Story Time

Want to read the stores I have written? Well then you came to the right place.
This is where I will be listing all the stories I have written so far and list the ones I am working on..
I won't directly link the NSFW ones but I will just link them to me weasyl folder so you will have to
be over 18 to read them =} sorry but I won't be showing those to just everyone who comes by.
Right then, off with the list! Oh also you will need to be able to read PDF files.

The Birth of Donas Dorna Mecha Sonic Univerce: Unfinished The Tale of Planet Omega 2064 Unfinished Slime Story Lièvre Eilyen Noir's Story
Dragon Roy's Bad Day Kara's Story The tale of Krystal Flamefox The Story of Desmond Søren Vikie's D&D Backstory
Magic Diapers Eilyen's story: Chapter 1: Nuts and Milk Eilyen's story: Chapter 2: Friend or Foe? Eilyen's story: Chapter 3: Collar Removal DJ's Story
Pokèmorph Story The Shrine Princess Flower Dragon Dusk to Dawn