscellaneous T41991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
938they might be giantsNightgown Of The Sullen Moon1:58Miscellaneous T51991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
939they might be giantsI'll Sink Manhattan2:36Miscellaneous T61991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
940they might be giantsIt's Not My Birthday1:51Miscellaneous T71991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
941they might be giantsHello Radio0:55Miscellaneous T81991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
942they might be giantsMr. Klaw1:20Miscellaneous T91991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
943they might be giantsKiss Me, Son of God (Alternate Version)1:48Miscellaneous T101991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
944they might be giantsThe Biggest One1:22Miscellaneous T111991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
945they might be giantsFor Science1:19Miscellaneous T121991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
946they might be giants(no name)2:31Miscellaneous T131991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
947they might be giants(She Was A) Hotel Detective (Single Mix)2:20Miscellaneous T141991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
948they might be giantsThe Famous Polka1:33Miscellaneous T151991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
949they might be giantsWhen It Rains It Snows1:33Miscellaneous T161991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
950they might be giantsWe're The Replacements1:50Miscellaneous T171991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
951they might be giantsDon't Let's Start (Single Mix)2:34Miscellaneous T181991Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
952they might be giantsFibber Island2:10No!12002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
953they might be giantsFour of Two2:17No!22002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
954they might be giantsRobot Parade1:22No!32002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
955they might be giantsNo!1:29No!42002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
956they might be giantsWhere Do They Make Balloons2:41No!52002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
957they might be giantsIn the Middle, In the Middle, In the Middle1:15No!62002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
958they might be giantsViolin2:26No!72002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
959they might be giantsJohn Lee Superstar2:00No!82002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
960they might be giantsThe Edison Museum2:02No!92002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
961they might be giantsThe House at the Top of the Tree2:30No!102002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
962they might be giantsClap Your Hands1:22No!112002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
963they might be giantsI Am Not Your Broom1:04No!122002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
964they might be giantsWake Up Call1:10No!132002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
965they might be giantsI Am A Grocery Bag0:34No!142002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
966they might be giantsLazyhead and Sleepy Bones3:28No!152002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
967they might be giantsBed Bed Bed3:12No!162002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
968they might be giantsSleepwalkers2:40No!172002Rock 128FATASSRADIO
969they might be giantsDoctor Worm3:01Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits11998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
970they might be giantsSevere Tire Damage Theme0:39Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits21998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
971they might be giantsThey Got Lost3:42Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits31998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
972they might be giantsWhy Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas)2:16Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits41998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
973they might be giantsBirdhouse In Your Soul3:12Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits51998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
974they might be giantsShe's An Angel3:20Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits61998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
975they might be giantsXTC Vs. Adam Ant3:39Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits71998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
976they might be giantsIstanbul (Not Constantinople)3:07Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits81998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
977they might be giantsAna Ng3:00Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits91998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
978they might be giantsFirst Kiss1:35Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits101998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
979they might be giantsSpider0:52Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits111998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
980they might be giantsParticle Man2:09Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits121998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
981they might be giantsShe's Actual Size2:16Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits131998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
982they might be giantsS-E-X-X-Y3:06Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits141998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
983they might be giantsMeet James Ensor1:30Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits151998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
984they might be giantsTill My Head Falls Off2:51Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits161998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
985they might be giantsAbout Me3:01Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits171998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
986they might be giantsPlanet of the Apes2:35Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits181998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
987they might be giantsReturn to Planet of the Apes2:45Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits191998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
988they might be giantsConquest of the Planet of the Apes1:40Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits201998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
989they might be giantsEscape from the Planet of the Apes1:08Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits211998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
990they might be giantsBattle for the Planet of the Apes1:56Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits221998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
991they might be giantsBeneath the Planet of the Apes2:00Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits231998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
992they might be giantsThis Ape's For You1:14Severe Tire Damage - Greatest Hits241998AlternRock 128FATASSRADIO
993they might be giantsI'm Impressed2:39The Else12007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
994They Might Be GiantsTake Out The Trash3:14The Else22007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
995they might be giantsUpside Down Frown2:17The Else32007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
996they might be giantsClimbing The Walls3:15The Else42007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
997they might be giantsCareful What You Pack2:40The Else52007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
998they might be giantsThe Cap'm'3:12The Else62007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
999they might be giantsWith The Dark3:17The Else72007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1000they might be giantsThe Shadow Government2:38The Else82007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1001they might be giantsBee Of The Bird Of The Moth3:32The Else92007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1002they might be giantsWithered Hope2:54The Else102007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1003they might be giantsContrecoup3:11The Else112007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1004they might be giantsFeign Amnesia2:29The Else122007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1005they might be giantsThe Mesopotamians2:57The Else132007Alternative Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1006They Might Be GiantsTheme From Flood Birdhouse In Your Soul3:43The Flood Show1 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1007They Might Be GiantsLucky Ball And Chain3:14The Flood Show2 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1008They Might Be GiantsIstanbul (Not Constantinople)3:37The Flood Show3 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1009They Might Be GiantsDead3:47The Flood Show4 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1010They Might Be GiantsParticle Man3:06The Flood Show5 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1011They Might Be GiantsTwisting2:54The Flood Show6 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1012They Might Be GiantsYour Racist Friend4:10The Flood Show7 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1013They Might Be GiantsWe Want A Rock3:29The Flood Show8 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1014They Might Be GiantsSomeone Keeps Moving My Chair3:41The Flood Show9 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1015They Might Be GiantsHearing Aid4:17The Flood Show10 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1016They Might Be GiantsLetterbox2:10The Flood Show11 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1017They Might Be GiantsWhistling In The Dark3:26The Flood Show12 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1018They Might Be GiantsHot-Cha2:11The Flood Show13 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1019They Might Be GiantsWomen And Men2:04The Flood Show14 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1020They Might Be GiantsSapphire Bullets Of Pure Love2:32The Flood Show15 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1021They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants5:59The Flood Show16 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1022They Might Be GiantsRoad Movie To Berlin2:59The Flood Show17 Indie Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1023they might be giantsExperimental Film2:56The Spine12004Rock 212FATASSRADIO
1024they might be giantsSpine0:33The Spine22004Rock 177FATASSRADIO
1025they might be giantsMemo to Human Resources2:02The Spine32004Rock 197FATASSRADIO
1026they might be giantsWearing A Raincoat3:10The Spine42004Rock 197FATASSRADIO
1027they might be giantsPrevenge2:44The Spine52004Rock 212FATASSRADIO
1028they might be giantsThunderbird2:38The Spine62004Rock 228FATASSRADIO
1029they might be giantsSome Crazy Bastard Wants to Hit Me2:14The Spine72004Rock 213FATASSRADIO
1030they might be giantsWorld Later on1:52The Spine82004Rock 165FATASSRADIO
1031they might be giantsMuseum of Idiots3:02The Spine92004Rock 198FATASSRADIO
1032they might be giantsIts Kickin in2:01The Spine102004Rock 220FATASSRADIO
1033they might be giantsSpines0:30The Spine112004Rock 179FATASSRADIO
1034they might be giantsAu Contraire2:26The Spine122004Rock 193FATASSRADIO
1035they might be giantsDamm Good Times2:38The Spine132004Rock 231FATASSRADIO
1036they might be giantsBroke in Two2:59The Spine142004Rock 206FATASSRADIO
1037they might be giantsStalk of Wheat1:27The Spine152004Rock 202FATASSRADIO
1038they might be giantsI Cant Hide2:41The Spine162004Rock 183FATASSRADIO
1039they might be giantsEverything Right Is Wrong Again2:20Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)11997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1040they might be giantsPut Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head2:12Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)21997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1041they might be giantsNumber Three1:27Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)31997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1042they might be giantsDon't Let's Start2:35Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)41997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1043they might be giantsHide Away Folk Family3:21Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)51997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1044they might be giants32 Footsteps1:36Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)61997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1045they might be giantsToddler Hiway0:25Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)71997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1046they might be giantsRabid Child1:31Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)81997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1047they might be giantsNothing's Gonna Change My Clothes1:58Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)91997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1048they might be giants(She Was A) Hotel Detective2:10Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)101997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1049they might be giantsShe's An Angel2:37Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)111997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1050they might be giantsYouth Culture Killed My Dog2:51Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)121997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1051they might be giantsBoat Of Car1:15Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)131997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1052they might be giantsAbsolutely Bill's Mood2:38Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)141997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1053they might be giantsChess Piece Face1:21Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)151997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1054they might be giantsHope That I Get Old Before I Die1:58Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)161997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1055they might be giantsAlienation's For The Rich2:25Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)171997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1056they might be giantsThe Day1:27Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)181997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1057they might be giantsRhythm Section Want Ad2:22Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)191997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1058they might be giantsWe're The Replacements1:50Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)201997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1059they might be giantsWhen It Rains It Snows1:33Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)211997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1060they might be giantsThe Famous Polka1:33Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)221997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1061they might be giantsTrack 132:33Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)231997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1062they might be giantsFor Science1:19Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)241997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1063they might be giantsThe Biggest One1:22Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)251997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1064they might be giantsKiss Me, Son Of God (alternate version)1:49Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)261997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1065they might be giantsMr. Klaw1:19Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)271997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1066they might be giantsCritic Intro1:37Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)281997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1067they might be giantsNow That I Have Everything2:20Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)291997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1068they might be giantsMainstream U.S.A.1:15Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)301997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1069they might be giantsFake Out In Buenos Aires1:48Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)311997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1070they might be giantsGreek #31:29Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)321997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1071they might be giantsI Hope That I Get Old Before I Die (original version)1:12Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)331997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1072they might be giantsI'm Def1:08Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)341997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1073they might be giantsDon't Let's Start (demo version)1:14Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)351997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1074they might be giants'85 Radio Special Thank You1:25Then: The Earlier Years (Disc 1)361997Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1075they might be giantsAna Ng3:23Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]11997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1076they might be giantsCowtown2:21Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]21997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1077they might be giantsLie Still, Little Bottle2:06Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]31997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1078they might be giantsPurple Toupee2:40Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]41997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1079they might be giantsCage & Aquarium1:10Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]51997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1080they might be giantsWhere Your Eyes Don't Go3:06Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]61997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1081they might be giantsPiece Of Dirt2:00Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]71997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1082they might be giantsMr. Me1:52Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]81997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1083they might be giantsPencil Rain2:42Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]91997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1084they might be giantsThe World's Address2:24Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]101997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1085they might be giantsI've Got A Match2:36Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]111997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1086they might be giantsSanta's Beard1:55Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]121997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1087they might be giantsYou'll Miss Me1:53Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]131997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1088they might be giantsThey'll Need A Crane2:33Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]141997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1089they might be giantsShoehorn With Teeth1:13Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]151997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1090they might be giantsStand On Your Own Head1:16Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]161997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1091they might be giantsSnowball In Hell2:31Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]171997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1092they might be giantsKiss Me, Son Of God1:54Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]181997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1093they might be giantsHello Radio0:55Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]191997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1094they might be giantsIt's Not My Birthday1:52Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]201997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1095they might be giantsI'll Sink Manhattan2:32Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]211997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1096they might be giantsNightgown Of The Sullen Moon1:59Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]221997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1097they might be giantsThe World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix)5:42Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]231997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1098they might be giantsHey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal3:48Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]241997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1099they might be giantsLady Is A Tramp1:20Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]251997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1100they might be giantsBirds Fly1:25Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]261997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1101they might be giantsKitten Intro1:43Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]271997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1102they might be giantsWeep Day1:50Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]281997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1103they might be giantsThe Big Big Whoredom1:39Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]291997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1104they might be giantsI'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You (Adaptation)1:59Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]301997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1105they might be giantsBecome A Robot1:18Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]311997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1106they might be giantsWhich Describes How You're Feeling1:24Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]321997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1107they might be giantsSwing Is A Word0:53Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]331997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1108they might be giantsDoris Cunningham0:12Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]341997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1109they might be giantsCounterfeit Fake0:39Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]351997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1110they might be giantsSchoolchildren Singing "Particle Man"2:05Then: The Earlier Years [disc 2]361997Rock/Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1111they might be giantsRest Awhile1:40They Got Lost12002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1112they might be giantsTruth In Your Words1:10They Got Lost22002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1113they might be giantsOn The Drag2:18They Got Lost32002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1114they might be giantsAll Alone1:33They Got Lost42002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1115they might be giantsDown To The Bottom Of The Sea0:53They Got Lost52002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1116they might be giantsI'm Sick (Of This American Life)1:27They Got Lost62002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1117they might be giantsWords Are Like [demo]1:38They Got Lost72002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1118they might be giantsI Am A Human Head2:51They Got Lost82002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1119they might be giantsOranges1:09They Got Lost92002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1120they might be giantsEmpty Bottle Blues1:38They Got Lost102002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1121they might be giantsThey Got Lost4:36They Got Lost112002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1122they might be giantsReprehensible3:13They Got Lost122002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1123they might be giantsRat Patrol2:02They Got Lost132002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1124they might be giantsThe Army's Tired Now1:11They Got Lost142002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1125they might be giantsCertain People I Could Name3:23They Got Lost152002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1126they might be giantsTheme To McSweeney's2:30They Got Lost162002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1127they might be giantsDollar For Dollar0:24They Got Lost172002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1128they might be giantsMosh Momken Abadon2:53They Got Lost182002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1129they might be giantsToken Back To Brooklyn0:52They Got Lost192002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1130they might be giantsDisappointing Show2:31They Got Lost202002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1131they might be giantsOranges Testimonial1:10They Got Lost212002misc 128FATASSRADIO
1132they might be giantsEverything Right Is Wrong Again2:20They Might Be Giants11986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1133they might be giantsPut Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head2:12They Might Be Giants21986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1134they might be giantsNumber Three1:27They Might Be Giants31986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1135they might be giantsDon't Let's Start2:36They Might Be Giants41986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1136they might be giantsHide Away Folk Family3:21They Might Be Giants51986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1137they might be giants32 Footsteps1:35They Might Be Giants61986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1138they might be giantsToddler Hiway0:25They Might Be Giants71986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1139they might be giantsRabid Child1:31They Might Be Giants81986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1140they might be giantsNothing's Gonna Change My Clothes1:58They Might Be Giants91986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1141they might be giants(She Was A) Hotel Detective2:10They Might Be Giants101986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1142they might be giantsShe's An Angel2:37They Might Be Giants111986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1143they might be giantsYouth Culture Killed My Dog2:51They Might Be Giants121986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1144they might be giantsBoat Of Car1:15They Might Be Giants131986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1145they might be giantsAbsolutely Bill's Mood2:38They Might Be Giants141986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1146they might be giantsChess Piece Face1:21They Might Be Giants151986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1147they might be giantsI Hope That I Get Old Before I Die1:58They Might Be Giants161986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1148they might be giantsAlienation's For The Rich2:25They Might Be Giants171986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1149they might be giantsThe Day1:27They Might Be Giants181986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1150they might be giantsRhythm Section Want Ad2:21They Might Be Giants191986Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1151they might be giantsRest Awhile1:39Working Undercover For the Man12000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1152they might be giantsWorking Undercover For the Man2:18Working Undercover For the Man22000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1153they might be giantsI Am A Human Head2:49Working Undercover For the Man32000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1154they might be giantsEmpty Bottle Collector1:37Working Undercover For the Man42000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1155they might be giantsOn The Drag2:16Working Undercover For the Man52000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1156they might be giantsRadio They Might Be Giants 10:09Working Undercover For the Man62000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1157they might be giantsRadio They Might Be Giants 20:16Working Undercover For the Man72000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1158they might be giantsRadio They Might Be Giants 30:12Working Undercover For the Man82000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1159they might be giantsRobot Parade (Adult Version)1:03Working Undercover For the Man92000Alternative 128FATASSRADIO
1160They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Bangs3:10Mink Car12001  128FATASSRADIO
1161They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Cyclops Rock2:38Mink Car22001  128FATASSRADIO
1162They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Man, It's So Loud In Here3:59Mink Car32001  128FATASSRADIO
1163They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Mr. Xcitement With Doughty3:36Mink Car42001  128FATASSRADIO
1164They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Another First Kiss3:06Mink Car52001  128FATASSRADIO
1165They Might Be Giants (TMBG)I've Got A Fang2:32Mink Car62001  128FATASSRADIO
1166They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Hovering Sombrero2:13Mink Car72001  128FATASSRADIO
1167They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Yeh Yeh2:40Mink Car82001  128FATASSRADIO
1168They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Hopeless Bleak Dispair3:08Mink Car92001  128FATASSRADIO
1169They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Drink!1:49Mink Car102001  128FATASSRADIO
1170They Might Be Giants (TMBG)My Man2:57Mink Car112001  128FATASSRADIO
1171They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Older1:57Mink Car122001  128FATASSRADIO
1172They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Mink Car2:09Mink Car132001  128FATASSRADIO
1173They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Wicked Little Critta2:11Mink Car142001  128FATASSRADIO
1174They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Finished With Lies3:18Mink Car152001  128FATASSRADIO
1175They Might Be Giants (TMBG)She Thinks She's Edith Head1:13Mink Car162001  128FATASSRADIO
1176They Might Be Giants (TMBG)Working Undercover For The Man2:22Mink Car172001  128FATASSRADIO
1177Thin LizzyJailbreak 4:00Detroit Rock City Soundtrack91999Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1178Third Eye BlindAnything2:01Blue11999Rock 202FATASSRADIO
1179Third Eye BlindWounded4:51Blue21999Rock 206FATASSRADIO
1180Third Eye Blind10 Days Late3:05Blue31999Rock 203FATASSRADIO
1181Third Eye BlindNever Let You Go3:57Blue41999Rock 204FATASSRADIO
1182Third Eye BlindDeep Inside Of You4:10Blue51999Rock 203FATASSRADIO
1183Third Eye Blind1000 Julys3:54Blue61999Rock 203FATASSRADIO
1184Third Eye BlindAn Ode To Maybe2:35Blue71999Rock 204FATASSRADIO
1185Third Eye BlindThe Red Summer Sun5:25Blue81999Rock 201FATASSRADIO
1186Third Eye BlindCamouflage4:45Blue91999Rock 204FATASSRADIO
1187Third Eye BlindFarther3:45Blue101999Rock 203FATASSRADIO
1188Third Eye BlindSlow Motion (Instrumental)4:34Blue111999Rock 200FATASSRADIO
1189Third Eye BlindDarkness5:08Blue121999Rock 204FATASSRADIO
1190Third Eye BlindDarwin20:16Blue131999Rock 194FATASSRADIO
1191Third Eye BlindFaster3:32Out Of The Vein12003Alternative Rock 234FATASSRADIO
1192Third Eye BlindBlinded4:21Out Of The Vein22003Alternative Rock 214FATASSRADIO
1193Third Eye BlindForget Myself4:12Out Of The Vein32003Alternative Rock 205FATASSRADIO
1194Third Eye BlindDanger3:12Out Of The Vein42003Alternative Rock 238FATASSRADIO
1195Third Eye BlindCrystal Baller4:15Out Of The Vein52003Alternative Rock 222FATASSRADIO
1196Third Eye BlindMy Hit And Run4:21Out Of The Vein62003Alternative Rock 237FATASSRADIO
1197Third Eye BlindMisfits4:19Out Of The Vein72003Alternative Rock 230FATASSRADIO
1198Third Eye BlindCan't Get Away3:45Out Of The Vein82003Alternative Rock 218FATASSRADIO
1199Third Eye BlindWake For Young Souls4:37Out Of The Vein92003Alternative Rock 205FATASSRADIO
1200Third Eye BlindPalm Reader4:53Out Of The Vein102003Alternative Rock 211FATASSRADIO
1201Third Eye BlindSelf Righteous6:18Out Of The Vein112003Alternative Rock 185FATASSRADIO
1202Third Eye BlindCompany3:54Out Of The Vein122003Alternative Rock 246FATASSRADIO
1203Third Eye BlindGood Man9:22Out Of The Vein132003Alternative Rock 198FATASSRADIO
1204Third Eye BlindLosing A Whole Year3:20Third Eye Blind11997Alternative Rock 230FATASSRADIO
1205Third Eye BlindNarcolepsy3:48Third Eye Blind21997Alternative Rock 260FATASSRADIO
1206Third Eye BlindSemi-Charmed Life4:28Third Eye Blind31997Alternative Rock 257FATASSRADIO
1207Third Eye BlindJumper4:33Third Eye Blind41997Alternative Rock 247FATASSRADIO
1208Third Eye BlindGraduate3:09Third Eye Blind51997Alternative Rock 264FATASSRADIO
1209Third Eye BlindHow's It Going To Be4:13Third Eye Blind61997Alternative Rock 253FATASSRADIO
1210Third Eye BlindThanks A Lot4:57Third Eye Blind71997Alternative Rock 251FATASSRADIO
1211Third Eye BlindBurning Man2:59Third Eye Blind81997Alternative Rock 243FATASSRADIO
1212Third Eye BlindGood For You3:52Third Eye Blind91997Alternative Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1213Third Eye BlindLondon3:07Third Eye Blind101997Alternative Rock 262FATASSRADIO
1214Third Eye BlindI Want You4:29Third Eye Blind111997Alternative Rock 229FATASSRADIO
1215Third Eye BlindThe Background4:56Third Eye Blind121997Alternative Rock 244FATASSRADIO
1216Third Eye BlindMotorcycle Drive By4:22Third Eye Blind131997Alternative Rock 242FATASSRADIO
1217Third Eye BlindGod Of Wine5:17Third Eye Blind141997Alternative Rock 239FATASSRADIO
1218This ProvidenceWalking On Water2:37 9   128FATASSRADIO
1219Thom PaceThe Life and Times Of Grizzly Adams ("Maybe")1:07Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5331996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1220Thomas DolbyThe Key To Her Ferrari4:39Aliens Ate My Buick11988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1221Thomas DolbyAirhead5:07Aliens Ate My Buick21988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1222Thomas DolbyHot Sauce5:03Aliens Ate My Buick31988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1223Thomas DolbyPulp Culture5:35Aliens Ate My Buick41988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1224Thomas DolbyMy Brain Is Like A Sieve4:52Aliens Ate My Buick51988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1225Thomas DolbyThe Ability To Swing4:30Aliens Ate My Buick61988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1226Thomas DolbyBudapest By Blimp8:40Aliens Ate My Buick71988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1227Thomas DolbyMay The Cube Be With You6:49Aliens Ate My Buick81988New Wave 320FATASSRADIO
1228Thomas DolbyArmageddon (LP Version)5:29Gate To The Mind's Eye12003Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1229Thomas DolbyPlanet of Lost Souls (LP Version)3:00Gate To The Mind's Eye22003Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1230Thomas DolbyBig Bang Backwards (LP Version)2:11Gate To The Mind's Eye32003Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1231Thomas DolbyThe Ascent Of Man Parts 1-VI (LP Version)8:31Gate To The Mind's Eye52003Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1232Thomas DolbyValley Of The Mind's Eye (LP Version)4:26Gate To The Mind's Eye62003Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1233Thomas DolbyNuvogue (LP Version)4:34Gate To The Mind's Eye72003Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1234Thomas DolbyMoonbase (LP Version)5:39Gate To The Mind's Eye92003Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1235Thomas DolbyDissidents4:56The Flat Earth11983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1236Thomas DolbyThe Flat Earth6:41The Flat Earth21983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1237Thomas DolbyScreen Kiss5:33The Flat Earth31983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1238Thomas DolbyWhite City5:19The Flat Earth41983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1239Thomas DolbyMulu The Rain Forest5:00The Flat Earth51983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1240Thomas DolbyI Scare Myself5:40The Flat Earth61983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1241Thomas DolbyHyperactive!4:13The Flat Earth71983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1242Thomas DolbyTherapy-Growth4:05The Gate To The Mind's Eye10   160FATASSRADIO
1243Thomas DolbyShe Blinded Me With Science5:09The Golden Age Of Wireless11983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1244Thomas DolbyRadio Silence3:45The Golden Age Of Wireless21983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1245Thomas DolbyAirwaves3:35The Golden Age Of Wireless31983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1246Thomas DolbyFlying North3:50The Golden Age Of Wireless41983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1247Thomas DolbyWeightless3:43The Golden Age Of Wireless51983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1248Thomas DolbyEuropa And The Pirate Twins3:17The Golden Age Of Wireless61983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1249Thomas DolbyWindpower3:51The Golden Age Of Wireless71983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1250Thomas DolbyCommercial Breakup4:17The Golden Age Of Wireless81983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1251Thomas DolbyOne Of Our Submarines5:11The Golden Age Of Wireless91983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1252Thomas DolbyCloudburst At Shingle Street5:43The Golden Age Of Wireless101983Synth & Techno Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1253Thompson TwinsIn the Name of Love3:20Ghostbusters41984Pop 243FATASSRADIO
1254Three Dog NightBlack And White3:47The Best Of Three Dog Night11198260's Oldies 128FATASSRADIO
1255ThrustMakin' Love2:27Hard To Believe142000rock 128FATASSRADIO
1256Thunderbird - Quiet RiotThunderbird - Quiet Riot4:43100% Rock Vol.2 (CD 5)142002Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1257Tia CarrereBallroom Blitz3:30Waynes World81992Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1258Tia CarrereWhy You Wanna Break My Heart3:32Waynes World131992Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1259TicoPump Breakers1:45Pump It Up NXA OST (    172FATASSRADIO
1260TiffanyI Think We're Alone Now3:45   Pop 128FATASSRADIO
1261Tim Blaney as Frank The PugI Will Survive3:02Men In Black 2192002Soundtrack 192FATASSRADIO
1262Timbuk 3The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades3:21Greetings From Timbuk 311986Post-Punk 128FATASSRADIO
1263The TimeRelease It3:54Graffiti Bridge31990Funk 102FATASSRADIO
1264The TimeShake!4:01Graffiti Bridge111990Funk 112FATASSRADIO
1265The Time w; ElisaLove Machine3:34Graffiti Bridge91990Funk 129FATASSRADIO
1266The Timelords (The KLF)Doctorin' The Tardis8:16Doctorin' The Tardis CD Single21991Alternative 320FATASSRADIO
1267Timex Social ClubRumors4:49Vivous Rumors11987Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1268Timon & PumbaHakuna Matata3:35The Lion King6 Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1269Timon & PumbaaHakuna Matata3:33The Lion King (Japanese)111997Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1270Timon and PumbaStand By Me3:15The Best of Timon and Puumba    128FATASSRADIO
1271Timon And PumbaaThe Lion Sleeps Tonight2:27The Best of Timon And Pumbaa    256FATASSRADIO
1272Timothy W. TrumanMelrose Place1:32TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)431996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
1273Tin Tin FiveMove Your Head3:43Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
1274Tina TurnerEasy As Life5:12Aida31999Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1275Tina TurnerGreat Spirits3:23Brother Bear OST22003Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1276Tina TurnerThe Bitch Is Back3:38Two Rooms: Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin91991Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1277Tina Turner and Bryan AdamsIt's Only Love3:17Anthology [Disc 1]112005Mainstream Rock 233FATASSRADIO
1278To The SonicBlu ShowDialing In2:20     128FATASSRADIO
1279Toad And The Wet SprocketRock And Roll All Nite2:53Kiss My Ass - Classic Kiss Regrooved51994Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1280Todd RundgrenOnomatopoeia1:35Hermit Of Mink Hollow51978Rock 221FATASSRADIO
1281Todd RundgrenBang the Drum (All Day)3:36The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect71983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1282Todd Rundgren featuring Elvis PresleyBang the Drum (All Day)3:40The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect71983Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1283Todd Rundgren featuring John Entwistle, Ann Wilson, & Alan ParsonsBang the Drums (Live 1985)3:42Abbey Road Live in Saratoga  Other 256FATASSRADIO
1284Todd Rundgren featuring John Entwistle, Ann Wilson, & Alan ParsonsBang the Drums (Live 1985)3:42Abbey Road Live in Saratoga  Other 256FATASSRADIO
1285Todd StedmanHey Porter3:12Dear Johnny, a Tribute162004Country 192FATASSRADIO
1286Tokiwa no Mori GasshoudanPokefuri Game no Uta4:25Pocket Monster OP & ED Single - Challenger!! & Smile (Rika Matsumoto & Toshiko Ezaki)42004Anime 192FATASSRADIO
1287Tom Cochrane; Red RiderLunatic Fringe4:21Trapeze, The Collection (Disc 1)32002Rock 209FATASSRADIO
1288Tom JonesThis Is Tom Jones ("It's Not Unusual")1:08Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5621996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1289Tom LehrerSilent E1:28   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1290Tom PettyDon't Come Around Here No More ( Live)8:45   Live 128FATASSRADIO
1291Tom PettyI Won't Back Down3:51   Other 160FATASSRADIO
1292Tom PettyYou're Gonna Change3:11   Other 192FATASSRADIO
1293Tom PettyFree Fallin'4:15Full Moon Fever11989Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1294Tom PettyI Won't Back Down2:56Full Moon Fever21989Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1295Tom PettyLove Is A Long Road4:07Full Moon Fever31989Rock Singer-Songwriter 136FATASSRADIO
1296Tom PettyA Face In The Crowd3:59Full Moon Fever41989Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1297Tom PettyRunnin Down A Dream4:20Full Moon Fever51989Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1298Tom PettyI'll Feel a Whole Lot Better2:49Full Moon Fever61989Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1299Tom PettyYer So Bad3:05Full Moon Fever71989Rock Singer-Songwriter 201FATASSRADIO
1300Tom PettyDepending On You2:48Full Moon Fever81989Rock Singer-Songwriter 129FATASSRADIO
1301Tom PettyThe Apartment Song2:32Full Moon Fever91989Rock Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1302Tom PettyAlright For Now2:00Full Moon Fever101989Rock Singer-Songwriter 133FATASSRADIO
1303Tom PettyA Mind With A Heart Of Its Own3:31Full Moon Fever111989Rock Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1304Tom PettyZombie Zoo2:57Full Moon Fever121989Rock Singer-Songwriter 157FATASSRADIO
1305Tom PettyGirl on LSD3:39Girl on LSD3 No 128FATASSRADIO
1306Tom PettyLearning To Fly4:11Learning To Fly (Live 04231999Other 128FATASSRADIO
1307Tom PettyYou're Gonna Get It3:59Paradise Theater5 Rock Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1308Tom PettyWildflowers3:10Wildflowers11994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1309Tom PettyYou Don't Know How It Feels4:49Wildflowers21994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1310Tom PettyTime To Move On3:15Wildflowers31994Rock Singer-Songwriter 137FATASSRADIO
1311Tom PettyYou Wreck Me3:21Wildflowers41994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1312Tom PettyIt's Good To Be King5:10Wildflowers51994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1313Tom PettyOnly A Broken Heart4:30Wildflowers61994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1314Tom PettyHoney Bee4:58Wildflowers71994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1315Tom PettyDon't Fade On Me3:32Wildflowers81994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1316Tom PettyHard On Me3:48Wildflowers91994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1317Tom PettyCabin Down Below2:51Wildflowers101994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1318Tom PettyTo Find A Friend3:23Wildflowers111994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1319Tom PettyA Higher Place3:56Wildflowers121994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1320Tom PettyHouse In The Woods5:32Wildflowers131994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1321Tom PettyCrawling Back To You5:05Wildflowers141994Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1322Tom PettyWake Up Time5:19Wildflowers151994Rock Singer-Songwriter 96FATASSRADIO
1323Tom Petty & Gun's n RosesFree Falling4:35     128FATASSRADIO
1324Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersThe Damage You've Done3:16   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1325Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersTime Is On My Side3:07   Other 160FATASSRADIO
1326tom petty & the heartbreakersbaby please dont go3:18bridge school 9/28/00  Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1327tom petty & the heartbreakersmary jane's last dance5:43bridge school 9/28/00  Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1328Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersTaxman3:10Concert for George (CD2)82003Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1329Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersI Need You3:00Concert for George (CD2)92003Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1330Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersHandle with care3:27Concert for George (CD2)102003Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1331Tom Petty & The Heartbreakersast Dance With Mary Jane4:31Full Moon Fever131989Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1332Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersSomething In The Air3:17Full Moon Fever141989Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1333Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersThe Waiting3:59Full Moon Fever151989Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1334Tom Petty & the HeartbreakersRrunaway Train6:35Jacksonville 87 1999Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1335Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers; Stevie NicksInsider5:41   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1336Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRefugee3:22Damn The Torpedoes11979AOR Classic Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1337Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHere Comes My Girl4:24Damn The Torpedoes21979AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1338Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersEven The Losers3:38Damn The Torpedoes31979AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1339Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersShadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid)4:26Damn The Torpedoes41979AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1340Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersCentury City3:45Damn The Torpedoes51979AOR Classic Rock 96FATASSRADIO
1341Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersDon't Do Me Like That2:43Damn The Torpedoes61979AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1342Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersYou Tell Me4:36Damn The Torpedoes71979AOR Classic Rock 152FATASSRADIO
1343Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersWhat Are You Doin' In My Life?3:25Damn The Torpedoes81979AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1344Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLouisiana Rain5:56Damn The Torpedoes91979AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1345Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRoom At The Top5:00Echo11999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1346Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersCounting On You4:05Echo21999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1347Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersFree Girl Now3:33Echo31999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1348Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLonesome Sundown4:32Echo41999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1349Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSwingin'5:30Echo51999Rock Singer-Songwriter 96FATASSRADIO
1350Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAccused Of Love2:45Echo61999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1351Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersEcho6:36Echo71999Rock Singer-Songwriter 96FATASSRADIO
1352Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersWon't Last Long4:21Echo81999Rock Singer-Songwriter 96FATASSRADIO
1353Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBilly The Kid4:08Echo91999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1354Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersI Don't Wanna Fight2:47Echo101999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1355Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThis One's For Me2:42Echo111999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1356Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersNo More3:15Echo121999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1357Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAbout To Give Out3:13Echo131999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1358Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRhino Skin3:57Echo141999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1359Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersOne More Day, One More Night5:37Echo151999Rock Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1360Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Waiting3:59Hard Promises11981AOR Classic Rock 144FATASSRADIO
1361Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersA Woman In Love (It's Not Me)4:22Hard Promises21981AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1362Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersNightwatchman4:00Hard Promises31981AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1363Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSomething Big4:44Hard Promises41981AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1364Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersKings Road3:23Hard Promises51981AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1365Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLetting You Go3:25Hard Promises61981AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1366Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersA Thing About You3:32Hard Promises71981AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1367Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersInsider5:26Hard Promises81981AOR Classic Rock 320FATASSRADIO
1368Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Criminal Kind4:00Hard Promises91981AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1369Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersYou Can Still Change Your Mind4:16Hard Promises101981AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1370Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLearning To Fly4:00Into The Great Wide Open11991AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1371Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersKing's Highway3:08Into The Great Wide Open21991AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1372Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersInto The Great Wide Open3:40Into The Great Wide Open31991AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1373Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersTwo Gunslingers3:09Into The Great Wide Open41991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1374Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Dark Of The Sun3:23Into The Great Wide Open51991AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1375Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAll Or Nothin'4:07Into The Great Wide Open61991AOR Classic Rock 112FATASSRADIO
1376Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAll The Wrong Reasons3:46Into The Great Wide Open71991AOR Classic Rock 207FATASSRADIO
1377Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersToo Good To Be True3:59Into The Great Wide Open81991AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1378Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersOut In The Cold3:41Into The Great Wide Open91991AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1379Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersYou And I Will Meet Again3:42Into The Great Wide Open101991AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1380Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersMakin' Some Noise3:27Into The Great Wide Open111991AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1381Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBuilt To Last3:58Into The Great Wide Open121991AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1382Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersJammin' Me4:08Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)11987AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1383Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRunaway Trains4:25Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)21987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1384Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Damage You've Done3:53Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)31987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1385Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersIt'll All Work Out3:11Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)41987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1386Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersMy Life/Your World4:40Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)51987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1387Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThink About Me3:45Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)61987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1388Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAll Mixed Up3:42Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)71987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1389Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersA Self-Made Man3:02Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)81987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1390Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAin't Love Strange2:40Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)91987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1391Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHow Many More Days3:18Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)101987AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1392Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)3:29Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)111987AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1393Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersA One Story Town3:02Long After Dark11982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1394Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersYou Got Lucky3:36Long After Dark21982AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1395Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersDeliver Me3:25Long After Dark31982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1396Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersChange Of Heart3:17Long After Dark41982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1397Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersFinding Out3:33Long After Dark51982AOR Classic Rock 161FATASSRADIO
1398Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersWe Stand A Chance3:29Long After Dark61982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1399Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersStraight Into Darkness3:49Long After Dark71982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1400Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Same Old You3:30Long After Dark81982AOR Classic Rock 256FATASSRADIO
1401Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBetween Two Worlds5:12Long After Dark91982AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1402Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersA Wasted Life4:26Long After Dark101982AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1403Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSo You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star3:36Pack Up The Plantation: Live!11985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1404Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersNeedles And Pins2:25Pack Up The Plantation: Live!21985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1405Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Waiting5:17Pack Up The Plantation: Live!31985AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1406Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBreakdown7:42Pack Up The Plantation: Live!41985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1407Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAmerican Girl4:01Pack Up The Plantation: Live!51985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1408Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersIt Ain't Nothin' To Me6:15Pack Up The Plantation: Live!61985AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1409Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersInsider5:23Pack Up The Plantation: Live!71985AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1410Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRockin' Around (With You)3:24Pack Up The Plantation: Live!81985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1411Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRefugee5:23Pack Up The Plantation: Live!91985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1412Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSouthern Accents5:23Pack Up The Plantation: Live!101985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1413Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRebels6:14Pack Up The Plantation: Live!111985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1414Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersDon't Bring Me Down3:53Pack Up The Plantation: Live!121985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1415Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersShout9:35Pack Up The Plantation: Live!131985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1416Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersStories We Can Tell3:48Pack Up The Plantation: Live!141985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1417Tom Petty And The HeartbreakersThe Apartment Song (Demo)2:37Playback - Disc 5 - Through The Cracks11 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1418Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersWalls (Circus)4:25She's The One11996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1419Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersGrew Up Fast5:09She's The One21996AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1420Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersZero From Outer Space3:08She's The One31996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1421Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersClimb That Hill3:57She's The One41996AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1422Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersChange The Locks4:56She's The One51996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1423Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAngel Dream (No. 4)2:27She's The One61996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1424Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHope You Never3:02She's The One71996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1425Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAsshole3:11She's The One81996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1426Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSupernatural Radio5:22She's The One91996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1427Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersCalifornia2:39She's The One101996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1428Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHope On Board1:18She's The One111996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1429Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersWalls (No. 3)3:03She's The One121996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1430Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAngel Dream (No. 2)2:27She's The One131996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1431Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHung Up And Overdue5:48She's The One141996AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1432Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAirport0:57She's The One151996AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1433Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRebels5:20Southern Accents11985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1434Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersIt Ain't Nothin' To Me5:11Southern Accents21985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1435Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersDon't Come Around Here No More5:01Southern Accents31985AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1436Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSouthern Accents4:43Southern Accents41985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1437Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersMake It Better (Forget About Me)4:23Southern Accents51985AOR Classic Rock 204FATASSRADIO
1438Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersSpike3:32Southern Accents61985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1439Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersDogs On The Run3:41Southern Accents71985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1440Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersMary's New Car3:46Southern Accents81985AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1441Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Best Of Everything4:02Southern Accents91985AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1442Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Last DJ3:48The Last DJ12002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1443Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersMoney Becomes King5:10The Last DJ22002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1444Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersDreamville3:46The Last DJ32002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1445Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersJoe3:15The Last DJ42002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1446Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersWhen A Kid Goes Bad4:56The Last DJ52002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1447Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLike A Diamond4:32The Last DJ62002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1448Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLost Children4:28The Last DJ72002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1449Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBlue Sunday2:56The Last DJ82002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1450Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersYou And Me3:10The Last DJ92002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1451Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Man Who Loves Women2:53The Last DJ102002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1452Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHave Love Will Travel4:05The Last DJ112002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1453Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersCan't Stop The Sun5:02The Last DJ122002AOR Classic Rock 224FATASSRADIO
1454Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRockin' Around (With You)2:28Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers11976AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1455Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBreakdown2:42Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers21976AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1456Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHometown Blues2:12Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers31976AOR Classic Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1457Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersThe Wild One, Forever3:01Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers41976AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1458Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAnything That's Rock 'N' Roll2:24Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers51976AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1459Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersStrangered In The Night4:33Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers61976AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1460Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersFooled Again (I Don't Like It)3:51Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers71976AOR Classic Rock 160FATASSRADIO
1461Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersMystery Man3:03Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers81976AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1462Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersLuna3:57Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers91976AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1463Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersAmerican Girl3:33Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers101976AOR Classic Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1464Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersWhen The Time Comes2:48You're Gonna Get It!11978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1465Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersYou're Gonna Get It3:00You're Gonna Get It!21978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1466Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersHurt3:19You're Gonna Get It!31978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1467Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersMagnolia3:01You're Gonna Get It!41978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1468Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersToo Much Ain't Enough2:57You're Gonna Get It!51978Mainstream Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1469Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersI Need To Know2:23You're Gonna Get It!61978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1470Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersListen To Her Heart3:03You're Gonna Get It!71978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1471Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersNo Second Thoughts2:41You're Gonna Get It!81978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1472Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersRestless3:22You're Gonna Get It!91978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1473Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBaby's A Rock N' Roller2:52You're Gonna Get It!101978Mainstream Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1474Tom Petty; Bob Dylan; Tom Pett & Bob DylanKnockin on Heavens Door7:47   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1475Tom Petty; Bob Dylan; Tom Petty & Bob DylanDueling Banjo Breakdown4:43   Other 128FATASSRADIO
1476Tom RundgrenBang The Drumb3:34   Other 170FATASSRADIO
1477Tom ScottStarsky and Hutch ("Gotcha")1:15Television's Greatest Hits Volume III551988Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1478Tom Smith featuring The Great Luke SkiCthulu Fthagn2:40Worst Album Ever!112003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
1479Tom T. HallFox On The Run2:07Ultimate Collection17 Dance 192FATASSRADIO
1480Tom WaitsTelerama Interview7:33 131992Folk/Rock 48FATASSRADIO
1481Tom WaitsJesus' Blood Never Failed Me Y4:04   Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1482Tom WaitsAlice4:28Alice12002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1483Tom WaitsEverything You Can Think3:10Alice22002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1484Tom WaitsFlower's Grave3:28Alice32002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1485Tom WaitsNo One Knows I'm Gone1:42Alice42002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1486Tom WaitsKommienezuspadt3:10Alice52002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1487Tom WaitsPoor Edward3:42Alice62002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1488Tom WaitsTable Top Joe4:13Alice72002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1489Tom WaitsLost In The Harbour3:45Alice82002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1490Tom WaitsWe're All Mad Here2:31Alice92002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1491Tom WaitsWatch Her Disappear2:33Alice102002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1492Tom WaitsReeperbahn4:02Alice112002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1493Tom WaitsI'm Still Here1:49Alice122002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1494Tom WaitsFish & Bird3:59Alice132002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1495Tom WaitsBarcarolle3:59Alice142002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1496Tom WaitsFawn1:43Alice152002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1497Tom WaitsDiamonds On My Windshield3:10Asylum Years11974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 190FATASSRADIO
1498Tom Waits(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night3:53Asylum Years21974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1499Tom WaitsMartha4:28Asylum Years31973Alternative Singer-Songwriter 191FATASSRADIO
1500Tom WaitsThe Ghosts Of Saturday Night (After Hours At Napoleone's Pizza House)3:14Asylum Years41974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1501Tom WaitsGrapefruit Moon4:49Asylum Years51973Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1502Tom WaitsSmall Change (Got Rained On With His Own .38)5:06Asylum Years61976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1503Tom WaitsBurma Shave6:33Asylum Years71977Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1504Tom WaitsI Never Talk To Strangers3:41Asylum Years81977Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1505Tom WaitsTom Traubert's Blues6:34Asylum Years91976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 183FATASSRADIO
1506Tom WaitsBlue Valentines5:54Asylum Years101978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1507Tom WaitsPotter's Field8:44Asylum Years111977Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1508Tom WaitsKentucky Avenue4:51Asylum Years121978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1509Tom WaitsSomewhere3:53Asylum Years131978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1510Tom WaitsRuby's Arms5:36Asylum Years141980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1511Tom Waits163:25Beautiful Maladies  Other 128FATASSRADIO
1512Tom Waits16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six4:29Beautiful Maladies191998(160) 192FATASSRADIO
1513Tom WaitsHang On St. Christopher2:44Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years11987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1514Tom WaitsTemptation3:51Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years21987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1515Tom WaitsClap Hands3:45Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years31985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1516Tom WaitsThe Black Rider3:20Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years41993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1517Tom WaitsUnderground1:58Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years51983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1518Tom WaitsJockey Full Of Bourbon2:44Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years61985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1519Tom WaitsEarth Died Screaming3:36Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years71988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1520Tom WaitsInnocent When You Dream (78)3:08Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years81987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1521Tom WaitsStraight To The Top2:27Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years91987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1522Tom WaitsFrank's Wild Years1:51Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years101983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1523Tom WaitsSingapore2:44Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years111985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1524Tom WaitsShore Leave4:16Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years121983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1525Tom WaitsJohnsburgh, Illinois1:33Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years131983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1526Tom WaitsWay Down In The Hole3:28Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years141987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1527Tom WaitsStrange Weather (Live)3:31Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years151988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1528Tom WaitsNovember2:53Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years171993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1529Tom WaitsDowntown Train3:49Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years181985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1530Tom Waits16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six4:33Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years191998Alternative Singer-Songwriter 224FATASSRADIO
1531Tom WaitsJesus Gonna Be Here3:17Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years201992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1532Tom WaitsGood Old World (Waltz)3:54Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years211992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1533Tom WaitsI Don't Wanna Grow Up2:32Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years221992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1534Tom Waits16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six [Live]4:17Big Time11988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1535Tom WaitsRed Shoes [Live]4:19Big Time21988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1536Tom WaitsUnderground [Live]2:34Big Time31988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1537Tom WaitsCold Cold Ground [Live]3:27Big Time41988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1538Tom WaitsStraight To The Top [Live]2:48Big Time51988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1539Tom WaitsYesterday Is Here [Live]2:40Big Time61988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1540Tom WaitsWay Down In The Hole [Live]4:43Big Time71988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1541Tom WaitsFalling Down [Live]4:15Big Time81988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1542Tom WaitsStrange Weather [Live]3:35Big Time91988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1543Tom WaitsBig Black Mariah [Live]2:59Big Time101988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1544Tom WaitsRain Dogs [Live]3:36Big Time111988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1545Tom WaitsTrain Song [Live]4:30Big Time121988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1546Tom WaitsJohnsburg, Illinois [Live]1:29Big Time131988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1547Tom WaitsRuby's Arms [Live]4:54Big Time141988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1548Tom WaitsTelephone Call From Istanbul [Live]4:17Big Time151988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1549Tom WaitsClap Hands [Live]4:57Big Time161988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1550Tom WaitsGun Street Girl [Live]4:01Big Time171988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1551Tom WaitsTime [Live]4:11Big Time181988Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1552Tom WaitsMisery Is The River Of The World4:25Blood Money12002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1553Tom WaitsEverything Goes To Hell3:45Blood Money22002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1554Tom WaitsConey Island Baby4:02Blood Money32002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1555Tom WaitsAll The World Is Green4:36Blood Money42002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1556Tom WaitsGod's Away On Business2:59Blood Money52002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1557Tom WaitsAnother Man's Vine2:28Blood Money62002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1558Tom WaitsKnife Chase2:26Blood Money72002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1559Tom WaitsLullaby2:09Blood Money82002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1560Tom WaitsStarving In The Belly Of The Whale3:42Blood Money92002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1561Tom WaitsThe Part You Throw Away4:22Blood Money102002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1562Tom WaitsWoe1:20Blood Money112002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1563Tom WaitsCalliope1:59Blood Money122002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1564Tom WaitsA Good Man Is Hard To Find3:57Blood Money132002Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1565Tom WaitsSomewhere (From West Side Story)3:52Blue Valentine11978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1566Tom WaitsRed Shoes By The Drugstore3:14Blue Valentine21978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1567Tom WaitsChristmas Card From Hooker In Minneapolis4:32Blue Valentine31978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1568Tom WaitsRomeo Is Bleeding4:51Blue Valentine41978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1569Tom Waits$29.008:14Blue Valentine51978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1570Tom WaitsWrong Side Of The Road5:12Blue Valentine61978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1571Tom WaitsWhistlin'past The Graveyard3:16Blue Valentine71978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 193FATASSRADIO
1572Tom WaitsKentucky Avenue4:48Blue Valentine81978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1573Tom WaitsA Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun5:35Blue Valentine91978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1574Tom WaitsBlue Valentines5:52Blue Valentine101978Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1575Tom WaitsEarth Died Screaming3:39Bone Machine11992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1576Tom WaitsDirt In The Ground4:08Bone Machine21992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1577Tom WaitsSuch A Scream2:08Bone Machine31992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1578Tom WaitsAll Stripped Down3:03Bone Machine41992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1579Tom WaitsWho Are You3:57Bone Machine51992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1580Tom WaitsThe Ocean Doesn't Want Me1:51Bone Machine61992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1581Tom WaitsJesus Gonna Be Here3:21Bone Machine71992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1582Tom WaitsA Little Rain2:58Bone Machine81992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1583Tom WaitsIn The Colosseum4:50Bone Machine91992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1584Tom WaitsGoin' Out West3:20Bone Machine101992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1585Tom WaitsMurder In The Red Barn4:29Bone Machine111992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1586Tom WaitsBlack Wings4:37Bone Machine121992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1587Tom WaitsWhistle Down The Wind4:35Bone Machine131992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1588Tom WaitsI Don't Wanna Grow Up2:31Bone Machine141992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1589Tom WaitsLet Me Get Up On It0:55Bone Machine151992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1590Tom WaitsThat Feel3:12Bone Machine161992Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1591Tom WaitsHeartattack And Wine4:42Bounced Checks11981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1592Tom WaitsJersey Girl (Alt. Master)4:36Bounced Checks21981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1593Tom WaitsEggs And Sausage4:15Bounced Checks31981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1594Tom WaitsI Never Talk To Strangers3:37Bounced Checks41981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1595Tom WaitsThe Piano Has Been Drinking (Live @ Dublin, Ireland, March '81)6:04Bounced Checks51981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1596Tom WaitsWhistlin' Past The Graveyard (Alt. Master)3:00Bounced Checks61981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1597Tom WaitsMr. Henry (Previously Unreleased)3:33Bounced Checks71981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1598Tom WaitsDiamonds On My Windshield3:13Bounced Checks81981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1599Tom WaitsBurma Shave6:28Bounced Checks91981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1600Tom WaitsTom Traubert's Blues6:21Bounced Checks101981Alternative Singer-Songwriter 128FATASSRADIO
1601Tom WaitsOl' '553:58Closing Time11973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1602Tom WaitsI hope that i don't fall in love with you3:54Closing Time21973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1603Tom WaitsVerginia Avenue3:09Closing Time31973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1604Tom WaitsOld shoes (&picture postcards)3:40Closing Time41973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1605Tom WaitsMidnight Lullaby3:24Closing Time51973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1606Tom WaitsMartha4:27Closing Time61973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1607Tom WaitsRosie4:02Closing Time71973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1608Tom WaitsLonely3:11Closing Time81973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1609Tom WaitsIce cream man3:04Closing Time91973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1610Tom WaitsLittle trip to heaven (on the wings of our love)3:35Closing Time101973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1611Tom WaitsGrapefruit moon4:48Closing Time111973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1612Tom WaitsClosing time4:20Closing Time121973Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1613Tom WaitsDead Man Walking3:01Dead Man Walking (soundtrack)  Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1614Tom WaitsLittle Drop of Poison4:03End of Violence (soundtrack)1 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1615Tom WaitsMuriel3:33Foreign Affairs2 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1616Tom WaitsI Never Talk To Strangers3:38Foreign Affairs3 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1617Tom WaitsMedley: Jack & Neal / Califo..5:01Foreign Affairs4 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1618Tom WaitsA Sight For Sore Eyes4:40Foreign Affairs5 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1619Tom WaitsPotter's Field8:40Foreign Affairs6 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1620Tom WaitsBurma-Shave6:34Foreign Affairs7 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1621Tom WaitsBarber Shop3:54Foreign Affairs8 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1622Tom WaitsForeign Affair3:46Foreign Affairs9 Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1623Tom WaitsCinny's Waltz2:17Foreign Affairs11977Folk 192FATASSRADIO
1624Tom WaitsHang On St. Christopher2:46Franks Wild Years11987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1625Tom WaitsStraight To The Top (Rhumba)2:30Franks Wild Years21987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1626Tom WaitsBlow Wind Blow3:35Franks Wild Years31987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1627Tom WaitsTemptation3:53Franks Wild Years41987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1628Tom WaitsInnocent When You Dream (Barroom)4:16Franks Wild Years51987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1629Tom WaitsI'll Be Gone3:12Franks Wild Years61987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1630Tom WaitsYesterday Is Here2:31Franks Wild Years71987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1631Tom WaitsPlease Wake Me Up3:35Franks Wild Years81987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1632Tom WaitsFrank's Theme1:49Franks Wild Years91987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1633Tom WaitsMore Than Rain3:52Franks Wild Years101987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1634Tom WaitsWay Down In The Hole3:30Franks Wild Years111987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1635Tom WaitsStraight To the Top (Vegas)3:26Franks Wild Years121987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1636Tom WaitsI'll Take New York3:58Franks Wild Years131987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1637Tom WaitsTelephone Call From Istanbul3:11Franks Wild Years141987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1638Tom WaitsCold Cold Ground4:07Franks Wild Years151987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1639Tom WaitsTrain Song3:20Franks Wild Years161987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1640Tom WaitsInnocent When You Dream (78)3:10Franks Wild Years171987Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1641Tom WaitsHeartattack And Vine4:50Heartattack And Vine11980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 158FATASSRADIO
1642Tom WaitsIn Shades4:25Heartattack And Vine21980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 167FATASSRADIO
1643Tom WaitsSaving All My Love For You3:41Heartattack And Vine31980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 153FATASSRADIO
1644Tom WaitsDowntown4:45Heartattack And Vine41980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 164FATASSRADIO
1645Tom WaitsJersey Girl5:11Heartattack And Vine51980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 165FATASSRADIO
1646Tom Waits'Til The Money Runs Out4:25Heartattack And Vine61980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 159FATASSRADIO
1647Tom WaitsOn The Nickel6:20Heartattack And Vine71980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 156FATASSRADIO
1648Tom WaitsMr. Siegal5:14Heartattack And Vine81980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 171FATASSRADIO
1649Tom WaitsRuby's Arms5:35Heartattack And Vine91980Alternative Singer-Songwriter 163FATASSRADIO
1650Tom WaitsBlack Rider2:07Live in Seattle 10/18/001 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1651Tom WaitsJockey Full Of Bourbon3:15Live in Seattle 10/18/002 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1652Tom WaitsJesus Gonna Be Here4:42Live in Seattle 10/18/0032000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1653Tom WaitsIn the Colleseum5:05Live in Seattle 10/18/004 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1654Tom WaitsPony4:50Live in Seattle 10/18/005 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1655Tom WaitsGet Behind the Mule5:45Live in Seattle 10/18/006 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1656Tom WaitsChocolate Jesus5:53Live in Seattle 10/18/0072000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1657Tom WaitsFish In the Jailhouse5:16Live in Seattle 10/18/008 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1658Tom WaitsStory About Cologne1:44Live in Seattle 10/18/0092000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1659Tom WaitsHold On6:55Live in Seattle 10/18/0010 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1660Tom WaitsEyeball Kid12:37Live in Seattle 10/18/0011 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1661Tom WaitsTango Till They're Sore3:13Live in Seattle 10/18/0012 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1662Tom WaitsStory About Bumperstickers1:02Live in Seattle 10/18/0013 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1663Tom WaitsBack In the Good Old World3:46Live in Seattle 10/18/00142000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1664Tom WaitsCemetary Polka2:53Live in Seattle 10/18/0015 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1665Tom WaitsInvitation to the Blues4:31Live in Seattle 10/18/0016 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1666Tom WaitsStory About Strong Strange Tre2:03Live in Seattle 10/18/0017 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1667Tom WaitsFall Of Troy3:12Live in Seattle 10/18/0018 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1668Tom WaitsPicture In A Frame3:14Live in Seattle 10/18/0019 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1669Tom WaitsInnocent When You Dream6:51Live in Seattle 10/18/0020 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1670Tom Waits16 Shells From a 30-068:07Live in Seattle 10/18/0021 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1671Tom WaitsGun Street Girl6:49Live in Seattle 10/18/0022 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1672Tom WaitsWho Are You5:34Live in Seattle 10/18/0023 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1673Tom WaitsStrange Weather3:43Live in Seattle 10/18/0024 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1674Tom WaitsCold Cold Ground3:59Live in Seattle 10/18/00252000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1675Tom WaitsI'll Shoot The Moon5:45Live in Seattle 10/18/0026 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1676Tom WaitsFilipino Box Spring Hog8:07Live in Seattle 10/18/00272000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1677Tom WaitsShore Leave5:01Live in Seattle 10/18/00282000Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1678Tom WaitsLucky Day4:53Live in Seattle 10/18/0030 Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1679Tom WaitsMahagonny Songspiel - Steve Weisberg0:47Lost In The Stars - The Music11985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 190FATASSRADIO
1680Tom WaitsThe Ballad Of Mac The Knife - Sting + Dominic Muldowney2:48Lost In The Stars - The Music21985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1681Tom WaitsThe Cannon Song - Fowler Brothers + Stanard Ridgway2:13Lost In The Stars - The Music31985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 190FATASSRADIO
1682Tom WaitsBallad Of The Soldier's Wife - M. Faithfull + Chris Spedding4:22Lost In The Stars - The Music41985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1683Tom WaitsThe Great Hall - Henry Threadgill3:38Lost In The Stars - The Music61985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 188FATASSRADIO
1684Tom WaitsAlabama Song - Ralph Schuckett + Richard Butler4:26Lost In The Stars - The Music71985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1685Tom WaitsYoukali Tango - Armadill String Quartet4:42Lost In The Stars - The Music81985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 182FATASSRADIO
1686Tom WaitsDer Kleine Leutnant Des Lieben Gottes - John Zorn5:22Lost In The Stars - The Music91985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1687Tom WaitsJohnny's Speach - Van Dyke Parks5:41Lost In The Stars - The Music101985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1688Tom WaitsJohnny's Speach - Van Dyke Parks1:45Lost In The Stars - The Music101985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1689Tom WaitsSeptember Song - Lou Reed4:17Lost In The Stars - The Music111985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1690Tom WaitsLost In The Stars - Carla Bley + Phil Woods6:12Lost In The Stars - The Music121985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 183FATASSRADIO
1691Tom WaitsWhat Keeps Mankind Alive - Tom Waits2:12Lost In The Stars - The Music131985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1692Tom WaitsKlops Lied (Meatball Song) - Elliott Sharp0:49Lost In The Stars - The Music141985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1693Tom WaitsSurabaya Johnny - Dagmar Krause4:07Lost In The Stars - The Music151985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1694Tom WaitsHurricane Introduction - Mark Bingham1:00Lost In The Stars - The Music161985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1695Tom WaitsOh Heavenly Salvation - Mark Bingham0:35Lost In The Stars - The Music171985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 208FATASSRADIO
1696Tom WaitsBig In Japan4:05Mule Variations11999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1697Tom WaitsLowside Of The Road2:59Mule Variations21999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1698Tom WaitsHold On5:33Mule Variations31999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1699Tom WaitsGet Behind The Mule6:52Mule Variations41999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1700Tom WaitsHouse Where Nobody Lives4:14Mule Variations51999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1701Tom WaitsCold Water5:23Mule Variations61999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1702Tom WaitsPony4:32Mule Variations71999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1703Tom WaitsWhat's He Building?3:20Mule Variations81999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1704Tom WaitsBlack Market Baby5:02Mule Variations91999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1705Tom WaitsEyeball Kid4:26Mule Variations101999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1706Tom WaitsPicture In A Frame3:39Mule Variations111999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1707Tom WaitsChocolate Jesus3:55Mule Variations121999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1708Tom WaitsGeorgia Lee4:24Mule Variations131999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1709Tom WaitsFilipino Box Spring Hog3:09Mule Variations141999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1710Tom WaitsTake It With Me4:24Mule Variations151999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1711Tom WaitsCome On Up To The House4:36Mule Variations161999Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1712Tom WaitsBack In The Good Old World (Gypsy)2:30Night On Earth11992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1713Tom WaitsLos Angeles Mood (Chromium Descensions)2:35Night On Earth21992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1714Tom WaitsLos Angeles Theme (Another Private Dick)4:28Night On Earth31992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1715Tom WaitsNew York Theme (Hey, You Can Have That Heartattack Outside Buddy)4:03Night On Earth41992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1716Tom WaitsNew York Mood (A New Haircut And A Busted Lip)2:38Night On Earth51992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1717Tom WaitsBaby I'm Not A Baby Anymore (Beatrice Theme)1:58Night On Earth61992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1718Tom WaitsGood Old World [Waltz Instrumental]3:56Night On Earth71992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1719Tom WaitsCarnival (Brunello Del Montalcino)3:05Night On Earth81992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1720Tom WaitsOn The Other Side Of The World5:19Night On Earth91992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1721Tom WaitsGood Old World [Gypsy Instrumental]2:19Night On Earth101992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1722Tom WaitsParis Mood (Un De Fromage)2:38Night On Earth111992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1723Tom WaitsDragging A Dead Priest4:00Night On Earth121992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1724Tom WaitsHelsinki Mood4:10Night On Earth131992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1725Tom WaitsCarnival Bob's Confession2:17Night On Earth141992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1726Tom WaitsGood Old World (Waltz)2:46Night On Earth151992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1727Tom WaitsOn The Other Side Of The World [Instrumental]4:00Night On Earth161992Original Film/TV Music 192FATASSRADIO
1728Tom WaitsEmotional Weather Report6:45Nighthawks At The Diner21975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1729Tom WaitsOn A Foggy Night6:05Nighthawks At The Diner41975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1730Tom Waits(Intro)6:10Nighthawks At The Diner51975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1731Tom WaitsBetter Off Without A Wife7:01Nighthawks At The Diner81975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1732Tom WaitsNighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street)11:33Nighthawks At The Diner91975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1733Tom WaitsWarm Beer And Cold Women6:14Nighthawks At The Diner111975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1734Tom WaitsPutnam County8:19Nighthawks At The Diner131975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1735Tom WaitsSpare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission)6:31Nighthawks At The Diner141975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 189FATASSRADIO
1736Tom WaitsNobody2:46Nighthawks At The Diner151975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 183FATASSRADIO
1737Tom WaitsBig Joe And Phantom 3097:12Nighthawks At The Diner171975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1738Tom WaitsSpare Parts II And Closing5:17Nighthawks At The Diner181975Alternative Singer-Songwriter 191FATASSRADIO
1739Tom WaitsI want you1:22Not Released Studio Tracks  Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1740Tom WaitsStrange weather3:35Not Released Studio Tracks  Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1741Tom WaitsThe Piano Has Been Drinking6:07Not Released Studio Tracks1 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1742Tom WaitsBlue Skies3:24Not Released Studio Tracks2 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1743Tom WaitsMr Henry3:29Not Released Studio Tracks3 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1744Tom WaitsWalk Away2:38Not Released Studio Tracks4 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1745Tom WaitsI'm Crazy About My Baby1:59Not Released Studio Tracks5 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1746Tom WaitsNever Let Go Of Your Hand4:07Not Released Studio Tracks6 Rock 80FATASSRADIO
1747Tom WaitsI'm Not Your Fool Anymore4:59Not Released Studio Tracks7 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1748Tom WaitsLittle Man4:34Not Released Studio Tracks8 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1749Tom WaitsSea Of Love3:46Not Released Studio Tracks9 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1750Tom WaitsTake Care Of All Of My Children2:29Not Released Studio Tracks10 Rock 80FATASSRADIO
1751Tom WaitsHeigh Ho3:25Not Released Studio Tracks11 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1752Tom WaitsWhat Keeps Mankind Alive2:08Not Released Studio Tracks12 Rock 40FATASSRADIO
1753Tom WaitsSingapore2:45Rain Dogs11985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 230FATASSRADIO
1754Tom WaitsClap Hands3:48Rain Dogs21985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 237FATASSRADIO
1755Tom WaitsCemetery Polka1:46Rain Dogs31985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 224FATASSRADIO
1756Tom WaitsJockey Full Of Bourbon2:47Rain Dogs41985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 217FATASSRADIO
1757Tom WaitsTango 'Til They're Sore2:51Rain Dogs51985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 200FATASSRADIO
1758Tom WaitsBig Black Mariah2:43Rain Dogs61985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 207FATASSRADIO
1759Tom WaitsDiamonds & Gold2:32Rain Dogs71985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 222FATASSRADIO
1760Tom WaitsHang Down Your Head2:33Rain Dogs81985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 216FATASSRADIO
1761Tom WaitsTime3:56Rain Dogs91985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 235FATASSRADIO
1762Tom WaitsRain Dogs2:57Rain Dogs101985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 215FATASSRADIO
1763Tom WaitsMidtown [Instrumental]1:03Rain Dogs111985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 253FATASSRADIO
1764Tom Waits9th & Hennepin1:56Rain Dogs121985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 218FATASSRADIO
1765Tom WaitsGun Street Girl4:37Rain Dogs131985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 220FATASSRADIO
1766Tom WaitsUnion Square2:24Rain Dogs141985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 216FATASSRADIO
1767Tom WaitsBlind Love4:20Rain Dogs151985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 248FATASSRADIO
1768Tom WaitsWalking Spanish3:07Rain Dogs161985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 226FATASSRADIO
1769Tom WaitsDowntown Train3:53Rain Dogs171985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 230FATASSRADIO
1770Tom WaitsBride Of Rain Dog [Instrumental]1:09Rain Dogs181985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 222FATASSRADIO
1771Tom WaitsAnywhere I Lay My Head2:47Rain Dogs191985Alternative Singer-Songwriter 188FATASSRADIO
1772Tom WaitsTom Traubert's Blues6:38Small Change11976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1773Tom WaitsStep Right Up5:42Small Change21976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 191FATASSRADIO
1774Tom WaitsJitterbug Boy3:44Small Change31976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 188FATASSRADIO
1775Tom WaitsI Wish I Was In New Orleans4:52Small Change41976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1776Tom WaitsThe Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)3:41Small Change51976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1777Tom WaitsInvitation To The Blues5:24Small Change61976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1778Tom WaitsPasties & A G-String2:32Small Change71976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 190FATASSRADIO
1779Tom WaitsBad Liver & A Broken Heart4:50Small Change81976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1780Tom WaitsThe One That Got Away4:04Small Change91976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 191FATASSRADIO
1781Tom WaitsSmall Change (Got Rained On With His Own .38)5:10Small Change101976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1782Tom WaitsI Can't Wait To Get Off Work (And See My Baby On Montgomery Avenue)3:16Small Change111976Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1783Tom WaitsUnderground2:01Swordfishtrombones11983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1784Tom WaitsShore Leave4:18Swordfishtrombones21983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1785Tom WaitsDave The Butcher2:20Swordfishtrombones31983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1786Tom WaitsJohnsburg, Illinois1:33Swordfishtrombones41983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1787Tom Waits16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six4:33Swordfishtrombones51983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1788Tom WaitsTown With No Cheer4:28Swordfishtrombones61983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1789Tom WaitsIn The Neighborhood3:07Swordfishtrombones71983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1790Tom WaitsJust Another Sucker On The Vine1:46Swordfishtrombones81983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1791Tom WaitsFrank's Wild Years1:53Swordfishtrombones91983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 194FATASSRADIO
1792Tom WaitsSwordfishtrombone3:08Swordfishtrombones101983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1793Tom WaitsDown, Down, Down2:16Swordfishtrombones111983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1794Tom WaitsSoldier's Things3:23Swordfishtrombones121983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1795Tom WaitsGin Soaked Boy2:24Swordfishtrombones131983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1796Tom WaitsTrouble's Braids1:18Swordfishtrombones141983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1797Tom WaitsRainbirds3:14Swordfishtrombones151983Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1798Tom WaitsLucky Day Overture2:29The Black Rider11993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1799Tom WaitsThe Black Rider3:23The Black Rider21993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1800Tom WaitsNovember2:55The Black Rider31993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1801Tom WaitsJust The Right Bullets3:37The Black Rider41993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1802Tom WaitsBlack Box Theme2:44The Black Rider51993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1803Tom WaitsT'ain't No Sin2:27The Black Rider61993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1804Tom WaitsFlash Pan Hunter/Intro1:11The Black Rider71993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1805Tom WaitsThat's The Way1:09The Black Rider81993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1806Tom WaitsThe Briar And The Rose3:52The Black Rider91993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1807Tom WaitsRussian Dance3:14The Black Rider101993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1808Tom WaitsGospel Train / Orchestra2:35The Black Rider111993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1809Tom WaitsI'll Shoot The Moon3:53The Black Rider121993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1810Tom WaitsFlash Pan Hunter3:12The Black Rider131993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1811Tom WaitsCrossroads2:45The Black Rider141993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1812Tom WaitsGospel Train4:45The Black Rider151993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1813Tom WaitsInterlude0:20The Black Rider161993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1814Tom WaitsOily Night4:26The Black Rider171993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1815Tom WaitsLucky Day3:44The Black Rider181993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1816Tom WaitsThe Last Rose Of Summer2:09The Black Rider191993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1817Tom WaitsCarnival1:16The Black Rider201993Alternative Singer-Songwriter 192FATASSRADIO
1818Tom WaitsI Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You5:26The Dime Store Novels Vol.111974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1819Tom WaitsSan Diego Serenade2:55The Dime Store Novels Vol.121974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1820Tom WaitsGood Night Loving Trail5:47The Dime Store Novels Vol.131974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1821Tom WaitsDiamonds On My Windshield2:21The Dime Store Novels Vol.141974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1822Tom WaitsIce Cream Man2:53The Dime Store Novels Vol.151974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1823Tom WaitsPlease Call Me Baby5:09The Dime Store Novels Vol.161974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1824Tom WaitsBetter Off Without A Wife2:27The Dime Store Novels Vol.171974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1825Tom WaitsThe Ghost Of Saturday Night2:51The Dime Store Novels Vol.181974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1826Tom WaitsBig Joe & Phantom 3095:21The Dime Store Novels Vol.191974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1827Tom WaitsSemiSuite3:05The Dime Store Novels Vol.1101974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1828Tom WaitsOn A Foggy Night2:33The Dime Store Novels Vol.1121974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1829Tom WaitsGoin' Down Slowly2:48The Early Years11991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1830Tom WaitsPoncho's Lament4:17The Early Years21991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 194FATASSRADIO
1831Tom WaitsI'm Your Late Night Evening Prostitute3:15The Early Years31991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1832Tom WaitsHad Me A Girl5:32The Early Years41991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 189FATASSRADIO
1833Tom WaitsIce Cream Man3:11The Early Years51991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1834Tom WaitsRockin' Chair3:15The Early Years61991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 190FATASSRADIO
1835Tom WaitsVirginia Ave2:41The Early Years71991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1836Tom WaitsMidnight Lullabye3:37The Early Years81991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 193FATASSRADIO
1837Tom WaitsWhen You Ain't Got Nobody3:24The Early Years91991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1838Tom WaitsLittle Trip To Heaven3:02The Early Years101991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1839Tom WaitsFrank's Song1:56The Early Years111991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1840Tom WaitsLooks Like I'm Up Shit Creek Again3:03The Early Years121991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1841Tom WaitsSo Long I'll See Ya3:33The Early Years131991Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1842Tom WaitsHope I Don't Fall In Love With You5:01The Early Years Vol. 211971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 173FATASSRADIO
1843Tom WaitsOl' 554:07The Early Years Vol. 221971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 158FATASSRADIO
1844Tom WaitsMockin' Bird3:27The Early Years Vol. 231971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 150FATASSRADIO
1845Tom WaitsIn Between Love3:01The Early Years Vol. 241971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 154FATASSRADIO
1846Tom WaitsBlue Skies2:13The Early Years Vol. 251971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 154FATASSRADIO
1847Tom WaitsNobody2:47The Early Years Vol. 261971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 150FATASSRADIO
1848Tom WaitsI Want You1:22The Early Years Vol. 271971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 157FATASSRADIO
1849Tom WaitsShiver Me Timbres3:48The Early Years Vol. 281971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 169FATASSRADIO
1850Tom WaitsGrapefruit Moon4:36The Early Years Vol. 291971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 151FATASSRADIO
1851Tom WaitsDiamonds On My Windshield3:10The Early Years Vol. 2101971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 181FATASSRADIO
1852Tom WaitsPlease Call Me, Baby3:43The Early Years Vol. 2111971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 171FATASSRADIO
1853Tom WaitsSo It Goes2:31The Early Years Vol. 2121971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 154FATASSRADIO
1854Tom WaitsOld Shoes (& Picture Postcards)4:24The Early Years Vol. 2131971Alternative Singer-Songwriter 155FATASSRADIO
1855Tom WaitsNew Coat Of Paint3:22The Heart Of Saturday Night11974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 188FATASSRADIO
1856Tom WaitsSan Diego Serenade3:29The Heart Of Saturday Night21974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1857Tom WaitsSemi Suite3:29The Heart Of Saturday Night31974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 186FATASSRADIO
1858Tom WaitsShiver Me Timbers4:25The Heart Of Saturday Night41974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1859Tom WaitsDiamonds On My Windshield3:06The Heart Of Saturday Night51974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 195FATASSRADIO
1860Tom Waits(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night3:57The Heart Of Saturday Night61974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 185FATASSRADIO
1861Tom WaitsFumblin' With The Blues3:03The Heart Of Saturday Night71974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1862Tom WaitsPlease Call Me, Baby4:26The Heart Of Saturday Night81974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 188FATASSRADIO
1863Tom WaitsDepot, Depot3:45The Heart Of Saturday Night91974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 188FATASSRADIO
1864Tom WaitsDrunk On The Moon3:57The Heart Of Saturday Night101974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1865Tom WaitsThe Ghosts Of Saturday Night (After Hours At Napoleone's Pizza House)3:15The Heart Of Saturday Night111974Alternative Singer-Songwriter 184FATASSRADIO
1866Tom WaitsHeartattack And Vine4:45Used Songs 1973-198012001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 167FATASSRADIO
1867Tom WaitsEggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)4:23Used Songs 1973-198022001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 158FATASSRADIO
1868Tom WaitsA Sight For Sore Eyes4:41Used Songs 1973-198032001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 157FATASSRADIO
1869Tom WaitsWhistlin´ Past The Graveyard3:16Used Songs 1973-198042001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 173FATASSRADIO
1870Tom WaitsBurma Shave6:33Used Songs 1973-198052001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 162FATASSRADIO
1871Tom WaitsStep Right Up5:40Used Songs 1973-198062001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 194FATASSRADIO
1872Tom WaitsOl´553:58Used Songs 1973-198072001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 187FATASSRADIO
1873Tom WaitsMr. Siegal5:14Used Songs 1973-198092001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 178FATASSRADIO
1874Tom WaitsJersey Girl5:10Used Songs 1973-1980102001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 170FATASSRADIO
1875Tom WaitsChristmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis4:32Used Songs 1973-1980112001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 164FATASSRADIO
1876Tom WaitsBlue Valentines5:51Used Songs 1973-1980122001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 168FATASSRADIO
1877Tom Waits(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night3:51Used Songs 1973-1980132001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 135FATASSRADIO
1878Tom WaitsMuriel3:34Used Songs 1973-1980142001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 181FATASSRADIO
1879Tom WaitsWrong Side Of The Road5:14Used Songs 1973-1980152001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 163FATASSRADIO
1880Tom WaitsTom Traubert´s Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)6:35Used Songs 1973-1980162001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 160FATASSRADIO
1881Tom Waits and Bette MidlerI Never Talk To Strangers3:38Used Songs 1973-198082001Alternative Singer-Songwriter 164FATASSRADIO
1882Tom Waits and Crystal GayleOpening Montage: Tom's Piano Intro/Once Upon A Town5:16One From The Heart11982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1883Tom Waits and Crystal GayleIs There Any Way Out Of This Dream?2:13One From The Heart21982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1884Tom Waits and Crystal GaylePicking Up After You3:54One From The Heart31982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1885Tom Waits and Crystal GayleOld Boyfriends5:53One From The Heart41982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1886Tom Waits and Crystal GayleBroken Bicycles2:53One From The Heart51982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1887Tom Waits and Crystal GayleI Beg Your Pardon4:26One From The Heart61982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1888Tom Waits and Crystal GayleLittle Boy Blue3:43One From The Heart71982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1889Tom Waits and Crystal GayleInstrumental Montage: The Tango/Circus Girl3:00One From The Heart81982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1890Tom Waits and Crystal GayleYou Can't Unring A Bell2:20One From The Heart91982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1891Tom Waits and Crystal GayleThis One's From The Heart5:44One From The Heart101982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1892Tom Waits and Crystal GayleTake Me Home1:36One From The Heart111982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1893Tom Waits and Crystal GaylePresents0:59One From The Heart121982Original Film/TV Music 128FATASSRADIO
1894The TombstonesBlack Magic Woman (2000)3:15Halloween Dance Party 2000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1895The TombstonesLove Song For A Vampire (2000)4:21Halloween Dance Party 2000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1896The TombstonesSympathy For The Devil (2000)5:02Halloween Dance Party12000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1897The TombstonesI Put A Spell On You (2000)4:55Halloween Dance Party32000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1898The TombstonesSuperstition (2000)3:32Halloween Dance Party42000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1899The TombstonesThe Graveyard Shift (2000)7:47Halloween Dance party52000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1900The TombstonesThe Devil In Disguise (2000)2:25Halloween Dance Party62000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1901The TombstonesBad Moon Rising2:18Halloween Dance Party72000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1902The TombstonesThe Witch Doctor (2000)2:22Halloween Dance Party82000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1903The TombstonesWitchy Woman (2000)4:11Hallowen Dance Party42000Halloween 128FATASSRADIO
1904Tommy BoyceWhere The Action Is ("Action")1:17Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5601996Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
1905Tommy Boyce & Bobby HartI Wonder What She's Doing Tonight2:41     128FATASSRADIO
1906Tommy James & the ShondellsCrimson and Clover5:28The Very Best of Tommy James & the Shondells71993Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1907Tommy James and The ShondellsHanky Panky2:53Anthology11966Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1908Tommy James and The ShondellsSay I Am (What I Am)2:32Anthology21989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1909Tommy James and The ShondellsIt's Only Love2:16Anthology31989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1910Tommy James and The ShondellsI Think We're Alone Now2:12Anthology41967Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1911Tommy James and The Shondells(Baby, Baby) I Can't Take It No More2:25Anthology51989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1912Tommy James and The ShondellsMirage2:39Anthology61989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1913Tommy James and The ShondellsI Like The Way2:43Anthology71989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1914Tommy James and The ShondellsRun, Run, Baby, Run2:21Anthology81989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1915Tommy James and The ShondellsGettin' Together2:16Anthology91989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1916Tommy James and The ShondellsReal Girl2:18Anthology101989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1917Tommy James and The ShondellsLove's Closin' In On Me2:16Anthology111989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1918Tommy James and The ShondellsOut Of The Blue2:26Anthology121989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1919Tommy James and The ShondellsGet Out Now2:13Anthology131989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1920Tommy James and The Shondells(I'm) Taken2:27Anthology141989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1921Tommy James and The ShondellsOne Two Three And I Fell2:20Anthology151989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1922Tommy James and The ShondellsMony Mony2:54Anthology161968Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1923Tommy James and The ShondellsSomebody Cares2:41Anthology171989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1924Tommy James and The ShondellsDo Something To Me2:31Anthology181989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1925Tommy James and The ShondellsCrimson & Clover3:29Anthology191989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1926Tommy James and The ShondellsSugar On Sunday3:27Anthology201989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1927Tommy James and The ShondellsCrystal Blue Persuasion4:06Anthology211989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1928Tommy James and The ShondellsSweet Cherry Wine4:31Anthology221989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1929Tommy James and The ShondellsLoved One3:41Anthology231989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1930Tommy James and The ShondellsBall Of Fire3:07Anthology241989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1931Tommy James and The ShondellsShe2:03Anthology251989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1932Tommy James and The ShondellsGotta Get Back To You3:05Anthology261989Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1933Tommy James and The ShondellsDraggin' The Line2:44Anthology271971Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1934Tommy James and The ShondellsHanky Panky2:56Hanky Panky/Mony Mony11991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1935Tommy James and The ShondellsI'Ll Go Crazy2:17Hanky Panky/Mony Mony21991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1936Tommy James and The ShondellsI'm So Proud3:23Hanky Panky/Mony Mony31991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1937Tommy James and The ShondellsThe Lover2:07Hanky Panky/Mony Mony41991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1938Tommy James and The ShondellsLove Makes The World Go Round2:24Hanky Panky/Mony Mony51991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1939Tommy James and The ShondellsGood Lovin'2:26Hanky Panky/Mony Mony61991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1940Tommy James and The ShondellsSay I Am2:37Hanky Panky/Mony Mony71991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1941Tommy James and The ShondellsCleo'S Mood2:23Hanky Panky/Mony Mony81991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1942Tommy James and The ShondellsDon'T Throw Our Love Away2:54Hanky Panky/Mony Mony91991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1943Tommy James and The ShondellsShake A Tail Feather2:37Hanky Panky/Mony Mony101991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1944Tommy James and The ShondellsSoul Searchin' Baby2:48Hanky Panky/Mony Mony111991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1945Tommy James and The ShondellsLot'S Of Pretty Girls2:04Hanky Panky/Mony Mony121991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1946Tommy James and The ShondellsMony Mony2:56Hanky Panky/Mony Mony131991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1947Tommy James and The ShondellsDo Unto Me2:30Hanky Panky/Mony Mony141991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1948Tommy James and The ShondellsTaken2:30Hanky Panky/Mony Mony151991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1949Tommy James and The ShondellsNightime2:44Hanky Panky/Mony Mony161991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1950Tommy James and The ShondellsRun Away With Me2:57Hanky Panky/Mony Mony171991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1951Tommy James and The ShondellsSomebody Cares2:45Hanky Panky/Mony Mony181991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1952Tommy James and The ShondellsGet Out Now2:15Hanky Panky/Mony Mony191991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1953Tommy James and The ShondellsI Can'T Go Back To Denver2:15Hanky Panky/Mony Mony201991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1954Tommy James and The ShondellsSome Kind Of Love2:06Hanky Panky/Mony Mony211991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1955Tommy James and The ShondellsGingerbread Man3:02Hanky Panky/Mony Mony221991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1956Tommy James and The ShondellsOne Two Three & I Fell2:20Hanky Panky/Mony Mony231991Bubblegum & Sunshine Pop 256FATASSRADIO
1957Tommy James and The ShondellsHanky Panky2:54The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells1199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1958Tommy James and The ShondellsSay I Am (What I Am)2:33The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells2199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1959Tommy James and The ShondellsIt's Only Love2:18The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells3199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1960Tommy James and The ShondellsI Think We're Alone Now2:11The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells4199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1961Tommy James and The ShondellsMirage2:40The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells5199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1962Tommy James and The ShondellsI Like The Way2:44The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells6199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1963Tommy James and The ShondellsGettin' Together2:17The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells7199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1964Tommy James and The ShondellsOut Of The Blue2:27The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells8199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1965Tommy James and The ShondellsMony Mony2:55The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells9199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1966Tommy James and The ShondellsDo Something To Me2:32The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells10199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1967Tommy James and The ShondellsCrimson & Clover3:30The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells11199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1968Tommy James and The ShondellsSweet Cherry Wine4:31The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells12199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1969Tommy James and The ShondellsCrystal Blue Persuasion4:05The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells13199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1970Tommy James and The ShondellsBall Of Fire3:08The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells14199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1971Tommy James and The ShondellsShe2:04The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells15199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1972Tommy James and The ShondellsDraggin' The Line2:45The Very Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells16199350's Oldies 192FATASSRADIO
1973Tommy LeeTrying To Be Me3:35     244FATASSRADIO
1974Tommy LeeAfterglow3:33Never A Dull Moment12002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1975Tommy LeeHold Me Down3:21Never A Dull Moment22002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1976Tommy LeeBody Architects2:57Never A Dull Moment32002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1977Tommy LeeAshamed3:51Never A Dull Moment42002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1978Tommy LeeFame3:40Never A Dull Moment52002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1979Tommy LeeBlue4:30Never A Dull Moment62002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1980Tommy LeeSunday3:28Never A Dull Moment72002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1981Tommy LeeWhy is It4:02Never A Dull Moment82002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1982Tommy LeeFace To Face2:57Never A Dull Moment92002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1983Tommy LeeHigher4:01Never A Dull Moment102002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1984Tommy LeePeople So Strange3:15Never A Dull Moment112002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1985Tommy LeeMr. Shitty1:02Never A Dull Moment122002Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1986Tommy ShawLove Gun3:59Spin The Bottle22004Hard Rock 192FATASSRADIO
1987TommyTutone867-5309 (Jenny)3:47   Rock 128FATASSRADIO
1988Tomomichi NishimuraVega0:51Street Fighter EX321996Game 124FATASSRADIO
1989Tomomichi NishimuraGouki1:08Street Fighter EX331996Game 126FATASSRADIO
1990Tomoya OhtaniEvent: The Base1:53Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (Dark Side)232001Game 192FATASSRADIO
1991Tomoya OhtaniEvent: Stategy1:28Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (Disc 1 - Hero Side)132001Game 192FATASSRADIO
1992Tomoya OhtaniKick The Rock! ...for Wild Canyon3:16Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (Disc 1 - Hero Side)202001Game 192FATASSRADIO
1993Tomoya OhtaniA Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill3:24Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (Disc 1 - Hero Side)212001Game 192FATASSRADIO
1994Tomoya OhtaniDive Into The Mellow ...for Aquatic Mine3:37Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (Disc 1 - Hero Side)222001Game 192FATASSRADIO
1995Tomoya OhtaniDeeper ...for Death Chamber4:08Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (Disc 1 - Hero Side)232001Game 192FATASSRADIO
1996Tomoya OhtaniSpace Trip Steps ...for Meteor Herd3:31Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (Disc 1 - Hero Side)242001Game 192FATASSRADIO
1997Tone LocWild Thing4:25>?<21989Rap 128FATASSRADIO
1998Tone-LocFunky Cold Medina4:07Loc-ed After Dark61989Other Rap/Hip-Hop 112FATASSRADIO
1999Toni BasilMickey3:25Word Of Mouth11981Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2000Tony DanzaHudson Street0:34TV's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 (Cable Ready)271996Sound Track 192FATASSRADIO
2001Tony Goldmark featuring The Great Luke SkiThe Pirate Song3:04Worst Album Ever!92003Comedy 128FATASSRADIO
2002Tony HarnellIt Doesn't Matter ...Theme of Sonic4:29Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax Triple Threat112004Game 320FATASSRADIO
2003Top CityTop City Anthem3:21Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete  Other 128FATASSRADIO
2004Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaFighting Street4:44Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie11994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2005Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaPlot5:08Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie21994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2006Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaCry5:24Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie31994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2007Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaEnter Vega4:40Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie41994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2008Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaItoshisa to Setsunasato4:22Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie51994Anime 192FATASSRADIO
2009Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaBattle - Blanka & Zangief4:46Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie61994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2010Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaBreak3:50Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie71994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2011Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaMission4:15Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie81994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2012Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaMy Hot Recollections4:28Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie91994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2013Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaAssassination4:44Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie101994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2014Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaFarewell - Ryu & Ken4:26Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie111994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2015Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaGood Luck6:44Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie121994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2016Toriyama Yuuji; Komuro TetsuyaA Riddle - Gouki Theme2:07Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie131994Anime 128FATASSRADIO
2017Toshihiko HoriyamaTitle0:15Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)1 Game 192FATASSRADIO
2018Toshihiko HoriyamaPlayer Select0:24Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)2 Game 273FATASSRADIO
2019Toshihiko HoriyamaStage Select1:07Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)3 Game 285FATASSRADIO
2020Toshihiko HoriyamaOpening Stage X2:02Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)4 Game 276FATASSRADIO
2021Toshihiko HoriyamaOpening Stage Zero1:39Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)5 Game 297FATASSRADIO
2022Toshihiko HoriyamaEregion1:14Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)6 Game 286FATASSRADIO
2023Toshihiko HoriyamaStage Start0:16Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)7 Game 215FATASSRADIO
2024Toshihiko HoriyamaWeb Spidus Stage2:48Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)8 Game 261FATASSRADIO
2025Toshihiko HoriyamaCyber Kujacker Stage2:33Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)9 Game 275FATASSRADIO
2026Toshihiko HoriyamaStorm Fukuroul Stage2:21Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)10 Game 296FATASSRADIO
2027Toshihiko HoriyamaMagmard Dragoon Stage1:58Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)11 Game 291FATASSRADIO
2028Toshihiko HoriyamaJet Stingren Stage1:53Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)12 Game 293FATASSRADIO
2029Toshihiko HoriyamaSplit Mushroom Stage2:44Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)13 Game 283FATASSRADIO
2030Toshihiko HoriyamaSlash Beastleo Stage2:47Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)14 Game 282FATASSRADIO
2031Toshihiko HoriyamaFrost Kibatodos Stage2:14Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)15 Game 215FATASSRADIO
2032Toshihiko HoriyamaFrost Kibatodos Stage2:35Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)16 Game 237FATASSRADIO
2033Toshihiko HoriyamaBoss1:15Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)17 Game 248FATASSRADIO
2034Toshihiko HoriyamaStage Clear X0:10Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)18 Game 195FATASSRADIO
2035Toshihiko HoriyamaStage Clear Zero0:11Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)19 Game 217FATASSRADIO
2036Toshihiko HoriyamaGet a Weapon0:38Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)20 Game 283FATASSRADIO
2037Toshihiko HoriyamaStage Select 10:45Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)21 Game 276FATASSRADIO
2038Toshihiko HoriyamaFinal Weapon Stage 11:33Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)22 Game 288FATASSRADIO
2039Toshihiko HoriyamaColonel & General1:10Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)23 Game 292FATASSRADIO
2040Toshihiko HoriyamaFinal Weapon Stage 22:50Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)24 Game 265FATASSRADIO
2041Toshihiko HoriyamaDouble1:47Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)25 Game 288FATASSRADIO
2042Toshihiko HoriyamaIris1:52Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)26 Game 267FATASSRADIO
2043Toshihiko HoriyamaSigma 1st2:07Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)27 Game 261FATASSRADIO
2044Toshihiko HoriyamaSigma 2nd1:36Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)28 Game 290FATASSRADIO
2045Toshihiko HoriyamaDr. Light0:46Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)29 Game 213FATASSRADIO
2046Toshihiko HoriyamaDemo 10:48Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)30 Game 232FATASSRADIO
2047Toshihiko HoriyamaDemo 20:33Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)31 Game 269FATASSRADIO
2048Toshihiko HoriyamaSigma Demo0:44Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)32 Game 208FATASSRADIO
2049Toshihiko HoriyamaIndependence0:33Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)33 Game 192FATASSRADIO
2050Toshihiko HoriyamaBetrayal Of Double0:30Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)34 Game 212FATASSRADIO
2051Toshihiko HoriyamaEnding X0:24Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)35 Game 167FATASSRADIO
2052Toshihiko HoriyamaMemory Of Past 10:39Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)36 Game 159FATASSRADIO
2053Toshihiko HoriyamaMemory Of Past 20:21Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)37 Game 181FATASSRADIO
2054Toshihiko HoriyamaColonel vs. Zero0:24Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)38 Game 256FATASSRADIO
2055Toshihiko HoriyamaZero's Past1:41Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)39 Game 266FATASSRADIO
2056Toshihiko HoriyamaEnding Zero0:29Rockman X4 Original Soundtrack (Capcom Music Generation)40 Game 198FATASSRADIO
2057Toshiko EzakiSmile4:59Pocket Monster OP & ED Single - Challenger!! & Smile (Rika Matsumoto & Toshiko Ezaki)22004Anime 192FATASSRADIO
2058Toshiko EzakiSmile (Original karaoke)4:59Pocket Monster OP & ED Single - Challenger!! & Smile (Rika Matsumoto & Toshiko Ezaki)62004Anime 192FATASSRADIO
2059Total ChaosOne4:53A Punk Tribute To Metallica82001Punk 192FATASSRADIO
2060TotoSt. George And The Dragon4:44Hydra21979AOR Classic Rock 202FATASSRADIO
2061TourbillonBreak the Chain4:18Break the Chain12008Japanese Pop 320FATASSRADIO
2062Toxic AudioSpooky3:13Toxic Audio21999Other Pop 80FATASSRADIO
2063To-yaGo Away3:47Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection14 PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
2064To-yaRun Away4:29Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection15 PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
2065Tracey UllmanThey Don't Know3:02VH-1 More Of The Big 80's131997Rock 216FATASSRADIO
2066TRACII GUNSParasite3:17Spacewalk: A Salute To Ace Frehley71996Rock 192FATASSRADIO
2067Transformers Superlink[Op]1:28  2004Anime 256FATASSRADIO
2068Travelin' Smiley Whippersnapper And His Dakota WanderersHow Do You Get to South Dakota?2:30A T-Rex Named Sue22005Children 129FATASSRADIO
2069Travis TrittI Walk the Line4:18Kindred Spirits: A Tribute to the Songs of Johnny Cash62002Country 129FATASSRADIO
2070TribeOutside4:55Rock Band54 Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2071Trini LopezThis land is your land3:51album7 50-60 192FATASSRADIO
2072The Troggswild thing2:3660's collecion12 60's Hits 128FATASSRADIO
2073Tsukasa TawadaTitle Screen0:56Pokemon Battle Revolution12006Soundtrack 197FATASSRADIO
2074Tsukasa TawadaMinor Boss Theme - Voldon, Terrel, Rosie, Dusty, Taylor, Marina3:23Pokemon Battle Revolution22006Soundtrack 206FATASSRADIO
2075Tsukasa TawadaColosseum Leader - Kruger's Theme2:12Pokemon Battle Revolution32006Soundtrack 215FATASSRADIO
2076Tsukasa TawadaColosseum Leader - Joe's Theme3:07Pokemon Battle Revolution42006Soundtrack 200FATASSRADIO
2077Tsukasa TawadaColosseum Leader - Sashay's Theme2:58Pokemon Battle Revolution52006Soundtrack 200FATASSRADIO
2078Tsukasa TawadaFinal Battle Theme - Mysterial's Theme4:54Pokemon Battle Revolution62006Soundtrack 201FATASSRADIO
2079Tsukasa TawadaWaterfall Colossuem3:18Pokemon Battle Revolution72006Soundtrack 209FATASSRADIO
2080Tsukasa TawadaMagma Colossuem3:16Pokemon Battle Revolution82006Soundtrack 220FATASSRADIO
2081Tsukasa TawadaCourtyard Colossuem4:00Pokemon Battle Revolution92006Soundtrack 208FATASSRADIO
2082Tsukasa TawadaSunny Park Colossuem3:13Pokemon Battle Revolution102006Soundtrack 205FATASSRADIO
2083Tsukasa TawadaSunset Colossuem3:55Pokemon Battle Revolution112006Soundtrack 220FATASSRADIO
2084Tsukasa TawadaStargazer Colossuem4:07Pokemon Battle Revolution122006Soundtrack 220FATASSRADIO
2085Tsukasa TawadaGateway Colossuem4:59Pokemon Battle Revolution132006Soundtrack 215FATASSRADIO
2086Tsukasa TawadaNeon Colossuem3:48Pokemon Battle Revolution142006Soundtrack 208FATASSRADIO
2087Tsukasa TawadaMain Street Colossuem4:02Pokemon Battle Revolution152006Soundtrack 219FATASSRADIO
2088Tsukasa TawadaCrystal Colossuem4:07Pokemon Battle Revolution162006Soundtrack 208FATASSRADIO
2089Tsukasa TawadaEnding to Poketopia0:27Pokemon Battle Revolution172006Soundtrack 196FATASSRADIO
2090Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Fanfare #10:09Pokemon Battle Revolution182006Soundtrack 178FATASSRADIO
2091Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Fanfare #20:09Pokemon Battle Revolution192006Soundtrack 183FATASSRADIO
2092Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Fanfare #30:06Pokemon Battle Revolution202006Soundtrack 178FATASSRADIO
2093Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Fanfare #40:06Pokemon Battle Revolution212006Soundtrack 183FATASSRADIO
2094Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Fanfare #50:10Pokemon Battle Revolution222006Soundtrack 194FATASSRADIO
2095Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Fanfare #60:12Pokemon Battle Revolution232006Soundtrack 189FATASSRADIO
2096Tsukasa TawadaCompleted Colossuem Fanfare0:06Pokemon Battle Revolution242006Soundtrack 181FATASSRADIO
2097Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Lost Fanfare0:04Pokemon Battle Revolution252006Soundtrack 174FATASSRADIO
2098Tsukasa TawadaPlayer Wins Fanfare0:05Pokemon Battle Revolution262006Soundtrack 180FATASSRADIO
2099Tsukasa TawadaIntro to Poketopia0:14Pokemon Battle Revolution272006Soundtrack 198FATASSRADIO
2100Tsukasa TawadaPokemon Revolution Demo Music1:57Pokemon Battle Revolution282006Soundtrack 179FATASSRADIO
2101Tsukasa TawadaChoose a Colosseum2:08Pokemon Battle Revolution5222006Soundtrack 209FATASSRADIO
2102Tsukasa TawadaNintendo WFC Menu2:11Pokemon Battle Revolution5232006Soundtrack 233FATASSRADIO
2103Tsukasa TawadaReception Desk2:17Pokemon Battle Revolution5242006Soundtrack 208FATASSRADIO
2104Tsukasa TawadaBeta Track2:33Pokemon Battle Revolution5252006Soundtrack 225FATASSRADIO
2105Tsukasa TawadaSelect your Pokemon2:05Pokemon Battle Revolution5262006Soundtrack 231FATASSRADIO
2106Tsukasa TawadaPokemon Wheel1:32Pokemon Battle Revolution5272006Soundtrack 211FATASSRADIO
2107Tsukasa TawadaBattle Tutorial Menu1:51Pokemon Battle Revolution5282006Soundtrack 216FATASSRADIO
2108Tsukasa TawadaWhat's Your Name1:36Pokemon Battle Revolution5292006Soundtrack 209FATASSRADIO
2109Tsukasa TawadaMain Menu - Game Mode Menu0:53Pokemon Battle Revolution5302006Soundtrack 228FATASSRADIO
2110Tsuneo ImahoriH.T.1:32The First Donuts121999Soundtrack 128FATASSRADIO
2111TTmaGoing Crazy3:54   Dance 64FATASSRADIO
2112TTmaMy Baby3:28   Dance 128FATASSRADIO
2113TTmaWanna Be Loved3:56   Dance 128FATASSRADIO
2114TTMaLoner3:54????101999Rock 128FATASSRADIO
2115TTMAPrism3:48131999Dance 128FATASSRADIO
2116TurboBlack Cat Nero3:12   Pop 128FATASSRADIO
2117TURBOHappy Birthday1:31   Other 128FATASSRADIO
2118TURBONON STOP REMIX2:38Pump It Up The 1st Dance Floor    128FATASSRADIO
2119TurtleLet's Boogie4:01PIU - Full Versions6 PIU Music 128FATASSRADIO
2120The TurtlesLike The Seasons (45 rpm Single)1:55     320FATASSRADIO
2121TurtlesWhat's Goin' On3:10Pump Haven's PIU OST Complete Collection  Other 128FATASSRADIO
2122tv themestv themes - Zoobilee Zoo1:13     160FATASSRADIO
2123Twisted SisterHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas4:48A Twisted Christmas12006Pop Metal 237FATASSRADIO
2124Twisted SisterOh Come All Ye Faitful4:40A Twisted Christmas22006Pop Metal 220FATASSRADIO
2125Twisted SisterWhite Christmas3:56A Twisted Christmas32006Pop Metal 226FATASSRADIO
2126Twisted SisterI'll Be Home For Christmas (Featuring Lita Ford)4:08A Twisted Christmas42006Pop Metal 231FATASSRADIO
2127Twisted SisterSilver Bells5:05A Twisted Christmas52006Pop Metal 233FATASSRADIO
2128Twisted SisterI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus3:39A Twisted Christmas62006Pop Metal 237FATASSRADIO
2129Twisted SisterLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow3:09A Twisted Christmas72006Pop Metal 232FATASSRADIO
2130Twisted SisterDeck The Halls2:52A Twisted Christmas82006Pop Metal 236FATASSRADIO
2131Twisted SisterThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)3:40A Twisted Christmas92006Pop Metal 221FATASSRADIO
2132Twisted SisterHeavy Metal Christmas (The Twelve Days Of Christmas)5:14A Twisted Christmas102006Pop Metal 239FATASSRADIO
2133Twisted SisterWe Wish You A Merry Christmas0:36A Twisted Christmas112006Pop Metal 216FATASSRADIO
2134Twisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take It3:39Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister11984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2135Twisted SisterI Wanna Rock3:02Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister21984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2136Twisted SisterI Am (I'm Me)3:34Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister31992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2137Twisted SisterThe Price3:48Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister41992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2138Twisted SisterYou Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll4:42Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister51992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2139Twisted SisterThe Kids Are Back3:17Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister61992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2140Twisted SisterShoot 'Em Down3:52Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister71992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2141Twisted SisterUnder The Blade4:40Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister81992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2142Twisted SisterI'll Never Grow Up Now!4:07Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister91992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2143Twisted SisterBad Boys (Of Rock 'n' Roll)3:54Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister101992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2144Twisted SisterWhat You Don't Know Sure Can Hurt You (Live Version)6:21Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister111992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2145Twisted SisterDestroyer (Live Version)4:40Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister121992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2146Twisted SisterTear It Loose (Live Version)3:06Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister131992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2147Twisted SisterIt's Only Rock 'n' Roll (Live Version)10:10Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister141992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2148Twisted SisterLet The Good Times Roll/Feel So Fine (Live Version)4:14Big Hits And Nasty Cuts: The Best Of Twisted Sister151992Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2149Twisted SisterBlastin' Fast & Loud3:01Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never22002  192FATASSRADIO
2150Twisted SisterFollow Me3:30Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never32002  192FATASSRADIO
2151Twisted SisterUnder The Blade5:02Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never42002  192FATASSRADIO
2152Twisted SisterLady's Boy5:09Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never52002  192FATASSRADIO
2153Twisted SisterCome Back6:55Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never62002  192FATASSRADIO
2154Twisted SisterCan't Stand Still4:49Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never72002  192FATASSRADIO
2155Twisted SisterHoney, Look Three Times4:12Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never82002  192FATASSRADIO
2156Twisted SisterYou Know I Cry5:52Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never92002  192FATASSRADIO
2157Twisted SisterWithout You2:28Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never102002  192FATASSRADIO
2158Twisted SisterPlastic Money4:10Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never112002  192FATASSRADIO
2159Twisted SisterLong Tall Sally2:25Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never122002  192FATASSRADIO
2160Twisted SisterJohnny B. Goode4:20Club Daze Vol2 Never Say Never132002  192FATASSRADIO
2161Twisted SisterCome Back6:32Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions11999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2162Twisted SisterPay The Price4:30Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions21999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2163Twisted SisterRock 'N' Roll Saviors4:39Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions31999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2164Twisted SisterHigh Steppin'2:47Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions41999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2165Twisted SisterBig Gun4:04Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions51999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2166Twisted SisterT.V. Wife4:04Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions61999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2167Twisted SisterCan't Stand Still3:58Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions71999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2168Twisted SisterFollow Me3:54Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions81999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2169Twisted SisterI'll Never Grow Up Now!4:13Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions91999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2170Twisted SisterLady's Boy4:22Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions101999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2171Twisted SisterLeader Of The Pack3:56Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions111999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2172Twisted SisterUnder The Blade4:31Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions121999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2173Twisted SisterShoot 'Em Down3:43Club Daze Volume I: The Studio Sessions131999Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2174Twisted SisterNever Say Never2:20Club Daze Volume II - Live In The Bars12001Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2175Twisted SisterCome Out And Play4:55Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]11985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2176Twisted SisterLeader Of The Pack3:44Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]21985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2177Twisted SisterYou Want What We Got3:44Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]31985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2178Twisted SisterI Believe In Rock 'N' Roll4:03Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]41985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2179Twisted SisterThe Fire Still Burns3:33Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]51985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2180Twisted SisterBe Chrool To Your Scuel3:54Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]61985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2181Twisted SisterI Believe In You5:23Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]71985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2182Twisted SisterOut On The Streets4:27Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]81985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2183Twisted SisterLookin' Out For #13:07Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]91985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2184Twisted SisterKill Or Be Killed2:46Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]101985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2185Twisted SisterKing Of The Fools6:26Come Out And Play [Bonus Track]111985Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2186Twisted SisterWhat You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)4:50Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]11994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2187Twisted SisterKids Are Back2:45Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]21994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2188Twisted SisterStay Hungry5:08Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]31994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2189Twisted SisterDestroyer4:09Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]41994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2190Twisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take It3:17Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]51994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2191Twisted SisterYou Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll7:23Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]61994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2192Twisted SisterKnife In The Back2:46Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]71994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2193Twisted SisterShoot 'em Down3:19Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]81994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2194Twisted SisterUnder The Blade4:34Live At Hammersmith [Disc 1]91994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2195Twisted SisterBurn In Hell5:50Live At Hammersmith [Disc 2]11994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2196Twisted SisterI Am (I'm Me)5:24Live At Hammersmith [Disc 2]21994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2197Twisted SisterI Wanna Rock13:06Live At Hammersmith [Disc 2]31994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2198Twisted SisterS.M.F.7:26Live At Hammersmith [Disc 2]41994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2199Twisted SisterWe're Gonna Make It4:14Live At Hammersmith [Disc 2]51994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2200Twisted SisterJailhouse Rock (Live In Detroit)3:55Live At Hammersmith [Disc 2]61994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2201Twisted SisterTrain Kept A Rollin' (Live In Detroit)9:28Live At Hammersmith [Disc 2]71994Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2202Twisted SisterWake Up (The Sleeping Giant)4:20Love Is For Suckers11987Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2203Twisted SisterHot Love3:34Love Is For Suckers22006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2204Twisted SisterLove Is For Suckers3:25Love Is For Suckers32006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2205Twisted SisterI'M So Hot For You4:06Love Is For Suckers42006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2206Twisted SisterTonight3:53Love Is For Suckers52006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2207Twisted SisterMe And The Boys3:52Love Is For Suckers62006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2208Twisted SisterOne Bad Habit3:17Love Is For Suckers72006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2209Twisted SisterI Want This Night (To Last Forever)4:19Love Is For Suckers82006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2210Twisted SisterYou Are All That I Need4:18Love Is For Suckers92006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2211Twisted SisterYeah Right3:14Love Is For Suckers102006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2212Twisted SisterFeel Appeal (Bonus Track)3:19Love Is For Suckers112006Pop Metal 128FATASSRADIO
2213Twisted SisterEddie Trunk/ Mike Piazza Intro5:04New York Steel12002  186FATASSRADIO
2214Twisted SisterWhat You Don't Know6:47New York Steel22002  180FATASSRADIO
2215Twisted SisterThe Kids Are Back3:04New York Steel32002  185FATASSRADIO
2216Twisted SisterDee's Dedication2:33New York Steel52002  142FATASSRADIO
2217Twisted SisterBurn In Hell4:44New York Steel62002  182FATASSRADIO
2218Twisted SisterYou Can't Stop Rock N' Roll4:14New York Steel72002  189FATASSRADIO
2219Twisted SisterUnder The Blade4:31New York Steel82002  181FATASSRADIO
2220Twisted SisterShoot 'Em Down5:12New York Steel92002  179FATASSRADIO
2221Twisted SisterComeback5:57New York Steel102002  179FATASSRADIO
2222Twisted SisterYou Know I Cry4:27New York Steel112002  180FATASSRADIO
2223Twisted SisterI Wanna Rock5:11New York Steel122002  182FATASSRADIO
2224Twisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take It3:59New York Steel132002  188FATASSRADIO
2225Twisted SisterThe Price4:15New York Steel152002  185FATASSRADIO
2226Twisted SisterBand Intro2:28New York Steel162002  184FATASSRADIO
2227Twisted SisterSMF4:56New York Steel172002  187FATASSRADIO
2228Twisted SisterWe're Not Ganna Take It (With John Bush, Doro Pesch, Sebastian Bach, Mike Piazza, Eddie Trunk)5:49New York Steel182002  189FATASSRADIO
2229Twisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take It3:37Stay Hungry21987Rock & Roll 128FATASSRADIO
2230Twisted SisterStay Hungry3:04Stay Hungry11984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2231Twisted SisterWe're Not Gonna Take It3:40Stay Hungry21984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2232Twisted SisterBurn In Hell4:43Stay Hungry31984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2233Twisted SisterHorror-Teria (The Beginning): A) Captain Howdy B) Street Justice7:43Stay Hungry41984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2234Twisted SisterI Wanna Rock3:03Stay Hungry51984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2235Twisted SisterThe Price3:49Stay Hungry61984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2236Twisted SisterDon't Let Me Down4:27Stay Hungry71984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2237Twisted SisterThe Beast3:29Stay Hungry81984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2238Twisted SisterS.M.F.3:01Stay Hungry91984Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2239Twisted SisterSin city4:34Twisted Forever Album Tributo16   192FATASSRADIO
2240Twisted SisterWhat You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)4:47Under The Blade11982Pop Metal 172FATASSRADIO
2241Twisted SisterBad Boys (Of Rock 'n' Roll)3:22Under The Blade21982Pop Metal 172FATASSRADIO
2242Twisted SisterRun For Your Life3:27Under The Blade31982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2243Twisted SisterSin After Sin3:23Under The Blade41982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2244Twisted SisterShoot 'Em Down3:54Under The Blade51982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2245Twisted SisterDestroyer4:14Under The Blade61982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2246Twisted SisterUnder The Blade4:40Under The Blade71982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2247Twisted SisterTear It Loose3:07Under The Blade81982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2248Twisted SisterI'll Never Grow Up Now!4:08Under The Blade91982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2249Twisted SisterDay Of The Rocker5:00Under The Blade101982Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2250Twisted SisterThe Kids Are Back3:17You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll12002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2251Twisted SisterLike A Knife In The Back3:04You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll22002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2252Twisted SisterRide To Live, Live To Ride4:05You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll32002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2253Twisted SisterI Am (I'm Me)3:35You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll42002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2254Twisted SisterThe Power And The Glory4:22You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll52002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2255Twisted SisterWe're Gonna Make It3:44You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll62002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2256Twisted SisterI've Had Enough4:03You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll72002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2257Twisted SisterI'll Take You Alive3:07You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll82002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2258Twisted SisterYou're Not Alone (Suzette's Song)4:06You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll92002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2259Twisted SisterYou Can't Stop Rock And Roll4:41You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll102002Pop Metal 192FATASSRADIO
2260TyphoonSo3:48Pump It Up NX OST (    160FATASSRADIO

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